An Ancient Metropolis marquee

The Grand Canyon formation theories number in several, however, none are complete.  The one “proof” needed to understand how the canyon became what it happens to be that the possibility it is a city, not natural, has to be considered.  When the Orion and Pleiades star systems were overlaid on a topographical map and matched the high altitude markers of monuments, a new door opened to describing more probable scenarios.  If a great flood occurred, then the Grand Canyon proves it not that a river carved the features, but instead receding waters from an ancient sea bed merely removed the mud includingflowing rivers, soft earth, and silt away from what was once a magnificent city construct.  The flood, eons of weather and water erosion continued to cause dilapidation to the point the whole of the canyon appears natural when it’s in fact, not.

The theory is that once the sea receded to the surface of the bottom that buried the ancient city, it began to remove the sediment from the areas over a briefer time than it takes water to form rounded rocks, or brick stones of the city temples, towers, pyramids and dwellings.  The Colorado River shows us that at the lowest points of the canyon where it travels, the scape is much different than at higher altitudes.  There cannot be a moving river as wide as the distance from pinacle to pinacle of the monuments.  Therefore, these buttes, or mountains, are most likely described as pyramid shaped constructions for there is no geologic explanation for them as being volcanic.  As time went on, the side walls eroded revealing the geometric carved stones layer after layer horizontally.

One theory suggests that the Colorado River ran Easterly, however, this would be best explained if the ancient sea receded towards the east and what is now the Gulf of Mexico.  The spill over theory suggests that an ancient lake 100 miles South East of the Grand Canyon breached letting water drain Westward.  This still may be true, however it is not the answer as to how 90 degree faces of walls were ‘carved’ in four directions of its form.

Could the ancient Egyptians have originated in North America?  Could the Giza Pyramids have been more recently made, or merely survivors of the Great Deluge?  If the ORION alignment is true, then so too is the belt stars alignment of Orion verified in Giza based on the Grand Canyon.


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