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Jim Fetzer having been introduced through a mutual friend, asked if I would speak about the reality of Jade Helm 15 and what black operation is being heavily guarded.  The segment aired in 2015 and was the first public disclosure regarding the Hoover Dam and CERN prognosis.  I maintain a communication with Jim and  update the continued results and findings of the ongoing investigation. Following is our latest conversation on the 6th of June, 2016 disclosing the connection  between the controversial Gotthard Tunnel ceremony and CERN at Hoover Dam. Source



The plan is quite simple

Mountains are the remains of pyramid structures destroyed at the time of the Great Flood. We exist on the rubbled remains, precious minerals are mined from these ancient structures, the tunnels burrowed through the base of these ancient pyramids are logistical preparations for completely leveling them (scaled up version of sticks of dynamite), all video games are designed to automate people into carrying out the mission of not only mass extermination by ourselves, but also destroying the world.

It can be prevented so long as each and every person debunks this theory with quality evidence. Once you see this, you’ll want to personally evaluate the video phenomena, MineCraft yourself. If you have children, you’ll campaign against them obsessed with playing unless the world you want for them is worse than it is now.


Jim Fetzer had myself on as a guest discussing evidence that Hoover Dam is earmarked to either be an earth based gate portal to the sun, a Stargate, decommissioned by destruction or rendered inoperable due to lack of water, or both.  My position was that Hoover Dam and the fact that CERN’s particle collider project is at the heart of JADE HELM II is the main thrust for the government operation.  The trucking company Freightliner debuting it’s flagship Daimler autonomous driving transport vehicle with the help of OSKNY Marketing and technical support to produce a visual projection on the dam is key to understanding the dynamic of the retrofitted construct and what its actual function will be.


How To Make Dynamite not to make it

We wonder whether nuclear devices will be used at a future time of war or destruction. Because a nuclear explosion is radio actively catastrophic, there is a bio degradable alternative that has been accepted for centuries. To destroy earth the more difficult, but ‘bio safe’ method is over time. To accomplish it, you must be tricked into carrying out the act.


Most all occult related ceremonies involve Guinness Book of World Record achievements. This decade: Freightliner’s projection on Hoover Dam, Pat Tillman By-pass bridge, ipetgoatii projection, Gotthard Tunnel, and the list goes on.




The largest manufacturer of Swiss watch movements is CERN

The number one ranking watch manufacturer, Google, using Swiss developed watch movement that uses black matter to draw blood from the human body. Developed at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland the global surveillance corporation, Google, fulfills both miniature and extra large models former dubbed the “Vampire Watch” and the latter, the Doomsday Clock.

Google has patented a “needle free” Phlebotomy device

Whether it be the hand, a pocket and tucked anywhere at all times on the person, the probability that a human being is permanently integrated is by conditioning and ignorance. This is the hidden Mark of the Beast. Analyzing blood for medical purposes is the gimmick, but as the for the psyops, it is to mate the young and old, wealthy and poor, with the machine. It could not be more clear that extracting the soul from the human body perhaps via the blood constitution is the agenda. To understand this, no authentic testing will be conducted just as cell phone towers had no oversight nor any studies conducted to assess environmental and bio hazard repercussions of an EMF grid as epic as today’s repeater tower phenomena. If this device completes a blackhole condition, the entire body or just the soul is consumed and or sent through a portal.

Swiss Cern watch bwGoogle has patented a “needle free” device that has been dubbed by Gizmodo as “the Vampire Watch.”  The device uses hyper speeds to suck blood out of your body (literally) and into a negative pressure barrel. Google describes the device as a particle accelerator that you wear around your wrist. The accelerator opens an “aperture” into your body and removes a small quantity of blood without you feeling anything. Some people might think a device like this would be good for anybody suffering with Diabetes or other types of diseases that need frequent monitoring…however, there are many things about this device that should be investigated.

Soul Snatching?

New information brings to light a use that the blackhole watch may have an additional more sinister purpose. This concept dovetails with the known theories regarding soul snatching machines, or mechanisms, and which may be the device used globally that at the time of mass extinction, the entities yearning to harvest human souls have the ability to capture a soul using this device. The same components also integrated within personal electronic devices like portables and cell phones covers more bases. People are psychologically attached to these electronics and harness them at close proximity to the surface of the body.

C.Ervana has been publishing documentaries that are in alignment with the investigation I have conducted since the year 2012 regarding Hoover Dam.  What she discloses is a theory that has merit on one level, however, on the more sinister, may be the missing link as to what Hoover Dam’s retrofitted black hole technology really is. Could Hoover Dam be all three; a Stargate earth based portal, Sunlight cancelling mechanism, and a booster to a wearable device that creates a doorway to Hell to a human being?  Ervana does analyze my findings which leads me to believe she’s a counteragent for the simple reason, she makes no effort to add or subtract from her work, nor credit Lee Bracker for showing what she’s not publishing.


The scaled up version of the wearable device

It can be more diabolical… CERN’s technology involves the examination of the structure of light in an attempt to manufacture it. It involves both the absence and presence of the light body form. Dark matter, or black goo as it has been coined, collected from both the space exploration projects dating back to the 1950s and the recent deep drilling ventures thanks to British Petroleum.

The pyramid ‘fire in the middle’, Hoover Dam, is a construct designed to pull black/dark matter from the deep and used for nefarious purposes to which C has brilliantly found the scaled down version of an application of that which monitors the dark aspects of the human body. This is in addition to the monitoring of blood content. It may be a device that also installs negative entities into the body constitution. Control. This is a physical attempt to push people unwillingly into the New World Religion. Can Hoover Dam retrofitted with CERN technology work as hub controlling center for use with and as a booster to the devices human beings would at first volunteer wearing to when all of humanity is required to wear one at all times?

Aerial hoover dam transition SG1 overlay

Like HAARP, Hoover Dam may indeed have always been planned to be not only the doomsday machine, but one that ends your life by creating a portal in which your existence is determined by the unique imprint of your DNA. You would disappear within this CERN black hole.


Mind Control & wearable technology

The soul is what they want to harvest. I wrote an entry that displays above. Destroy the body, take the soul… what the beings of the underworld want is to exist here, and the only way it seems to accomplish this feat is to obtain a soul. A bodily possession by an entity most likely relies on paralyzing the soul, or harnessing to it. A person lowers to the low level an entity needs to transport through a natural blackhole condition… the technology developed makes this unconditional.  Whether entities existing in our realm, or from the underworld, it is the Vampire Watch that is your portal, literally, to Hell delivered directly from the largest Swiss Watch Maker ever in existence, CERN.





“Poet,” by Simon Donovan and Ben Olmstead, East Helen Street and North Warren Avenue.

This sculpture ‘marker’ Is a 6-foot-tall head that glows blue at night.  It incorporates metallic cutout letters… perhaps the symbolic reference to Babylonian babble.

The task to survey as an investigation into Project Bluebeam has led me down a very winding road.  The two year study involving the proving and or to disprove the theory that Hoover Dam is earmarked for destruction was intriguing.  It resulted in finding out that just maybe, “Spark” “AllSpark” and “Sparks”, which was Jodi Foster’s nickname in a Stargate film “Contact”, has to do with the spark of life and various other things to Blue Beam.  It is still a mystery for the reason both are different black ops agendas, however, all that the secret societies do are tied into the same.  

It is located at the easternmost stop of the streetcar route.  It’s tilted back and the man’s head is tilted back looking upwards to the sky with a soon to be erected reader board as if it’s streaming the words.  The head is modeled after Tucson poet Richard Siken — Donovan is quick to point out that it is Siken’s bald pate and distinctive nose as well as his poetry that are behind the choice.  The bust is meant to be representative of all poets — and the flow of words.

Poet_sculpture_letters-7791“Blue LED lights give it that blue glow at night.”

Helen Street Stop Poet

Here’s an email to a friend I wrote:  “Charla, I poked around called not only the poet it was modeled after, but the two collaborating artists. Nothing came out of it, but I will bet you that if I dig deep finding the people who approved the piece, that I’d get the answer that it is a project Bluebeam reference. Now, they wouldn’t admit, but I’d be able to tell just by who it is I would have spoken to and all that. The questions I had answered were as follows:

“Pretty and calming is what they desire us to become so as not to revolt.  Like the fluoride in water and baloney sprayed from chemtrailing, it’s all about paralyzing us into submission. I love blue, but my choice is for a technicolor world to view.   They’re not treating mental states, they’re grooming humans to adopt blue as the hue of choice. Most films are beautifully filmed with color, but in the end product just one big 2 hours of blue with red and orange highlights and shades of grey. Prison color schematics.” – Comment
blue street lamps1. Is the ‘bust’ of the head pointing to any star like Polaris? The answer was, that it’s looking at an electrical marquee reader board that has poetry written on it.  The ‘reader board has not yet been installed.

2. Why the letters? Answer, poetry. But, I think it’s Babylonian by the nature of what Bluebeam entails… the onset of all languages being broadcasted during a faked alien invasion, etc. And, it probably really is pointing at an important star cluster beyond what it’s supposed to be apparently looking at.


3. Why blue at night? Answer, led lights match the Link Electric Rail-car transit system. I answered that myself only because that’s why the system changed and that the Rondstadt Center which is linked to the electric streetcar system was repainted.”.

Satanic ties


Aleister-Crowley-mago-negroThe poet the sculpture was modeled after, Richard Siken who, is from Tucson and writes about many things that would indicate to me that it’s part of the human genetics reproductive agenda and that’s why it’s there near UMC and the UofA.  He is bald.  The “Engineers” (Anunnaki?), and the Thurn from the film John Carter were bald.  In John Carter, there is the reference to Project Bluebeam “The ninth ray isolate”.

Above portrait of Richard Siken, the poet the sculpture was modeled after.  Why is his appearance similar to Aleister Crowley, a (sick) Satanist?

Why select a local writer who not only is unknown, but has the striking similarities of Aleister Crowley?  Hmmm?

(From Open Culture)  Perhaps no one single person has had such widespread influence on the counter cultural turns of the 20th century as Cambridge-educated occultist and inventor of the religion of Thelema, Aleister Crowley.  And according to Crowley, he isn’t finished yet. “1000 years from now,” Crowley once wrote, “the world will be sitting in the sunset of Crowlianity.” The self-aggrandizing Crowley called himself “the Great Beast 666” and many other tongue-in-cheek apocalyptic titles. The British press dubbed him “The Wickedest Man in the World,” also the title of the above documentary, one of a four-part BBC 4 series on famously sinister figures called “Masters of Darkness.” Crowley is perhaps most famous for his dictum “Do what thou wilt,” which, taken out of its context, seems to be a philosophy of absolute, unfettered libertarianism.

It’s no surprise that the particular treatment of Crowley’s life above adopts the tabloid description of the magician. The documentary—with its ominous music and visual effects reminiscent of American Horror Story’s jarring opening credits—takes the sensationalistic tone of true crime TV mixed with the dim lighting and hand-held camerawork of paranormal, post-Blair Witch entertainments. And it may indeed take some liberties with Crowley’s biography. When we’re told by the voice-over that Crowley was a “black magician, drug fiend, sex addict, and traitor to the British people,” we are not disposed to meet a very likable character. Crowley would not wish to be remembered as one anyway. But despite his pronounced disdain for all social conventions, his story is much more complicated and interesting than the cardboard cutout villain this description suggests.  Crawley called himself a poet.  His raunchy, hysterical poetry is frequently amusing. Most people found his overbearing personality unbearable. Crowley traveled the world conducting magical rituals, writing textbooks on magic (or “Magik” in his parlance), founding esoteric orders, and interacting with some of the most significant artists and occult thinkers of his time.

Neo Nazi rail system?

sunlink 1

Of course.  Cities are connecting their rail systems to Federal buildings, medical establishments, and suspected FEMA camps.  Tucson, Arizona is a prime example.  The blue head may just be the symbol for final extermination.

Richard Siken, the model for sculpture that has unusual ties to film characters such as the Thurn in John Carter, Gabrielle Gifford’s husband, Mark Kelly, and the list is seemingly endless, is not directly connected to the secret societal agendas.  The relevance is peculiar, however, for the reason why spend all that money on a local writer?  It is said that his features and his bust represents all poets. 

Tucson, Arizona, is the city which rolled out a very large program to install a two part ‘script’ as we called it during the Gabrielle Giffords investigation.  On the surface, it was about pinning the shooting suspect, Jared Lee Loughner, with the full responsibility psychotic mental issues and behind that, to do with removing our right to have weapons.  This was done ingeniously to push the Health Care Law and skirt around the inability to make Legislation that completely paralyzes our 2nd Amendment.  Ask anyone and they’re certain to say “he’s crazy”.  I’m not talking about regular folks reading the regular news… I’m talking about many in the truth movement.

kelly-alien-compareOne month prior to this catastrophic event that rolled into several other shootings – The Batman Shooter happened next – Gabrielle Giffords helped to spearhead a rail system that links all the now consolidated medical centers.  Almost four years later, a sculpture was placed at the beginning of this rail line.



Oblivion water fusion converters

After contemplating all that is happening,

I feel while all natural resources are being gobbled up, sequestered… just plain stolen, it happens to be fresh water that the earth has that is being earmarked for a mass planetary harvest of a natural resource.


A Stargate is born

Pat Tillman arc structure 3

Hoover SG1And it is highly prized by alien beings.  It is H20, hydrogen with two oxygen molecules, that they want.  My years of research into the Hoover Dam issue I suspect is a STARGATE was an epic find, but the danger behind it is what I suspected.  Aliens want our water resources.  You see it in the papers or the television news in which national parks are being closed off.


The truth is, the weather modification program known as Cloverleaf (Chemtrails) is a process by which the atmosphere is being shut down.  It’s called dessication and simply means removing water from the planet.  This includes the atmosphere, the oceans, rivers and streams, underground water aquifers, caves, cisterns and if there is any water in Hollow Earth, then that too.

Could water be slated to be off world loaded.. perhaps to Mars, other worlds, or simply to anywhere in the world the Elites want it?

They are making a New Order out of this planet as they may have done, if it was done, to the planet Mars.


Water is a liquid crystal

Lake Mead low levelMy theory on Hoover Dam as a Stargate and Jonathan Kleck’s look into the fact they’ll destroy it blend together.  Once they complete the gate, they may blow the crest for water to flow downward, or go underneath flooding

the speculated underground DUMB, but really it is a way to get water to flow underneath and then up through the portal in which water disappears upward instead of downward, or both.  problem with water flowing over a part that is above doesn’t jive with the fact that Mead is at low water table levels.

One theory coming to me as a Hollywood ‘tell’ suggests that an incredible explosive device, man made or other, is nestled deep within the bulk of Hoover Dam’s immense amount of concrete.  If this is the case, then the whole darn thing comes down.  The 20 dollar bill that indicates two buildings on fire do not show them disappeared.  So, logic says that the whole dam goes just like both towers did.


Jonathan Kleck determines the destruction having folded the 50 note

SNC 4-21-2012_html_m6aa0613d


Does the film TRANSFORMERS tell us what could happen?


Transformers Borg cubes compared

In the 2007 film Transformers in which a cube of unknown origin is sought after by aliens known as the Transformers, or something like that, and that this rather ubiquitous looking object, a cube, is warehoused within the confines of a large concrete pyramid.  Hoover Dam was built in the plot of the movie to keep this weapon of mass destruction, so to speak, from destroying something as well as being found.  Megatron, a character in the form of an alien transformer, is also kept in Hoover Dam.


Could the cube in Transformers represent an explosive device that blows Hoover Dam from within?

Thing is, the trade towers were rendered to dust (Dr. Judy Woods), all of the concrete and steel.  This indicates that they’ll vaporize the dam, but then that destroys the crest which is part of the portal gate.  Hoover Dam, and really it is unimportant how much concrete is there.. just a figure, would turn to butter having been blitzed with scalar vector technologies.  These forces may have been used to bring down the World Trade Center Towers in 2001.  Two massive building ended up being a heap of dust brought down on what is knows as its own footprint.. a demolition term when destroying old dilapidated structures into one nice package remnants ready to be removed conveniently.



world trade tower dust

A complex military abduction and mind control operation took place

Lorien and Cindy

It began weeks before and culminated during the Super Soldier and Mind Control Summit.  There was a follow up protocol set up by the conference organizer, Lorien Fenton, occurring over a month afterwards to damage control the story.  I felt I was the targeted individual of MILAB (military abduction program).  A plan to abduct participants of the conference included a last moment provision to deal with me since I announced bringing a viable solution to reverse mind control using a very effective therapy.   It is because I held a viable protocol – the very key to deprogramming the controlled mind shortly before the conference took place that additional efforts to diffuse an awareness that I was there to help turned into a controversy in which I was labeled a dangerous stalker.

“The video begins with the voice of Douglas Dietrich who is interwoven in the documentary, conjuring up an absurdly false illusion in a failed attempt to discredit a known investigator who is at best, the best in NWO investigations… a coward, he is completely twisted!” – anonymous

I represented my website and myself, Lee Bracker and Dismantle The Beam Project’s mission, to help liberate those most affected by life long mind control   I felt that subjects could benefit from a system by which the mental fog of mind control installments would be lifted, exhumed, purged, eradicated.. the therapy works.  I attempted to deliver this message at a convention filled with people who had undergone the severest of programs.
Through my companion website,, I brought with me a set of videos and articles explaining the reversal of mind control.  Here is where you may decide whether a person was wrongfully expelled from ever attending a Lorien Fenton public venue in the future.

The results of the 2013 Super Soldier and Mind Control Summit II was the impetus for a documentary I created designed to flush out more counterintelligence aside from Douglas Dietrich and Solaris BlueRaven.  The video was pulled within 24 hours of release.  I went to help, but it ended with an investigation as to who was responsible for holding secrets.

Little did I know I’d be met with hatred by everyone including Cindy Marie Brewer, the keynote speaker, who was my friend for over one year.  On the evening of the first day of the conference, we met, I gave her a kiss on the cheek saying I was so glad to finally meet “Cindy Marie Brewer”, and then by day three was kicked out of the conference FOR NO VALID REASON AT ALL.  My friend had turned and at the time, I hadn’t placed the reason why.

What happened was simple.

Aquino Dietrich

A complex military abduction and mind control operation took place weeks before and during the conference.  There is a follow up damage control I observed that occurred over a month following the conference.  I’m willing to bet it was myself that MILAB (military abduction program) had feared.  It is because I took with me a simple, yet viable key to deprogramming the controlled mind.

The abducted, the super soldiers and conference organizers and attendees, and whoever has experienced these MILAB interventions all report that not only is it Alien inspired or assisted, but involves the Nazi regime.  They remember their abductors wearing Nazi-like uniforms, describe the incredible sickness revolving around sexual antics, and much more.

A messenger, not a Christ wannabe.. we should put his ideas into action

Above: Douglas Dietrich describes his mission and his experience working in proximity with Satan materials.  Dietrich had lived in San Francisco which is where his alleged handler, Michael Aquino, was caught in sex scandals. Visit Paradise Post for a full disclosure of both Dietrich and Aquino.

Some people make up a story about an outsider to fit their agenda.

What I had offered was a way out.  the therapy involves the use of a method ancient healers had used, and Christ had taught, in which people would be released from the bondage of the aristocracy mind control, and those that conditioned them by unlocking a possessed mind, body, spirit and soul.  With visual deception through use of art and sculpture,  the technique’s actual instructions were distorted and eventually vanished after Christ was executed for healing people from mind control.

A diseased mind manifests physiological problems resulting in what we would call disease, but what He did was clear the mind.  By doing so, the brain can effectively “miraculously’ which is the perception, run a medical protocol on itself as well as the body systemically and fix what’s broken.  Jesus did not manufacture this cure.. he was taught ancient healing practices by those he studied with.

Historical Record changed the instructions

The problem is that the power elites effectively disguised the mind control reversing technique with false instructions.  The bastardization is observed in classical paintings, sculptures, and written falsely in text, the Bible, and practiced today completely incorrectly.  I was instructed with the proper “owners manual” to healing the mind – a fact understood by government agencies.

Because I cannot be effectively controlled and because having corresponded with Lorien Fenton by phone, they prepared for me attending the conference.   A tactic was drawn up to keep conference attendees from taking interest.   I persevered with the idea I could be of service.  After being ignored by Fenton, I felt that once I was expelled from attending more presentations or being anywhere near the organizer, I was realized what my secondary purpose was.  I had to investigate the people who rejected me.  The investigation primarily focused on the Church of Satan in the military complex of complexities.

Douglas Dietrich

The video to the right (click image) is uploaded on my drive google account.  If you see that the Vimeo upload above is removed, it is because Fenton or someone supporting her flagged it as was done years before.  Both are identical videos, however, this one cannot be flagged and removed.  THEY DO NOT WISH you to see their faults and the fact they refuse to admit guilt.

MASS MILAB MARQUEEDouglas Dietrich who handled the conspiracy against me and another individual from the Summit, spearheaded Lorien Fenton with Cynthia Marie Brewer’s claim that I had infiltrated the conference with the announcement that I was a stalker.  As for Solaris BlueRaven.. I just hope she stays cloaked.. from everyone.  Who needs the witch anyway.  Shortly following the Super Soldier and Mind Control Summit II, Dietrich and Solaris BlueRaven, without any evidence, formed a story that they recounted on his radio show in which he convinced a self-confirmed clairvoyant, Solaris, into the belief that I was not only a stalker, but a cointelpro agent.  For fifteen minutes, the two had convinced their listeners that a dire problem faced convention attendees and that they had successfully addressed the problem to insure safety.  What they did was effectively prevent anyone there from learning of a technique to help them when all else has failed.  The logic is, if there is another protocol, people would have found it and no longer suffer from the paralysis and anxiety as a result of these covert practices… why then should I attempt to help those already helped?  The answer lies with Lorien Fenton who will not allow anyone to learn of the technique and how to do it.  If she wanted people to recover, she would never had even had the notion this solution was in the least dangerous.  Yet, she did.

Douglas’ show “Critical Omissions” is just that.. he omits facts in place of pure speculation.  He is what he calls himself “The human weapon of mass instruction” in favor of himself and his agenda, not yours.  These people know where to find the solution I brought which is entirely free on my website  VERITASCURES.

Solaris BlueRaven

Solaris blueravenSubsequent to Solaris BlueRaven’s appearance with Douglas Dietrich on his show “Critical Omisrsions” in which Dietrich introduces himself as the human weapon of mass instruction on formerly RevolutionRadio, went on as a call in to Michael Vara of latenightinthemidlands in an effort to substantiate her stand against my reputation with a valid healing solution.   Blueraven has yet to understand what exactly happened in Henderson, Nevada.  LNM show owner and host, Michael Vara had invited several people with the specific intention of discrediting me.  With the exception of, Thomas “Amadpainter” Becker, of freedomslips had been the only person under Mike Ringley under the oversight of Keith Roland’s Dark Matter Radio Network to support me while the rest were there unknowingly reinforcing Michael Vara’s delusional perception of what Trolling is.

James Rink

Rink flash panel

I’ve asked James to allow me the use of his interview in which he conducted hypnotherapy with Michael Prince.  I’m just putting that story into perspective.  James has permanently deleted his regression session with James Michael Casbolt.  Prince (Casbolt), having no knowledge of me although he saw me as we all saw each other at the small gathering in Henderson’s Fiesta Hotel & Casino, knew of a “stalker”, but did not mention it in the regression.  It tells me two things.  Importantly, he was not aware of who I was.  It may be the case in which I had nothing to do with being targeted by MILAB because of a potential cure delivered to suffers of mind control  the prevention of a miracle treatment for mind control.  It is of my belief that MILAB indeed effectively censored any inclination that I existed for that purpose with each and every abducted individual including Michael Prince himself.  This is where your opinion should be formed having listened to them, and now me.

Erin Hicks

Erin Hicks2Erin Hicks also threatened a lawsuit with Cindy Brewer and Lorien Fenton.  Being the most affected by the abduction, Erin is seen in my video just before interviewing with Miles Johnston in which her persona had shifted completely.  I super impose what Erin had texted to me over a clip of projectcamelot’s interview with Kerry Cassidy to show that Erin was under the influence of mind control at that very conference.

In Summery:

As of this writing, Lorien Fenton has not attempted to serve me with a lawsuit regarding my very first youtube video exposing her, Erin Hicks, and Douglas Dietrich with Solaris BlueRaven.  Nor has Cynthia Marie Brewer offered a reason she targeted me, a close phone friend since the following day she disclosed her story with Kerry Cassidy with the wild accusation that I had stalked her.  People who had been involved such as Ken Sendow who volunteered his opinion and others have yet to acknowledge they had not done their job researching the events and the people who were at the event.  It is clear, then, that what they claim in their independent research regarding ufology, mind control, MILAB, stargates and so forth are limited to their interest in true research.  Solaris writes books on witchcraft for Christ’s sake… and Doug is a candidate for the television show, Hoarders.   These are in my opinion irresponsible people who should not be advocating self-anointed claims of excellence or expertise.