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On August 1st, Dismantle The Beam Project in association with is proud to present the work of Manes Rysy vision.  I had tried to describe our antediluvian landscape, but now have the complete as can be picture.

I said all mountains were pyramids, but I was in error!  Yeah!

I love to be debunked.  In the case of proving that the world wide flood did occur, I’m correct in my opinion based on the findings within the Grand Canyon, however, there may be a twist.  This new ‘feature’ happens to be what may be ancient trees.  The Trees of Knowledge?  The 5 miles high water added to the Earth during the flood would certainly wreak havoc upon a fragile natural habitat even as epic as some of these trees may have been.  Broken at their bases leaving stumps, many of the buttes, mesas, and lopped off looking mountains are testament to this idea hidden in plain sight, but the mystery behind pyramids we’re taught are mountains prevails.  The fact that many mountain peaks exhibit four or five and even six distinct sides that mount to a peak are easily identified around the world.  And so are these trees.  My God, what a wonderful world this was.  Apparently, we thrive on the graveyard of once was as a sort of punishment, a reminder and guilt by association, to that which brought anger to the creator.

I spoke with Sarujio Valente, a Flat Earth proof specialist in avionics and engineering in a description of what the giant tree phenomena is.  Both of us being engineers, my attempt to reverse engineer ancient history continues with these preliminary discussions.


The spectacular new addition for Antediluvialogy and the Antediluviological Age of the Earth comes to us on August 1, 2016. Manes Rysy’s There are no forests on Flat Earth Wake Up clearly shows the simplicity of what we should be understanding when viewing a butte, mesa, or mountain. This is the moment of truth and one I hoped for to explain just what it is we’re existing with having done proving a Great Deluge did occur and that I half-way explained what I felt were unnatural “stones” in various forms.

giant tree stump giant tree stump 5 giant tree stump 4 giant tree stump 3 giant tree stump 2 giant causeway Devils peak Devils-Tower-Photo-by-John-Haig-980x654


Both the Flat Earth and Sphere earth communities are hoaxed by science, NASA, and all those affiliated with secret societies including the infiltrators into Flat Earth. The astronaut, if indeed exceeds the altitude of the ISS, sees a plane morph into a disc and then a hemisphere because human visual capabilities are limited to the vanishing-point phenomena. This video demonstrates in part that no intentional video augmentation took place by NASA or the private sector regarding what is seen out the portal windows. What they don’t show is kept secret. What they stage is obviously video fakery, but not what HD cameras capture beyond their lens refracting properties.