New World Order

Well well, we have new evidence that CERN is behind the development of technology capable of destroying one of the ten great engineering constructs of all time, the Hoover Dam.  Disclosure comes at a time when Hollywood disseminates yet another telling clue as to how the demolition will be carried through.

Hoover Dam Cern shivaA clever diversion is offered in the new film SAN ANDREAS showing that an earthquake could damage the biggest and strongest man made object created out of steel lattice work and gravity filled concrete.  It was over designed as the strongest indestructible machine ever executed, but will be ‘executed’.

The arduous task to prove the theory that the power elites earmarked Hoover Dam for demolition is finally delivered with the projected display by Freightliner on June 12, 2015 in which the event streamed around the globe.  OSK Marketing and Communications contracted SIAM Productions to produce the overall event.  SIAM contracted Creative Technology (CT) to deliver the occult “tell”.

Based on Jonathan Kleck’s original theory with minimal clues, the Dismantle The Beam Project study evolved having drawn from messaging delivered in the media and film as well as from Pentagon insiders.

A video presentation by Freightliner projected on the downstream side of the dam means absolutely zero to spectators.

Hoover Dam Cern 1

A zillion concepts could have been used… breathtaking scenery, wildlife, anything the earth yields as natural awe is replaced with something completely out of the ordinary, but what is it?

It’s the explanation for what will cause the dam to explode, like a grenade, for when you observe the scene in the 2015 film, San Andreas, Lake Mead is completely filled to near capacity when by today’s measurements record near the lowest levels of all time.  The water intake towers are nearly sucking in air which was never a safety feature considered for the design of the dam.  Note that the dam explodes from the center, but not broken at the top which means that it did not crack from an earth quake.  It shatters from within.


Jim Fetzer marquee


2015 Hoover Dam “Smoking Gun” CERN!

The smoking gun video demonstrates that it has been the Hadron Collider project all along spear headed by the The European Organization for Nuclear Research known as CERN which is comes from the name “Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire” 
In the case of Hoover Dam, the PTB created yet another movie SAN ANDREAS to fool people to think the failure would be due to an earthquake. Unless the fault is underneath the dam, it was built to withstand an earthquake due to the fact The San Andreas and the fault near Douglas Arizona are nearby. That dam was over built, and now that lake Mead is practically empty exerting no pressure against the upstream side of Hoover Dam, its clear that nothing but a bomb within can demolish it.

The recent film SAN ANDREAS is the misleading excuse for it’s demise, however, I believe I matched the smoking gun evidence.  Please do take a view at what I suspect is the next neo 9/11.  I don’t take this news lightly and wish that I could have debunked the conspiracy theory, however, that didn’t happen and action must be taken.  This news  Hoover Dam, Lake Mead officers getting 52,000 rounds of ammo is a hint of things to come regarding the area in Black Canyon.  There are just too many coincidental clues I believe to be actual evidence, not even circumstantial evidence, that this event will take place.  It is our duty to announce this globally.  I took steps to get on the nations top radio station in order to try.  I beg of you to take more than idle interest for the reason, if we knew before 2001 what was to happen and made a stink then, perhaps things would be different for the better today.

Why Hoover Dam?

“The  question for me is why would they destroy the Hoover Dam? What purpose does that serve? And why would they go to all that trouble to destroy it when they could just use a tactical nuke or something…?

The answer as to why the dam is earmarked for demolition is primarily about water with regard as to how a nation succumbs to control and the people brought to their knees. Paralyze the food industry and the people will do anything on dictatorial orders to eat.  The fallout residue that registers on a Geiger counter from a detonated nuclear bomb would prove that the dam was destroyed – literally an inside job which means a different form of destructive energy no person outside the circles of knowledge can identify.

stargate freemason disclosure on sweaterA stealth war fought within the borders in an unofficially declared war to power down a superpower, the United States, can be won by creating the infrastructure we see today. FEMA, DHS, Border Patrol on both our borders and the UN have positioned themselves to take over when the moment comes. Taking out the dam stuns the US of 1/4 of it’s food supply in Southern California’s Imperial Valley and Arizona along the river banks to the gulf. In one day, we would become dependent on outside sources for food thereby a nation of people under more control. The Great California brownouts orchestrated by ENRON was specific for testing what would happen when electricity from Hoover Dam would be cut off to see what would happen. this fact is not reported. Test runs just such as Jade Helm today are the same. All that we see are preparatory tests for when the actual crisis is executed.


Other movie scene references

In the film franchise HUNGER GAMES, many references to Nazi Germany’s 3rd Reich prevail as a common thread.  The plates shown to the right demonstrate clearly that no other place on Earth more closely represents details as close to Hoover Dam as this very short montage sequence as well as the back side of the $50.00 bill was the first visual reference to be available to the public. 

Train Pat Tilman diagram

Above:  Where is the dam?



Water intake and Hunger Games gun tower


The 2014 film INTERSTELLAR revolves around NASA’s retreat into obscurity as a secret program.  The theme is disclosed with the makeup and hairstyle of astronaut Anne Hathaway “Brand” shown to the right who similarly resembles Adolf Hitler.  Other films such as, Hugo, also makeup their primary actors in the same vain.  Hugo was an aspect of the Fourth Reich regime with regard to automation and transport by railroad among other ‘agendas’. 

hitler interstellar 'Brand'



Watch this investigative compilation (marquee Mark of the Frequency Beasts below) accurately profiling Sherri Kane, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, and Michael Vara as to their insistence that provocateurs against their unfounded claims are ‘Trolls” is false.  They use slanderous and deceptive practices in order to guard against anyone learning the truth.  Sherri Kane, Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Michael Vara of 528 Revolution and LNM Radio Network, in their own words, illustrate the self-incriminating chaos generated through mass internet media.  Given their habitual deceptive practices, I have examined how they manipulate their supporters, advocates, and listeners by employing a barrage of disinformation, slander and deception.


Click image to view the video:  Michael Vara had openly and on air invited that this video be sent to him personally so that he would post it directly to his site.  A truther would have done so, however, he instead had the video removed from my YouTube account.  He said as you will hear in the beginning, “…I’ll post anything you do because nothing you say can hurt me…” Obviously, while I never said anything harmful, it was what he had said and done that hurt himself. 

mark of the frequency beasts marquee 2


New Age Religion Media Trolls – “Troll Triad template for what’s to come”

I first contacted Sherri Kane and Michael Vara during my independent investigation into the false flag event known as the Safeway Shooting.  It involved Dem. Rep Gabrielle Giffords and Judge John M. Roll as key targets where one was sacrificed and the other murdered.  With six mortal casualties and 13 suffering gunshot woulds, it was a blow to the head that ended Judge Roll’s life.  A media psyops had been underway spearheaded by one Edward Chiarini who had set up a website that remains today as the most ludicrous crime investigations analysis there is.  I flushed him out as well as Mike Adams of with this new analysis of the Love frequency scam involving posers portraying goodnicks.

Sherri Kane-Dr. Leonard Horowitz-Michael Vara-Alternative News Lies-NWOCSIBy using their non-evidenced based theories and false listener/supporter statistics they refer to as, “528 Revolution” & “LNM Radio Network,” Sherri Kane, Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Michael Vara create the same masks of deception parallel to the 1939 classic movie, Wizard of Oz.  The goal of this report is to educate those who’ve become intoxicated with blind faith by allowing the Tri-Marks of Deception and Beasts to behave in heinous malevolent and covert ways. All facts, events and themes presented in this film are not intended to harm Sherri Kane, Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Michael Vara, but serve to educate their supporters and listeners to begin questioning their hidden agendas.


Sherri, Leonard and Mike realized that I meant business regarding truthing

They claim copyright infringement, but they’ll lose big time.  They post my picture, so why not theirs?  Babies.  All I did was interview people.. they instead call me names and insinuate I’m a cointelpro with guilt by association with others who are associated with others on down the line to ridiculousness.  Babies.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz lost three cases against the people who have given me absolute permission to post their copyright content after Leonard failed his suits.  Morons.  Vara posted and removed a video on top mine that he made realizing he incriminated himself on a multitude of levels.  Another moron far dumber than a dull bent nail.  Death threats, lies about his minions, lies about personally posting anything I do that can’t hurt him seems to be his status quo.  So, let’s get down to business evaporating these counterproductive individuals and clean up the truth movement.  Let’s rock!


Michael Tellinger works with Lee Bracker to solve ancient world history

Click image to play video:

Tellinger Marquee


The end result was finding that Sherri Kane had all along convinced Michael Vara that I was a counter intelligence agent working in support of the NWO when, really, they are in defense of it through the diabolical undermining of Dr. Leonard Horowitz.  Speculated as a ‘quack’, the doctor does not practice medicine and does not implement the knowledge passed to him through educational institutes, however, he utilizes the research people outside the conventional platforms have done, misconstrues it, and passes it along in his version to validate what is wrong.   Visit Dr. True Ott’s pages that reference the topic of frequencies:  528 is the Frequency of SATURN/SATAN — NOT OF CHRISTIAN “LOVE” 

To understand what the 432Hz frequency is in contrast to the 528Hz tone, visit  Why Christians and “Worship” Teams Should Tune all Instruments to 432 hz and Abandon 440 hz

Anthropomorphizing automobiles, trains, ships and now PLANES Fire and Rescue has become a Disney specialty.  In the film, an “animated adventure about second chances”, blankets any notion that life other than mechanized life forms exist.  In this film, even references to Smokey The Bear are absent.  No mosquitoes, flies, fish, birds, forest dwellers… just trees, canyons, and a river.  The only reference to forest dwelling is a bird’s nest atop a pine tree housing rubber band propelled balsa wood airplanes.


Areas riddled with disclosure:

• Corn Festival reference to Big Agra, Monsanto

• Big Chema & oil empire

• Push for agrifuel “Ethanol”

• No reference to Smokey The Bear and fire prevention

• Chemtrails and the weather modification protocol

• Ignored wildlife and forest regeneration

• Mass evacuation by railroad (to relocation camps?)

• Placing the Elite first over people and wildlife


Planes official siteAmong many other clues PLANES F&R offers, it is evident that a dystonian condition will exist and it will be formatted based on this film as one without concern for anything other than the thrill of putting out an Armageddon.  This is not a movie about preventing forest fires, but about the glamor of fighting them.  In the end, there is no mention as to how to recover the damaged park and very little is shown as to the regrowth.  No visual mention of new trees and vegetation or re-population of wildlife because there was none depicted.  During the fire fighting scenes, none of the personnel were killed as often occurs during real devastating fire events.

“The world wasn’t on fire, wasn’t it…” (indicates that the whole world may be ablaze)

“She left me for a hybrid”  (preference for transhumanism)


Mass Fire Prediction dates 2018-2024

piston peak 33There is a calendar set in motion beginning in 1014 for foretelling future superfire events.  The film’s marketing life span is 2014 to 2018 when it is suspected that the New World Order stakes an official claim to the globe, it is then that raging catastrophe will occur including the vast fires due to complete disappearance of water reserves.  Lake Mead for example is at an all time low for lack of natural winter snow in the Rocky Mountains.  Water tables are lowering because of the drought conditions. Although PLANES F&R target market is the 4-7 year olds, these children are accompanied by their older siblings who will find interest in joining the ranks in firefighting.  The importance of this is not to fix the problem, but indoctrinate them into service that is highly regulated in a military sense.  Scenes in the movie depict this bureaucracy when no problem should exist… it ought to be about saving lives and natural habitat.  Instead, with no regard to the huge festival approaching, federal decisions decide the fate of the parks revenue.


Rockefellers and Monsanto

oil beer

How is the Illuminati involved?  Oil for one.  A Rockefeller influence in which the mechanical characters drink mostly oil instead of beer.  While this seems benign, there is a reference in the movie that the biggest thing to happen in the Park is the Corn Festival.  Now, why corn in a national park?  Why since corn is on the hot seat for it’s use with high fructose corn syrup yield that creates health problems?  Corn happens to be genetically altered from its heirloom relatives as a prospect for replacing fossil fuels.  A scene in the movie has one character admitting he takes a nip of his fuel in the morning to “get going”.  I don’t think it was gasoline he was referring to, but instead ethanol.  There were no references to fuel companies either.  Bottom line, they are promoting companies such as Monsanto for its invasive GMO corn.  It is as if this movie is about saving Big Agra’s corn interest.


About the cinematography

It was so realistic even when I viewed it in 2D that even I was impressed.  With the thrill comes the stinging disclosure of black government projects deflating the fun.  In the sky as Dusty flies in acrobatic style, real chemtrails are seen.  They look exactly like what we see in our skies.


Dusty Crophopper is D7, an insecticide and Alien disclosure

D7 explained

The insecticide D7 is a Big Chema promotional for their sterilizing product.  “D” and the #7 do not stand for the main character’s first initial and favorite number.  In the movie, Dusty is vehemently opposed to going back to crop-dusting which would indicate hypocrisy if he maintains the toxic symbol for death and the racing nomenclature “D7”.

The Qubec Pesticide Regulatory Act contains an interesting subclass application of pesticides:
(7)    Subclass D7 “Application in Forest Areas” covers the application of a Class 1 to Class 3 pesticide, using an application method other than by aircraft, in order to destroy or control animals, vegetation or parasitic diseases in forest areas, farm woodlots and other wooded spaces or spaces reserved for reforestation or the field production of plants intended for reforestation, and to eliminate or control plants on forest roads;

D7.jpg_140x140While this description is not in alignment with the dispersal method of fire retardants, the mere fact no organic insects and animals including fish are in existence in PLANES F&R.  Could the character Dusty’s job in reality have been to wipe out wildlife, thus ending his job for a transition into one where the extinction of forests are concerned?


Public relations deletes Smokey The Bear from PLANES: Fire and Rescue

When we decided to make ‘Planes: Fire & Rescue,’ our team of filmmakers made several research trips to meet the brave men and women whose job it is to fight wildfires,” says Bobs Gannaway, “Planes: Fire & Rescue” director. “Those research trips changed us and forever impressed upon us the importance of wildfire prevention. To have our character, Dusty, take part in the legendary Smokey Bear’s campaign to prevent wildfires and encourage safe outdoor fire practices is one of the highest honors we could have.”

Disney’s official website for the movie does not have a link for site traffic to view fire prevention protocols.. in other words, you can play and purchase toys and video games, but there’s no image of Smokey The Bear anywhere.

In conclusion, the Disney movie is about the exciting business of putting out fires just as we all are doing in our daily lives.  It has nothing to do with solving the world’s problems.  It addresses the superficial without rectifying the fundamental programs that create the problem regarding out of control fires.  If and when a weather modification movie is delivered to the theaters by Disney, I’ll have witnessed a miracle.


World’s mission control may transfer from Israel to the United Arab Emirates by 2016-18.. soon after WWIII

The game of RISK is being played out before our very eyes in which the Saudi Arabian peninsula is being protected through the desecration of surrounding countries.  Currently, Israel is the operational mission control responsible for world problems to conduct this maneuver.  A prime example is with the 2001 event that took place in New York.  Why is it that futuristic cities including Dubai and others that are following far advanced than anything being built in the United States?

Why is it that our cities are in the process of dilapidation while they thrive?    The primary countries that border it have been taken over through war like occupations and the countries of East Africa have been poisoned with destitution, famine, and destitution for decades.  Once the New World Order is in place, it seems all operations will be centralized there with Israel acting as the North Western Mediterranean Sentinel.  Dubai is positioned diagonally South East on the land mass.


.Meanwhile, remember back when Egypt’s president was replaced.  This was not only strategic in areas we assume, but in those that aren’t assumed to have militaristic importance regarding logistics.  That is, the powers that be needed to have control over the Suez Canal.  Israel does not produce oil, but Saudi Arabia and its six countries, Yemen, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, The United Arab Emirates for the most part do.  The excuse to take Iraq since 2001 was clear that they were protecting their product, but more so to continue setting up the real estate barrier for the Saudi Arabian land mass.



This is the set up for world domination in that a complete continent evolve for this purpose.  Who’d ever think that there was more than seven continents?  Well, there now is an unofficially declared one.  Once this is accomplished after having WWIII pitting China Against Russia with the US, the region known as a no contest zone, Saudi Arabia, will emerge as the most invincible nation of the entire planet.  Ever wonder why the Bushe’s were so cozy with The Saudis?  Wonder why so many zionists followed Obama into office?


Cities under development are:

King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) in Rabigh

Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Mousaed Economic City (PABMEC) in Hael

Knowledge Economic City (KEC) in Medinah

Jazan Economic City (JEC) in Jazan


Since 2006, the Saudi government undertook the 10 x 10 program in 2006 to enact reforms and promote targeted investments in order to position Saudi Arabia among the world’s ten most favored investment destinations.  The US is not one of them, obviously.  And yet, we pay to war against its surrounding countries?


This plan has been in existence for many decades.  It is no wonder films that patronize the land such as LAWRENCE OF ARABIA came out to set the tone of admiration.

“A young intelligence officer in Cairo investigates the progress of the Arab revolt against the Turks in World War I.  In the desert, he organizes a guerrilla army and–for two years–leads the Arabs in harassing the Turks with desert raids, train-wrecking and camel attacks. Eventually, he leads his army northward and helps a British General destroy the power of the Ottoman Empire.”


Turkey now in alignment with Israel was the last bordering empire to control in order to secure the Saudi Arabian Elites from world harm.  It had to be done before the invasion of Iraq.  This was also true with Pakistan and was done with the removal through assassination of its president Benazir Bhutto’s father.  She of course met her fate upon returning from exile.  Apparently, the democracy Pakistan had was not what is served to United States Citizens.  The Bhutto family had altruistic intent very dangerous to the secret societies and in fact were killed very similarly to John F. Kennedy’s reason for being marked.  They were against the NWO.


The analysis of the Hollywood film REAL STEEL reveals a common thread trait that has remained intact for decades.  It happens to be the overall basic feature characteristic style and form of a robot’s head that has its origin found on Mars.  On Mars, a photograph clearly shows the head of a robot lying on the ground with the same look as all animated film robots do that portray fighters, fighting for others, or are militaristic such as THE IRON GIANT and C3PO of STARWARS.  Meanwhile, robots noted in BICENTENNIAL MAN, and even in old movies including the TIN MAN of the WIZARD OF OZ are modeled more human like because they are servants, not soldiers of war operated by our video gaming indoctrinates of today.  The company to watch out for, BOSTON DYNAMICS, that is represented by CYBERDYNE SYSTEMS, in the second installment of the franchise, Terminator Judgement Day, is the real life company creating terminators for our Military Complex.  You think they won’t use them against US Citizens?


In the video that accompanies this article, take note that the art director when speaking to the design of the boxing fighter robot in the film REAL STEEL says that he had no preconceived ideas about the design for the robot.  This simply cannot be true when I clearly can make out the common traits that are basic although slightly unique in style, the foundational design follows ‘rules’ that go back decades in science fiction film making involving robot head design.


I recently came across the infamous quote by FDR’s wife, Eleanore.

In an instant, I had a momentous moment of clarity.  The following quotation by his wife comes from a man deeply engrained in the Secret Societies and it is by no chance that the meaning must have an occult side.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” – Eleanore Roosevelt

This sounds plausible on the surface.  It even is a seemingly soothing proposition.  That is what it is designed to do.  It is a verse that confrims one’s notion that gossip should be kept at a minimum and that a focus on great ideas is paramount to self-fulfillment.

To know why there is a flip side to her famous quotation, we must learn the basics of our 32nd President and 32nd degree Mason.



Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd President (1933-1945, was born at Hyde Park, New York, January 30, 1882. He was initiated in Holland Lodge No.8, New York City, October 10th, passed November 14th and raised November 28, 1911. He received the Scottish Rite degrees in Albany, New York, February 28, 1929. He was a member of the Grotto (Poughkeepsie, New York) and Tall Cedars (Warwick, New York. He was “Right Worshipful” having been accredited the representative of the Grand Lodge of Georgia near the Grand Lodge of New York September 22, 1930.

Stansbury Lodge No.24, Washington, D.C. made him an Honorary Member November 21, 1919, when he officiated at the Masonic laying of the cornerstone of its Temple.

He attended Architect Lodge No.519, of New York City, February 17,1933, where he raised his son Elliott to the Sublime Degree and made an address in which he stressed the importance of Masonic principles to this Nation, and his faith in the Americanism of the Ancient Craft.

In essence, FDR was a Free Mason who belonged to a 32nd degree lodge having attained that level of degrees.  No wonder he was our 32nd President.  An architect of the New World Order, so too was Herbert Hoover who over saw the engineering of Boulder Dam that was named after him even when it was highly controversial.

Let us now take a close look at each of the three components of the quote.


Great minds discuss ideas

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.” Eleanore Roosevelt.   My interpretation of this quote is that because the forces that bring us to war and destitution must have someone bringing faith to survive it.  The people adopting this faith soon develop immunity to experiential torture, pain and suffering brought about by secret society Elitists.  You’re being taught to accept your child returning from combat in a crippled condition when it wasn’t a fight for freedom, but for the gain of a husband who benefited from that occupation and rape of another people and their land.

I have great ideas all the time.  They go nowhere unless a great event happens and that I talk to and about people.  What they are trying to say is that to be somebody, one must have a great idea.  The reality is that if looked at as secret society dogma, it is the idea that a One World Governance takes place.  It is no wonder that members of this society are held with high esteem because of their prominence.  You’re not supposed to know, but they are thinking of a great idea that excludes you from any of its benefits.  What they want is for the average mind to….

Average minds discuss events

In this way, whatever big project you’re employed to be involved with is usually ‘for the greater cause’.  Whatever is shown on television is an illusion that some event will or has taken place and that it is important for you to pass on to your children.  Today, events that take place are what we see routinely in the news.  All bad.  Those events are designed, and usually staged, for the grand ‘Idea” which is the agenda by these so-called ‘Great Minds’.   Where ever you turn, people discuss the fashion of the day, week, and year without implementing solutions to reversing the damage.  By design, the events we share in conversation are soon forgotten for the next fashion of the moment.  We all forgot the Banker Bailout which pretty much was trillions of stolen money given to a few beneficiaries off shore.

Small minds discuss people

The bulk of the mass has been indoctrinated into the modality of gossip.  The media has played a major role with the setting up of social conditions to get people talking about others.  Because nobody knows how to implement the fix, the default is to talk about the problem and because “I’m not at fault, but the entertainer who said that and the politician who did this to us” is the best we can do, it’s no wonder we’re kept at that level.  Eleanor is telling us who we are right in our faces and we take it because, we’re also lead to believe that so long as we gossipers think in terms of satisfying their big “Ideas”, that it keeps us from being completely small minded.

If the people who we are taught to be so great are in fact terrific, and that we ultimately vote them into power positions witnessing the great ideas being nothing more than weapons of our demise, just what then is a great mind?  They’ve failed us, but made their plan work.


I think of ideas, events and people equally.

I do this to solve mysteries and back engineer the New World Order’s agenda.  It means that Eleanore is telling me to avoid being a free thinker.   When limitations are placed on the method by which my mind operates, then no matter what big idea I have is meaningless unless I look at events that take place and the people who mastermind them into existence.

Her quote is designed to create the illusion that a person not in a power position has power.  Nobody wants to be average and nobody wants to be small minded, therefore, when the New World Religion is in full force, we’re all going to be taught that edging God out is for the best and that we can now consider ourselves God.  The “I Am” consciousness will evolve into the “I Am God” consciousness.  People will be made to believe that because of that, they have all these ideas empowering them as one with a Great Mind.



Try this on for size!

The Helical theoretical model of how our solar system works is three dimensional as opposed to the two dimensional plane of the Heliocentric model.  It happens to the be the true model complete with vortexing, STARGATE (I add that), and that explains what black holes are and I’m adding that too.  Before I complete the model as a video representation, I’d like you to view an edited version of both djsadhu’s video renderings with music I chose in a preliminary cut of what our presentation on black holes is.


According to the American Heritage Dictionary, the Indo-Europeann root for black is ghel- with a variant form bhleg- or bhelg- which means shine, flash, or burn.  The Proto-Germanic developments of bhelg- are blakaz, which specifically means burned, and a variant form blaikjan, which means to make white.  The ancient Germanic meangs of black provide the immediate semantic source for both the literal and the metaphorical uses for black today.   The association between the Indo-European root and its Proto-Germanic equivalent blakaz is that the Indo-European root and is Proto-Germanic equivalent blakaz is that the Europeans used bhelg root for any thing light process like burning and the Germanic people used it to describe the process after an object burns.  In Old English literature, it suggests that the two forms were used interchangeably in which depending on the spelling means shining or dark.  This is the two faces of the sun. 

In this rendition, we see how the Helical model works with relationship to the Milky Way Galaxy.  Make sure you have your headsets or a nice sound system on a little louder than usual because you’re in for a wild ride:)  Click image below to play video.

Helical model screen grab

The sun travels at 70,000 km per hour with the planets in tow.. that’s Dr. Keshava Bhat’s model.  We see the back side of the sun, but not the front.  So, what does the sun look like from the front?  All the plasma is trailing behind which leaves a bald spot at the leading edge which means it’s quite possible that the sun appears black from a distance.  Since it is speculated that the sun is a STARGATE it means that the front end is the entry and the sunny side is the, well nothing exits because whatever goes in, disappears I suppose before going out the hot end.

Bhleg means “Shine, flash, burn…”

The word BLACK originates from the proto indo European root word BHLEG.  What if the leading edge of the sun is what our interpretation of the word black is today and the trailing edge, the bhleg side, is bright as we know it?  When looking at all the stars in the Milky Way Galaxy, it may be that the estimated 100 billion is actually half of the total count for the reason the others are showing their dark side.  A bhleg star passing behind a Black star is simply being hidden, not swallowed up, as the esteemed Stephen Hawkings suggests.



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