Occultic ‘Tells’ in TV & Film

Baphomet and blocks BatmanvsSuperman ipetgaotii

Jim Fetzer having been introduced through a mutual friend, asked if I would speak about the reality of Jade Helm 15 and what black operation is being heavily guarded.  The segment aired in 2015 and was the first public disclosure regarding the Hoover Dam and CERN prognosis.  I maintain a communication with Jim and  update the continued results and findings of the ongoing investigation. Following is our latest conversation on the 6th of June, 2016 disclosing the connection  between the controversial Gotthard Tunnel ceremony and CERN at Hoover Dam. Source



The plan is quite simple

Mountains are the remains of pyramid structures destroyed at the time of the Great Flood. We exist on the rubbled remains, precious minerals are mined from these ancient structures, the tunnels burrowed through the base of these ancient pyramids are logistical preparations for completely leveling them (scaled up version of sticks of dynamite), all video games are designed to automate people into carrying out the mission of not only mass extermination by ourselves, but also destroying the world.

It can be prevented so long as each and every person debunks this theory with quality evidence. Once you see this, you’ll want to personally evaluate the video phenomena, MineCraft yourself. If you have children, you’ll campaign against them obsessed with playing unless the world you want for them is worse than it is now.


Jim Fetzer had myself on as a guest discussing evidence that Hoover Dam is earmarked to either be an earth based gate portal to the sun, a Stargate, decommissioned by destruction or rendered inoperable due to lack of water, or both.  My position was that Hoover Dam and the fact that CERN’s particle collider project is at the heart of JADE HELM II is the main thrust for the government operation.  The trucking company Freightliner debuting it’s flagship Daimler autonomous driving transport vehicle with the help of OSKNY Marketing and technical support to produce a visual projection on the dam is key to understanding the dynamic of the retrofitted construct and what its actual function will be.


How To Make Dynamite not to make it

We wonder whether nuclear devices will be used at a future time of war or destruction. Because a nuclear explosion is radio actively catastrophic, there is a bio degradable alternative that has been accepted for centuries. To destroy earth the more difficult, but ‘bio safe’ method is over time. To accomplish it, you must be tricked into carrying out the act.


Most all occult related ceremonies involve Guinness Book of World Record achievements. This decade: Freightliner’s projection on Hoover Dam, Pat Tillman By-pass bridge, ipetgoatii projection, Gotthard Tunnel, and the list goes on.





“I’ve got a bad feeling about this”- Han Solo


snoke john d rockefeller compareIn analyzing films for their occult messages, I have not found a relationship as remarkable as the one embedded in J.J. Abrams character conceptualization for Starwars 2015. Not knowing what to expect and as usual am very much surprised at what I find; in this case there is an Illuminati Icon serving as the ultimate villain.  The profound clue happens to be the theme “First Order”; a dead giveaway.  In the case of the seventh film, “The Force Awakens”, I was startled awake to find that tyranny being doled out by the the Supreme Leader “Snoke”is unquestionably modeled after the face and persona of John D Rockefeller Sr.


Hollywood stamps their iconic figuresheds as a visual imprint to the viewer with all their movies.  Some icons are human as well as alien.  The film LUCY, Iron SKY II, and Hunger Games clearly showcase a reptilian feature because the industry is reptilian driven.  War of the Worlds was modeled after the Grey Alien species as was it’s director’s predecessor project that began the amazing lure to invite Grey Aliens as entertainers into our homes, E.T.  If David Icke was right about the Illuminati families having Reptilian genetics, well then, we now have a film that exposes that as a fact… or close to it.

Who Is the real life Supreme Leader Snoke?

Title Card:  “Luke Skywalker has vanished. In his absence, the sinister FIRST ORDER (NWO) has risen from the ashes of the Empire (Rome/NAZI Germany) and will not rest until Skywalker (United States), the last Jedi (Superpower), has been destroyed. With the support of the REPUBLIC (USA), General Leia Organa leads a brave RESISTANCE (Sovereign Man). She is desperate to find her brother Luke and gain his help in restoring peace and justice to the galaxy. Leia has sent her most daring pilot on a secret mission to Jakku, where an old ally has discovered a clue to Luke’s whereabouts…”

snoke john d rockefeller compare 2Snoke is introduced vaguely in Star Wars: The Force Awakens only through a hologram that exaggerates his physical presence.  He’s inexplicably in charge of The FIRST ORDER, presumably responsible for reassembling the resources of the Empire after the fall of Emperor Palpatine, who by the way had a striking familiarity with a Pope, and the second Death Star.

It is unknown who the character Snoke is, whether he had any involvement behind-the-scenes in the first six Episodes of the saga, and why he’s heavily disfigured remains all unanswered unless we understand that the cinematic character illusions are to disfigure the source of the models they mimic making them unidentifiable.  Again in this analysis, it’s thought to be the likeness of John Rockefeller, father of the fall of the United States and the fact that it is known that the Illuminati families orchestrate chaos, world wars, and conduct the business for off world beings as instruments against humanity.  John Rockefeller is deceased, however his legacy remains in the form of fictional stories brought back to life by the idea of modern technology, holograms, and the notion that they yearn for immortality.  They do this all while operating behind elusive, however very obvious, ‘Snoke Screens”.


             Dialogue exchange translated to the protocol of the 
                        New World Order "FIRST ORDER"

               Kylo Ren 
     Your son is gone. He was weak and foolish like his father, 
     so I destroyed him.

[Divide and conquering the American family - divisions in trust, anger with 
 fathers, easily convinced to kill immediate family]

               Han Solo 
     That's what Snoke wants you to believe, 
     but it's not true.

[the problem with the truth movement is showing the past compared to the 
 present - masses in denial]

               Kylo Ren
     No. The Supreme Leader is wise.

[government incentives, handouts, promises and the 
 illusion of the American Dream provided by elected officials]

               Han Solo
     Snoke is using you for your power. When he gets what
     he wants, he'll crush you. You know it's true.

[government incentives, handouts, promises and the illusion of Americana 
 provided by elected officials]Flat Earth & corporate insignia?


Flat Earth & Corporate Insignias?

A common point of speculation is that Snoke could be Darth Plagueis, the master of Palpatine who was named dropped in Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. In that film, Palpatine describes his old trainer with some choice words, include “wise” that was also used by Kylo Ren to describe Snoke. “Darth Plagueis was a dark lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise. He could influence the midichlorians to create life. He had such a knowledge of the Dark Side, he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying.”

straight horizon compareThe up and coming conspiracy theory that the secret societies can no longer contain the fact that the World is not round.  The mountains of evidence to prove otherwise what has been standard out weighs the little that NASA can prove the world is a ball.  Since it is shown that the horizon is in fact a straight line vanishing phenomena, it is seen in the movie The Force Awakens that this is indeed a fact.  No, the planet is not Earth, but it is filmed on earth and shown as a round sphere in space, but with straight and concave horizon lines that do not indicate a convex curvature AT ALL.  The point being; what we’re taught and shown as comparisons considered fiction, are really truths and I believe they ultimately decided to hint at Rockefeller, John D Sr., in the final character concept decision that evolved from a snake head idea, to a human.  Rockefeller’s father was a snake oils salesman I do recall.

The winged “W” has an occult corporate placement in film today as noted with the form of the letter across several very different films. Promethius, Iron Sky and Wonder Woman.

wings compositeIn the area of conspiracy theories, many jump to ideas that make hardly any sense.  For example, 2015’s speculation that a horrific event was to take place on September 26.  The reader can spend hours pouring over the numeric calculations, scripture notes, Bible prophecy, tsunami, volcanic and earthquake occurrences on the same month and day, however the obvious is true about September 26 is apparent.  That was the day John D. Rockefeller landed his very first job to which he was so grateful, considered it more important than his very own day of birth.  The corporate tycoon celebrated “job day” every September 26 from 1856 on to commemorate his entrance into the business world.

The uniform worn by General Hux is modeled after the uniforms worn by Nazis mixed with some naval influences.


saudi protected

Rey mentions a place called Liwa Outpost. It is a nod to the Liwa Desert where the planet Jakku is filmed in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.  The First Order, or the real life New World Order, is in my opinion headquartered in the Arab Emirates.  Israel is a front to mask the reality that the stealth operation for world dominion is reflected in the films Mission Impossible and StarWars The Force Awakens.

Alien References

 maz kanata yoda starwars

Maz Kanata alien compareMaz Kanata plays a role that emulates the wisdom of Yoda from the first Starwars movie.  Her character is representative of what is thought to be the consensus appearance of the Zeta Reticulan features known as the Grey Alien.  reptilian hand on R2D2 adjustedThe alien elements tie in with the montage scene Rey visualizes of an arm reaching out to R2D2 with strange reptilian appearing finger and nails.  This is observed predominantly in the installment of Iron Sky II coming to theaters in the year 2016, in 2014’s movie Lucy.

From fiction to reality

The third Death Star “Starkiller base” shares the same 1 to 10 size ratio to that of Earth and Jupiter in a comparative relationship scale.

deathstars compared to earth and JupiterThe unusual pronounced ‘fannies’ that were depicted by the robot armies in past StarWars installments were noted in actual characters acting as military officials of the First Order.  The posture is a protruding derriere as if advertising for homosexuality.   The idea that energy is drawn from the Sun, and that was in the dialogue of the script, into the planet weapon for recharging has a unique similarity to the conclusions arrived regarding Hoover Dam and CERN.  If what is happening in film may be the real life equivalent in Arizona and Nevada.  The ‘tell’ with that is enormous in which the trucking company, Freightliner, disclosed the slogan “10x to the sun and back” with a slide image of CERN, the Sun and Earth.  The 9th ray isolate concept first brought about in Disney’s Mars movie John Carter was integrated into StarWars The Force Awakens as well.  When screen images are available, I will include them to show the relationship of the radiating line patterns to the planets.


reptilian catLionsgate Films makes movies that announce New World Order Agenda messages.  The Hunger Games franchise is loaded with them.  Important here is a focus on the alien intrusion against humanity and this planet.  At the end of the fourth film and part 2 of what appears to be a Mockingjay series embedded in a quadrilogy (so damn confusing)  is a simple phrase shared to an infant by the hero, warrior, leader…. slave.

John Carter (Disney) uses symbols as background and makeup design which crosses over in many films.

“… one day I’ll explain to you why they came and why they will never leave…”

John carter circ de solie logo compare - Copy

Who is “they” and where in the plotlines of any of the four films were “they” coming with a absolute desire to remain without contest?  Katniss Everdeen kills the ultimate evil while the equal party is torn to pieces… who then is in power or who isn’t yet exiled?  If it was so important that the audience had to hear this as a final goodby to Hunger Games, why isn’t the hero the actual leader?  This is because that which cannot be removed must be that which has utter control over humanity – Alien races.


We find two profound alien entities represented

Like media manipulation, terrorism, ancient Roman “Bread and Circuses”, nationwide imprisonment, work camps, forced subservience, perpetual war, hints of the dissolve the Reichstag and call for a new parliamentary election.  It’s a bold statement about the unforgiving nature of war and rebel insurrection that takes place largely underground or in dangerous urban ruins.  This is what we see in film today.  We also are shown both the reptilian and alien gray alliance.  This is an off world influence that has predicated what Hollywood shares with the public… much truth wrapped in fictional tales using very close symbolic references..

Hunger Games baby 1 txtThe last scene is where the disclosure takes place and is set to categorize this franchise as an Alien driven series.  I was stunned to find the message spelled out in plain earshot. Jennifer Lawrence “Katniss Everdeen” speaks a dialogue that has no reference, says nothing specific about any of the film plot themes, and yet there it was to state what I feel is the Alien Agenda. Oh no, here comes the conspiracy theory.

The last scene’s dialogue where Katniss talks to her baby just before “The End”. Firstly, a description of the baby is, and people in blogs all over the place concur, that the baby’s head is twice as big as normal and that it appeared to be Asian. One person said it had black eyes. I observed all the above, but in addition to the eyes, they were all black and non blinking. Now, how does that message out that an Alien agenda statement is being made. Here’s what Katniss says after a lead in: “… one day I’ll explain to you why they came and why they will never leave…”  Then she explains how she deals with bad dreams and things by writing a list of good things she’s ever done for people and that it’s routine, but manageable for existence.

Hunger Games baby 2 txtWhat she meant in my opinion is that it is the Aliens that came and won’t ever leave.  There was nothing in the plot that lead her to say what she said for the audience to understand because it made absolutely no sense. Not unless one has studied the NWO like I have.

Ask anyone who has seen the film HUNGER GAMES – MOCKINGJAY PART 2 and ask if they thought the baby Katniss held had an over-sized head, appeared Asian, and had unusual black eyes. 

I observed that the baby’s head was proportionately oversized. I overheard a person leaving the theater who noted the same.  I’m sure people in the cutting room as well as the the oversight of the director knew it.  In other words, if that was striking and unusual, it would have been a scene to re-evaluate and re-shoot.  But, because they may have used a doll instead of a real baby (it never moved a twitch), there is little doubt in my mind it could have been purposeful to represent an alien.  The lighting created the illusion the eyes were completely black.  Subtle as it was, in most films, a baby of interest or significance is cinematically presented in full light exuding happy baby like illumination.

Ask anyone if they thought the predators released in the underground tunnels appeared to be sightless reptoids.  What we see is a representation of what the human transformation program is – the hybridizing of human beings with both species of aliens.

underground reptilian Alien compareKatniss killed off the PTB in the movie, and is the hero who if she wanted, could rule the people to sovereignty. So, who was in charge for her to say that they’ll never leave? I can say without a doubt until shown otherwise that the last book did not include that thought line.

Katniss also survived the onslaught of aliens.  In this feature, the aliens were depicted as the Alien of the Alien series.  This reptilian form is emulated throughout the sci-fi film industry’s conceptual think tank forums.


Mind Control

Peeta mind control 1The element of torture induced mind control is made evident with the character married to the protagonist.  “Love concurs all” is the running theme behind Katniss Everdeen’s success, however, she adopts the submissive attitude of subservience to the powers that be.  She gives Peeta the benefit of the doubt as to her and her children’s safety.

effie and h

Effie Trinket plays a role in which she doesn’t hesitate to select a child to compete in a deadly game.  She is noted as wearing the sign of a Monarch known to be mind control MKUltra.  These are women groomed to service the Elite and perform inhumane functions while pretending to do service work.  In the last scene, there is the long awaited romance in which she and Haymitch exchange a kiss.  Now, why is she glorified and why accepted back as humane individual?  In a world where there is an advanced technological society complete with medical remedies, why isn’t Peeta, an untreated victim of mind control, treated conclusively for the condition?

(Above and right) This character represents the MKUltra also known as a Monarch.  She is symbolically represented as such with the costume of monarch butterflies.  There a thousands of insects to choose from… why the Monarch?  Who then is she handling?


Why shot in Berlin?

Berlin wall iron blocksThe second to the last scene where the Capitol’s people are baited with the promise of food and shelter to their deaths as they cross through the streets toward the Reichtag-like stronghold of President Snow, we see the same I-Beam barriers as were placed in the no crossing zone between East and West Berlin of the cold war era.

“Greg, I saw the final Hunger Games movie to see that they did have an “Alien” agenda actually disclosed.  It took them until the final words of all four films to cap it off.  I was amazed because for me it was easy to catch, but for anyone else impossible to differentiate the intent.  What she said made absolutely no reference to anything that happened across all four films.  Here’s my article which will bore you to death, but show exactly why they made that franchise, Lee”



daniel craig vista

James Bond’s new installment is an obvious salute to the NSA which is actually the NWO central intelligence agenda.  However, what is hidden are three important thematic clues that point a strange finger at an Alien Agenda.  The octopus etched into the ring doesn’t show it, but the after market products do – an alien head and its alien eyes.  This is seen across several films including Disney’s PLANES.  Juxtaposed is the human skull face masks adorned by Bond and those observing the day of the dead ritual in Mexico City.  A big difference showing who is actually going to kill who.  An observatory setting is observed in the intelligence hub in the middle of a Moroccan no-mans land and finally, an element that has zero to do with the film plot – a meteorite. Unless, of course, one thinks in terms of global mass extinction.

spectre DustyTypically in Bond films, the adversary shows James bond how James will meet his fateful end.  James is usually strapped down for this event.  But, his gadget seems to be at hand and uses it to redirect the awful death against the villain, alien eyesBlofeld. But here in the 24th installment of the franchise there is a very big shift in protocol.  Once we see the meteorite that created the villains outpost isn’t to be useful at all… it’s thematic purpose is masked.    It’s representative impact is only applicable when considering this is really a movie about Project Bluebeam – the faked alien invasion.  Most movies made today show the destruction of buildings and cities, large engineering structures such as in SAN ANDREAS and recently projected on the Cayan Building opened in 2013 in Dubai, Saudi Arabia.  In this film there is no lack of destroyed buildings.  But, it is a reflection of meteors devastating our infrastructure in disguise as being a scheduled engineered demolition.  What is in store for us with a film coming out in 2016′s IRON SKY?  Last time it was a new WWIII meteor shower led by the Fourth Reich based on the moon.

spectre symbol is alien ringAn observatory complex in addition to a global intelligence hub in a crater? Why did the Blofeld show James Bond a lethal meteor without using it somehow to kill him?  Most Bond films use esoteric methods in torturous ways and this would have lead to a unique form of death, but instead in SPECTRE resort to a robot drilling into the skull technique.  Previous James Bond movies always had scenes in which the diabolic use of some arcane method ends up ending the villain’s life to the appeal of the audience.  In Spectre, neither the bond girl nor does the the evil villain die.  That’s because, Blofeld represented the all seeing eye of Horus which never did!  His character was George Orwell’s whole intended message!  Big Brother is Alien.

blofeld's eyeIn summary, SPECTRE indicates that the the first scene in which James Bond partakes in the dress of the Day of the Dead among the parade participants is indicative of the end game played out by the NWO’s desire to destroy humanity. In this film, they show us what their weapon will be – a meteorite.  This global mass extinction theme is embedded in several films including IRON SKY I in which the Fourth Reich based on the moon haul big boulders into the earth’s atmosphere “Weapons of Mass Destruction”.  What, not who, is actually behind this?

crator data center Spectre txt

The Vatican mans Mount Graham Observatory with their astronomical associates, Jesuit priests, in their ongoing tracking of Nibiru and its entourage of debris.  If I have this correct, the several types of observatories featured in the film SPECTRE show us their different types of observational practices above and beyond observing our every move on earth.


On June 10, 2013, the Saudis celebrated their building Cayan “Infinity” Building which represents twisting DNA using a video exhibition depicting the Alien Invasion.  Not one researcher had reported this until now 2 1/2 years later.  Lead NASA rocket scientist, Wernher von Braun. warned us about the last stunt to be pulled over our eyes will be fakery, however, isn’t what I feel this to entirely be.  The building projection shows us that Aliens are behind the take over of our world.


What do non Egyptians in a completely different land have to do with pyramids, aliens, meteors, DNA structuring and the destruction of cities? 

Pyramid cropWhy not show us Earth’s beauty; pastures, mountain ranges, flowers and sunsets?  The whole of the peninsula and perhaps the city Dubai itself is earmarked to be the actual NWO headquarters.  This explains them puppeting the United States to having decimated all the countries surrounding it.

saudi protectedOn August 1, 2015, a similar 3D video projection mapping on the Empire State Building showcased Kali and Shiva performing the illusion of genetic transformation while at the same time demonstrating that the planet is being sterilized, extermination of all life including microorganisms to elephants, the world flipping its poles and a thousand points of light representing that many targets of engineering structures being evaporated.

Hoover Dam Cern 1

Why were flying saucers, aliens, city destruction by meteors and a blue beam so important to the Saudis?

The Cayan Tower was inaugurated with fireworks accompanied with laser light display on the tower on June 10, 2013, and become the world’s tallest 90 degree twisted tower.

Hoover Dam was used as a projection screen to show that it is to be retrofitted with either destructive power incorporating CERN proton collision technology or service as a STARGATE.  Or, both.  The trucking company, Freightliner, was exposed for backing this collaborative public announcement in a display of theatrics they have refused to address to the public.  Their instructions from the concept engineers are held under lock and key.  In other words, if you asked them what you just saw, their lips are sealed but for deception.  But, they are eager to gloat about how they won a Guinness World Record for the show with all the technical wow.  They will not explain what it was we saw.  The Empire State Building was an August 1st, 2015, disclosure of mass extinction using the gods Kali and Shiva to prove their point about our fate.

“We dunno what we made, but it cost alot…  pretty weird, huh?” – Freightliner




Chase-Logo 3d cropThe Chase Bank Logo has been argued by occult analysts of symbology to resemble the Swastika.  The center square is a Freemason occult geometric shape.  Based on my ongoing study of ancient civilizations including pyramids and the relevance of them to corporate interests, I had remembered one particular episode of Gilligan’s Island titled “The Secret of Gilligan’s Island” (season 3, episode 25).  My use of what I refer to as Hollywood “tells” seems to never fail me with solving the mystery of secret society codes.  I had felt there was more to the secret of Gilligan’s Island in which invariably the answer is quite simple.  The secret lies beneath the apparent story told in its script.  It had to do with a double sided image on a stone tablet.  This is the Sumerian reference.

Science delivered the illusion of fear and hope

Russel Johnson

“Well Skipper I happen to know a little about hieroglyphics and spent two years on an archaeological expedition in Egypt.” – Professor

the-first-stone-analysedThe problem was to find what the illusion actually represents.  I had to remove the memory imprint that it is a swastika proclaimed by conspiracy theorists by viewing the object objectively.  I reflected back to what I had seen on television and in film because there is a magician, priest or scientist in every occult media delivery.

Russell Johnson’s role was to represent the secret society cult religion rooted in false science.  Of the seven castaways, The Professor was the most trusted ‘figurehead’ who called all the shots, kept them under control and forever cordoned off from reality through use of illusions.

I recalled its correlation on the tablet Gilligan had chiseled an image on a stone tablet intended to convince cave people to migrate to a ‘place of paradise’. I had covered occult messages of Generation X and in fact that very episode of Gilligan’s Island.   Regarding the show’s themes and methodology, it is embedded within Gilligan’s dreams during his sleep that NWO doctrines were presented in encrypted as a schematic.  In his dream the castaways lived as cave dwellers, an object of primary focus had an element similar to the Chase logo in which one of four lines is angled from a square broken piece of a slab stone.  It represented something more valuable to the interests of corporate banking than a reference to the Third Reich although it is deeply affiliated.  Having seen this with the on the broken pieces of the tablet once glued back together and the fact that Gilligan had drawn three pyramids, I knew it could be one thing – Khufu.

Chase’s logo is eight sided, so how is the logo similar?

The Professor played a television version of “Indiana Jones”.  His character was designed to be the hero of the castaway collective.  While the skipper played the role of security and the “police state” and Gilligan representing the dumbed down society, it was the Professor who made the ultimate decisions to which they all depended for survival.  He administered the mental psyops to both the viewer and characters alike in which for every episode, he illustrated ‘facts’ that resulted in fear.  He then presented the resolve which would pacify the collective as well as satisfy the viewer.  He claimed responsibility for his misjudgements in science, however, was invariably redeemed in part with the fact that Gilligan (the people) was mostly to blame while the others were just as guilty by proxy.

khufu 8 sidesThe logo Chase Bank adopted as their symbol represents the great Giza Plateau pyramid Khufu. It is the largest of the three pyramids that align precisely with the belt stars of ORION and happens to be the only one that is eight sided.  Because of this, the Chase logo represents the sides as an octagon although the great pyramid’s four obvious sides are concave two paneled faces.

The outer mantle was covered with highly polished limestone casing blocks to an accuracy of 1/100th of an inch. The ancient Egyptians gave Khufu the name Ikhet meaning glorious light.

Chase logo khufu composite 2The Chase Bank logo’s four lines extend out at angles which match the same angle from the square interior as crease lines of two sided faces of the panels.  I have drawn the missing lines that show the obvious edges of the pyramid form.


The Secret is an Anunnaki Temple – Khufu

Only Gilligan can interpret

The prop maker on the set design staff had to follow a pattern predicated by upper decision management.  Because the episode’s subtle theme dealt with a mystery, “The Secret” is stated on the tablet itself, but never addressed in the script.  It happens that Gilligan chiseled his design portraying three pyramids which do not exist on the island – let alone a visible mountain or volcano.

only-gilligan-can-interpret pyramid angle crop

The tablet shows one of four edges of the broken piece ‘design’ as a perfect angle from the center.  It is as if it would come to a point.  What we are shown is a pyramid in plan view of a flat topped structure absent the capstone.

The jigsaw cuts were most likely deliberately arranged to obscure the architectural configuration, however, it is obvious a stone tablet will not be likely to result with a perfect square shaped center piece.  For the effect of realism, the foam’s edges were hand broken along the seams. (images are linked to a short video demo)

only-gilligan-can-interpret1 crop with lines

only-gilligan-can-interpret3 crop


Why on Gilligan’s Island? After all, it is only entertainment

This brief screen shot shows the island paradise before the tablet is broken by the chief Thurston Howell, played by Jim Backus (below).  The back side always faces the viewer, however, the drawing is shown only for a few frames.    On close observation, there are specifically three geometrically shaped ‘mountains’.  These most likely represent the three great pyramids of Egypt.  The probable reason the seams are darkened and that the paradise scene not shown not only shows that the tablet is repaired, but for what they represent as an imprint emulating all the characteristics of pyramids woven throughout entertainment media.

drawing 3 pyramids txt


breaking tablet

gilligans island no pyramids 2


An owl named X

Library and dollar molek

X the OwlOn the contrary.  Gilligan’s Island was a clever vehicle for underlying messages. It was a way to introduce the reverse of American ideals in which our parents of the Boomers generation and before understood the principles America was built upon. The media psyops was designed to negate the goal of severance from tyranny.  It was the method to indoctrinate Boomer offspring beginning in approximately 1962 in order to imprint a set of principles in which case with Gilligan’s Island – imprisonment within the US borders. These would become the ideals established for the common people under a New World Order construct where freedom is futile.

king and queenGeneration X was then born.  This crossover in television was accompanied by companion programs which included Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie and many more.  Surprisingly, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood (article) was singularly the most powerful of them all for the reason it’s primary goal was to groom “GenX” as slave laborers and introduce the idea that European Aristocracy was back in vogue.  The series was aimed primarily at preschool ages 2 to 5 beginning in 1963 with it’s origins nine years previously in which the characters ‘King Friday the 13th’ and ‘X the Owl’ were already created.

Egyptians required slave labor – GenX TV promoted factory work. 

Characters portrayed in “Neighborhood of Make Believe” is designed to augment belief systems.  X the owl represents MOLEK

Mr. Rogers talks about work

Roger's and his trolleyNot surprising is the initial installment of the set for Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.  Transportation to “Neighborhood of Make Believe” uses the iconic railroad system with the Nazi Germany’s logistics that has not changed in 70 years by which human lives are destined to their fate.  He often discussed what was going to happen in Make-Believe before the next fantasy segment was shown “Let’s pretend that Prince Tuesday has been having scary dreams…” Imprisonment or death is the reality.  All that has changed is the tern concentration camp to FEMA quarantine facility.  They were “made to believe” that they were being taken to a safe haven just as GenX took those field trips for indoctrination by grooming pre-American ideals.  How is this related to the premise of Gilligan’s Island?  Life of confinement under the condition of hope.



Each episode of Gilligan’s Island had a separate element of the NWO paradigm agenda.  The Secret of Gilligan’s Island involved a derailment of the Sumerian tablet inscription observations made initially by a Soviet born American researcher, Zecharia Sitchin, who first decoded the tablets that tell the story of ancient off world beings.  This was information considered esoteric by the powers driving the disinformation protocols in which damage control campaigns to distort these efforts were initiated.  The purpose of the character played by Russell Johnson “Professor” was to re-educate children as to the official away from the alternative record by presenting outcomes using fiction in after school programs. This was an effective way to discredit occurring research at the time by experts attempting to decode ancient written languages that revealed a possible alternative ancient historical record.  A companion article describing the correlation between pyramids and volcanoes can be found here:  Virgin Sacrifices involved euphoria mushrooms

Excerpted and updated from Gilligan’s Island “NWO Blueprint



[vimeo 143471544 w=640 h=380]

Have you ever wondered about the shape of a volcano that it appears from a distance to be a pyramid?  This may be the case.  While geologists have formed their opinions, so too has Dismantle The Beam Project.

Volcanic pyramid energy machines

visible-portion-hoover-dam-stargate1 the ancient metropolis formation theory of the Grand Canyon is correct, then perhaps most all if every one of the mountains we conclude as natural forming may not be at all.  If an Alien race, or multitude of them, created a global star map reflecting the celestial star patterns of the heavens, then volcanoes too must be pyramids energy engines using natural subterranean heat as their fuel.  These conical shaped constructs differ from the four sided pyramid.

Above:  Studying Hoover Dam with the consideration that it may be an intended pyramid structure.  It would not be a full four sided pyramid, but 1/3 of a conical formation that relies on a body of water as diamagnetic forces with its paramagnetic constitution of quartz giving it the fundamental components for being an aetheric energy machine – for some purpose.  This study concludes that Hoover Dam may be a stargate.

They must be pyramids nonetheless?

It is understood that the occult uses the film industry to showcase their stories in riddle form.  While the general audience assumes reality based on selective science disseminated through the educational system, the volcano that a character in the movie AFTER EARTH must climb to save his life has an underlying meaning.

ant hill dam compareHoover Dam may be 1/3rd of a conical modern day pyramid constructed to work as an energy machine other than generating hydro-electric power.  That remains to be determined, however, new evidence proves it to be the case.  Ants create an electromagnetic ring field around the crest of their ant hills making an EMF address that they identify as their unique homing device to lead them to and from home.  These are interesting trivia notations, however, may be important to a yet to be discovered purpose for ancient volcanic mountains dormant or active.


Were people forced into volcanoes, or did they go willingly?

It is quite possible that folklore has somehow deleted the main ingredient as being the integral element for the practice of human sacrifice by inducing a young young virgin into an erotic state of mind whilst being thrown, or voluntarily thrown to their death.  Reminding ourselves that the powers of the illusionaris, the secret societies and their Satanic methods posing as priests, ask us to decide for ourselves our fate.  We are allowed to make our decisions although plainly coerced or deceived into them.  The bio-chemical aspect cannot be excluded in these diabolical self serving practices of the voyeur who prescribes the mushroom to the gullibility of the youth.  The occult induldges in so many ritualistic events using nightshades and a myriad of natural occurring poisons.

virgin sacrifice 1How, not why, were virgins compelled to be sacrificed? Did they commit themselves to suicidal dives into volcanoes?  Or, were these young ladies forced as commonly assumed through speculation without reasonable scientific or written historical facts?

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI am inclined to believe they volunteered for there may be a viable answer.  It was customary to do this with virgins who had never experienced intimacy to have the ultimate feelings of ecstasy – an orgasmic experience.  A young girl would not have second thoughts based on the love for an eligible young man for starters.  This coupled with the extraordinary magnetism of religious doctrines, they would submit to a power such as a deity or God.  There is a mushroom that to women induces an orgasmic feeling, but does not create the spontaneous arousal in men.  In fact, it has the opposite repulsive effect and reaction.  This mushroom known as one of a variety of the Dictyophora mushroom species.  It grows on lava flows that are 600–1000 years only grows in high altitudes.  This means that there is a correlation between virginal sexual sacrifice and volcanoes.  What if beyond that, there’s a relationship with the volcano doubling as a cone shaped pyramid?  What else did those Mayans do on top of their pyramid temples?

No way!  A female aphrodisiac symbiotic with a monumental phallic looking cone pyramid?    Or, way…

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERASex has been a staple metaphor in religion all over the world and in history.  I won’t even go into the Catholic Church to delineate word origins such as the “seminary” “seminal” chambers and what “peni-tance” this and that relate to.  It’s so obvious.  With the definition of this smelly fungus as follows:

DICTYOPHORA is a genus of stinkhorn fungi closely related to those of the genus Phallus but distinguished by an indusium that hangs like a skirt from below the pileus)

The phallic symbol is wide spread as well as the reproductive system, its parts, and the list is seemingly endless.  But, nobody has ever related this mushroom to the ancient practices, or acts of sexual reenactment without the sex in a ceremony as epic as a human sacrifice…. why the volcano and nothing else?  A pool drowning a cause for this sensational group activity?  No.  It has to be a volcano and under the possible influence of an intense feeling of rapture, euphoria and how ever one explains it. (source)