The Hunger Games films were the first in a study of a complete franchise in which many of the dystonian future scenario is outlined.  At its conclusion, I come to find that at arriving full circle with an analysis, the bottom line is that the composite of all the messaging disclosed with subtlety is that an Alien presence is for certain a reality.  Try as I might, I could not find the references to anything resembling aliens, their symbolic marks, or anything visual for recorded proof.  It was in the final installation “Mockingjay Part II” where at the end of the final scene the message was verbally announced.  Woven throughout the series were the infrastructure of a world after a chaotic event.  Many films bring this surreal imagery to the screen, but nothing of its entirety as Hunger Games.  Found were elements never before documented.  The hidden secret behind the Girl Scout hand salute to the missing Hoover Dam and a redefined geographical Northern Hemisphere are the indications of a time after, or a neo global catastrophe comparable to the Great Deluge, but of fire as delineated in ancient texts, the Bible, and prophecy experts.

With the advanced understanding that the world may indeed be built according to the elements as described in the Bible, a fundamental concept is that Earth is not spherical.  It may be as described symbolically on the back of the US one dollar bill.  The upside down pyramid when the bill is rotated holds a key.  Visit to learn of the new conspiracy to hide in plain sight what the actual world we exist upon really is.

It may be that the off world alien agenda was crafted to keep the model of Earth concealed.   The Aliens franchise depicted them from “outer space” while in the fourth installment of Hunger Games, the same was represented from the Underworld.


NEW  “Alien” agenda spelled out in HUNGER GAMES

Who is “they” and where in the plot lines of any of the four films in which “they” had arrived with a absolute desire to remain without contest?  Katniss Everdeen kills the ultimate evil while the equal party is torn to pieces… who then is in power or who isn’t yet exiled?  If it was so important that the audience had to hear this as a final goodbye to Hunger Games, why isn’t the hero the actual leader?  This is because that which cannot be removed must be that which has utter control over humanity – Alien races.

underground reptilian Alien compare

Apr 30, 2012  The Hunter Games: Children are gladiators under Occult rule

hitler youth composite

The Panemites represent the imprisoned slave laborers controlled by each of the 12 Illuminati families that have a claim to various regions of North America. The children who are selected to partake in this vicious mortal combat are our children, not theirs. The participants in the film, as well as in real life, have been trained to accept a world of war, fighting, combat, and the killing of our own. We will be pitted against each other during a rapid mass depopulation.

May 09, 2012  True danger… The Girl Scouts Salute


The secret behind the meaning of the new hand salute is introduced by ‘Hunger Games’. Its actual dynamic meaning has been reversed engineered on Tuesday evening 5-8-2012.  This comes after the original blog article appeared in which I deciphered Hunger Games for Occult messages.  This comes after the realization that the Hunger Games salute had an underlying message of the military movement being installed with our current generation of youngsters.  I had to find a solution to a problem regarding aetheric energy.

Aug 08, 2013   Hunger Games: Catching Fire and more

Hunger Games II auchwitz entry

The “Kristallnacht”, or “Night of Broken Glass,” was a war waged against the Jews of Germany 75 years ago, the same as the annual Hunger Games, bringing them to their knees.  As many as 30,000 men were arrested and many sent to concentration camps.  To get out, one must agree to leave Germany.   This is the theme of Hunger Games.  An imprisonment and its conditions ruthless unless those that agree to relinquish their sovereignty submit to the will of power.

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