The Video TRUMP PROTESTERS DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE!! (The Plot to Murder Donald Trump)

C.Ervana reaches millions of people with her expose documentaries.  On the surface, her work appears to be against the NWO paradigm, but underneath each piece discloses a psyops.  Her latest piece has reached 1/2 million views in a matter of days.  The video supports Donald Trump and the World Order’s agenda for building a Mexican financed wall.

If Ervana sincerely opposes Trump although claiming not to take a political position, maintains that a vote must take place regardless of the opponent, not a lesser of evils, but equal or more so than Trump.  Otherwise, Ervana would have as a truther voice an opinion for or against Hillary.  Saying nothing is safe, and safety is part of the logistics of and protocol of disinformation.

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The largest manufacturer of Swiss watch movements is CERN

The number one ranking watch manufacturer, Google, using Swiss developed watch movement that uses black matter to draw blood from the human body. Developed at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland the global surveillance corporation, Google, fulfills both miniature and extra large models former dubbed the “Vampire Watch” and the latter, the Doomsday Clock.

Google has patented a “needle free” Phlebotomy device

Whether it be the hand, a pocket and tucked anywhere at all times on the person, the probability that a human being is permanently integrated is by conditioning and ignorance. This is the hidden Mark of the Beast. Analyzing blood for medical purposes is the gimmick, but as the for the psyops, it is to mate the young and old, wealthy and poor, with the machine. It could not be more clear that extracting the soul from the human body perhaps via the blood constitution is the agenda. To understand this, no authentic testing will be conducted just as cell phone towers had no oversight nor any studies conducted to assess environmental and bio hazard repercussions of an EMF grid as epic as today’s repeater tower phenomena. If this device completes a blackhole condition, the entire body or just the soul is consumed and or sent through a portal.

Swiss Cern watch bwGoogle has patented a “needle free” device that has been dubbed by Gizmodo as “the Vampire Watch.”  The device uses hyper speeds to suck blood out of your body (literally) and into a negative pressure barrel. Google describes the device as a particle accelerator that you wear around your wrist. The accelerator opens an “aperture” into your body and removes a small quantity of blood without you feeling anything. Some people might think a device like this would be good for anybody suffering with Diabetes or other types of diseases that need frequent monitoring…however, there are many things about this device that should be investigated.

Soul Snatching?

New information brings to light a use that the blackhole watch may have an additional more sinister purpose. This concept dovetails with the known theories regarding soul snatching machines, or mechanisms, and which may be the device used globally that at the time of mass extinction, the entities yearning to harvest human souls have the ability to capture a soul using this device. The same components also integrated within personal electronic devices like portables and cell phones covers more bases. People are psychologically attached to these electronics and harness them at close proximity to the surface of the body.

C.Ervana has been publishing documentaries that are in alignment with the investigation I have conducted since the year 2012 regarding Hoover Dam.  What she discloses is a theory that has merit on one level, however, on the more sinister, may be the missing link as to what Hoover Dam’s retrofitted black hole technology really is. Could Hoover Dam be all three; a Stargate earth based portal, Sunlight cancelling mechanism, and a booster to a wearable device that creates a doorway to Hell to a human being?  Ervana does analyze my findings which leads me to believe she’s a counteragent for the simple reason, she makes no effort to add or subtract from her work, nor credit Lee Bracker for showing what she’s not publishing.


The scaled up version of the wearable device

It can be more diabolical… CERN’s technology involves the examination of the structure of light in an attempt to manufacture it. It involves both the absence and presence of the light body form. Dark matter, or black goo as it has been coined, collected from both the space exploration projects dating back to the 1950s and the recent deep drilling ventures thanks to British Petroleum.

The pyramid ‘fire in the middle’, Hoover Dam, is a construct designed to pull black/dark matter from the deep and used for nefarious purposes to which C has brilliantly found the scaled down version of an application of that which monitors the dark aspects of the human body. This is in addition to the monitoring of blood content. It may be a device that also installs negative entities into the body constitution. Control. This is a physical attempt to push people unwillingly into the New World Religion. Can Hoover Dam retrofitted with CERN technology work as hub controlling center for use with and as a booster to the devices human beings would at first volunteer wearing to when all of humanity is required to wear one at all times?

Aerial hoover dam transition SG1 overlay

Like HAARP, Hoover Dam may indeed have always been planned to be not only the doomsday machine, but one that ends your life by creating a portal in which your existence is determined by the unique imprint of your DNA. You would disappear within this CERN black hole.


Mind Control & wearable technology

The soul is what they want to harvest. I wrote an entry that displays above. Destroy the body, take the soul… what the beings of the underworld want is to exist here, and the only way it seems to accomplish this feat is to obtain a soul. A bodily possession by an entity most likely relies on paralyzing the soul, or harnessing to it. A person lowers to the low level an entity needs to transport through a natural blackhole condition… the technology developed makes this unconditional.  Whether entities existing in our realm, or from the underworld, it is the Vampire Watch that is your portal, literally, to Hell delivered directly from the largest Swiss Watch Maker ever in existence, CERN.




john adams crop

John Adams declared tyranny by saying;

“May none but Honest and Wise Men ever rule under this Roof.”

X the owl lived in the center of the Neighborhood Of Make Believe.  Out of tens of thousands of name choices, why the letter X of the known occult symbolic references?  Moleck the owl?

The definition of “rule” is one of a set of explicit or understood regulations or principles governing conduct within a particular area of activity, interest, expertise or an aspect of society and life distinguished and unified by a particular characteristic.  This goes against working for the people.  If presidents were advocating instead of ruling, we would not managed under the same European Aristocracy as it seems we have since the beginning because Adams was the Vice under the first.

X the Owl

Of interest, Disney began the re-education program reversing who controls the United States using animation for children with stories that included Cinderella, Snow White, Robin Hood, and many others.  Roger's and his trolleyGeneration X that began in the early 1960’s with television programs for children including the 32 seasons of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood that installed the neo rulership by a king as the actual manifestation built into the American Dream.  This dream was nothing more than bringing back imperial control and dominion over the rights of the citizens of the US using the diabolical psychology of reverse thinking.  A false reality becomes real.

Fred Rogers was wise and honest to the children of Generation X.   That doesn’t mean that the show fell under that umbrella.  It the genuine appeal of the man was the bait that drew us all into the illusion that it was okay to reinstall British rule over the whole of an empire that would someday crumble to the foundation.

“One of the greatest gifts you can give anybody is the gift of your honest self. I also believe that kids can spot a phony a mile away.” – Fred Rogers


King Friday XIII

King Friday the Thirteenth is a point of concern.  Bad luck coupled with a ruling family and a prince born by the second season of the program that looks surprisingly similar to British Royalty.  “Wise and Honest Men” can mean anything and vicariously equate to anyone.  Fred Roger’s may never have known how compartmentalized he was.  It is the fabrication of ideas dressed in childish stories that are the masked veil of status quo prevailing in our very disillusioned world… and we trust it now as we did way back in 1800 when John Adams declared rulership.

castle sketch disney tall

king and queen


Predictive Programming  Which one of these two real life princes will have something to do with world order?

The Problem was simple.. the psyops is so specialized that even children are convinced what they’re learning is important for one reason, it’s accepted by their parents and the society in which they exist.  One in ten million children can see through the matrix of deception.  If you understand the dynamic, then you may be one of the very selective few.     Source


Prince Harry William and Tuesday compare



The light body is three dimensional, not parallel rays

The ceiling of the inner chamber of the Pyramid of Unas near Cairo, Egypt, expresses a detailed organized series of five pointed stars arranged in a columnar and row pattern. These are the threshold barriers of the light body. The misinterpretation would be that the depiction is a map of the night heaven of stars. If it were, we’d see something similar to a photo copy of what the eye sees as the pattern of the constellations and positions of the stars. Since it appears not to be a representation of the stars, then it represents something else.

If light does not exist as straight path radiation lines, but instead something of the characteristic nature of three dimensional outpouring of light from a concentration point out and then back in on itself as a subsequent concentration point a distance away from the source, then the pattern may be a cross-section of the light body.  The form at which light exists may be radiant light that twists with an inversion at each intersection or ‘compass’ point which is represented by the center of each star within the matrix pattern of the whole of light body, and the negative space represent the absence of light.

The pyramid of Unas, Saqqara, The interior walls are inscribed with the Pyramid Texts. These inscriptions can be divided among some 750 utterances and 2,300 shorter spells. Egypt. Ancient Egyptian. Old Kingdom. 5th dynasty. Saqqara. (Photo by Werner Forman/Universal Images Group/Getty Images)

pentagrams close up

What explains a reversal of the direction of stars above as opposed to below the horizon? Perhaps the center crease of the inner vault explains it. If pyramids are actually buildings that mimic the beginning and ending of light, and that within it’s interior as well as exterior, the light takes on it’s sweeping curvilinear form, it would be logical to interpret the buildings we call pyramids as receiving and broadcasting antennas, or amplifiers of light in which the plane orientation of the material act as resonating mirrors. If the sky is creased by the transiting sun, then perhaps North is inverted from South.

Light exists in a vortexing configuration from planar geometrical division fields

Ceiling Pyramid Unas overlay

Ceiling Pyramid Unas closeup

I’ll try to explain with simplicity. Keeping in mind that the visual limitation due to vanishing distances have a threshold of whatever the power of vision is, your eye would have a particular range and a telescope/binocular device further, both mechanisms natural and machined can only see objects in their proportions within the spherical range of your POV. We stand on a plane surface that bisects the sphere, so we’re looking within the confines of a hemispheric range.

The vault in Unas are two planes imprinted as the cross-section of light

There is a node at the Bermuda Triangle, Hoover Dam, node 19 is probably where Atlantis is in the center of the Atlantic Ocean, and node number one happens to be the great pyramids of Egypt. These are points that either receive full body light, or the negative aspect of light in the 3D “flower of life” geometry. That’s why these areas are energetic or lethal. I think lethal because the areas where people go claiming the beauty of vortexes are not on Ley lines nor the nodes, but where there is emptiness according to the grid as if in the center. Look at the ceiling of the pyramid of Unas. It’s filled with a pattern of five pointed stars. Why not hieroglyphs? Why is the ceiling 45 degree angle upward ‘planes’? Those stars are not the stars of the night sky, but the 2D light code of the actual 3dimnsional body of light. How do you like that? Makes sense when one can follow the logic.

Beyond the threshold, objects of straight lines begin to vanish in 3D where you can only see the surface visibly before it disappears right and left of you. The further distanced from earth you go the more curved the apparent straight line horizon appears. On the surface, it curves, but toward you what you would see although it looks like a straight line horizontally. If you stood beside an infinite wall perpendicular to the earth plane, and rise up at a 45 degree angle, the distance upward that appears to be a straight line to the horizon will curve as the horizon curves… go way out into what we call space and you’ll see to apparent spheres, or hemispheres because it’s opaque when they’re actually flat planes in perceived warp.  We only have one plane as a frame of reference which is why I threw in the intersecting plane for contemplation. The plane that Flat Earthers attempt to map as the blueprint of Earth is simply a 2D projection screen capture of light that is expressed in 3 dimensions, but the fractals go in and out, dark and light, and is why the square we detect by a sun casting light, but the light itself has the characteristic of excluding light as well. The corners are clipped out. The body of light is shown to us mapped as a 2D representation we call the Ley line grid pattern of earth.

Ley lines nodes


The 3D form of light in Dendera temple

The pattern design in the Dendera Temple of the sky goddess, Nuit, of this ceiling seems likely to be arranged as an elevation style depiction. The temple is located about 2.5 km south-east of Dendera, Egypt. It is one of the best-preserved temple complexes.

Ceiling Pyramid Unas - Dendera Temple


I have a feeling that the Egyptians used the pentagram symbol of the geometry of non light, darkness, in their observance of the dark forces. If the geometric pattern of the sun is hexagonal, something is awry.



Both the Flat Earth and Sphere earth communities are hoaxed by science, NASA, and all those affiliated with secret societies including the infiltrators into Flat Earth. The astronaut, if indeed exceeds the altitude of the ISS, sees a plane morph into a disc and then a hemisphere because human visual capabilities are limited to the vanishing-point phenomena. This video demonstrates in part that no intentional video augmentation took place by NASA or the private sector regarding what is seen out the portal windows. What they don’t show is kept secret. What they stage is obviously video fakery, but not what HD cameras capture beyond their lens refracting properties.





“I’ve got a bad feeling about this”- Han Solo


snoke john d rockefeller compareIn analyzing films for their occult messages, I have not found a relationship as remarkable as the one embedded in J.J. Abrams character conceptualization for Starwars 2015. Not knowing what to expect and as usual am very much surprised at what I find; in this case there is an Illuminati Icon serving as the ultimate villain.  The profound clue happens to be the theme “First Order”; a dead giveaway.  In the case of the seventh film, “The Force Awakens”, I was startled awake to find that tyranny being doled out by the the Supreme Leader “Snoke”is unquestionably modeled after the face and persona of John D Rockefeller Sr.


Hollywood stamps their iconic figuresheds as a visual imprint to the viewer with all their movies.  Some icons are human as well as alien.  The film LUCY, Iron SKY II, and Hunger Games clearly showcase a reptilian feature because the industry is reptilian driven.  War of the Worlds was modeled after the Grey Alien species as was it’s director’s predecessor project that began the amazing lure to invite Grey Aliens as entertainers into our homes, E.T.  If David Icke was right about the Illuminati families having Reptilian genetics, well then, we now have a film that exposes that as a fact… or close to it.

Who Is the real life Supreme Leader Snoke?

Title Card:  “Luke Skywalker has vanished. In his absence, the sinister FIRST ORDER (NWO) has risen from the ashes of the Empire (Rome/NAZI Germany) and will not rest until Skywalker (United States), the last Jedi (Superpower), has been destroyed. With the support of the REPUBLIC (USA), General Leia Organa leads a brave RESISTANCE (Sovereign Man). She is desperate to find her brother Luke and gain his help in restoring peace and justice to the galaxy. Leia has sent her most daring pilot on a secret mission to Jakku, where an old ally has discovered a clue to Luke’s whereabouts…”

snoke john d rockefeller compare 2Snoke is introduced vaguely in Star Wars: The Force Awakens only through a hologram that exaggerates his physical presence.  He’s inexplicably in charge of The FIRST ORDER, presumably responsible for reassembling the resources of the Empire after the fall of Emperor Palpatine, who by the way had a striking familiarity with a Pope, and the second Death Star.

It is unknown who the character Snoke is, whether he had any involvement behind-the-scenes in the first six Episodes of the saga, and why he’s heavily disfigured remains all unanswered unless we understand that the cinematic character illusions are to disfigure the source of the models they mimic making them unidentifiable.  Again in this analysis, it’s thought to be the likeness of John Rockefeller, father of the fall of the United States and the fact that it is known that the Illuminati families orchestrate chaos, world wars, and conduct the business for off world beings as instruments against humanity.  John Rockefeller is deceased, however his legacy remains in the form of fictional stories brought back to life by the idea of modern technology, holograms, and the notion that they yearn for immortality.  They do this all while operating behind elusive, however very obvious, ‘Snoke Screens”.


             Dialogue exchange translated to the protocol of the 
                        New World Order "FIRST ORDER"

               Kylo Ren 
     Your son is gone. He was weak and foolish like his father, 
     so I destroyed him.

[Divide and conquering the American family - divisions in trust, anger with 
 fathers, easily convinced to kill immediate family]

               Han Solo 
     That's what Snoke wants you to believe, 
     but it's not true.

[the problem with the truth movement is showing the past compared to the 
 present - masses in denial]

               Kylo Ren
     No. The Supreme Leader is wise.

[government incentives, handouts, promises and the 
 illusion of the American Dream provided by elected officials]

               Han Solo
     Snoke is using you for your power. When he gets what
     he wants, he'll crush you. You know it's true.

[government incentives, handouts, promises and the illusion of Americana 
 provided by elected officials]Flat Earth & corporate insignia?


Flat Earth & Corporate Insignias?

A common point of speculation is that Snoke could be Darth Plagueis, the master of Palpatine who was named dropped in Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. In that film, Palpatine describes his old trainer with some choice words, include “wise” that was also used by Kylo Ren to describe Snoke. “Darth Plagueis was a dark lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise. He could influence the midichlorians to create life. He had such a knowledge of the Dark Side, he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying.”

straight horizon compareThe up and coming conspiracy theory that the secret societies can no longer contain the fact that the World is not round.  The mountains of evidence to prove otherwise what has been standard out weighs the little that NASA can prove the world is a ball.  Since it is shown that the horizon is in fact a straight line vanishing phenomena, it is seen in the movie The Force Awakens that this is indeed a fact.  No, the planet is not Earth, but it is filmed on earth and shown as a round sphere in space, but with straight and concave horizon lines that do not indicate a convex curvature AT ALL.  The point being; what we’re taught and shown as comparisons considered fiction, are really truths and I believe they ultimately decided to hint at Rockefeller, John D Sr., in the final character concept decision that evolved from a snake head idea, to a human.  Rockefeller’s father was a snake oils salesman I do recall.

The winged “W” has an occult corporate placement in film today as noted with the form of the letter across several very different films. Promethius, Iron Sky and Wonder Woman.

wings compositeIn the area of conspiracy theories, many jump to ideas that make hardly any sense.  For example, 2015’s speculation that a horrific event was to take place on September 26.  The reader can spend hours pouring over the numeric calculations, scripture notes, Bible prophecy, tsunami, volcanic and earthquake occurrences on the same month and day, however the obvious is true about September 26 is apparent.  That was the day John D. Rockefeller landed his very first job to which he was so grateful, considered it more important than his very own day of birth.  The corporate tycoon celebrated “job day” every September 26 from 1856 on to commemorate his entrance into the business world.

The uniform worn by General Hux is modeled after the uniforms worn by Nazis mixed with some naval influences.


saudi protected

Rey mentions a place called Liwa Outpost. It is a nod to the Liwa Desert where the planet Jakku is filmed in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.  The First Order, or the real life New World Order, is in my opinion headquartered in the Arab Emirates.  Israel is a front to mask the reality that the stealth operation for world dominion is reflected in the films Mission Impossible and StarWars The Force Awakens.

Alien References

 maz kanata yoda starwars

Maz Kanata alien compareMaz Kanata plays a role that emulates the wisdom of Yoda from the first Starwars movie.  Her character is representative of what is thought to be the consensus appearance of the Zeta Reticulan features known as the Grey Alien.  reptilian hand on R2D2 adjustedThe alien elements tie in with the montage scene Rey visualizes of an arm reaching out to R2D2 with strange reptilian appearing finger and nails.  This is observed predominantly in the installment of Iron Sky II coming to theaters in the year 2016, in 2014’s movie Lucy.

From fiction to reality

The third Death Star “Starkiller base” shares the same 1 to 10 size ratio to that of Earth and Jupiter in a comparative relationship scale.

deathstars compared to earth and JupiterThe unusual pronounced ‘fannies’ that were depicted by the robot armies in past StarWars installments were noted in actual characters acting as military officials of the First Order.  The posture is a protruding derriere as if advertising for homosexuality.   The idea that energy is drawn from the Sun, and that was in the dialogue of the script, into the planet weapon for recharging has a unique similarity to the conclusions arrived regarding Hoover Dam and CERN.  If what is happening in film may be the real life equivalent in Arizona and Nevada.  The ‘tell’ with that is enormous in which the trucking company, Freightliner, disclosed the slogan “10x to the sun and back” with a slide image of CERN, the Sun and Earth.  The 9th ray isolate concept first brought about in Disney’s Mars movie John Carter was integrated into StarWars The Force Awakens as well.  When screen images are available, I will include them to show the relationship of the radiating line patterns to the planets.


albano fallen angelRx actually represents “synthetic reproduction”

rx mort petle

Two intertwined snakes around a knobbed bird winged pole happens to be the mark used to denote human transformation. It is not the symbol that healers of ancient times would have adopted.  In fact, before the contrived arts, there were no such symbols for the reason, the medicine person in your village didn’t even have a door to hang one on.  The caduceus and are two significant suggestions in support of the many “Marks of the Beast” symbols of the secret societies.  I’ve searched, but cannot seem to locate a convincing explanation as to where and how the meaning of the term “Spread Eagle” comes from and yet, we find spread eagle wings in every facet of life.

Caduceus is a winged staff with two snakes wrapped around it. It was an ancient astrological symbol of commerce and is associated with the Greek god Hermes, the messenger for the gods, conductor of the dead and protector of merchants and thieves.

In addition, I looked for the original understanding of what the eagle wings above the intertwined snakes of the Caduceus only to find myself at dead ends. There is a common thread idea that brings the two concepts together in meaning which makes no sense if thinking in terms of what our perception of medical care is, but when transhumanism having to do with the concept of malevolent nature of the Fallen Angels and what they’re intended  purpose for driving mankind into oblivion is then brought into question.


Assuming that the term spread eagle stands for sexual intercourse and that augmenting human DNA for subsequent offspring as a result of sexual intercourse, the relationship between ‘mad medicine’ and the phrase spread eagle then becomes a logical deduction.  Otherwise, what does healing have to do with snakes, staffs, birds and sex?  Nothing, as it has to really do with the transhuman agenda of these so-called fallen angels.

Having knowledge of the healing arts I’ve concluded that nothing at all representative of health regarding the caduceus symbol.  Eagle wings, snakes around a pole with a knob have no meaningful association to herbs, energy modality healing practices and the human body.  Nowhere in the Hippocratic oath is there mention of this symbol.

caduceus tshirt ferris beuller 1

Wiki The caduceus is the traditional symbol of Hermes and features two snakes winding around an often winged staff. It is often mistakenly used as a symbol of medicine instead of the Rod of Asclepius, especially in the United States. The two-snake caduceus design has ancient and consistent associations with trade, eloquence, trickery, and negotiation. Tangential association of the caduceus with medicine has occurred through the ages, where it was sometimes associated with alchemy and wisdom. 

Above and below:  “Cameron” in the film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off wears his ‘destiny’ shirt.  The son of a doctor, his life is of the controlled nature.  The character’s shirts change throughout the film plot always depicting the wings of the Fallen Angel “Detroit Red Wings – Gordie Howe”.

The Wikipedia rationale makes it clear that a mistake has been made by the American Medical Association who has approved the use of the caduceus for all of it’s effects and those effected.  We’re to assume the AMA is headed by highly educated board of decision makers in which there are no mistakes made and those that do injure and kill people through approved practices and chemistry, treatments, and negligence are forgivable.  There is no mistake when most anyone with the understanding that western medicine is fraudulent takes Wikipedia’s explanation above into consideration in the context the industry of medical madness actually performs would sound as follows:

caduceus tshirt ferris beuller 2

The caduceus is the traditional symbol of Hermes and features two snakes winding around an often winged staff. It is used as a symbol of non-natural medicine commonly referred to as Rockefeller’s ‘traditional’ medicine, instead of the Rod of Asclepius, especially in the United States, for the reason the two-snake caduceus design has ancient and consistent associations with trickery. Deception is the craft of the Illuminati.  Tangential association of the caduceus with medicine has occurred through the ages, where it was once associated with alchemy and wisdom and now has the meaning relating to human trafficking, trade, and negotiation over a human beings DNA.

Symbol of transhumanism – ℞ stands for reproduction

The symbol still exists, but only on prescription drugs.  It’s ancient origins come from the meaning “to take… as in recipe”. 

The modern use of the caduceus as a symbol of medicine became established in the United States in the late 19th and early 20th century as a result of documented mistakes, misunderstandings and confusion. (I referred to the Wikipedia description for the reason the website is moderated by the establishment as a clear example as to what people are indoctrinated to believe).


batman-v-superman-dawn-justiceThe winged symbol is found on most every marketed product worldwide.  It is found in government, the military, and as logos on the cars we drive.  It’s also found to represent medicine.  Like the 5 pointed star, so too is the symbol of the wings.  How then has it come to represent the human genome project related to sexual reproduction?  We turn to the phrase most everyone knows as a person, a women in particular, with legs spread apart.


Psyops from the health networks

UntitledMike Adams “The Health Ranger” owns and operates one of the largest so-called health related websites in the world.  His transition from natural philosophical views to pure scientific methodology is clear with his descriptions in graphics.  From website development to video productions to the shirt he is wearing in his laboratory, Mike Adams is in support of the genetics program with his refusal to abandon the soybean market.

Is this shirt a mistake on his behalf.  Perhaps.  I understand the symbology of the secret societies in which I classify myself as a researcher with in-depth reverence against that I’m sensitive to what I project.  Adams is insensitive.  If not guilty for leanings toward the destruction of earth, he sure is for not being well researched.

Sexual Reproduction

The snake/bird/staff symbol makes no sense to humans unless we’re talking about modifying the code of life, DNA

“The winged imagery etched in stone goes as far back as ancient Egyptian times.  This the time in which a major shift occurred world wide in which crazy symbols appeared when before that, nothing of the sort was evident.  Why is it today that we have pyramids and hieroglyphics sprawled all over the world?  Why is the all seeing eye on everything including your money?  This all comes from Egypt in which Pharaohs cloaked themselves so as not to be viewed by the masses.  Aliens in disguise.  Winged fallen angels?  What exactly is the altar and why is the root word synonymous with change?” – Anonymous

ancient carduceusThe introduction of the caduceus and the fact that it has not ever been considered to be replaced is a secret society planted idea.  This idea is rooted with the fact humanity is under augmentation.  We are being fed genetically modified food, prescribed synthetic agents for internal use, radiated, magnetized, and contaminated with EMF frequencies to the point our DNA is over time being changed.  The purpose is overwhelming, but the simple matter is that it is a contrivance perpetrated by non human intent.  People are under this entity’s influence which I believe to be off world beings.  Aliens.  Sound ludicrous?  If so, then continue paying money to view science fiction on television and the movie theaters where the mind is filled with alien ideas.  Don’t get me wrong about science fiction not having it’s place in entertaining our imagination… that alone is fabulous, but when events take place that were shown but a few years earlier to the event nobody thought possible, then there’s the answer to as to disclosure.  It won’t be long before our government leaders are given the green light to officially disclose their presence and the contrived excuses for their protection.


Mental imprints by Hollywood

The film PROMETHIUS subtly discloses the creation of man by the genetic programs introduced on Earth by the Niburians, or Anunnaki.  In the opening sequence, we see an Engineer sacrifice himself while seeding the planet in a sort of spontaneous genesis.   The story line of Promethius does little to explain the element of DNA transmutation, but the actions, props, and forms of the alien characters emulate the symbols relating to human reproduction and modification. BELOW Comparing similarities across Hunger Games, American Dollar Bill, and the Girl Scouts of America eagles.  Pictured symbolically are the Fallopian tubes clutching sperm  which are depicted as arrows.  

This is not a casual activity for reclining or even a common yoga position.  It means to most one thing.  When once the symbol for medicine used to be a mortar and pestle, we are left with this arcane staff with an eagle perched on top and two snakes intertwined as if, yes, a figure symbolizing the double stranded DNA.  Medical help has very little to do with altering human genetics… it had to do with satisfying a nutritional deficit, mostly. (Below) Both 2012 films Promethius & John Carter illustrate something called the “9th ray isolate”.  We see a mechanized version of the concept as a uterus.

interior reproductive chamber w felopian tube portals

 arrows and eagles

Walandcorp compare