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A complex military abduction and mind control operation took place

It began weeks before and culminated during the Super Soldier and Mind Control Summit.  There is a follow up damage control occurring over a month out and I’m willing to bet it was me MILAB (military abduction program) was by far the most fearful of.  It is because I hold the key to deprogramming the controlled mind.

Click the image to view video:  I represented my website and myself, Lee Bracker and Dismantle The Beam Project’s mission to help who I felt could use a system by which the mental fog of mind control installments would be lifted, exhumed, purged, eradicated.. the works.  I attempted to deliver this message at a convention filled with people who had undergone the severest of programs.


The 2013 Super Soldier and Mind Control Summit II was the impetus for a documentary I created designed to flush out more counterintelligence aside from Douglas Dietrich and Solaris BlueRaven.  The video was pulled within 24 hours of release (refer to the above quote).  It was decided to produce a video that did not prove the controversy, but one that is focused on my research regarding the secret society’s secrets – Supersoldier, Tyler Clark, talks shop regarding Pyramids and Stargates of Arizona.   The password hint: The star that corresponds with Isis Temple.  You may view the video to the left to figure out the password riddle.

Through my companion website,, I have the set of videos and articles explaining the reversal of mind control.  Here is where you may decide whether a person was wrongfully expired from ever attending a Lorien Fenton public venue.

Little did I know I’d be met with complete hatred by everyone including a friend for over one year.  On the evening of the first day of the conference, we met, I gave her a kiss on the cheek saying I was so glad to finally meet Cindy Marie Brewer, and then by day three was kicked out of the conference FOR NO VALID REASON AT ALL.

What happened was simple.

Rink flash panelA complex military abduction and mind control operation took place weeks before and during the conference.  There is a follow up damage control occurring over a month out and I’m willing to bet it was me MILAB (military abduction program) was by far the most fearful of.  It is because I hold the key to deprogramming the controlled mind.

On the left, view Douglas Dietrich’s public view of himself.  Click the image to the right to view James Rink’s regression session with supersoldier, Michael Prince.  

The abducted, the super soldiers, and whoever has experienced these MILAB interventions all report that not only is it Alien inspired or assisted, but involves the Nazi regime.  They remember their abductors wearing Nazi outfits and describe the incredible sickness revolving around sexual antics and much more.

A messenger, not a Christ wannabe.. we should put his ideas into action

Above: Douglas Dietrich describes his mission and his experience working in proximity with Satan materials.  Dietrich lived in San Francisco which is where his handler, Michael Aquino, was caught in sex scandals. Visit Paradise Post for a full disclosure of both Dietrich and Aquino.

Some people make up a story about a do gooder to fit their agenda.

What I had offered was a way out using a method Jesus Christ was taught in which he released people from the bondage of the aristocracy and those that controlled them by unlocking a possessed mind.  The problem is that the technique vanished when He was executed for healing people from mind control.

A diseased mind manifests physiological problems resulting in what we would call disease, but what He did was clear the mind.  By doing so, the brain can effectively “miraculously’ which is the perception, run a medical protocol on itself as well as the body systemically and fix what’s broken.  Jesus did not manufacture this cure.. he was taught in the ancient ways by those he studied with before returning to the Holy Land.

The problem?

The problem is that the power elites effectively disguised the mind control reversing technique with false instructions.  It is seen in classical paintings, sculptures, and written falsely in text, the Bible, and practiced today completely incorrectly.  I was helped with the rediscovery of the proper “owners manual” to healing the mind and that is well known by the NSA.

Because I cannot be controlled and because they knew I was going to the conference,  a tactic was drawn up to keep me from preserving (as Erin Hicks encouraged me to do in one of my taped interviews with her), but I forged forth with the idea I could be of service.  I felt that once I was expelled from attending more presentations or being anywhere near the organizer, Lorien Fenton, I was realizing what my true purpose was.  My investigative abilities instantly kicked into semi-gear and has finally revved into full overdrive to expose the head of the Church of Satan in the military complex of complexities.  I’m taking Michael Aquino through a test drive session in a vehicle I’m selling him.  It’s model number model and make is Junk 666 and the personalized plate is Purgatory.  I’m driving him off the lot with the hope he crashes in a ball of incendiary ball of flame.

Douglas Dietrich

As for his boy toy, Douglas Dietrich who handled the conspiracy against me and the rest from the Summit, I hope he snaps out of it and returns to us as a strong voice with merit.  If not, he can hitch a ride with Aquino and burn in Hell as well.  As for Solaris BlueRaven.. I just hope she stays cloaked.. from everyone.  Who needs the witch anyway.

These people know where to find the solution I brought which is entirely free on my website  VERITASCURES.

James Rink

I know that I won’t get an answer and hope to find if James will flag the video for copyright infringement.  I’m simply re-posting elements that he posted freely without a price tag for the purpose of education.  So too am I.  If he attacks as Lorien Fenton did with the threat of a law suit, then there’s a price James will pay for not understanding that he’s suffering from the same mind control and being handled by Fenton after personally warned by Prince with the scenario. 

I’ve asked James to allow me the use of his interview in which he conducted hypnotherapy with Michael Prince.  I’m just putting that story into perspective.  Prince, having no knowledge of me although he saw me as we all saw each other at the small gathering in Henderson’s Fiesta Hotel & Casino, knew of a “stalker”, but did not mention it in the regression.  It tells me two things.  One, he didn’t know, two, perhaps I’m in fantasy land and what happened to me had nothing to do with MILAB and the prevention of a miracle treatment for mind control, or that MILAB effectively censored any inclination that I existed for that purpose with each and every abducted individual including Michael Prince himself.  This is where your opinion should be formed having listened to them, and now me.

As of this writing, Lorien Fenton has not attempted to serve me with a lawsuit regarding my very first youtube video exposing her, Erin Hicks, and Douglas Dietrich with Solaris BlueRaven.  Nor Cynthia Marie Brewer has offered a reason she targeted me with the wild accusation that I had stalked her.



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