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Chase-Logo 3d cropThe Chase Bank Logo has been argued by occult analysts of symbology to resemble the Swastika.  The center square is a Freemason occult geometric shape.  Based on my ongoing study of ancient civilizations including pyramids and the relevance of them to corporate interests, I had remembered one particular episode of Gilligan’s Island titled “The Secret of Gilligan’s Island” (season 3, episode 25).  My use of what I refer to as Hollywood “tells” seems to never fail me with solving the mystery of secret society codes.  I had felt there was more to the secret of Gilligan’s Island in which invariably the answer is quite simple.  The secret lies beneath the apparent story told in its script.  It had to do with a double sided image on a stone tablet.  This is the Sumerian reference.

Science delivered the illusion of fear and hope

Russel Johnson

“Well Skipper I happen to know a little about hieroglyphics and spent two years on an archaeological expedition in Egypt.” – Professor

the-first-stone-analysedThe problem was to find what the illusion actually represents.  I had to remove the memory imprint that it is a swastika proclaimed by conspiracy theorists by viewing the object objectively.  I reflected back to what I had seen on television and in film because there is a magician, priest or scientist in every occult media delivery.

Russell Johnson’s role was to represent the secret society cult religion rooted in false science.  Of the seven castaways, The Professor was the most trusted ‘figurehead’ who called all the shots, kept them under control and forever cordoned off from reality through use of illusions.

I recalled its correlation on the tablet Gilligan had chiseled an image on a stone tablet intended to convince cave people to migrate to a ‘place of paradise’. I had covered occult messages of Generation X and in fact that very episode of Gilligan’s Island.   Regarding the show’s themes and methodology, it is embedded within Gilligan’s dreams during his sleep that NWO doctrines were presented in encrypted as a schematic.  In his dream the castaways lived as cave dwellers, an object of primary focus had an element similar to the Chase logo in which one of four lines is angled from a square broken piece of a slab stone.  It represented something more valuable to the interests of corporate banking than a reference to the Third Reich although it is deeply affiliated.  Having seen this with the on the broken pieces of the tablet once glued back together and the fact that Gilligan had drawn three pyramids, I knew it could be one thing – Khufu.

Chase’s logo is eight sided, so how is the logo similar?

The Professor played a television version of “Indiana Jones”.  His character was designed to be the hero of the castaway collective.  While the skipper played the role of security and the “police state” and Gilligan representing the dumbed down society, it was the Professor who made the ultimate decisions to which they all depended for survival.  He administered the mental psyops to both the viewer and characters alike in which for every episode, he illustrated ‘facts’ that resulted in fear.  He then presented the resolve which would pacify the collective as well as satisfy the viewer.  He claimed responsibility for his misjudgements in science, however, was invariably redeemed in part with the fact that Gilligan (the people) was mostly to blame while the others were just as guilty by proxy.

khufu 8 sidesThe logo Chase Bank adopted as their symbol represents the great Giza Plateau pyramid Khufu. It is the largest of the three pyramids that align precisely with the belt stars of ORION and happens to be the only one that is eight sided.  Because of this, the Chase logo represents the sides as an octagon although the great pyramid’s four obvious sides are concave two paneled faces.

The outer mantle was covered with highly polished limestone casing blocks to an accuracy of 1/100th of an inch. The ancient Egyptians gave Khufu the name Ikhet meaning glorious light.

Chase logo khufu composite 2The Chase Bank logo’s four lines extend out at angles which match the same angle from the square interior as crease lines of two sided faces of the panels.  I have drawn the missing lines that show the obvious edges of the pyramid form.


The Secret is an Anunnaki Temple – Khufu

Only Gilligan can interpret

The prop maker on the set design staff had to follow a pattern predicated by upper decision management.  Because the episode’s subtle theme dealt with a mystery, “The Secret” is stated on the tablet itself, but never addressed in the script.  It happens that Gilligan chiseled his design portraying three pyramids which do not exist on the island – let alone a visible mountain or volcano.

only-gilligan-can-interpret pyramid angle crop

The tablet shows one of four edges of the broken piece ‘design’ as a perfect angle from the center.  It is as if it would come to a point.  What we are shown is a pyramid in plan view of a flat topped structure absent the capstone.

The jigsaw cuts were most likely deliberately arranged to obscure the architectural configuration, however, it is obvious a stone tablet will not be likely to result with a perfect square shaped center piece.  For the effect of realism, the foam’s edges were hand broken along the seams. (images are linked to a short video demo)

only-gilligan-can-interpret1 crop with lines

only-gilligan-can-interpret3 crop


Why on Gilligan’s Island? After all, it is only entertainment

This brief screen shot shows the island paradise before the tablet is broken by the chief Thurston Howell, played by Jim Backus (below).  The back side always faces the viewer, however, the drawing is shown only for a few frames.    On close observation, there are specifically three geometrically shaped ‘mountains’.  These most likely represent the three great pyramids of Egypt.  The probable reason the seams are darkened and that the paradise scene not shown not only shows that the tablet is repaired, but for what they represent as an imprint emulating all the characteristics of pyramids woven throughout entertainment media.

drawing 3 pyramids txt


breaking tablet

gilligans island no pyramids 2


An owl named X

Library and dollar molek

X the OwlOn the contrary.  Gilligan’s Island was a clever vehicle for underlying messages. It was a way to introduce the reverse of American ideals in which our parents of the Boomers generation and before understood the principles America was built upon. The media psyops was designed to negate the goal of severance from tyranny.  It was the method to indoctrinate Boomer offspring beginning in approximately 1962 in order to imprint a set of principles in which case with Gilligan’s Island – imprisonment within the US borders. These would become the ideals established for the common people under a New World Order construct where freedom is futile.

king and queenGeneration X was then born.  This crossover in television was accompanied by companion programs which included Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie and many more.  Surprisingly, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood (article) was singularly the most powerful of them all for the reason it’s primary goal was to groom “GenX” as slave laborers and introduce the idea that European Aristocracy was back in vogue.  The series was aimed primarily at preschool ages 2 to 5 beginning in 1963 with it’s origins nine years previously in which the characters ‘King Friday the 13th’ and ‘X the Owl’ were already created.

Egyptians required slave labor – GenX TV promoted factory work. 

Characters portrayed in “Neighborhood of Make Believe” is designed to augment belief systems.  X the owl represents MOLEK

Mr. Rogers talks about work

Roger's and his trolleyNot surprising is the initial installment of the set for Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.  Transportation to “Neighborhood of Make Believe” uses the iconic railroad system with the Nazi Germany’s logistics that has not changed in 70 years by which human lives are destined to their fate.  He often discussed what was going to happen in Make-Believe before the next fantasy segment was shown “Let’s pretend that Prince Tuesday has been having scary dreams…” Imprisonment or death is the reality.  All that has changed is the tern concentration camp to FEMA quarantine facility.  They were “made to believe” that they were being taken to a safe haven just as GenX took those field trips for indoctrination by grooming pre-American ideals.  How is this related to the premise of Gilligan’s Island?  Life of confinement under the condition of hope.



Each episode of Gilligan’s Island had a separate element of the NWO paradigm agenda.  The Secret of Gilligan’s Island involved a derailment of the Sumerian tablet inscription observations made initially by a Soviet born American researcher, Zecharia Sitchin, who first decoded the tablets that tell the story of ancient off world beings.  This was information considered esoteric by the powers driving the disinformation protocols in which damage control campaigns to distort these efforts were initiated.  The purpose of the character played by Russell Johnson “Professor” was to re-educate children as to the official away from the alternative record by presenting outcomes using fiction in after school programs. This was an effective way to discredit occurring research at the time by experts attempting to decode ancient written languages that revealed a possible alternative ancient historical record.  A companion article describing the correlation between pyramids and volcanoes can be found here:  Virgin Sacrifices involved euphoria mushrooms

Excerpted and updated from Gilligan’s Island “NWO Blueprint




[vimeo 143471544 w=640 h=380]

Have you ever wondered about the shape of a volcano that it appears from a distance to be a pyramid?  This may be the case.  While geologists have formed their opinions, so too has Dismantle The Beam Project.

Volcanic pyramid energy machines

visible-portion-hoover-dam-stargate1 the ancient metropolis formation theory of the Grand Canyon is correct, then perhaps most all if every one of the mountains we conclude as natural forming may not be at all.  If an Alien race, or multitude of them, created a global star map reflecting the celestial star patterns of the heavens, then volcanoes too must be pyramids energy engines using natural subterranean heat as their fuel.  These conical shaped constructs differ from the four sided pyramid.

Above:  Studying Hoover Dam with the consideration that it may be an intended pyramid structure.  It would not be a full four sided pyramid, but 1/3 of a conical formation that relies on a body of water as diamagnetic forces with its paramagnetic constitution of quartz giving it the fundamental components for being an aetheric energy machine – for some purpose.  This study concludes that Hoover Dam may be a stargate.

They must be pyramids nonetheless?

It is understood that the occult uses the film industry to showcase their stories in riddle form.  While the general audience assumes reality based on selective science disseminated through the educational system, the volcano that a character in the movie AFTER EARTH must climb to save his life has an underlying meaning.

ant hill dam compareHoover Dam may be 1/3rd of a conical modern day pyramid constructed to work as an energy machine other than generating hydro-electric power.  That remains to be determined, however, new evidence proves it to be the case.  Ants create an electromagnetic ring field around the crest of their ant hills making an EMF address that they identify as their unique homing device to lead them to and from home.  These are interesting trivia notations, however, may be important to a yet to be discovered purpose for ancient volcanic mountains dormant or active.


Were people forced into volcanoes, or did they go willingly?

It is quite possible that folklore has somehow deleted the main ingredient as being the integral element for the practice of human sacrifice by inducing a young young virgin into an erotic state of mind whilst being thrown, or voluntarily thrown to their death.  Reminding ourselves that the powers of the illusionaris, the secret societies and their Satanic methods posing as priests, ask us to decide for ourselves our fate.  We are allowed to make our decisions although plainly coerced or deceived into them.  The bio-chemical aspect cannot be excluded in these diabolical self serving practices of the voyeur who prescribes the mushroom to the gullibility of the youth.  The occult induldges in so many ritualistic events using nightshades and a myriad of natural occurring poisons.

virgin sacrifice 1How, not why, were virgins compelled to be sacrificed? Did they commit themselves to suicidal dives into volcanoes?  Or, were these young ladies forced as commonly assumed through speculation without reasonable scientific or written historical facts?

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI am inclined to believe they volunteered for there may be a viable answer.  It was customary to do this with virgins who had never experienced intimacy to have the ultimate feelings of ecstasy – an orgasmic experience.  A young girl would not have second thoughts based on the love for an eligible young man for starters.  This coupled with the extraordinary magnetism of religious doctrines, they would submit to a power such as a deity or God.  There is a mushroom that to women induces an orgasmic feeling, but does not create the spontaneous arousal in men.  In fact, it has the opposite repulsive effect and reaction.  This mushroom known as one of a variety of the Dictyophora mushroom species.  It grows on lava flows that are 600–1000 years only grows in high altitudes.  This means that there is a correlation between virginal sexual sacrifice and volcanoes.  What if beyond that, there’s a relationship with the volcano doubling as a cone shaped pyramid?  What else did those Mayans do on top of their pyramid temples?

No way!  A female aphrodisiac symbiotic with a monumental phallic looking cone pyramid?    Or, way…

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERASex has been a staple metaphor in religion all over the world and in history.  I won’t even go into the Catholic Church to delineate word origins such as the “seminary” “seminal” chambers and what “peni-tance” this and that relate to.  It’s so obvious.  With the definition of this smelly fungus as follows:

DICTYOPHORA is a genus of stinkhorn fungi closely related to those of the genus Phallus but distinguished by an indusium that hangs like a skirt from below the pileus)

The phallic symbol is wide spread as well as the reproductive system, its parts, and the list is seemingly endless.  But, nobody has ever related this mushroom to the ancient practices, or acts of sexual reenactment without the sex in a ceremony as epic as a human sacrifice…. why the volcano and nothing else?  A pool drowning a cause for this sensational group activity?  No.  It has to be a volcano and under the possible influence of an intense feeling of rapture, euphoria and how ever one explains it. (source)







Lee Nevins Bracker





       Kincaid’s nerves shot as the sound of a cat cried outside. Something must have scared it because it raced from where it had been. Perhaps another cat jumped the hotel pool area wall and became territorial. He shuffled from where a complimentary pot had been brewing and with great care, he placed his coffee next to the laptop. On the screen was a transparent star chart of the Hunter Constellation, Orion, taped over the display of a scanned image of a topographical map of the Grand Canyon. He was digital photo manipulation challenged.

I visited the Festival of Books to find Elizabeth Gunn who had spoken on two panel discussions regarding mystery and crime writing.  I told her who I was and what I did.  To my surprise, she was excited enough to invite me to speak about the Loughner case for their rather large meeting group.  I felt that I needed to begin sharpening my pencil once again after two decades in between novels.  My first fictional tale was published in 1991 and my next sometime between now and 2015.  I think I have enough material to write for the rest of my life.

       He fished through his pant pocket for not less than a minute before picking up the phone.

      “Main campus library. How can I help you?”

      “Hello Maggie? I may have left my flash drive in one of the computers in the map room.”

      “Ah, Kincaid. I have it. Did the topo of the Grand Canyon help?” The librarian knew the drive was important.

      “It’s of no concern. You can throw that away.. I don’t need it. I just wanted to know if I had left it. Thanks Maggie.” He lied about the importance of the drive. They were listening.  Looking at the monitor, Kincaid thought about his father who had named him after the mysterious archeologist, George Kincaid. The Smithsonian Institute will not acknowledge that a G.E. Kincaid ever existed. Even after the 1909 Phoenix Gazette article chronicled the archeological discovery of the Grand Canyon’s under ground citadels filled with Egyptian artifacts; the institute had clammed shut. His father routinely explained to the boy that the belt stars of Orion matched the pyramids of Giza. “People from Africa, Kinny, would come here using subterranean tunnels,” he would say. It never occurred to Kincaid senior that Orion matched the Kaibob Plateau as well. What he did know was that his boy was keen and would follow in his footsteps and become great.

       Kincaid proved that all of the monuments of the Grand Canyon are not at all natural, but intelligently built. Whether it be by aliens, humans, or both was not his business, however, flipping recorded history and all of the geological sciences on their backs was. More importantly, it was shaking up his peers at a major conference he looked forward to. It was his way of retaliating against his teachers humiliating him by saying he was a poor student. So it seemed at the time, he took their taunts more serious than the school bully. The day before, he had interrupted a panel of experts discussing lost civilizations. Uninvited, he tried to show proof that a river did not arbitrarily carve the features of the canyon. Instead, it merely removed the soft silt of the Great Deluge from the once magnificent ancient city. Orion’s stars proved that. In this case all of them lined up to the severely eroded stepped pyramids, towers and temples thought to be natural buttes. If only the tourists knew.
The phone rang. “This is Kinny.” The voice on the other end was not thrilled. Kincaid hung up and dialed another number. “Ehn, I’ve just been warned.” He immediately hung up.

      Kincaid’s heart raced. That dark roast wasn’t helping to calm his nerves and he opened the balcony door to breath in the morning air. Where a decorative planter had been undisturbed the previous day was tipped over this morning. “Shit.”


      The problem was not that Kincaid had jumped a stage to prove that geology is a complete lie to thousands of people. The issue at hand was that he unveiled a one hundred year old secret held by the Smithsonian. The secret society’s desire that it not become public was now breached. Kincaid’s discovery was an offshoot of a more important investigation into a potential planned catastrophe further west within another canyon, the Black Canyon, on the Arizona Nevada border.

This actually took place.  I attended an Open Minds IUFOC conference in which David Childress (yellow) and two other panelists were discussing whether aliens existed or not.  I paced back and forth in disbelief when they talked about the pyramid finds around the world with the exception to my discovery that the star pattern of ORION matches the monuments within the Grand Canyon.  I wasn’t liked very much by the organizers, technicians who had to edit me out of their taping and so forth.  The following morning, I sat with David with my computer in which he wasn’t the least bit interested.  David Hatcher Childress is considered the real life Indiana Jones.  Based on this quite shocking display of disinterest, this simply is furthest from the truth.

      Just as he picked up his phone after going back in through the back door, the same number displayed. “Yes?”

      “I heard you jumped the stage last night”

      “I did no such thing. I put my foot on the edge and reached as far in as I could to hand off my laptop to Childress sitting in one of those couch potato recliners. They try to make those panel discussions look so living room cozy. He wouldn’t take it.”

      “David you mean…?” Blue said laughing.

      “…And, this morning when I explained to the world’s top pyramid hunter what I was trying to show him the day before, which he wouldn’t dare look at, was an embarrassment in itself. He was eating alone, I sat and pushed my computer over his way. You know what he said? First off, his reaction was, “mind passing me the salt?” It wasn’t until later this morning I pulled up an interview he did on Noory’s show regurgitating old history about the Egyptian underground dwellings that the Smithsonian pretty much covered up. All he did was repeat tired news as if he discovered it himself.”

      “Kinny”, the voice said, “you have to be discrete with these guys. They don’t want to retract their books, DVDs, and rewrite their articles on account of you. Can’t you move on?”

      Kincaid reached for the coffee now that he wasn’t overexcited from the adrenaline rush. Talking shop with his trainee helped. The fear of the ‘spooks’ snooping around the hotel grounds after scaring the cat dissipated. “I think the damage control protocol is being set into motion. They’re outside as we speak.”

      “You’re going to have to go under cover. You’re bugged for certain. They have most likely been tracking you and now you’re more under their microscope because of Hoover Dam. They could care less about freaking cities built by aliens in canyon visited by ignorant site seers. You’re the most unusual crime scene investigator this world has ever known. How you do it is extraordinary. You are not just a pyramid hunter, Kinny, you’re Edgar Casey.”

      “The Hell if I am.. I don’t commiserate with off world beings to get the answers.” Kincaid looked around for what next to do. The warning call was still on his mind.

      Well, teach, right now you have to hide in plain sight as Kerry taught you when you first called her about the British Petroleum chess move. Don’t hide, but get off grid so that you can have peace at night.”

While I cannot disclose BlueSphinxDNA’s identity, I can say that this person is very real and quite special.  My investigation into the MILAB abduction that took place in the middle of May 2013 partly resulted with the defection of all of the supersoldiers from Lorien Fenton’s Supersoldier and Mind Control Summit for 2014. 

      The voice on the other line was a supersoldier code named Blue Sphinx dna. She was the only one who knew not to attend the Super Soldier Summit the year before in Henderson, Nevada where a mass secret military division abduction program took place. MILAB. She was unaffected by their mind control which was why she knew better. Kincaid met her only by phone after exposing and solving the abduction in which seventeen people were drugged and taken in the night for mind control reprogramming and DNA experimentation. Their relationship was a symbiotic one in which she taught him all there is to know about supersoldiers and he taught her the rest of what it means to be a soldier. This time Kincaid needed her guidance. He didn’t cover the back alley crimes in which forensics and laboratory analysis came in handy for solving murders. No. Kincaid was a world class national news crime case solver. The next nine eleven he predicted twenty years after the World Trade Center towers were destroyed was foremost of concern and Blue Sphinx DNA knew it.

      “Blue, are you still there?”


      “I need you to hold important information. Ask Maggie. No sharing of addresses though. I’m going to let you figure out how to retrieve the data. No need to fly down, but you and I may have to converge at some point. I have to engage in action and so it’s not just talk about the conspiracy to kill Hoover Dam anymore. It’s time to go public about it. The data is my ‘life insurance’ or the torch you’ll have to carry if you know what I mean. Are you ready for a showdown?” Kincaid didn’t wait for an answer. He hung up and threw the phone in the garbage.

Barry Soetoro took an afternoon break from the debates held in Las Vegas to tour Hoover Dam.  I speculate that he is completely aware of what the structure does and what its fate is regardless of how the media presented his ignorance about its function and purpose.  If Hoover Dam is what I suspect it is, he too knows.

      The president had been in Las Vegas debating against his opponent for his second term. He claimed to have never visited Hoover Dam. The reports in the Associated Press played it off as if he had not known its electrical output was not used to power Las Vegas to make him seem American – oblivious. The truth of the matter is that he knew what the dam’s purpose and fate is. Why a president would not know this fact is absurd, thought Kincaid, but he knew of the president’s service within black projects while in his preteens on through his college years. The man spent his youth as a guinea pig in Project Pegasus. There were as many as nine time travel technologies in experimentation at the time. At the age of seven, he had already jumped back and forth in time and later, had gone to Mars along with Regina Dugan, the woman now running the NSA’s front social networking company most of the planet’s people are addicted to day in and out. Dugan was shifted from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to work with Bill Clinton’s former Vice President and together staged the consolidation of all social networking websites for the National Security Agency. While idly chatting with friends, Kincaid mused over the nomenclature calling them instead, “The National Surveillance Agency.” That always eased his audiences. From the rear seat of the cab after leaving the hotel, kincaid contemplated a call to his old friend, Andrew. “Why not? He may have changed his mind.”


      “Who’s this?”

      “Kincaid. I’m using a throwaway because I’m running. Listen please, okay?”

      “No”, said the shallow voice after a deep pause.

      “Andy, I know saying what I said didn’t sit well with you and if you let it go, I have something important to do.” Kincaid wasn’t sure if Andrew Basiago would hang up or stay on.

      “It’s been over a year and you’re still hot on the Hoover Dam exploitation trail. Look, it’s not a Stargate, alright?  Get it yet….? Pegasus was about nine other technologies for teleportation.”

Andrew Basiago had asked that I help him with his presidential campaign.  I declined, but hadn’t said so when after I suggested that he still may be influenced by mind control.  I offered to help him with the deprogramming therapy.  As a result, Andy was terribly upset as I came off as insulting.  I don’t regret what happened as I am a truth teller, but I do know that unless he has a solid campaign coordinator and think tank, he will not be a successful contender against the powers that be.   The following exchange is somewhat a sequence that did take place as we discussed the possibility that Hoover Dam can be retrofitted to appear like a ring, or Stargate, using the Pat Tillman Bypass bridge.

      “Okay Andy it’s not a Stargate. Well, not the way I originally saw it. Even though the radius of the Pat Tillman Mike O’Callahan bridge span ribs match the radius of Hoover, it’s not how they’ll disassemble the bridge spans and add them to Hoover to create a Stargate circular ring. I’ve come to realize that they are actually going to make that concrete heap disappear like two buildings on Manhatten Island eleven years ago. Andy, I originally thought that they had designed the structure with the bridge on a drawing table almost ninety years ago and felt that they would convert the dam into a Stargate. Like anyone who understands the theory would assume that it would be used as a fancy transportation modality only for the Elites. I thought that for a long time until I realized that the dam itself is a stand alone bomb. Freightliner Trucking company projected that fact to the public and nobody knew better.  It’s CERN Andy, and it was designed to self destruct in a one time materials heist instead of a way to ship products around the globe. Simple Tesla concepts, Andy, and that’s a lot of steel. They want it all in a one time event just like with the twin towers to be re-manned into railway rails in China just like they did with the trade towers to create a neo Nazi railway system. You know as well as I do that the reason for luxury liner and ferry mishaps are by design. People will travel by rail once the other modes are eighty-sixed.

      You were on the president’s jump team as kids, were you not? But, that was over forty years ago, Andrew.. technology has changed in half a century. Honestly, I think it’s Pegasus only scaled up to epic proportions.”

      “So what are you saying, Kincaid?”

      Kincaid was raised his voice as the words spewed forth. “I’m telling you that it’s time to go public so that three years from now if the dam blows, they’ll declare Martial Law. They’ll do it two years after the 2016 election and is why you need to be elected so that doesn’t happen.”

      Andrew Basiago said, “Calm down please, my phone is chattering. I asked for your help in my campaign to run in 2016 and you said I was still under mind control. You said that I could use therapy.” Andrew wanted a pissing match.

      “No Andy, it’s not important. You know I’m the key holder of the protocol for undoing CIA mind blocks. My assumption was past history, and I’m sorry. I can still do the work for you and get you elected if that’s what Project Pegasus was really all about. They always throw Hillary into the mix as a diversion, but I wonder why they never considered Regina Dugan who was on your team in Pegasus?”

      “Dugan is DARPA even though she’s at Google. That runs the Military which runs the nation. She runs the technological world while Napolitano runs the death squads. In reality Regina has been the president’s president during his public’s sensory perception. I don’t always agree with you and I don’t with the conspiracy that Hoover Dam is earmarked for decommission though. Listen, why would they do this where only ten thousand people would be affected? Explain why again…?

      ”Food. It’s the nation’s food supply. If the water isn’t controlled, one quarter of the nation’s supply is wiped out in one day. Con Agra, Monsanto, and the rest take over the foreclosures and either leave Los Angeles and San Diego to rot. To fight a stealth war, the enemy cuts off the food supply and starves the people into submission. It’s not ten grand, Andy, it’s almost a hundred million Americans affected.”

      “Baloney.” Andrew Basiago had enough. He hung up.

      Kincaid thought, “So much for making a president.” If Andrew didn’t support the cause, then it was apparent he cared only to become a president running on his agenda and not the people’s. All the child participants of Project Pegasus had a right to run for president. The controlling powers that groomed him incorporated the mind control protocol very well and could make or break each dependent on if they would completely conform as a nation’s puppet spokesperson of massive power or not. The man could not shake it off. Kincaid knew that Basiago’s reputation would be rendered non existent for revealing he was part of a secret government project like that. He would be a laughing stock if he uttered the word “Stargate” as a campaign promise that time travel technology in which products can be moved effortlessly without petroleum consuming cargo ships. “Nah, the average American has no clue and never will understand what DARPA really does with these otherwise beneficial technologies.”

      Kincaid was half way across the nation when the phone rang. “Kinny, are you there?”

      “My connection is a little crackly.. I’m flying to Washington to meet the president. I’m going unannounced if you can believe that. Can you hear me now?”

      “My God. You’re not serious. You’ll disappear.”

      “No I won’t. I’m sure you’ll get the you know what I asked you to get. That’s my cyber poison pill. I need it in your possession before I announce myself”.

      “Yes I do Kinny.” Blue began to sob.

As a result of the independent investigation regarding the wounded congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, and the assassination of Judge John McCarthy Roll, I elected to go “off grid”.  I felt I would be safer if I disappeared while continuing my investigation.

      “Blue, I have faith that if I’m received poorly and shipped off to ADX in Florence or something like that, I expect you to carry the torch. The nine eleven in two thousand and one took more than three thousand lives. It was planned well before, but nobody did a thing to stop it. I have three years making it a point to expose this next one. That’s if they don’t dispose of me first. I’ll be made a mockery, but the logic stands alone. I may ask you to get Andrew Basiago elected president. You’ll do what I couldn’t. You’ll convince him and God knows I tried. He’s frightfully arrogant not admitting I’m right. So maybe you can change his mind. You have to deprogram him my dear. Please, I’m almost at the White House front door an a few hours.”

      “You’re really something Kinny. Had I thought you only to be a website blogger who’d ever believe it? Okay, I’m in. Either you live and we meet to work on this or you die and I die trying. You’re right mister.. and you would make a true president because you have a heart. Your mission is always people first.”

      “Hey hey Blue..” Now Kincaid drew a tear.

      Kincaid was crying for joy because for the first time, someone decided to go to bat for him. Blue was without direction when he introduced himself to her not even a half year ago, but in the short time molded her into something special. She was more than what she felt she could be. With or without him, Blue had learned from the most experienced crime scene investigator of the most unusual kind.

      “Blue? Are you still on?”


      “James Casbolt is my half brother.”

      “He’s the top echelon supersoldier, Kinny. How dare you say that knowing he savagely injured me.”

     “I’m the hidden one and not him either. I always have worked behind the scenes to fix what people like that broke. I’m also the one to set even my own brother straight. The MILAB abduction in Henderson, the British Petroleum thing almost went nuclear if it wasn’t for me, and I brought the real shooters to justice in the crippling of the Congresswoman. You can’t do that if you had been trained like we have. I’m on my way to save a nation by going toe to toe in the den of a viscous lion. This one gave trillions of dollars out and kept trillions more securely away in the hands of private interests after Bush left. He’s signaling World War III by pitting Russia against China to bring this country down. An Academy award winning space flick shows us that, and we need Andrew to secure the presidency in 2016 to stop that avalanche – a border lock-down is the result of a destroyed dam.

      “I always felt it Kinny. You somehow flew under the supersoldier radar.”

Blue put her phone on the bedside table. She looked at it for several minutes before brushing it over the edge where she knew the small bedside garbage container would be.



The End



Their target date for world domination may be as early as October.  The clue appears at the ‘end credits’ of the film.  The date stamp suggests that a major solar event is predicted to occur.  It may indeed be a ‘corporate’ construct because they are “bringing ‘an event'” to us:

“Brought to you by Weyland Corporation – Building better worlds since 10/11/2012?”

Wait a minute, why is this date, but not the premier of the film’s date time, stamped about a month before the presidential elections?  In the new Batman installment Dark Knight Rises, the bad guy detonates bombs around the New York Manhattan Island “Gothem City” and says “Let the games begin”.  He says this with plurality and to me sounds and looks just like an issue that will be related to the Olympic games.  I wonder what Olympic game is scheduled for October 11th this year.  The October 11 date is also the day when the film is released to the video rental outlets.  I continue to question why the reference to “Building better worlds” in those ending credits indicates nothing about the release to  rentals from the dollar theaters?

This image below of a synthetic immortal antichrist, David, figuratively dominating the world in his hands is the most prolific of all sequences in Promethius because it is the global elite’s statement as to their intent. 

David, a robot, figuratively controls our world. This is a testament to the elite’s desire to rule Earth

The film Promethius is nothing more than a showcase of conditioning ideas with the intent to fabricate deception.  By today’s standards, all these films maintain a compliance to administer to the audience a fantasy using thought lines rooted in desires.  In this way we are pleasantly whelmed with awe, therefore, the huge theatrical film making expense.  Also, Promethius is the new prescription for a faked alien invasion, the infamous project known as Bluebeam, a government secret marred in blood when Canadian reporter, Serge Monast, was assassinated in ’96 for disclosing it on record, Bluebeam has to be sold to the public.  It becomes necessary for these franchises to enter into the viewer’s minds three dimensionally and as realistic as can be done as we near their anticipated real life theatrical premier.   Alex Jones of prisonplanet is giving credit to the film (magic) makers and the film (the magic trick) that he should be alerting you and I to dismantle.. This is where I step in.  And that, my friends, is how I can tell he’s working the other side.

If you have seen Promethius, I suggest first skimming over this list of plot holes and humorous thought provoking insights.

Promethius is the story about the search as to how, when, and by whom human beings were crafted.  From the beginning, the story makes it clear that a Universal God is not our creator.  The plot tells us that an advanced off planet race created the human being.  I found it intriguing that this film did not directly suggest that it was the Anunnaki who conducted the genetic engineering humans, but convoluted the Sumarian historical record among other civilizations in which man has manifested.

Promethius can be super analyzed from top to bottom just as thoroughly as John Carter, however, I would like to be plain and simple.  In recapping from last analysis I believe it was the Reptilians who joined forces with the Grey aliens later who battled against the Anunnaki as much as 10,800 years ago.  While I am not 100 percent set on this theory, it sure seems to work when I look at films, see what is happening around us, and what visionary outcome there must be for the future. Somehow all that I see fits the paradigm.

The Reptilian bloodline then is what our leaders have been hybrid to be so as to fit in with humans in order to keep us, use us as commodity and genetic patenting.. we are considered property stolen from the Anunnaki. They are in the process of preventing humans from seeking the help of the Anunnaki when they either return as Nibiru in the solar neighborhood in 2012-14.

A clever person posted a comparison of Frankenstein with the stone head found within the alien spacecraft (bottom left).. a detail even I missed.  My article suggesting that an antichrist figure ‘head’ is being genetically constructed may be the Hollywood ‘tell’ seen with this image mirror of Frankenstein’s monster that includes a comparison from the movie Avatar.

The true story behind Ridley Scott’s Hollywood ‘tell’ is simple.  It is the subtle undertone, or the notion that the Anunnaki who created the first people on Earth had been attacked by the Reptilians.  It suggests that there indeed is an active ongoing war for possession of three inter system things.

Above: The Therns of John Carter and the engineer of Promethius both play evil controllers of doom.

The three primary agenda points are of hijacking the Earth and sterilizing it of life, kidnapping the people and their souls, and stealing Earth’s resources.  The Anunnaki created man in their image in which they called themselves gods (the Bible contradicts itself by suggesting there is one God with Christ as his son, but also refers to several gods in the same text), but also the food and natural medicine they need to live here.  Our food supply as part of the transgenetic operation is intended also to destroy what they sustain themselves while present on Earth.  The secret societies are working against man and the Anunnaki ‘gods’ to take control of them both.

Charlize Theron plays a character role who is rather vile.  Forgive me.. I had some fun with her screen shot. I would rather have her character in Monster join me for dinner instead of the one in Promethius. Meredeth Vickers commands Elizabeth as to what her mission role is when encountering the aliens.  She tells her, “When you engage them, you won’t talk to them, you’ll do nothing but report back to me.”  This is a clear signal that if we should encounter the Anunnaki that we must not mingle nor communicate with them.  What clearer message for the masses during a faked or real alien invasion (Bluebeam) can there be?

Noomi Rapace as seen in the original 2009 The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo changes her appearance from repulsive to enchanting – character ‘arc’ transformation.  While not sporting extra terrestrial features for this role, she somewhat does in some frame shots for her role as Elizabeth Shaw in Permethius.  Why is it that her name Elizabeth and Lisbeth in two separate films be similar?  Cinematic tricks are by no mistake coincidences.  Production ‘brass’ know precisely the feel of these symbolic projects.

I question the character, Elizabeth Shaw, for the reason she has a peculiar look to her face.  It has neither the features other female actors have.. it has to do with the high cheek bones, small mouth, and non specificness of her lips in profile view. It’s almost as if her overall shape mimics Martians in recent film such as Mars Needs Moms, We see Martian races depicted as having hardly  a nose with small mouths that resemble Elizabeth’s.  I caught this right away not thinking any of Promethius had Martian themes until those themes made a stage appearance.. it was then that I was confirmed.

Alex Jones plugs Promethius saying:

“RidleyScott, arguably one of the greatest living directors, is set to release his prequel to his 1979 mega hit Alien.  Promethius. One of the most anticipated sci-fi films in recent memory. research analysis shows, Promethius is not just a film, it’s a revelation of the method revealing the deepest secrets of the Illuminati mystery religion.”

Jones then goes on to say:

”I do happen to have a lot of contacts in the media as viewers and listeners know.  And, I have been able to secure a copy of an early script and it follows very closely to the… in synopsis, this is a film about the origins of human kind with a super race of near immortal genetic engineers who are contemplating a genetic overwrite, or rewrite of the planet Earth.  When meddling humans stumble in the magicians laboratory they are punished for their trespass. The so-called space jockey is the advanced species that have engineered humans back on Earth and produced the bio-weapon that we know of which is the classical Alien. That burst out of your chest. After feeding on food in your intestines.  The reason we’re taking time out to examine Promethius is its story line. Its plot mirrors that of many ancient societies. And the ideas presented in Promethius are at the core of Western Secret Societies.”

He continues speaking and convolution of the issue with rants about ancient civilizations interested in off world beings, but does not, nor will not tell the story any other way.

I must respond by saying that since this ‘alternative news machine’ and his close ties with the entertainment industry offers one of the few behind the scenes analysis of Promethius regarding secret society messaging.  I spot the deception as a propaganda ploy immediately.  Jones’ script was just that.. a script that promotes the director and film as ‘arguably the greatest’, ‘mega hit’, ‘securing a copy’, and ‘core of secrecy’.  Take notice of how human beings are described in this description where Jones says, ‘meddling humans’, ‘magician’s laboratory’.. this race was not using magic. They used precise scientific and highly advanced technology.  Why would Jones announce them as magicians?  It was stated that humans felt invited.. they did not intentionally trespass, however, in the film they were absolutely inept professionals not respectful of their environment.  The occult uses entertainment magicians, such as contracting the services of Ridley Scott to perform tricks in an experiential theatrical format.

The occult is not representing the Anunnaki, but as the Alien itself.  The Aliens in this Hollywood franchise must then be representative of the Reptilian off world race in which they compensate Scott handsomely to accomplish their agenda.  That is what the agenda is as asked of Charlize Theron’s character:

“Ms Vickers, is there an agenda that you’re not telling us about?”

David, the synthetic symbol of an antichrist, uses big brother interests into the private lives of people. Here he is viewing Dr. Shaw’s dreams for the reason he needs to be in control of all knowledge.  To know her is to understand and anticipate her motives..  Take notice also of the style and design of his helmet.. for what reason a robot needs alternative gear is rather unnecessary, but the visual shape of the visor and helmet, it’s orange blue coloring, are the cues used to ‘train’ the audience that these are acceptable devices of future technologies. 

The film opens with a sequence where some genetic juice is consumed.  It instantly transforms a humanoid being into something Reptilian in formation. The clue is that the coloring of the fluid happens to be blue.  The color blue part of the orange/blue color scheme interwoven and the common visual denominator used visually on screen in the entertainment venues today.  The 20th Century Fox logo is a shade of steely blue, a departure from the standard color scheme.  Even Madonna’s performance during the Superbowl was color schemed this way.  Blue and orange (shades of blue and grey), it seems, is the Martian color wheel.  It is also that of our newly developing prison environments from FEMA concentration camps to the clothing and graphics at federal installations and so on.  Note the orange and blue color scheme of David’s space suit.  These are the colors of modern day federal establishments with shades of blue, grey and orange.

Below: An obscure character, who happens to ‘like rocks’ and as the geologist produces not a thing, but for howling like a wolf, is color coded as Martian. He is also branded with perhaps the mark of the beast.

It could also be that we are being conditioned not to trust them nor desire their help in the effort to keep people from switching alliances.  In other words, they don’t want the Anunnaki  to reacquire Earth as what Reptilians and Zeta Reticulans believe to be their rightful property.

“A king has his reign, and then he dies. It’s inevitable”- Meredith Vickers

To simplify matters, what Promethius is doing is actually staging the Anunnaki gods (the genetic engineers) to be considered the villains.  In the plot line, the ‘Engineers aka Anunnaki’ were on their way to terraform, genetically manipulate and, wreak havoc on this planet; order out of chaos so to speak.  The protagonist, Elizabeth Shaw, takes action to stop it.  The reality is the Reptilians masquerade as the alien of the Alien film franchise whose intent is just this – establish human control through entertainment.  Why else does the Alien consume human bodies?

Above: A color scheme in use by SunTran bus transportation system in Tucson, Arizona.  The federally funded central transportation hub, Ronstadt, is under reconstruction for over 1 million dollars when Tucson is becoming a dead city.. the face lift includes repainting the facility that will be outfitted with steel gates and over 60 surveillance cameras when there are already an adequate amount of six.

They are not a bio-weapon, but a competing race against another for slave labor, food, and resources. Instead, they are staged as a weapon of mass destruction to instill the mindset of fear.  In the franchise stories, the idea is to mask the Reptilian breeds and portray them as the villains with a motive that must be addressed, destroyed to be exact, when in truth they are the masters of dominion over the masses.

It could be said that the Reptilians fear that the Anunnaki they represent as evil in the film and are actually returning to kidnap us back from them.   That’s if you are in the business of reversing all that you are shown.

Promethius is mainstream spin designed to discredit the Anunnaki.  The film has more to do with supporting the global agenda that is mastering the human genome project, or transhuman genetic engineering, the quest for the mineral gold, and control until death to this once great and prolific planet.

In the movie, it is established that the planet is a bio-weapons manufacturing outpost.  The real world in which the human engineers reside is elsewhere.  I think it to be Planet X, or Nibiru.  The archeological truth hunter, Elizabeth Shaw, decides to seek out this world even after realizing the engineer’s intent was to inflict harm upon Earth and humanity.  That would prove to be a huge undertaking if it is her intent to destroy the creators.

Below and right: Could the light pattern on the surface match up with stars of a constellation, Orion’s for example?

The release of subsequent plot lines should, if I’m right, prove that they are in the process of destroying “god” for the reason the NWO must create a new religion and establish a figurehead “antichrist”.  The only way to accomplish this is by destroying humanities concept of God. But, it is the Anunnaki god that they refer to.  The Universal God cannot be destroyed.  At least that is my feeling.


A Hollywood ‘tell’ or two and and a plot hole… or two

Click Right to enlarge: Would anyone like to take a guess at what the scene to the right represents?  Think in terms of ‘womb’, ‘fallopian tubes’ ‘blue as in blue beam’ and the spider design as the central ‘altar’ in the shape of a disc.  All the recent films to date show a spherical ball generated by a radiating schematic diagram.  Dual portals on either side of the chamber are entry into the felopian tubes.

Promethius takes place well away from our solar system and is 80 to 90 years from today’s date.  By that time, Mars will have been further colonized and traveled to on a regular basis.. but in this movie, they make references to Mars and Martians as if it’s still a mystery for today’s people.  Mars is mentioned in the movie while they are so deep in space that if you catch the mistake, you’ll understand the ‘tell’, or message and that Mars is a clear redundancy in story telling. however, suppose that Hollywood is disclosing a significant role with bio-engineering.  This is how to identify this film and categorize it with the human genome project.

Above: Women are at their most fertile between 16 and 20. The proportions of their uterus reflects the golden ratio of 1.618.  This proportion is named after the mineral, gold, for the reason gold is the single most desirable element by off world beings who designed human beings.

films are largely curriculum for secret society students

Ridley Scott uses the blue and orange color system heavily and is the commonality with most all film and television today.  ll the designs created for Promethius are of Martian geometry and style just as in comic book hero movies and television, then it is Mars that the film is eluding to as the bio-weapons outpost of the Alien.  The story of Promethius takes place beyond our solar system, but it is actually representing our inner planetary system plus the secret battle between the Anunnaki and Reptilians (with the assistance of the Grays).  Of course, there are many other off world entities observing and even interacting, thus waiting for a piece of the pie.  Incidentally, if there are benevolent aliens who are working to enhance the human condition, they sure as hell not doing an adequate job of it.  Therefore, I trust not one of them.  Sorry Alex C.. if the Andromedans really cared, they would have stepped up to the plate and not made your life miserable, kept the rest in question, and use more of us than just a few of you to make necessary changes.

In the movie, the structure that the crew of Promethius has entered is referred to as a pyramid. A pyramid?  Really now.. doesn’t fool me for a zillionth of a second.  The thing was round and had a face stamped on it.  “The” definition from Wikipedia describes a pyramid as a structure whose shape is geometric with its outer surfaces triangular and converge to a single point at the top. The base of a pyramid can be trilateral, quadrilateral, or any polygon shape, meaning that a pyramid has at least three outer triangular surfaces with at least four faces including the base. The square pyramid with square base and four triangular outer surfaces, is a common version.

“The captain of a trillion dollar mission smokes on board the ship, sexually harasses a crew member then leaves his post to have that sex, and then takes the word of one hysterical archeologist who just cesareanized a squid baby destined to destroying the ship and crew. He forgets that for a trillion dollars, there must be a ray gun installed (we have them today), escape pods to avoid suicide, etc. Do they do mental stability background checks in the future?” ~ catmunch

Well, nowhere in the definition of a pyramid is it described as a dome.  And, that’s exactly what protruded from the planet’s surface and appeared to be.  Since the elite have a fascination with pyramids, then something about genetics must be related to earthly pyramids, and that Project Bluebeam is suspected as being a recently made pyramid dressed up like a hydro electric power plant. Can Promethius be telling us that the Alien bio-weapon is store housed in this Arizona ‘outpost’?  In other words, it was by no mistake that the reference to a dome shaped pyramid was intentional.

I’d like to think that David’s head would have slithered along its slime juice into a crack in the hull, rolled down a shoot, and out the back as the ship careens to the ground.  Kind of like when your groceries fly when driving in a rush.

Plot holes and Hollywood ‘tells’ are important, however, and I had to laugh when after the alien ship had crash landed back to the surface of the planet, that when Elizabeth returned to David, his head having been snapped from his body and left on the floor was still in the same place it fell.  Now, how can that be possible?  Watch the film to see this complete negligence to reality of a false reality.


Timing Markers

The prevailing question is why were the holidays of Christmas and New Years take on such an important role.  As a timing marker?  Why did the Engineers decide to destroy humans? Although this is not explained, hints throughout the movie suggest that humans angered the engineers about 2,000 years ago, as seen when it is discovered the decapitated one died at around that time. The film also takes place on Christmas through New Years, and Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth?) Shaw is impregnated with an alien also makes reasonable sense to assume that the Anunnaki crafted Jesus Christ.  When humans crucified Jesus, they decided upon eugenics as recourse. This is all speculation, but with a quote from Ridley Scott in a recent interview it seems to make sense: “If you look at it as an “our children are misbehaving down there’ scenario, there are moments where it looks like we’ve gone out of control, running around with armor and skirts, which of course would be the Roman Empire”.

The intent of the Illuminati and their superiors is to recreate religion by destroying what people believe today.  To do this, they have been attacking Christianity.  This is why Christ’s birthday ‘god’s son’ is represented in the realm of the creator’s genetic program.


Click below: Weyland logo – Sumerian Anunnaki eagle

Symbolic countdown

“Brought to you by Weyland Corporation – Building better worlds since 10/11/12

Above: Sumerian depiction of a winged god symbol is the basis for the Wayland Corporation logo design.  End credits read:  “Brought to you by Weyland Corporation – Building better worlds. Since 10/11/12“.  This then must be a serious date that may not be silent.  If a prediction for something catastrophic occurs on this date, then there will have been detrimental meaning to its significance.  The logo design Below is not by coincidence the alien ‘snake’ thing that if you watch the movie, it latches onto the face in a real bad wake up on the wrong side of the bed sorta situation.  What the corporation is conveying is that they are either the real life bio-weapon manufacturer of this real life alien that we haven’t seen yet because they’re not yet rolled out, or the alien simply represents the reptilians. Either way, it’s not pleasant:)

The three-triangle logo of the Weyland corporation is visually similar to that of the actual Weinstein Group is derived from a pattern appears in the original Alien film.  The logo can be seen as part of David’s fingerprint.

A perceptive reviewer discusses Prometheus

(somewhat edited for typos and clarity)

The story begins on the Isle of Skye in Scotland where a fictional cave painting is discovered that predates all the other (real) scenes from around the world depicting the same star map. They interpret the map as an invitation and the main premise of the movie is of this team setting off to try to get in touch with the original creators. They call them the Engineers and we don’t recall the word Anunnaki being mentioned at all, maybe once early on but will have to see it again to check. It is all about the Anunnaki though, and the idea that this might not go according to plan is well worked out as a ‘new’ story.

Though we are now in far into the future in this movie, the story is equally relevant to the early Sumerian texts and takes the idea behind the flood, according to the tales of Enki and Enlil, and uses elements of this story in a new way in this movie. There are some great reenacted scenes of some of the real clay tablets depicting ancient aliens from various world locations. Also there is a great recreation of what the Anunnaki may have looked like, but we’re not going to say more about that in case we spoil the surprise.

The downside is that it is ultimately an action movie with plenty of regular and standard sci-fi plotting – i.e. survival, contamination, mutation, battle etc. But it is all very watchable and exciting. However having to give so much room to the action, leaves less room for information and more detail and background on the Anunnaki and all of the information written on the walls. David, the ships android, spent the two years traveling on Prometheus studying ancient Sumerian and other languages and we feel he could have been used more to translate the inscriptions and maybe pad out the story of what this location is really about and why.  When the ‘truth’ is discovered at the end it seems to come out of nowhere and it almost felt like a scene was missing or perhaps was cut.

The plot hole for us was surrounding Elizabeth’s boyfriend. Why did he go on a drinking spree when they had made the discovery of a lifetime? And why wasn’t he in the room with Elizabeth watching every step of her genetic analysis of the body they found? It felt like they just wanted to have an excuse to get rid of him as soon as possible when he had fulfilled his function as a means to get Elizabeth pregnant with a contaminated hybrid baby.




10-30-2012 A Stargate Is Born

Omni’s May 1984 edition had a roster of articles that 28 years ago paralleled almost to the day elements for the month of May 2012.  Its content included Artificial Intelligence “of tiny biological workhorses of proteins designed to carry out such dreams as mining gold from seawater”, Arthur C. Clarke’s “Mars or Bust”, creating new life forms and designing molecules. All relevant for this article. 

Preface: I took the Hoover Dam theory and a prediction I made seriously.  I didn’t discount that a serious problem would occur.  While something did not happen on May 20th, the day of the solar eclipse, there is a high probability that between now and December 21, 2012 there may be an event so catastrophic that included, would be a destruction of this ‘Wonder’.  If this happens, it would be not only be symbolic to the elites, but serve other purposes relating to hidden energy forces relative to pyramid powers.  They want to demonstrates the symbolic birth of a ‘new man’.

The engineering achievement is a ‘wonder’ but, it is exclusively just that and not a natural wonderment at all.  Only nature can crate a wonderful manifestation.  The elite are crafting a synthetic power source and synthetic living eternal being which is why they masked it with the word ‘Wonder’ when it really stands for mystery.

How I determined this theory:  I compared three films for the main reason I felt that our government is taking a zealous interest in travel to Mars and that they are seemingly begging our children to go. The illusion is convincing and adults assume also that it could be an adventure.

There are other constructs labeled as architectural ‘wonders’ and will be analyzed as I get to them.. for now, I believe I discovered what the truth is and what it is that remains secretive about Hoover Dam.   Bear in mind that It is only an engineering masterpiece.  On the surface it appears to function only as an electrical output system using water power, – gravity by which turbines are spun – but underneath the mechanics that are publicized may be an alien technology related to the harnessing and potential of special energies that could be what was referred to as the “9th ray isolates”  disclosed in the film John Carter.

This then would be what Project Blue Beam actually is although it is likely to go by an undisclosed term that has been completely blacked out so that nobody discovers it is at Hoover Dam.

Bluebeam is the cover story that tells the alternative news enthusiasts and activists that it is at best the faked alien invasion.  I contend that it is far more complex than that.  Again, I hope to be made a fool because I’d rather this all be fiction. So, please show me that what you experience in this rather lengthy article is bullshit.  I want to know that it can’t be true.

Featured on the front cover was a design by Stanislaw Fernandes called Techno Madonna.  It represented a new-age archetype; the androgynous goddess of artificial intelligence.  Perfect, like the entertainer Madonna, except for the drop on her lip.. a symbol of the human capacity to err.  The superstar entertained us during the Superbowl with a ‘Roman Techno Show’ that had all the earmarks for a suspected Hoover Dam event.

I watched these films with an open mind and what I found was more than expected.  What I didn’t realize was is that I was to crack a code.  I looked at the Anunnaki and Reptilian/Greys gold connection that is woven through the three themes.  Revealed to us, as I make sense of it, is the ongoing Reptilian/Gray sponsored human hybridizing program.  Although gold mining is not addressed in Mars Needs Moms, there is a prevailing question as to why gold’s importance in both Cowboys and Aliens as well as John Carter, is to the genome project of Mars Needs Moms (X-Files and so forth).

What happened next:  I watched John Carter one more time just to make sure I didn’t miss anything, I found the relationship between Mars and Earth’s similar Pyramid constructs on both planets, Egypt and Earth, etc.  I had to wait for John Carter to make its debut at the rental store on Tuesday and  procure Mars Needs Moms for screen shots I didn’t think necessary until I realized I did miss something about Hoover Dam in John Carter.  I finally contacted Jonathan Kleck who first saw the relationship with the birthing concept and had to field a question as to what else he knew that is getting him into trouble with the feds.  I didn’t, so I hope they leave him alone and go after me just to get the heat off my brothers and sisters.



Four films Tell us what Project Bluebeam is

Mars Needs Moms

The globalists are on a quest to populate Mars with genetically altered human slaves

John Carter

John Carter throws his airline ticket away.. he prefers Mars

Cowboys & Aliens

A beautiful shapeshifter (a Thern) sacrifices herself for a human?

Transformers (new article)

Describes Hoover Dam as a Stargate that also gives life to machines.  Shows us the location of the real project Bluebeam

These are four relevant films that interweave elements regarding real life plot lines using Occult symbolism and deep Hollywood ‘tells’.   The secret element that is threaded  into the woven matrix in all three  is extremely complex in concept, highly intricate, and elusive.  I felt that to analyze each  film independently couldn’t do the job as well as one complete composite, and still it is massive in scope.  I beg you to try..

(Above) The number 21 is a thread through Agenda 21, end date of the Mayan Calendar, and others.  Milo’s mother wears an SL jersey with the number 21 stamped on the front.  Not 20.. not 22.  Second Life, or SL, is a customizable 3-D avatar social networking company that has spawned a 3D virtual world composed largely of user-generated content.  It has been ridiculed for its users’ virtual sex lives, praised for its ability to bring online learning to life.   Below:  ABC Online is an SL affiliate and the brand name in Australia for the online services of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, managed by ABC Innovation and is one of Australia’s largest and most-visited web sites. It covers ABC News purported to play the role of creating the virtual reality in news reporting from the Gabrielle Giffords staged event.  Note the logo design is the double helix DNA symbol.

The simple answer is that all three films speak separate messages to different demographic audiences relative to their age groups.  And it’s more than that, however, there are common denominators that do intertwine forming a big picture.

The Reptilian and Grey aliens are battling against the Anunnaki for supremacy over Earth’s riches of gold.. at our expense.  These films are Reptilian and Grey Alien constructs for the purpose of taking from the Anunnaki what they created in in the first place for themselves. And a reflection in their image – human beings.  The human hybrid program is intended to transform Greys. 

This is the rationale behind the wide eyes and aquiline shaped ‘alien’ look.  The size of the Martian eye having shrunk to that of the Reptilian is also a giveaway.  To make the scheme work, they are conducting a massive human hybrid program among them by using our DNA in battle against the human creator race from Nibiru.  These alien wars that are eluded to are depicted with exactitude in these film presentations.  An alien war movie usually pits not two, but three or more enemies together in battle.

If the interpretations of ancient history are correct by Sumerian analysts, the human species was genetically contrived with a specific purpose – slave workers with installed ethics – to yield their own resources willingly.  This labor force among other things was created for the mining of gold.  It was an effort to blend their Anunnaki  genetics in combination with an earthly hominid. In Cowboys and Aliens, the plot revolved around gold mining by over protective aliens, but in John Carter, gold mining was not a focus, it was a desire.  Indeed both films had wars between three factions in each.  I must tell you that the idea is simple, but the complexity by which the deep secret story is masked makes this an arduous one to explain.   In doing so, I cannot elaborate on plot lines inch for inch.. to understand the relationships best I encourage you to have seen the three.




Film I – “Mars Needs Moms”

Beyond the Trans Human Genome Project

The Martian ‘Ti’ and the Supervisor compared to an Alien Grey in the film Mars Needs Moms represents the appearance of a wide-hipped birthing machine of the Grey alien agenda.  Ti, specifically, represents the suspected NWO antichrist heroin the other films do.  Compared to her are the strikingly and remarkable similarities to Willem Defoes’ “Thark” character of a Martian in the movie John Carter.  (Notice the character features of Ti change dramatically.. almost sinister).  Ki can also be compared to Willem Defoe’s character, Thark, in John Carter.  She is determined to help young Milo and his mother while also returning love back to the Red Planet.

Disney released what they deemed a box office failure titled “Mars Needs Moms”.  It was an animated feature targeting an audience of mothers and their children. This market audience is selected to confirm the notion using the suggestion that Mars, nor its inhabitants, is so bad after all.  What is established is that returning to Earth is eventually unimportant.

I had not seen this movie before John Carter and assumed that because the global elites require that their plot lines carry the messages, popular or not, when they disclose them on a scheduled manner that they slated Edgar Burrough’s work on John Carter’s war on Mars, adapted to film, so as to save last year’s box office disaster.

Above: During the period of time I analyzed three movies which have deep correlations with Mars and human hybridizing of Gray aliens and human genetics, it wouldn’t be surprising that we are living and seeing among us the results of a successful program.  Monica Boller, who I met seemingly by coincidence, does not feel like a spontaneous path crossing.  It’s as if it was by design.  Having never known her, I knew instantly who and what she was in the big picture.  But, it was not until days later that I realized she even appeared similar to the characters rendered and animated in Mars Needs Moms.  I didn’t select her based on similarities to what I was looking for.  I wasn’t even looking.   Monica, incidentally, is a highly evolved Indigo who has as much knowledge of NWO background as I do, matches the facial and body features of the character Ti point for point.  Uncanny it is.

The opposite couldn’t be more true.  Both films carry sub messages that when combined, prove that human bodies are needed on a multitude of levels.  War, human trafficking, genomic progress, and slave labor with particular focus on gold mining are their goals.  The mining of gold is seen in the movie “Cowboys and Aliens”.  The movie called a Disney box office bomb will find its way into every household anyway.. and they know this.  All bombs do.  Honestly, I thought the film was exquisitely and brilliantly executed although my experience of the Hollywood theatrics appalls me.  I cried at a spoiler scene at the end.  I really did.  At that point, I also knew the fate of man as its reverse scenario.

The importance of Ti’s character in Mars Needs Moms is unquestionably the character’s ‘job’, which is mirrored in John Carter and Cowboys and Aliens female protagonists, is to lure us into imprisonment.  In all three film projects, these are the female roles cued as the suspected antichrist figurehead of which may be rolled out when the New World Order establishes them around the world.


Was ‘Mars Needs Moms’ really a failure?

Of course not.  Profoundly simple messages are laid out for the indoctrination of children viewing this film.  The intention is to ‘feel at ease’ when the time arrives that today’s generation are invited to travel to Mars.  The protagonist In the film, Milo, does not grow as a character and only seems concerned about saving his abducted mother.  He lacks interest for the well-being of the Martian children.  This is not a mistake when it is assumed that in reality, human beings are to made detached and disinterested for the well fare of slave species; modified, hybrid, alien, or other.

Above: Milo’s mother in Mars Needs Moms and the shape shifter’s identity for Ella in Cowboys and Aliens.  Joan Cusak’s character rendition is carefully designed to share very similar features with the

Milo: “What is going on?”   Gribble: “The fact is, Mars needs moms so the aliens are stealing them from earth to raise their own kids.”   A character:  “Who knew mothering was going to be so hard”.  Gribble: “You’re going to have so much fun here”.  “No rules” flashes across the screen,  Gribble: “You can play video games all day long”   Another message flashes:  “No going back”

You’re in the pictures kid…

But, being in the movies was not the intent of this sequence.  Gribble represents Big Brother and surveillance.. pretends to be your friend, but has an ulterior motive.

character played by Olivia Wilde in Cowboys and Aliens.  It is quite clear that a particular person in real life is being positioned to perform a NWO role whether it be a leader or antichrist figurehead. 
: Probably the most unusual of pictorial comparisons I’ve made to date.  It’s not to suggest Gribble in the movie looks like a marine worm.  The marine wood boring animal is a small marine isopod crustacean (Limnoria lignorum or L. terebrans) that destroys submerged timber, but there does happen to share some relationship in the naming to that of the character to  Lemuria (Limnoria) which was the theoretical ancient civilization which existed prior to and during the time of Atlantis, is the name of a hypothetical “lost land” variously located in the Indian and Pacific Oceans and the fact that people from Earth are considered parasitic by nature by the elites.  Also, elements of Mars having forgone its oceans, that there is something about Atlantis “Rising” and this marine animal to a human like character is intriguing.

The Human Genome Project requires that human hosts gestate tissue. There are multiple levels not exclusive to bearing only hybrid off spring.  In the trailer, there are specific signals to this fact and an additional ‘mandate’ that returning home could be futile, or in this example that there is no reason to go back to an mundane home planet.  Milo, who claims his life would be better if his mom was absent to make him do house chores is one tactic being used to bait children into a real life Mars slave trade where those chores will not disappear once these children today are displaced from Earth when they agree to leave it for the sake of freedom from.. doing chores.

It is quite possible that before our eyes and built within the medical system is a behind the scenes genome project.  We really don’t know what laboratories our cancer test biopsy samples go to and what they are actually tested for.  If two blood samples are taken for simple blood tests, where does that second one go to?  A six year old girl named Zaleigh Huckabee from Tucson, Arizona died from a brain stem cancer.  This stage four terminal condition cannot possibly be achieved for cancer takes years to manifest into a dangerous state of malignancy, etc.  Cancer just doesn’t happen to children of that age.  And no samples of the tissue ever given to the patient or family members in this case.  The body is always cremated it seems.

Incidentally, that casket that Christina-Taylor Green was buried in.. you know, the one the Iowan Monks chopped a special tree down to fabricate and paraded through the news channels during Green’s funeral?  The truth is she was never buried in Tucson and the body was cremated after organs were harvested.  Matter settled until further notice.



Mars at war

Boriska, an eleven year old Indigo Child living in Russia, was interviewed by Kerry Cassidy’s alien disclosure project after he recounted, at age seven, tales of past lives on Mars and Lemuria.  He warned of epic disaster which would occur on Earth between 2009 and 2013.  At the same time Boriska announced that he once lived on Mars, and that the planet was habitable.  But, that it survived the worst catastrophe in its history, the loss of its atmosphere, and now a few remaining inhabitants live in underground cities.    These must be the colonized outposts of the Illuminati by which they travel using what are known as ‘Jump Rooms’.

Indigo Children differ in world views.  They know their mission on Earth and gather knowledge from the noosphere. This, they do with the aid of open consciousness. Their role in the evolutionary processes of humankind is not yet clear, however, one can surmise that it is not small.  It is important to speak of these children for the mere fact that films like Mars Needs Moms lured a child who maybe once lived a past life on Mars back to it for a deceptive reason.  Are globalists attempting to get them back?  A Russian professor, Vladislav Lugovenko, says, “Indigo Children greatly differ from others their age and they have an extraordinary sensitivity to any falseness, a development of intuition, telepathic powers, and a connection to the cosmos. We can hope that Boriska will fulfill his intended mission on Earth, about which neither he nor we can guess yet”

Boriska spoke about Earth travel on trade and scientific research missions. This was at the time of the Lemurian civilization. His Lemurian friend died before his eyes…“A huge catastrophe happened on Earth, where mountains exploded and a huge continent broke apart and sunk under the water”.  Wars caused the end of the Martian civilization.  They tried to turn Jupiter into a 2nd sun”.

He also remembers being the pilot of a research ship, was a scientist, but says he would never perform the cross-breeding of human and reptile DNA.  “It contradicts the rules of natural selection…” he said. Could this memory indicate that the Reptilians indeed war against the Anunnaki civilizations of Mars?

Boriska’s reference to having been killed during this war certainly lends itself to this certainty.

Boriska talked about the atmospheric differences by saying that, “Once you find yourself in this earthly body, then you breathe this air.  But, we hate Earth’s air, because from your air comes aging. There, on Mars, people are forever young, around 30-35, and there are no old people.  With every year these children from Mars will be born more and more on Earth. In our city there will be no fewer than twenty”.

The carbon dioxide debate could be ended right here and now.  It is the addition of carbon dioxide that is occurring and that cutting carbon production on  Earth is the reverse of their intent.   The Al Gore directive is to contaminate the earth with CO2, not remove it. The scam is to enrich themselves with a carbon gas tax.  Remember, reverse psychology is what this is all about.  The Reptilians cannot breath our air which is why they exist underground in controlled atmospheric conditions.  They eat children don’t forget and they need them on Mars.


Expressionless lips.  People are not taught to smile.  If you watch from the very beginning of the exchange of dialogue between the mother, Milo, and the conversation with the father over the telephone, you’ll notice that there is limited range of expression.. almost dead compared to the voice tones that are extremely emotional.  There is no defect in today’s capabilities in animation as it is more in the desired effect of neutrality. But, even as the inflections in voice voice tones are emphasized, it still is minimized compared to real life yelling and screaming in the family setting.   They purposely set the ‘dials’ down.  Ti, throughout the entire film, questions what love is while at the same time, there is little emphasis in the humans expressing it. Ti and Gribble evoke the most expressive humanistic ranges and Ti, interestingly, appears almost dripping with sex and beauty at the tail end of the movie. They want the alien greys who are the Martian hybrids becoming human, to appear attractive as ‘humanly’ possible.  This is a tactic to get our next generations anxious enough to relocate to Mars.  This is exactly the intent for a emotional ‘dumbing down’ that coincides with the stellar (sarcasm intentional) educational system we have today.   Mars Needs Moms’ job is to prepare this generation for the robotic life in a virtual prison system on Mars.  Those Martians, if this is all real, DO NOT express emotion like humans do.

The film The Island shows us what the human cloning program may realistically look like.  It’s a dolled up version of what is in store on Mars.. perhaps this is happening concurrent on Earth..

Think it’s bad now with a fascist dictator from Kenya (or a petri dish)?  Perhaps it will be officially Barack Obama controlling the lot of us in a prison system here.  Greys and Reptilians with the help of the shape shifting elites on Earth are fully prepared on Mars to completely treat humans exactly like the factory farm animal conditions on Earth.  Exactly.

“To be alone is to be without the crazy love thing”

During whistle blower testimony, it is said that the Reptilians have a pact with the Alien Greys in which after the Earth is completely spoiled, that the Greys have the technology to restore it.. whatever that means.

I bring this up because without really digging into what is shown across the board and what is taught in public schools, I note that not one single child I see today really expresses their feelings.  Nobody smiles.  When I was young, everyone had laugh lines even in high school.  The point is, we’re being neutralized by the genome progression where the end product is a human hybrid that is senseless, emotionless, and over consumed with self, etc.

Another ‘tell’ is when Ti and Gribble sort of makes a connection and she utters a ‘trilling screech’ much like as the description from whistle blowers have who have experienced Alien Greys making these same sounds.  I’ve heard the demonstration and when I listened, to the sound Ti made, I fast tracked two or three times to make sure.  Yup, it’s there all right.

The Center for Disease Control

Gribble represents the Center For Disease Control, or CDC, who intends to infect people with vaccination out of fear of disease.  Gribble describes the human condition as ‘disgusting’ and as a distorted trash filled civilization.  He eludes to the fact that we should accept being labeled as such.  It is a vision of what Earth is destined to become based on Alien Grey technology.

Below:  A bungled attempt to execute Gribble.  On May 5, 2011 just months after Gabrielle Giffords was shot and a federal judge killed, a team of five SWAT team members trained by Dr. Richard Carmona, a former Surgeon General, and supervised by Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, recreate the same scenario as in a firing squad.  It was an assassination by firing squad that took the life of José Guereña in real life.  The purpose was to send a message to the Mexican competitors by the American drug cartel currently CEO’d by none other than Barack Obama.. and handled by Illuminati.

“I’ve been living in sewers for years.  I’m disgusting, They’re contaminated and need a vaccine and I’m the only one that has it.” – Gribble 


I’ll go so far as to suggest that the purpose for a sequence in which Gribble is subjected to a firing squad is exactly what the Richard Carmona trained SWAT incident where a former Iraq war veteran, José Guereña, was executed by a firing squad four months after the Gabrielle Giffords shooting.  There were more than twenty trained SWAT team members with licenses to kill under Pima County Sheriff, Clarence Dupnik.  Five of them under orders to kill one man were never tried by a judiciary system in which a judge and jury would decide their fate.  County Attorney Barbara LaWall stated based on what appears to be a fabricated and downright fictitious investigation that the SWAT members were justified, thus not guilty.  It might as well have been the meter maid setting them free.

(Above) An Arizona (Pima County) SWAT kill squad home invasion of five shooters just before they stumble into a home to serve a search warrant.  They ‘dog piled’ after breaking the entering into the Guereña family home.  They proceeded to empty their fully loaded clips, as Jared Lee Loughner did when shooting 19 people, but in this case it was multiplied by five unto a single target.  Yes, there is a direct parallel story in real life and is mirrored in Mars Needs Moms where the intent is to state that this action is justifiable behavior acts against humans.. and that we accept it with open arms.  Are certain people mentally unstable as Loughner was, if he was?  Or the henchmen employed by the establishment that are given orders to shoot are under complete protection of the elite controlled penal and judicial system?


“My friends, I address you all tonight as you truly are.. wizards

mermaids, travelers, adventurers, and magicians… Come and dream with me.” – Georges Méliès played by Ben Kingsley in Hugo.

Gribble plays a key role as the father-like figure supporting the welfare of a child.  This is observed routinely in such films as Hugo in which the adoptive father figure, Georges Méliès, incorporates Hugo as his scientifically inclined prodigal son. He will support Hugo just as Gribble does with Milo.  Méliès is an illuminated one being a magician, theatrics specialist (film maker), and a mystic.  Hugo also shows us the importance of Mars with a strong reference and a major theme in the film where a rocket to the moon is a stepping stone to life on Mars.  What is really happening is the indoctrination of a scientific community of children that grow into adults and encouraged to build mechanical armies of robots.. in Hugo, the reference is an automaton (a self operating machine “acting of one’s own will”).  In Mars Needs Moms it is the automation of human management using ‘nanny bots’ in place of mothers.

The ending credits segment advertises exactly who it is that has created Mars Needs Moms.  It is not Disney Studios.  The deception began with the lunar landing program, whether it was faked or not, has no bearing on questions regarding film deception today.. they tell us right here that this is yet another staged event.

The characters Gribble and Ti represent Reptilian Illuminati and Grey aliens who have merged into one, so to speak, as a couple who playfully patronize the audience into thinking they are part of us when they are working together against us.  It is as if they laugh all the way to the bank it.  It seems that Milo is played for a fool.


The Martian language

To the right is a screenshot from the 2007 movie “Transformers“.  This is a detail from the “Allspark” cube.  In the article “A Stargate Is Born” these details are mimicked with John Carter, Mars Needs Moms, and in Cowboys and Aliens movies.  It may be that there is a Martial language in which it is a Alien Grey written alphabet that is described on the movie and television series, Stargate SG1’s, portal frame and also in the Temple of Iss in the film John Carter.

This Martian language may be the actual language spoken by the Grey Aliens.   I’ll see what I can do in a specialized update.. hopefully soon.  Meanwhile, in the ending sequence titled, “Martian 101” that appears after the Supervisor’s speech, screenwriter and director Simon Wells explains, “In the process of finding the Martian language, we wanted it to feel like a real language that they wanted the language and we wanted it to feel like it came from the actors themselves… Wendy [Wells] and I come up with a list of ideas or emotional commands or things for characters to say and we just threw it to them and they ad libbed things.”  Actor Elisabeth Harnois who plays the role of “Ki” comments, “We just started playing.  And we would listen to what each other brought to the table, and kind of take on each others’ qualities.”  Wells follows by saying, “They bounced it back and forth until it was kind of  a consensus.. okay, this phrase will mean this idea..”.  Wells accomplished this by employing actor Stephen Kearin as the supervising language coordinator.

The movie ends with with bringing justice to the Supervisor, however, this character makes a serious speech and in it, announces the ‘Hitleresque’ doctrine.  There is no mistake in this message.. this fascist dictatorial statement was not embedded into the film light heartedly.

“Attention Martians. I will speak to you on a very serious topic..

..there have been inappropriate decorations created by an artist.. a terrorist!  A terrorist who seeks to undermine me and my glorious institutions. I will not tolerate this insulting activity and intend to meet it with sever punishment. Perhaps there are those amongst you who find this rebellion amusing.  Rest assured, they will meet with dire retribution.”     – Martian Supervisor – Mars Needs Moms

The development as to how the language was created initiated with the use of ‘sleight of hand’ by the film producers.  The actors were given a set of rules to start with.  From the list of ideas, phrases, emotions, sounds, and body movements to facial expressions that the Wells husband and wife team brings to the table for the actors to work from.  Where, I must ask, did that list really come from?   It is presumed that there is a think tank that gave Simon Wells.   If it is true that NASA filmed a studio lunar landing at Area 51 half a century ago, who is to say it is not conceivable to trick these actors into developing a language seamlessly without their knowledge.

Think about how easy this is to do.  If I gave someone, perhaps to you, a set of sex to seven vowels, Aboriginal clicks, various chirps, and a basic understanding of a language, I can direct you the entire way until you believe you made it up.  I would be paying your salary, therefore, you click, chirp and screech to my liking and to a pre designated result.   It’s so easy to do, after all, if they don’t steer where they’re directed, there’s always a replacement actor.  The truth is, these people go through careful screening before being selected to act.  I could be wrong of course, but the point is, we all are under exquisite forms of mind control.

They also subtitled some of the phrases into English.  This was done using the Supervisor character.  What they did was establish A Hitleresque ideal using the words; terrorism, rebellion, glorious institutions, severe punishment and so forth.

Stephen Kearin who is represented by the O’Neill Talent Group is the co-creator of the ‘Simlish’ language used for the Sims franchise and is responsible for creating the language in this film.  He has an extensive entertainment portfolio primarily in the children’s market.

It is reported that Grey Aliens when speaking are rapid, uncomfortable to listen to, and so forth.  They do not have the same vocal cords humans do.  An interesting idea about GMO foods is that because of the estrogenic nature of our food, overall vocal sounds are lost.  Our masculine voice went from deep to high pitched.

“ was a blast.  It was a verbal catharsis” – Elisabeth Harnois

Note:  I am currently working on the analysis of several films including a full review of Hugo as well as Promethius.  If you felt that this article supported further understanding of the paradigm by which they operate, expect to see as much of the story unfold when the composite of all are posted.

Second Life social networking and entertainment media, which is the symbol that Milo’s mom wears on her SL jersey, is rife with adult-themes with the ability to chart a course in a socialized worldwide networking venue. The SL logo is the Eye of Horus.  The eye is represented as a figure with 6 parts corresponding to  the six senses. These are the six parts of the *eye*. The eye is the receptor of *input*. It has these six doors, to receive data.


Film II – “John Carter”

The God we speak of has been a reference to our Anunnaki keepers.  John Carter is implying that this god is good.

“Good God, I’m on Mars”

“We’re nothing but a warring species…” – John Carter

Below:  Actors representing Illuminati use blue warpaint.  John Carter draws blue blood from a White Ape during a gladiator scene.  Blue war paint falsely represents strength and valor among the elites and is represented by actors conditioning us to choose blue over red.  In real human tribal societies, red ocher is used to symbolize strength at wartime.  We see this among most all American Indian nations.  Red ochre contains iron, an actual amplifier of strength because of its electromagnetic properties.  Blue coloring indicates high copper content in shape shifter reptilian blood.  Copper turns to blue when in contact with oxygen.

Bluebloods, our nemesis, are depicted as war heroes working our side.

Shape shifting Bluebloods play both sides of war.  John Carter expresses that he must return to earth and claim his gold. This is exactly what Bluebloods, the illuminati, are trying to steer us away from.  They are removing gold from our possession, from the earth, and leading us away from it.

John Carter tells the story of war-weary former military captain, John Carter, who is inexplicably transported to Mars. On Mars, he becomes reluctantly embroiled in a conflict of epic proportions amongst the inhabitants in a world on the brink of collapse. Carter rediscovers his humanity when he realizes that the survival of Barsoom and its people rests in his hands. – 3dfocus

John Carter’s goal is to return to Earth and stake his gold claim. He  will fight to preserve that destiny.  In the end, however, his interest in gold is entirely lost in exchange for the glory and intrigue of life on Mars.   He discards the idea for ever returning back to Earth by symbolically throwing away the medallion that brought him there.  The Martians dribble over the element Helium and the procurement of it.  Hollywood cleverly shifted the attention away from gold by calling it Helium.

Edgar Rice Burroughs’ pulp novels started with A Princess of Mars in 1912.  This is the same time when the Girl Scouts of America was established exactly 100 years ago.  This film made its international release date of March 9, 2012 which correlates to the 9th Ray isolate which relates to the technology in the movie.  It also states what Project Bluebeam – the proposed faked alien invasion – really is.  The film Hunger Games introduces a neo-Nazi paradigm in which our youth is indoctrinated into the new world war machine.  It makes this clear by debuting its Hollywood premier on March 12, 2012 exactly 100 years to the day Girl Scouts was created in 1912.  In Hunger Games, the neo-Nazi hand sign was hidden in plain sight for a century and will become the NWO salute.

If one were to switch the word ‘helium’ to ‘gold’, then the actual message about what is desired is hidden right in plain sight

We note at the beginning of John Carter, and just before he takes possession of the space travel medallion that transports him to Mars, the cave he stumbles upon is lined with veins of gold, but protected by an alien entity he  kills when he takes the medallian.

Paramagnetic force of Iron: Any rancher that is worth her salt will admit that an unbranded calf will grow into a sickly cow.  Branding from a hot iron prevents illness because iron molecules left behind resides with the body forever.  This iron, as in magnet therapy, leaves a constant weak electro magnetic field which promotes constant health and also added strength.  Films today make believe that the color blue is a war paint for their purpose establishing an on screen hero.  This color only excites a person into a killing frenzy while red from red ocher creates a spirited heart felt warrior devoted to righteous causes.  Elites do not want us banding together to fight them.  

In Cowboys and Aliens, The protagonist finds himself fitted with a powerful weapon which is permanently fixed to his wrist.  He is able to utilize super human powers to fight and protect just as seen in its sister film about war on Mars.  The connection with this so-called science fiction weaponry to the movie Hunger Games is also important in which the color of the movie was mostly in hues of blue.  This is the color of the Illuminati because copper is highly concentrated in their circulatory constitution.  When oxidized in oxygen, it turns to the color of blue.  They carry a fifty percent genetic hybrid code from pure Reptilian breeds and the other fifty is a hybrid of the Anunnaki and Earth being hominid.

You and I are the latter in which iron is the major component to our blood which is red.  Iron and oxides of iron is what gives humans super strength.John Carter exhibits super human agility and strength due to changes in the gravitational differences between our world and Mars, but it is a fact that iron oxide painted over the skin of the warrior gives humans strength during war time.  American Indians, South American Indians, and cultures know of iron and its paramagnetic healing as well as strength proclivity will demonstrate.

There is an alien reference to the IIluminati which appears to emulate a shadow organization on both Mars (Barsoom) and Earth (Jassoom).  There are some elements they share with what we see today during this time when a world government convergence into one.

“We do not cause the destruction of a world, Captain Carter.  We simply manage it.  Feed off it, if you like.”  – Matai Shang

Retired Naval Captain, Mark Kelly, who commanded the  now retired STS-134 Shuttle, Endeavor before Gabrielle Giffords had surgery resembles the same look and appeal of the strange bald headed space travelers in the  Walt Disney film John Carter. See Kelly vs Blue Djin in I Dream of JeannieFar Right: Matai Shang is the Holy Hekkador king of the Therns and in service to the Goddess, Issus. Using their advanced technology, the mysterious Therns represent themselves as the messengers of the Barsoomian Goddess Issus in order to manipulate their own plans.

They manipulated nations and races into a state of ultimate destruction

1. They supported a favorite ruler militarily with advanced technology

2. They controlled from the shadows

3. They had the ability to shift into different shapes and forms.

4. They stated that they had been in control before the formation of Mars and will continue to do so

5. Allowed technologies they deem fit for themselves while destroying other

They manipulate by dividing them with fear.  They say that this has always been done in this manner no matter what planet they controlled and will continue consuming worlds “long” after the death of Earth.  Zero point unlimited energy was demonstrated in John Carter and shown as a blue ray projector, but depicted as the “9th ray”.

We serve the Goddess, and she has chosen you to receive this weapon [Blue matrix arm band]. Do as we command and you will rule all of Barsoom, with none to defy you and nothing to stand in your way.” –  Matal Shang

The illuminati serve the Queen of England and is mirrored in John Carter.  The provide the worlds nations with arms and allow none to stand in the way of victory.

Having been said, and that it correlates to what people have said time and again that “History Repeats Itself”, I will show how the manufactured attempt to create an ‘Antichrist’ as a result of the current human genome project is being orchestrated. What this entity is saying in real terms is that the technology involved to make create an antichrist is among each and every different world they take control over. It is unique and that the technology must rise from within the societies by its own species with their assistance.  Once accomplished, then that alien species (we are considered their aliens) has been dominated.  This happens repeatedly with the same blueprint of codes by which they operate.

Below: Isabela Mercedes Celis  (6yrs) was as abducted on April 20, 2012 in the same city as Kristina-Taylor Green. Zaleigh Huckaby, also 6 years old with impossible stage 4 brain stem cancer.. all three images are at six years of age.  It is possible these girls are subjects of a cloning & chimera tissue gestation program.  Will the antichrist be modeled after these features?  Have you seen the Hollywood ‘tell’ The Boys From Brazil?

The little girls who have been compromised, as in the Gabrielle Giffords shooting event where Christina-Taylor Green was shot and killed, an abduction, as in Isabela Celis in which not a shred of evidence has been recovered, and a third unknown to the public, Zaleigh Huckaby whose brain stem cancer took her life and all three share the same features as the character roles in film.  The three girls may be part of a massive human cloning project designed to grow and harvest tissue used to create a programmable Frankenstein in the image of a woman.  It is not far reaching that Gabrielle Giffords could have been chosen to play the figurehead role of this techno robotic antichrist.

There is no doubt that Gabrielle Giffords, Mark Kelly, the Trans Human Genome Project universities and research centers, most all politicians and those vying for political seats from Arizona, medical specialists and overseers, etc., are involved.  I believe they are creating an Antichrist figure head that will be in an image we assume to be human, will be immortal, and will sustain a form of control for as long their control over humankind is desired..

The elite have finally reached a technological shoreline. Having been aloft in search for that final frontier their mastery of genetic science has been achieved.  From there, all they need to do is install this, Frankenstein, reign in the New World Religion, and finally set in place their governance of One.


Evidence of the Trans Human Genome Project – ancient to present time


We are strong, because we despise weakness! Let them be crushed, like unhatched eggs!” – Tal Hajus


(Click to enlarge) The female ‘Dejah Thoris’ and the male ‘Matai Shang’ share the same symbolic reproductive details with their adornments.  While the temptation to compare an image of the female private parts would validate conclusively the Genomics theory, we’ll leave this to your personal research for the sake of parental consent.

Tal Hajus refers to unhatched eggs as opposed to ants on the ground or dried leaves on the ground.  The eggs he’s referring to can be none other than genetic engineering practices.  It parallels the killing of the first born in the story of Exodus.

(Right) The Third installment of Spiderman in ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ we see a new trick.  This one happens to emulate the same 9th Ray Isolate pattern BlueBeam.  The cavernous interior and the double (always in pairs) duct-like water carbon copies the many films in which a resemblance correlates to the uterus and fallopian tubes.  


In the article post May 13, 2012 “Royalty has always hidden their alien form I had not yet seen John Carter. I had felt that the connection between the ‘spider’ symbol depicted in the comparison between an actual ancient Sumerian pictogram dealt with astrology. Or, that it is merely telling time using a sun dial. It in fact seems to be referencing the Trans Human Genome Project by illustrating seeds, sperm perhaps, that radiates from Mars.  Within the Temple if Iss we find where exotic genetic experiments are conducted and spread throughout planetary systems.

(Click to enlarge)



Project Bluebeam revealed

(Left): Ben Stiller ‘The Watch’) I believe that the black project name “Project Bluebeam” that is associated with a faked alien invasion slated for December 21, 2012 was just a name stamp for a far more serious project idea.. the surface of it is a fear based relinquishing of worldwide human sovereignty after a faked alien invasion.  This staged event, an ultimate one, would project into our atmosphere a three dimensional realistic invasion by off world beings.  Along with it, real life simulated bangs and booms.  This was told to us by Vehrner Von Braun head scientist of rocketry at NASA.

Dejah Thoris develops the technology she coins “9th Ray Isolates” that addresses Helium’s energy problems.  The ultimate hand weapon entrusted liberally by a Thern to Sab Than, “a mindless brute”, are both the same technologies used for good or evil were major issues in the entire storyline.  The reality is that the blue beam has more to do with genetics.  It is super genome technology used to transform living beings into.. anything.

A deleted scene from ‘John Carter’ –  “Look in between.  Look for a glow of blue.”  –  Deja Thoris

“The 9th Ray must be kept in the hands of mindless brutes making control… we’ve been playing this game before the birth of this planet and will continue to do so long after the death of yours.”   – Thern

The 9th Ray..  unlimited power. Sab Than only uses it for slaughter.  But, think of what Helium might accomplish with such power.  Transform the deserts, restore the seas” – Deja Thoris. 

Bluebeam weapons and passive energy were the main issues of concern in the entire storyline

We are told in the film that it transports, injures, propels, and powers devices.  If it does all this, then its use must include genetic construction and manipulation.. we see the relationship with the ‘Spider’ etchings that also match the medallion initiated ‘living’ diagram within the upside down Pyramid scene in the Temple of Iss.  This is why none of the color schemes for weaponry are colored a brilliant purple, green, orange, yellow or even multi-colors in combination in all the films, media, print ads, television programs, and signage today.  Explosions, supernovas, ray guns, lasers, magic wands, propulsion engines, blast offs…  It’s simply just blue with white sparkles.

The blue coloring is the visual device, I think, for when the wrist weapon laser, blaster, etheric energy amplifier, or whatever is doled out to our own children empowered by the New World Order Military Complex.  These kids will be doing exactly what we see in John Carter’s barbarian marauder who used it to take the city of Helium.  The bald headed Thern who represents the Illuminati in real life plays both sides of the fence.

.. She is Issus. Therns are holy messengers of the Goddess. In the time of Oceans they walked among us, guiding us.  We must not offend.  Let us go!”

Here, it is revealed that Mars, like Earth, was a twin planet that underwent the same fate as we are witnessing at this time.  The holy messengers, Therns, pay homage to the goddess, Issus, or Isis, the goddess of motherhood, nature, magic and fertility. The name Isis means “Throne” and it would be logical to say that the Illuminati and the Queen of England are symbolically represented.

Tars Tarkas:  Zodanga, red flags. Helium, blue. Zodanga is winning the war. But I say let red men kill red men until only Tharks remain.
John Carter:  That doesn’t look like a fair fight.
Tars Tarkas:  Zodanga never fights fair.

Zodanga is a Martian city that had long been enemies with the red men of Helium and the green men of  Thark. The kingdom was conquered by John Carter and the green hordes of Thark, with the assistance of many minor hordes. The city then became part of the kingdom of the nation of Helium.  Do you see ‘One World Order’.. a convergence of nations?

Red men killing red men refers to man to man combat.  Red denotes human beings.  Fairness in war is non-existent because it is taught to us by the shape shifters and their minions of the Illuminati.  Black projects/black operations.

[Dejah and John enter (the upside down pyramid) so she follows]
Sola: Dotar Sojat, it is forbidden. It is forbidden!
Deja Thoris: Well, you speak for the goddess. What does she say?
JC: [Seeing the engraving on the temple’s wall] You called me a thern. Is that what she is?
Sola: No! She is Issus. Therns are holy messengers of the goddess. In the time of oceans they walked among us, guiding us. We must not offend. Let us go!


Cydonia in Arizona?  The Hoover Dam may be the pyramid temple of the Issus.

Bottom: Pyramid tomb of Arizona’s first governor George Wylie Paul Hunt, (1859-1934). Hunt served as Arizona’s governor from 1912-1919 and 1923-1933.  The twenty-foot tall tomb atop Papago Park overlooking Phoenix and Tempe was commissioned in 1931 by Hunt as the final resting place of his wife, Helen. Hunt was interred there upon his death in 1934 while Hoover Dam was near completion.  If the Dam is an ‘actual’ pyramid, so too is the governor’s tomb. Right: Reclamations commissioner Elwood Mead was honored by an obscure and rather peculiar secret fraternal order “the Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus”.

By the year 1936, a brand new Pyramid was built right before the eyes of 6 billion people.   Nobody knew but for the circles of secrecy.  What people did know was that Arizona’s first governor, Hunt, preferred pyramid shaped tombs for he and his wife.  He died two years before the dam was officially completed. There was another person who died in the year 1936 when the dam had been completed.  Reclamations Commissioner Dr. Elwood Mead whose last project, the largest of its kind in the world, so happened to complete the lake mead water reclamation project with his very own death.

The official count of deaths during the project, is 96, but figures other than the official one vary up to 114. According to the website of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, figures higher than 96 are including additional deaths such as those prior to the authorization of the dam’s construction, deaths of nearby workers that may or may not have been directly involved with the project, deaths of workers who died of causes unrelated to the project, and deaths of family members of the dam’s construction workers.  This figure did not include Dr. Mead nor the first Governor of the state of Arizona when it was under construction.  Tributes to an ancient ritualistic cause?  My tally is 98 for the official record and 116 including the incidentals.

If the Hoover Dam is indeed a modern day electromagnetic generating machine that uses water for power, it could be possible that the infamous Project referred to as Bluebeam is in fact the 9th Ray energy which will for all intensive purposes.  And, as referenced in John Carter, it can accomplish a number of things.  Hoover Dam, it may well be, is part of the Triangulation system between pyramids on Earth with the coordinated effect between the pyramids of Egypt during the galactic-solar alignment that unleashes some sort of..



Above: Maurice White wrote lyrics in the 1970’s that eluded to a one world love based on fantasy.  He talks of an off world entity other than human and that something other than human seeking our souls.  Click the image above for a full descriptive analysis

The Hollywood Pyramid of Iss

Looking from the South Rim of the Canyon can see the structure called ‘The Isis Temple’. It is a pyramid hewn from the solid rock of the cliff top, and obviously man-made. Two backpackers tell of finding cave entrances that had been deliberately sealed, one having a clear six foot circular pattern carved into the roof. Why would caves that are almost inaccessible need to be sealed up? Was the originally stated location simply a mistake?

It is in the pyramid of Iss that the 9th Ray ‘Genome’ isolate is found.  John and Dejah discuss its power to transport through space as if it is a telegraph, but the truth is if is viewed as the symbolic birth of man, that it has to be telling the story that is a hidden mystery not just in Egypt, but also in Arizona.  Both arid deserts.

In Arizona too?  Why not!  It has been theorized that the Nile River was created by alien technology or directed by such and that if after a cataclysmic event, such as the sinking of Atlantis or the Chicxulub comet or asteroid impact that hit the Yucatán, the structures become covered?  Could an entire star mapped pyramid civilization existed where the Colorado River basin, perhaps an ancient alien civilization construct, be covered from bottom to top with earth?

A new alien visitation or occupation of Earth then comes in to create a river so massive that it chisels out the softer earth from leaving what is seen today; Isis Temple, Tower of Set, and Cheops Pyramid.  Why are these almost square based buttes named after famous ancient Egyptians?

It may be that there is an even more ancient history that predates Egypt.  The Reptilians may have invaded Earth, took over the reigns of control, and built the Egyptian Pyramids, cities, and sculptures long after a pyramid temple system in the southwestern United States.


Nothing qualifies the Grand Canyon to be a “Natural Wonder”

The mistake is that there are categories of 7 wonders of the world.  The Canyon itself is deemed a natural ‘wonder’ while Hoover Dam is an architectural one.  The ‘monuments’ are by definition architectural, sculptural and plain ‘intelligently crafted’ constructs completely foreign to nature, hence should be architectural.. if the secret societies who veiled the canyon’s secret did not mask the true history, it’s ‘alien equation’ cover would be compromised.

By definition, the ‘Monuments of the Grand Canyon’ are not considered natural features, but a deception that they are.  This is why the national park is incorrectly a natural ‘Wonder’.  It should really be an ancient architectural one.  This is why the secret societies call them wonders.. they keep us wondering what they truly are.


n   1)  A statue, building, or other structure erected to commemorate a famous or notable person or event.  2)  A statue or other structure placed by or over a grave in memory of the dead.  Syn:   memorial – cenotaph

(Wiki), The word “monumental” is often used in reference to something of extraordinary size and power, as in monumental sculpture,  but also to mean simply anything made to commemorate the dead, as a funerary monument or other example of funerary art.  The word comes from the Latin “monere,” which means ‘to remind’ or ‘to warn.’ The term is often used to describe any structure that is a significant and legally protected historic work


n    (1)  A monument erected in honor of a dead person whose remains lie elsewhere.

(Wiki) A cenotaph is an “empty tomb” or a monument erected in honor of a person or group of people whose remains are elsewhere. It can also be the initial tomb for a person who has since been interred elsewhere. The word derives from the Greek: “empty”, and taphos, “tomb”. Although the vast majority of cenotaphs are erected in honor of individuals, many noted cenotaphs are instead dedicated to the memories of groups of individuals, such as the lost soldiers of one country or empire.

Proof the ‘monuments’ cannot be officially be considered natural wonders

In November 2006 the USA Today in conjunction with Good Morning America revealed a list of ‘New Seven Wonders’ as chosen by six judges.  The wonders were announced one per day over a week on Good Morning America.  An eighth wonder was chosen on November 24, 2006 from viewer feedback  If viewers only knew the truth.. experts certainly don’t, but should.  One of the many existing lists was compiled by CNN and included the Grand Canyon and its ‘monuments’ as a natural wonder.

The USA Today panel:

Sylvia Earle

Sylvia Earle, is a marine biologist and Time magazine’s first “Hero for the Planet.”  Earle is also a National Geographic Society explorer in residence and has led sixty expeditions with over 6,000 hours of underwater research and exploration.  There are pyramids under water, so why hasn’t she reported on them?  Fail.

Bruce Feiler

Bruce Feiler, author of of best-seller “Walking the Bible and Abraham: A Journey to the Heart of Three Faiths”, Feiler is a self-proclaimed “theological tourist” and has visited over sixty countries on five continents.  I haven’t left the city limits of Tucson to realize the facts.   Fail.

Pico Iyer

Pico Iyer,  has authored over eight books, including “Video Night in Kathmandu” which is considered one of the best travel books ever by USA Today.  Iyer has twice been a ‘Fellow of the World Economic Forum’ in Davos, Switzerland.  And yet, he fails as well. Wonder if he travelled to the canyon.  Fail.

Holly Morris

Holly Morris, wants you to think she is one of these ‘global explorers’.  These are cruise ship opportunists looking for a good time.  She directs, hosts, and executive produces “Adventure Divas” which is a PBS documentary series that profiles innovative women around the world, Morris also is co-founder of Adventure Divas Inc.  Hmmmm, another one of them elitists.  Fail.

Johan Reinhard

Johan Reinhard,  What?  A high-altitude archaeologist?    Never heard of such a thing.  Reinhard is a National Geographic Society explorer in residence.  He discovered the perfectly preserved “ice maiden” Inca mummy on Peru’s Mount Ampato in 1995, among other finds.  I think these are ‘accidental stumbling or tripping over’ finds.  The credit is due to someone who figures out the existance of these ‘finds’ and then finds them.  Big fail.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson,  is an  Astrophysicist at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City as well as director of the Hayden Planetarium.  Tyson has explored star formation, exploding stars, dwarf galaxies and the structure of the Milky Way.  This then is the biggest failure yet.  He of all of them should have known that the star pattern of Orion is a perfect non-coincidental alignment of the monuments of the Grand Canyon chasm.  EPIC FAIL.


(Click above & below  Constellation Orion superimposed

Nobody definitively knows how the Grand Canyon ‘monuments’ were formed, however, the man to the left may know something

Steve Martin

Grand Canyon, Ariz. – Steve Martin, Superintendent of Grand Canyon National Park, has announced his retirement on January 1, 2011.  Martin, who began and now ends his career at Grand Canyon, is a 35 year career National Park Service National Park Service veteran with experience as a park ranger, natural and cultural resource manager, business manager, superintendent and senior leader.  As Superintendent of Grand Canyon National Park, he managed all park programs as well as a staff of 500 who are responsible for this magnificent world renowned icon. The 1.2 million acre park is a World Heritage site and listed as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The park receives 4.5 million visitors each year from all over the world and is the homeland to eleven affiliated tribes. Prior to becoming Superintendent at Grand Canyon, Martin completed a two year assignment as Deputy Director of the National Park Service in Washington, DC, the most senior career position in the Service.

As Deputy Director, he supervised all operations of the NPS including 390 park units, a $2.2 billion dollar budget and 20,000 employees. From September 2003 to April 2005, he served as Regional Director of the Inter mountain Region overseeing 88 parks in eight states. Prior to these key management roles, Superintendent Martin had a long field career, including Superintendent of Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, and Denali National Park & Preserve and Gates of the Arctic National Park & Preserve in Alaska. At Gates of the Arctic, he worked with Alaska Natives on cooperative conservation involving subsistence, wilderness and resource protection, and eco-tourism. Superintendent Martin completed a Bachelor of Science degree in resource management from the University of Arizona in 1975. That same year, he began his NPS career as a law enforcement river and back country ranger and resource manager on the Colorado River at Grand Canyon National Park, focusing on resource protection and management of recreation. He also served as District Ranger of the Old Faithful and North Districts at Yellowstone National Park, as Chief of Concessions at Yellowstone and as Chief Ranger at Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota. Martin commented on his NPS career, “Living and working in some of the most beautiful places on earth, with some of the best people in the world, has been a great privilege and adventure—for me and our family. We have great memories of places and people and now look forward to spending more time out and about in national parks and protected places around the world.”  -NPS-

Nor did they know how long it took and the time frame of millions of years means nothing when evidence is speculative.  Therefore, I’ll offer my theory which simplifies the matter, as matters are usually the simplest, and leave it to you to form your opinion after relating what some others have noted.

The Colorado River is also observed today appearing to be younger than recorded.  It flows out of the Rockies and then meets the Kaibab Upwarp which is epic in area and size.  Instead of being diverted, the river runs right through the Upwarp where it flattens out and starts its voyage into the Sea of Cortez.  It is said that this region is millions of years younger than the eastern part of the river.

The Canyon could have merged into one from two separate ancient river basins and formed at different geologic eras.  One theory holds that the Kaibab Upwarp began to rise at a rate that exactly matched the river’s capacity to erode the landscape. According to this view, the canyon cutting took place gradually, with the river staying in place and the land around it rising upward.

This theory held sway for more than 50 years, Dr. Young said, but today it has few adherents because too many pieces of the puzzle do not fit. For example, a major part of the riverbed shows strong evidence of being younger than the Kaibab Upwarp.

A popular theory from the 1960’s held that one of the rivers came down from Colorado or Utah, flowed south along the course of what is now the Little Colorado River and joined the Rio Grande into the Gulf of Mexico. Meanwhile, to the west, a small unnamed river flowed across the Basin and Range province and into the Gulf of California.

This younger river, or stream drainage system, was vigorous and steep, according to this theory. Through a process called headward erosion, it gradually moved eastward, gobbling up the land around its headwaters in Pac-Man fashion, until it met up with the ancestral upper Colorado.

This younger river captured the older river, Dr. Reynolds said, established its present course and then carved the Grand Canyon only four million to six million years ago.

Another theory holds that the ancestral Colorado flowed from the north and into a huge lake in central Arizona, laying down the so-called Bidahochi formation.

On the other hand, some people think that Hopi Lake could have filled from an unknown source to overflowing about five million years ago and somehow broken over a barrier that had separated it from the Colorado River. This would have created a catastrophic flood that carved the Grand Canyon very quickly, within a couple million years, Dr. Ort said. The problem with this idea is that no Bidahochi sediments have been found anywhere in the present Colorado River drainage. Again, physical proof of the theory is lacking.

Finally, several researchers are now saying that the existing Colorado River did carve the Grand Canyon but did so while flowing in the opposite direction of today.

I have a sense that if Aliens were behind this as an operation to exhume, conduct their geological dig so to speak, or other, that they would have no time to waste.  Even if a species is immortal, no one would care to spend millions of years in wait for a pyramid to be revealed.  I go with the 3-Day Formation Theory.  Perhaps this happened during the time of the great flood.

And the source for this flood could not have happened with a down pouring of exhaustive rain.  The ice age ended at the time of the Reptilian arrival almost 11,000 years ago.  If technology beyond our imagination was used to melt the polar caps, then this would be the earthly welling of water.  What they uncovered then was the North American pyramid cities that reflect a mirror of the stars above (and so below) as a spring board to manufacture a civilization in North Africa next door to the Sinai Desert.  And so on and so forth..

A question is raised as to what evidence shows a massive river running to the south from the melting polar cap, or some lake/sea bed.  Answer could be that the Rocky Mountains rose which changed the geo design from a river route (canyon perhaps) into mountainous range.  All that water could have caused a rupture underneath the crust that brought about massive volcanic activity that built the rocky mountains.

Just what did the Dead Sea Scrolls say?

The god depicted in scriptures were that of the Anunnaki, the alien beings from Nibiru.  If it is true that the god in the Bible said that he created a flood, then this is the evidence showing that it was done in part to uncover the north American pyramids.  If it was not the Anunnaki, then it was the Reptilian war party that melted the ice caps ending the ice age in order to bring enough water into the area for this rapid and major ‘archeological dig’ of ancient architecture predating the Sumerian historical accounts.

Supposing Hoover Dam is a structure that is does something.. I wonder

or something does to it, I offer a couple theories as to why 2.0 Richter scale measurements were recorded at the dam itself.  It could be that a massive void is being created by removing earth underneath Hoover dam so that it would collapse, like the Dam’s elevator that represents up and down movements.  Or, that they created a double ended pyramid with the one underneath pointing downward to a point.  Double ended crystals offer more energy potential.  It is known that when people visited the generating station within the dam, most vehicles or items not privy to the public would be hidden and now, tourists are not allowed to view the room for their reasons regarding terrorism.

I think they’re overhauling that room for the technology used to run Bluebeam.. I would guess.

It was reported In 1909 that a certain G.E. Kincaid of the Smithsonian Institute documented a startling archeological discovery. 2,000 feet up the Grand Canyon wall above the Colorado river and forty-two miles upstream from the El Tovar crystal canyon a cave entrance to a vast underground citadel.  This city of geometric pattern is almost a mile deep with several hundred rooms, but that the full extent of the it was still impossible to estimate.

Yet, the story becomes nebulous when the Smithsonian stated that it had no record of Mr. Kincaid or the expedition funding agent from the institution, Professor Jordan, on record.  In one inquiry from the year 2000, the Smithsonian replied: “We have received many questions about an article in the April 5, 1909 Phoenix Gazette about G. E. Kincaid and his discovery of a ‘great underground citadel’ in the Grand Canyon, hewn by an ancient race ‘of oriental origin, possibly from Egypt.’ […] The Smithsonian’s Department of Anthropology, has searched its files without finding any mention of a Professor Jordan, Kincaid, or a lost Egyptian civilization in Arizona. Nevertheless, the story continues to be repeated in books and articles.” There is room for a cover-up, of course, as some have argued.

Hieroglyphics similar to those found in Egypt  were engraved on urns, tablets and around doorways.

JC: [Seeing the carvings in the temple of the Tharks] Can you read it?
Deja: It’s old scripture.
JC: What’s it mean?
Deja: “To those who seek the solace of eternity, may journey down the river through the sacred Gates of Iss and find everlasting peace in the bosom of Issus.”
JC: The Gates of Iss.

The Great Pyramid’s of Giza also appear in John Carter.  This pyramid is embedded within the only sacred water source found on Mars (Barzoom).  While upside down and inconspicuous, this rather organic looking non natural object is actually perfectly geometric. Its top face is square.  It is the base of a Pyramid.  And like the great pyramid on Earth, there is a library of information that is off limits.

Hoover Dam Expected to be the next 9/11” predicts the secret society’s sacrificial symbolic birth of the ‘Newman’.  While the prediction has passed the May 20th due date, it is possible it will based on the ‘tells’ depicted in John Carter.

What is interpreted In the Temple of Issus, the ancient scripture on the wall is also mirrored with the meaning behind Hoover Dam.  The arid desert of the southwest United States, it seems, is the place that closely emulates Egypt and the depiction of Mars in John Carter. There are many visual at the dam as well as in the film that references to ‘Two’ towers and the subtle, yet prominent structures that make up Hoover Dam.  It may be that  the message read by Thoris to John while in the sacred temple, “To those who seek the solace of eternity, may journey down the river (Colorado) through the sacred Gates (Hoover Dam) of Iss and find everlasting peace in the bosom (Barsoom) of Issus (Isis)” is exactly what is intended to be replicated in Black Canyon on the Colorado River.

So what if it’s a pyramid?

It’s a pyramid alright and it’s probably been designed from the drawing board to act as an energetic machine unto it’s own.  It has the power of water (goddess Halcion) and is part of their symbolic genetics program (goddess Cyblele of fertility).  A scene in the film Mars Needs Moms where the character Milo encounters Alien environments, there are machines of some sort that directly mimic the turbine motors of Hoover Dam.  Instead of horizontal, they turbines are vertical like the tires of a car.

Set Designs are saturated with freemasonry elements

Artifacts and aesthetic elements are found in great detail throughout Helium.  The engravings on the sculptured walls and adornments all have a common theme.  It is the geometry of the compass and square found as the Gnostic symbol of the Freemasons.

But, it is also in the pyramid of Iss where the six headed beast is revealed.  Janus, the god of chaos and deception perhaps?

Janus held a key.  But, there was also the fertility goddess Cybele that bore one as well.  These are the two keys that the Pope emblazons on his arms as the ensigns of his authority.  The keys have a relationship to the cross genetic breeding of male and female chromosomes as shown to us by the Tree of Life, the water intake towers of Hoover Dam, and on the fifty dollar bill when folded.

There also is the reference to another goddess; one of the sea.  Alcyone which is denoted by the emblem that John Carter wears and correlates to one of the tiled terrazo floor designs of a geometric figure called ‘Alcyone’.

Astrolabs – What are they?

There are two very different versions as to whom this mythological Janus really was.  Janus is Latin for “archway” as seen in the connecting cities of Helium and the newly constructed bypass bridge at Hoover Dam. Could the true meaning of the Freemason Royal Arch mean this?

Janus was the Roman god of gateways and beginnings, often depicted as having two faces looking in opposite directions.  As a god of motion he looks after passages, causes the initiation of actions, presides on all beginnings and since movement and change are bivalent (is a pair of associated homologous chromosomes held together by a complex after chromosome replication) he has a double nature, symbolized in his two headed image.  His two faces (originally, one was always bearded, one clean-shaven; later both bearded) originally represented the sun and the moon. He was usually depicted with a key. Janus’ head is a popular phrase for deception, that is, when action does not match speech.

“The man never stopped digging. All over the world. No sooner he started digging one hole then he was off to Java, or the Orkney Islands, digging another..”, said Dalton says to Burroughs. Everywhere the Anunnaki has encouraged us to dig, they’ve eventually taken and off loaded it as we’ll see in the film Cowboys and Aliens. The Reptilian and Greys fought for that gold as well as for control over human beings.  They cannot win this war. Next is a look at Cowboys and Aliens.

Summary:  First, I thank you for reading this material.  Whether you take it to others responsibly or discredit it any way you see fit.  As long as a voice is heard for those to contemplate.  Again, I don’t know everything as it’s just so massive, but the feedback I get helps enormously.  This is why I put it out to you ready or not.  What was said in this film as well as in others throughout time is that these “Therns” have done this time and again.  this means they have a protocol for any resistance including even if we all band together to kill them all.  Imprisonment for some, but because there is psychic and alien technology that can’t be removed while one sits in a cell, that entity can remove itself and re-conduct the business of killing us.  For this reason I fear that no matter what, we’re hosed.  And they’ll get their way.  As long as I fight a valiant fight using my knowledge and putting to words, my survival experience (and let me tell you that I’m really off the grid within the grid) I have devoted my life to finding a solution that restores us to our symbiotic mother and living creature friends.  I love Earth and won’t let it die without a good ol’ fashioned fight.  I just don’t have the heart to pull any triggers.

My point:  They all have to die.  It’s what Alex Jones says we can achieve peacefully without a fight.  He’s working for them don’t you see.  Mike Adams, the crew, everyone associated with the Austin command center to control the alternative media is ‘them’.  Please see it.  This is why for 4 hours a day, 5 days a week plus weekend shows, 365 days a year for years now not one.. not even a tiny resolve has ever been produced for the people by prisonplanet and inforwars.  It’s all about alarming, provoking and fooling people into the state of being entertained.  Not one thing has ever really caused a change dramatic enough to halt the NWO.

I have fortunately never defaulted to giving the benefit of the doubt or re-patronize the show.   My blogs get to them of course.. how can they not.  And yet, his producers refuse to address topics regarding the Giffords investigation, anything dealing with chemtrails, and certainly because of my article referencing the Pope.  They can’t touch that topic.  Do you see it now?


Film III – “Cowboys and Aliens”

Gold is what they’re after.. all of it

“The man never stopped digging. All over the world. No sooner he started digging one hole then he was off to Jaava or the Orkney Islands digging another. He said it was pure research, but it always seemed to me like he was looking for something. Well, God granting, he’s found it now.”

Right: The similarities between alien battle crafts are by no mistake and by no means coincidences.   Design teams are given parameters for each film’s conceptual designs and subtly directed to what art directors ultimately decide upon.  All props for Hollywood sets have similar repetitive traits.  This applies to music, the melody and tones murmuring before the title credits, color schemes, theatrical behavior and character appearances. These alien war crafts may very well reflect the real ones on Mars as proven with the royal winged figure wearing a Martian astrological Astrolab.

Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard among the executive producers put out a story of a lone cowboy who leads an uprising against a terror from alien ‘Anunnaki’ from Nibiru. This story takes place in Arizona Territory in a town called Absolution in a mountain range very near to the mythical Iron Door Mine of the Santa Catalina Mountains of Oro Valley Tucson where the incredible ‘Congress on your Corner Massacre’ took place first week of the year 2011.  The Iron Door Mine’s legend has it that Jesuit Priests were ordered to seal off the entrance with an Iron door.  The cash of gold would one day be mined for a future event.

The cowboy, Jake, wakes up to find he has lost his memory and a mysterious shackle that can’t be removed is unremoveable on his wrist.

The shackle can only be one thing.  It’s blue holographic capabilities and powerfully destructive capabilities are equaled by the organic shape shifting wrist band used by the secret society chieftain, Matai Shang, in John Carter.  In both films, this device has a power seemingly all of its own.  The common theme is that it ends up in the wrong hand in both plot lines.

‘Absolution’ lies in the Pinaleño Mountains not far from Tucson.  Tucson is the home of the mysterious “Iron Door” mine owned by Flint Carter, an acquaintance of mine, tells the history of how gold was taken which is not recorded.  I have a theory as to why this is so and will reveal it as the Gabrielle Giffords investigation continues through the trial of Jared Lee Loughner.  The Trillion Dollar Lawsuit brought about by the Dragon Families of Asia against the Federal Reserve may be linked.  This mine was purported to have immense gold cache stores.

The character role played by the female alien protagonist, Ella, represented the same alien entity as Matai Shang of John Carter.  She could shift into a being of her choice and here, the illusion that she is on the side of human kind, she is the Reptilian controllers posing as the Anunnaki.  In reality, it is gold that they want, but having been defeated by the Reptilians over the wars that preceded their rule beginning 10,800 years ago, it is time that the Anunnaki return in 2012 for one last showdown with the Reptilians for Earth’s gold.  And every thing else.  Most importantly, dominion over the people of this planet.

(Click to enlarge) Ella is eternal because in the film Cowboys and Aliens, she is unharmed by fire.. and she demonstrates heroism by misleading her own sacrifice by destroying the alien ship that has stolen gold from the Arizona territory.  She is of another dimension and lives on.  What is really happening is that she represents the life extension program, the Reptilians posing as the Anunnaki, and in this film is defending the gold here on Earth for her species own civilization.   She  survives fire which is reference to how the controllers of humans plan to burn the Earth “Armageddon” and survive it underground while we incinerate.  This is all done in complete switch and bait.  Since it is the Reptilians that run Hollywood, it is my contention and through my interpretation that they are giving us a glimpse as to the war they are fighting.. and exactly what it is they battle for.

Jake:  What do you want? Come clean or I’ll kill you.
Ella:  They took my people too.  I’ve been looking for them for a long time.  I know you can help me find them..

Jake is told that he is not alone in the fight against the aliens.  Ella attempts to join Jake by telling him that they “took her people too”.  What this may mean is the reference to the Reptilian war against the Anunnaki and that she indeed represents them.  Unfortunately for us, they are acting as if they are on the good side of mankind when really it is to align with them.  What I cannot understand, however, is why a Reptilian story line would do this.

The diagrams on Jake’s bracelet above shows a split second transition

where the “9th Ray” or “Spider” symbol changes into the Illuminati triangle symbols at the moment of detonation.  I hadn’t expected to see this symbol represented in Cowboys and Aliens on this level, however,  It did make a precisely timed appearance for a fractional second.. the wrist band now turned explosive device where it was detonated.  This was brief, yet profoundly there.  Because the audience is sitting on edge at the moment of the grand finale, this ‘Spider’ symbol is flashed before our eyes at the moment of ‘conception’, so to speak, when the ‘big bang’ occurs as the space ship explodes.


A striking deal between Lucas Films & Disney

Owner, founder, and chairman George Lucas has cut a deal with the Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn in exchange for his studio for just over $4,000,500,000.00 including million shares of stock (40,000,000). Disney will be making a seventh installment set for release in 2015 followed by an eighth and ninth  in the years to follow.  The good news is that the world isn’t coming to an end in 2012 like everyone thinks.  Kathleen Kennedy, currently the co-chairman of Lucasfilm and one to watch out for, will become president who will be the liaison tethered to Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn and most likely Robert Iger also a chair and the CEO.

What this means is that Disney, who has made two films that directly correlate with the Mars as well as the human genome projects, has merged with the maker of Star Wars in which the link to the theory that Hoover Dam is home to an alien technology, possibly BlueBeam and the probability that it is a portal to the Galaxies and beyond and that the true wars are our Sun turned into a Death Star against other star systems in a highly secretive ‘Star Wars’ plot.  A real life Star Wars plot.

This business deal with tighter relationships not severed is a prime example of the converging of the New World Order.  Like the corporations, we never had a true two party political system.. they always worked as one.  Same difference with the entertainment industry.

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