A Heart attack can be a CO2 poisoning.. here’s the fix

What is that to the right?

Pictured is the heart’s circulatory system that feeds blood to the muscles that comprise the heart.  The heart is designed with a rather interesting muscle arrangement.  There are seven muscles incorporated into the structure and it wraps around using the Fibonacci formula known as the Golden paradigm. Medical scientists will claim that there are four chambers because that’s all they see, but in truth, there are five.  This is an entirely different topic and I’ll post an article to support the claim at a future time.

Disclaimer notice:  I’m not a practicing license physician.  I stake no claims nor sell any products that this article and the contents are cures or treatments exhibit.  Although I’d like to, I can’t for obvious reasons concerning the predatorial adversary known as the AM of A, etc.  The consultation with your medical doctor must be taken before you use foot reflexology while waiting for emergency medical teams to arrive in the event of heart attack. 

For now, I’ll demonstrate an approach that should save the health of your someone suffering a heart attack.  Your help will subvert any damage that would otherwise be inherited while paramedics (“the help”) are in transit.  Your special someone, or newly made friend may award you something valuable in private when you explain that if not for you, they’d be subject to the perpetual medical merry-go-round.

How did I learn of this?

Years ago, I began my health and nutrition training by first reading Dr. Norman Walker’s book “Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices“.  I also read everything else he published to make sure he was the real deal.  Dr. Walker was one of the 1970’s leading health food advocates and one of the first to promote vegetable juicing as a protocol important for renourishing the body back from a sickened conditioned to health.  He observed and practiced this based on his very own experience.

In one of his books, and honestly I can’t remember which although it may be the one on colon health, he tells the story of one of his patients who during one evening made an emergency call to him.  Her husband was experiencing what she said was a heart attack.  He was clutching his heart and on the floor suffering.  In desperation she frantically pleaded with Dr. Walker on what to do.

He asked if she remembered the foot reflexology chart he had given her and her answer was yes.  he said to find it and locate the area on the LEFT foot where the heart is located.  She said that she found it.  He then told her to remove her husband’s left shoe and apply pressure to the heart point and hold for as long as it takes for her husband to respond.  She did as was told.

All they are doing is squishing the toxic CO2 throughout the heart

After a very short while, while still on the phone, Dr. Walker asked what happened.  His patient said that her husband felt better and that the pain had disappeared.  He then asked “What else?”

Resuscitating the heart is accomplished using shock therapy either with adrenaline, electric paddles, and chest compressions.

She was reluctant to say, but then admitted that her husband expelled an awful lot of gas at both ends.  The stench was something unbearable.  Dr. Walker laughed and then explained what had happened.

He said that the problem was due to trapped carbonic acid in the most likely place – the transverse section of the large intestine.  The Transverse colon, he said, is book ended by the hepatic and splenic flexures which when pinched, or blocked, trap whatever is in between.  If there is a reaction where the acid expands with carbon dioxide that it has nowhere to go but through the intestinal walls and into the digestive area underneath the organs including the heart sac.  When the CO2 seeps through the lining and to the heart, it pollutes it with enough carbon dioxide to suffocate the heart into submission.  While heart disease is a factor in which occluded arteries are involved, the closure of arterial vessels are not always the culprit in the actual event and that extra gas precipitating in seals the deal causing the muscles to be depleted of oxygen.  The CO2 simply overcomes the heart causing the paralysis of its function.  When the gas in the intestines is released, the atmosphere around the heart changes immediately to safety

How does this work?  Why the left foot of all places?

The heart is located on the left side of the body.  Unless you know the subject experiencing the attack, most people are born with this organ on the left side.  If the person is a stranger  and is coherent, ask if they have a left or right side heart.  This could mean life or death.  If you happen to have a right side hearted person in your hands, take the right shoe off and do the opposite of the diagram shown below.

I boarded a city bus and observed the driver, somebody I was familiar with, on her cell phone.  She looked pained and was slumped over to a degree.  I asked what the problem was and if I could help.  She said that her arm was in pain and that she felt like she was experiencing severe heartburn, but it felt like an attack.  I told her to take her left shoe off and apply pressure to the heart point.  In 30 seconds she felt A LOT better.  I presented the embarrassing question that needed to be asked, “did you pass gas?”  Her answer was yes.  I explained to her what had happened.  To my delight, she has helped countless people by spreading the message.

With your right hand, apply pressure using your right hand thumb at the heart location.  With your left hand, apply pressure first at the corner where the splenic flexure is.  This ‘elbow turn’ location going downward towards the exit is where the colon may be pinched.  These pressure points are on off switches that help to stimulate or relax the colon into action, or submission. In this case it is the expansion that allows pressurized gas to escape down the descending colon and out the rear end (forgive me)..

Another place where carbon dioxide may not have any other place to escape is within the stomach. This may be a result when one isn’t belching enough after consuming a ‘Big Gulp’ soda, or a six pack or more of beer as examples.  Typically, the stomach lining is impervious to the contents of the stomach for the reason it doesn’t want the natural hydrochloric acid to leach beyond its lining, but alcohol and gas certainly can.  And does.  The heart then is attacked at two gas bag fronts – stomach and colon.  If soda containing phosphoric acid or the amount of water contained in it as well as beer, then hydrochloric acid is neutralized causing the inefficient breakdown of food.  This food then can, if in incorrect combinations with other food, build up toxic gas that also leaches into the heart area.  The woman in Dr. Walkers story included the fact that her husband belched as well.

Where the doctor stops short, I add the intestinal points important for releasing trapped gas and stimulating the colon to expel it.  Pressing only the heart point as described by Norman Walker may not do the trick.  If you only have one hand, alternate the two pressure points.  If you have no hands, use the elbow, big toe, or the heal of your foot.

Waiting for medical assistance and pounding on the chest is harmful

And, they won’t take the blame.. trust me.  They’ll implicate you for ‘not doing anything’ and or you’ll blame yourself from then on for not doing anything ‘responsible’ to help.  But, you can.  Knowledge is power.  To remain safe, never tell them that you fixed the problem.  They don’t want this news to awaken the sleeping.  Conduct CPR only when the person has stopped breathing and the heart has stopped beating.  Meanwhile, if the person is conscious and struggling, take the shoe off without even asking to do so.

What could and would happen when a ‘suffocation’ occurs if nothing fundamentally immediate is done

Using an analogy is best:  My nephew, a paraplegic bound to a wheelchair, was beat over the head and his money taken by ruthless neighbors.   Law enforcement arrived and felt that he was okay after putting him back in his chair.  The event was logged in, but that was it, and I couldn’t believe that law enforcement didn’t put out a search party.  He didn’t want to make an issue of it I suppose.  But, after 24 hours, other neighbors concerned that he wasn’t ‘around’ found him passed out in his house. Dehydrated and unconscious and already brain damaged, he made it to the hospital in the condition where blood had entered his brain case and caused severe and permanent cellular drowning.  The medics before this conditions was determined assumed that he didn’t need to have pressure alleviated.  In their infinite wisdom elected not to do the right procedure of removing some of the skull, the hospital itself should be held responsible.  And now he’s a permanent vegetable.

The wait was past overdue..  don’t wait for the inept to act ineptly


The Red Cross maintains that the traditional CPR method should be used over the UofA scientist ‘cliff note’ version.

Although this is an analogy, a true one, the same happens when the wait for paramedics take too long to arrive at the scene.   You can make a difference and while pounding on the chest is not a crime, it will be when following these directions instead of theirs, so don’t be a hero and please, do not tell how you saved a life.  Just don’t.

Applying pressure in key areas of the foot has nothing to do with causing a problem, but in logical reasoning aids in the bodies ability to recover.   If a person is still breathing and heart pumping, there is no need to conduct CPR which is industry rules, therefore, sitting there doing nothing until they arrive is meaningless.

University of Arizona medical ‘criminals’..

.. assume the responsibility under the protection of the American Medical Association announce they have the solution to heart attack victims.

If the University of Arizona is taking a risk based on a nebulous study, or report, and allows this to posted for all lay persons who are not qualified to save lives (as they truly are not qualified to ‘redo’ what the Red Cross won’t ‘redo’, then I’m safe showing you how to save a life too.  Their ‘hands only’ technique doesn’t work as well as the foot refloxology ‘hands only’ technique.  You make the choice.

‘Scientists’ they are.. go figure.. say that “simply pushing fast and hard on the victim’s chest works just as well — and likely better’  They said that national experts now agree.  Likely?  Are they not certain?   I question who these experts are.  I question the study.  Was there a true study?  How can a study be done?  If one was conducted, were heart attacks induced?  Sickness.  Sickness in the media putting this out there.

The Arizona Daily Star article states that The American Heart Association ‘finally’ adopted and endorses what is known as the “new CPR” or “hands-only CPR” long advocated by the University of Arizona scientists who developed it.”  Caution to this statement for the reason one asks why would they ‘finally’ adopt it and when was it considered and for how long and why?  The American Red Cross doesn’t endorse this.

the reason for authenticating this madness is, and the only one on the surface, the Heart Association based the procedure European and Japanese studies that showed omitting mouth-to-mouth breathing from CPR doesn’t reduce survival rates.  And that’s it.   This line of text is installed to confuse the reader into the belief that there is an increase in survival.


Things to consider

The Habaniero chili is a mighty hot pepper.  Just one of these can relieve the heart and save it from experience muscle tissue death.  Believe it or not, these are rarely over ten cents each.  There are companies that are enriching themselves on a patented cream containing the compound caspacian derived from hot peppers, but you can grow them in your garden and make your own cream.

It is important to know the condition of a person that you live with or are close to for the readiness necessary if a time comes when you’re available to assist during a heart attack event.  Please conference with the medical practitioner to know precisely what the condition of the health of the heart and body is of the subject in mind.  You need to know if a person has a pace maker near or over the heart area so as not to pound over it if CPR is required to perform.  Arterial occlusions and deterioration of tissue is also important to keep in mind.   I have to say this “Do not perform anything I’ve written in this document”.  Oye vey.  Okay, so we’re all clear both you and I.

Magnesium chloride is known to stop pain.  Magnesium chloride may be added to water on hot days to keep the body hydrated.  Chili peppers are also known to alleviate heart pain and prevent damage during a heart attack.

Peppers contain caspacian which dilates the entire circulatory system conduits by which blood flows more freely.  Hot peppers, therefore, are ideal for reducing blood pressure due to constricted veins, arteries, capillaries, and also aid in keeping the vessels lucid and pliable if used regularly.  The reason is that constant dilation stretches the otherwise hardening vessels.  It keeps them ‘limber’ and malliable.  The vitamin that addresses this also happens to be vitamin B3.  Niacin is this vitamin.  Niacin is nicotinic acid.  Nicotinic acid dilates the outer, or flesh tissue blood vessels which is why you ‘flush’ when the right dosage of Vitamin b3 is taken.  This lowers blood pressure and would also be useful when someone is experiencing an attack.

Niacinimide is an amide of nicotinic acid.  What it does is enlarge (dilates) the deep tissue blood vessels.  For people suffering from blood flow issues within the body, this is an ideal supplement to take as well for general health typically with one who has a weak heart.

Iridology is the study of the eye which can be helpful in identifying trouble areas with the intestines. While the pupil is a window into the soul, the Iris is a window into the digestive tract.  The eye you see to the right was once blue in color.  When this person changes the diet and cleans the bowels, the natural color of blue will be restored.. the brown will disappear.

When the colon experiences a ‘prolapsed’ condition, it means that it is sagging down and applying pressure on the organs beneath it.  This happens when supportive membranes are weak and when there is residue that weights it down.  Colon cleansing, therefore, is important in correcting this problem.  But, because the transverse section is out of alignment, there tends to be an increased possibility that the hepatic and splenic flexures are bent to the point they restrict flow from one end to the other.  If these areas or pinched, the probability of gas building up is so great that more episodes of heart aches occur.  The heart, thus, is suffering from toxic surrounding gasses that have leached from the stomach and large intestine.


Hyperbaric chambers

To think about.. the insertion of a oxygen feeder tube in the lungs does nothing but sit in the lungs.  Unless the heart is strong and the circulatory system open, the oxygen has no engine and wheels to service the suffocating trillions of cells of the body.

I strongly recommend that you seek the confidence of a medical practitioner who will be receptive to your needs.  In the case of a poor heart condition which can lead to a heart attack, the use of a hyperbaric chamber is recommended.  I would hope that your consideration to using one despite the limitations of a medical plan or the Obama plan that you spend the money for treatment.

The reason why this chamber is important is that pure oxygen is pushed through the outer layer of your body called the permeable skin.  It seeps deep within the body and enriches all the cells of the organs and tissues that don’t receive adequate supplies of oxygen due to a weakly pumping heart.  Before and after a heart attack occurs, ask that you or the person hospitalized is placed in the hyperbaric chamber until the heart regains its composure.

Five minutes in a compression chamber sure makes sense, no?  Of course.  Don’t argue with your doctor, just move to the next until you find one agreeable to the logic.




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