You make abundant interferon that cures Hepatitis C – Here’s how

Hepatitis C is nothing more than a group of nasty bugs that don’t belong in the liver.  The liver’s defense mechanism is to manufacture the highest grade, organically pure, and highly destructive compound to pathogenic invaders known to man (but not to the medically conditioned).  It is a compound called INTERFERON and it is especially formulated to maintain a clean room environment in the liver.

It was named interfere-on for the reason it interferes with these microorganisms.

The conventional western spin says that Hepatitis C can only be treated with interferon and they’re right, but the truth is that theirs is synthetic and yours is natural by 10 or more times the efficacy WITHOUT THE LOSS OF HAIR AND A YEARS WORTH OF AGGRAVATING SICKNESS.

It is suspected that the CDC quests to identify 800,000 people which this recommendation is the method by which the elderly are targeted and easily infected with this one time test.. I’m not certain, but there is a chance that the infection is administered through the test or that in their method, that the elderly are coerced into taking the vaccine.. Below is “Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report’s” promotional image featuring elderly people smiling (pdf).    The publication’s title is utterly morbid itself.

Days after the CDC recommended using propaganda on August 17, 2012, that all Americans born from 1945 through 1965 get tested for Hep C.  While Hepatitis is primarily transferred by intravenous drug use the studies that show that Baby boomers account for 75 percent of the hepatitis C cases in the United States, even though they make up only 27 percent of the total population it is highly unlikely that these people from that generation were as messed up as today’s GenY, X, and Z’ers with hepatitis who in larger numbers liberally share needles. 


Big Medica and their goal

Bristol-Myers Squibb announced and was reported in the New York Times that it was discontinuing development of a hepatitis C drug that it had acquired in a $2.5 billion deal.  Nine patients in a clinical trial testing with BMS-986094 on the 1st of August, 2012, had to be hospitalized – one of them was killed by heart attack.   The article states that Bristol-Myers was in a “heated race to develop a combination of pills to treat hepatitis C”   So, what do you think the hurry is for?  Is there an ulterior motive behind the creation of a solution when the problem is not even rearing an ugly head?  The solution is ugly when you review Napolitano to infect and kill humans with Clostridium difficile

ImageThe goals of HCV treatment are to remove the virus from the blood and reduce the risk of cirrhosis and liver cancer that can result from long-term HCV infection using synthetic chemicals.

They advocate by pushing treatments using medications known as pegylated interferon alfa, a contrive from nature, with ribavirin and a conglomerate of antiviral and expensive no doubt medications.  They claim that “any patients with hepatitis C benefit from treatment with medications”, but do they really?  Isn’t a years worth of miserable anxiety and sickness non-beneficial to physical and mental health?  Who wants to be forced to wear a hat, subscribe to the ‘bald’ fashion, or puke and have the runs for so long?  Certainly not you or me.

This charade then can be considered Chemo Therapy

Ad campaigns for HepC evaluations and treatment is geared towards the Baby Boomers.  Articles that post in major news outlets, such as the image for an article on HepC in the New York Times, only represent people born before 1965 when any age group that share drug needles are equally affected.  There can be no doubt that a behind the scenes agenda for getting my father, for instance, unwittingly infected.


Here’s their approach

  • Patients receive weekly injections of pegylated interferon alfa.
  • Genotype 1 patients take Ribavirin, which is a capsule taken twice daily which is known to sponsor birth defects and women are cautioned to becoming pregnant during and for 6 months after treatment.  Also given is Ribavirin for 24 to 48 weeks.

These medications have a number of side effects, and patients are constantly observed while on these toxic fetus deforming miracle working drugs.

Liver transplant is recommended for those with advanced cancer and Cirrhosis.

Then, they have the audacity to tell victims of their long listed warning labeled treatment that they should..

As agendas go, the potential that Hepatitis strains have been recently developed within the past two years for the intention of infecting the worlds people, the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation has taken diligent steps towards the support of teams creating these new infections and the Pharmaceutical companies race to create their antidotes delivered by vaccine, in which the foundation will take to the masses.  The next phase of vaccination may be an adjuvant, for those who accepted the first round vaccination of live H1N1 shots doled out in 2009. These are laboratory grown genetically engineered strains of Hepatitis C targeted to North Americans as well as worldwide. They are currently working to modify insects, such as the mosquito, that would deliver nasty pathogens to livestock as well as you and me.  They create the disease and at the same time the antidote.  But, the antidote deception posing as the HepC vaccine further perpetuates the disease.  It’s all about eugenics and enrichment purposes to fund these projects folks.
  • Be careful not to take vitamins, nutritional supplements, or new over-the-counter medications without first discussing it with their health care provider.
  • Avoid any substances that are toxic to the liver, including alcohol. Even moderate amounts of alcohol speed up the progression of hepatitis C, and alcohol reduces the effectiveness of treatment.
  • Get vaccinated against hepatitis A and B.

I won’t even comment on the first item.  But, while alcohol can be detrimental to health if the liver is unable to process an ounce of ethanol per hour, but once you finish this article, you may reconsider how they play with our intellect.  I do recommend not drinking, but I wouldn’t refrain one from doing so as it is your personal choice.  I don’t treat people for pay, advocate that this advice be taken without the advice of your naturopathic medical doctor.  The third one must have been written by Bill Gates himself.   Don’t ask me how I know this.  I just know.  Seriously though the Gates are part of the depopulation program and have adopted this act of rage upon humans as a precept for their dominion over earth and its inhabitants.   Your interferon will treat A,B,C, and the rest of the Hepatitis alphabet.


An existing natural approach using Coconut oil

Raw virgin organic and natural coconut oil’s legendary monoglycerides of MonoLaurin, MonoCaprin, MonoMyristin and MonoCaprylin along with hundreds of clinical studies shows that these compounds, especially monolaurin, kills the hepatitis virus directly and fights internal body infections.

Okay., coconut oil is fine as an outside food source, but how is interferon created in the liver?  Tell me what to do!

The easiest way to say it is for you to find a way to ‘belly laugh’.  I’ll expand on laugh therapy since you’ve already heard this news, so don’t give up the article yet.  In the case of liver damage, interferon production and secretion cannot be triggered by any food, vitamin, mineral, special water, meditation, acupuncture, emotional freedom technique therapy or the water rebirthing therapy as I’ve discussed in other cure articles.


An Emotion Induces Interferon Production!

What turns the liver’s interferon switch to the ‘ON’ position is the specific emotion ‘EXHILARATION’!

Emotions that support “Exhilaration” – affectionate, awed, accomplished, altruistic, balanced, beautiful, calm, cheerful, compassionate, competitive, confident, content, controlled, controlling, cooperative, courageous, delighted, dependent, depressed, dignified, ecstatic, empowered, excited, expressive, extroverted, glad, good, grateful, happy, harmonizing, helpful, idealistic, important, indifferent, individualistic, inspired, in service, interested, introspective, invulnerable, joyful, likable, lively, loved, loving

That’s right.  Out of the 100’s if not 1,000’s of various emotions and combinations of them that we are able to express and share with others is one that is specific to the liver. It’s the feeling of feeling light, or weightless.  From the listed emotions in which I removed the obvious ones that would not help, such as anger, disgust and despair, none alone induces interferon as effectively as the emotion exhilaration.  It is when we are laughing uncontrollably, experiencing a newborn being birthed, marriage under Niagara Falls, riding a horse as fast as it can run, flying along the rails of a roller coaster or driving over a hilly or winding road on a Harley, having intimate sex complete with an orgasm, or two, winning the lottery or as simple as a slot machine at the casino for some people, something that really makes one feel exhilarated.  You’ll know it by the butterflies in the belly.

When I write, there are times when I feel exhilarated

and as an example while writing the cure for anorexia, I felt it.. I become very emotional, experienced an amplification of some of the feelings listed while that sense of ‘exhilaration’ over whelmed and empowered me.  It is when you really enjoy doing what you’re doing that helps with stimulating interferon.  It could be suggested that those who practice prayer with a genuine affinity and constant contact with their conception of God, or spirit world, that they feel emotionally charged with ‘exhilaration’.  When this becomes a practice, then the interferon produced flows into the system, and cannot be formally discounted as a bio-chemical result of the emotion.

Since most of us are living in fear, anxiety, destitution, pay check to paycheck living with medical bills on top of the chance of being foreclosed on gets the best of us.  And, we are not free to experience the simple things that make us feel exhilarated.  This emotion should happen throughout the day.  I mean that.  And we seem to have forgotten what it’s like to be free enough to receive this pleasure in life.  Therefore, our livers come down with cancer and cirrhosis.  We throw cholesterol lowering Statin drugs into the mix and take pain killers known to depress and even injure the liver.  We’re really doing it to ourselves.

And when we subscribe to the unfair wisdom of medical malpractice, then we lose the hair and throw up for 12 to 18 months.

The objective is to learn how to make yourself auto-piloted into this emotion.  Let me handle the global elitists by putting my life on the line.. it’s what I’m doing very effectively and you can see it in my articles with special attention to these treatments that definitely work (without telling you to keep from having babies).  Relax, make a list of when to go sky diving, para sailing, find someone to fall in love and make special love to, only rent comedies, spend the money at comedy stores and if your doctor says you don’t have liver damage, get yourself one drink to loosen up, and find people that are uplifting.  Find the funny ones that make you crazed with laughter.  Come on now and make your very own Interferon!


How in the world did I obtain this information?

Statins shut down liver functions that produce cholesterol so that clinical tests that count levels account for saturated fat cholesterol from animal products.. and don’t differentiate to you the value of yours versus a bad diet. So, if your numbers fall in the safe range while depressing your liver, what do they really want you to know?

After attending countless presentations on health and nutrition, I sat in on one whose topic happened to be liver health.  The one nugget of information I walked away with was an exhilarating moment in itself.  I’m sure I cleared up something that was bogging me down..  the presenter said that interferon was made in the liver and that only one emotion helps to activate its production and secretion into the livers environ.

Years before, I was asked by a friend in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous to attend a meeting in Long Beach, California for giggles and kicks. He conveyed the importance of the fellowship and that the stories told were honest and that members were happy to be free from self-imprisonment.

Ignorance is bliss

I thought it interesting since they had free coffee and snacks.  Selfish me for it was Seattle’s Best or Starbucks quality I was told.  I never knew this, but meetings can be as large as 400 attendees – this one had almost that.  “Now, this guy going to speak next has a fantastic story”, he whispered, “He’s one of the most inspirational and spiritual people I know.”

“Silly me, I assumed the term ‘Interferon’ was a patented name for a chemical product not knowing it is a compound created naturally within the liver.  Interferon just sounded so official – until I learned what it was.”

I listened with interest to this guy.  His story involved being absolutely miserable once he was forced into AA because he was near death, destitute, and had nowhere to go.  He said he couldn’t live with or without alcohol. He had been diagnosed with Hepatitis C when applying for a job not long before joining the fellowship and was furious about the Hep C diagnosis he had and frightened he wouldn’t stay recovered.  He was so unsure upon entering AA that he even contemplated suicide.  And yet he stayed alive at his sponsors suggestion.  “Somehow”, he said, “I had a little faith, but just enough to follow direction.” His sponsor later suggested that he commence with the interferon alfa treatment and not worry about losing hair and being sick. It was far less the risk than his troubles with alcohol being that he died in the hospital twice and brought back to life already. “Once it’s over, you’ll feel better, free, and liberated from the fear.” he said.  This was one of those things he was not willing to follow orders on, but with blinders on and putting one step forth, he submitted.  “The test came back negative” he said, “But, the doctors were not convinced and required another test at his expense even though they claimed they may have mixed up his sample with someone else.  It too came back negative.  That confirmed that there was no initial error.  (no refund offered). This man was so elated that everything from then on turned for the better.  He became an AA’s sought after speaker.  He was motivating, inspirational, vibrant, spiritual, and “bright eyed and bushy tailed” as they say.  He was healthy and strong exhibiting no health problems at all.

“The program of Alcoholics Anonymous’ twelve step program will heal your diseases if you let it,” he excitedly said.

I was asked about Hepatitis C and what my suggestion was by someone about to plunge into the abyss of medical madness.  I told the story as you see it here without saying this is the only way to do it..

Obviously this was his mantra – a refined and practiced pitch repeated over and over for his years there at meetings.  I was moved, however, and I felt strangely drawn to the message. People with these spiritual healing stories always intrigued me and because I’m a bigger skeptic than you’d think, I had to eventually find the solid truth, and I did.  I remembered this man’s story for all that time, but there was one memory of his story that in another way was moving and in the end helped to solve the Hep C interferon puzzle.

But, when I learned how interferon is generated endogenously within the system, I fell back in my chair almost tipping it to the floor.  Everyone looked at me wondering what spooked me.  As the doctor said what he said, I instantly recalled the rest of this mans story of healing using the twelve step spiritual approach to ending his health related issue while giving him a new lease on life…

He got a job as an independent contractor testing roller coasters!

..I also recommended taking 4 table spoons of coconut oil daily. You can use it for cooking, in salads instead of olive oil, and just as it is eaten directly from your spoon.. it’s delicious! It arrests the progression of Alzheimer’s and even has been noted to reverse it if the patient is willing to change their diet and ween off weaponized, I mean, patented pharmaceuticals. That person is alive and well today.. for some reason or another. Please notify your physician as to these recommendations for their 2cents worth so that I don’t get hammered by the feds.

He was a highly sought after specialist in the field of amusement industry accident reconstruction, park ride testing, park ride safety and analysis. He loved coaster riding as early as a child and as an adult would ride the coasters at most of the major theme parks in Southern California from Knots Berry Farm, Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and anywhere he was needed.  His job was to identify and locate what he felt to be missing bolts and parts, wobbly rails, loose wheels, structural defects when new ones were being built, anomalies that would create future problems and so on.  He was ultra sensitive, a thrill seeker (not to be confused with adrenaline junkie) who was experiencing exhilaration all day long while on the job.  He produced so much of the pathogenic killer, interferon, that I wouldn’t be surprised if he healed within weeks.  He worried for nothing.  The problem is, however, that anyone who has heard his story buys the twelve step method hook line and sinker without any consideration to the actual therapy that took place.  Now we know.

Please link to Napolitano to infect and kill humans with Clostridium difficile for details about the Hepatitis C vaccination project that has depopulation in mind.  The cure for Hepatitis as you now know may be effective in safe-guarding you against the forced inoculations containing C. difficile and synthetic strains of dangerous viral organisms that directly get deposited into the body bypassing all of your defense mechanisms beginning with the digestive tract.  If you or your children are forced, It is recommended that you take at least 4,000mg of high quality Vitamin C to combat the toxin injected directly into your blood stream just before it is administered.  Please seek the advice of others in the field of medicine (cautionary wink) to verify this protocol.  We need all the ideas we can muster in defense against their cruel schemes.



  1. Lynne Ellett said:

    bookmarked!!, I like your web site!

  2. Anonymous said:


  3. Colloidal silver is real cheap…especially if you make it yourself. See A lot of Hep-C folks were being healed when a new client asked how much to take; as experiment a suggestion of a sip per day was offered.

    He sought me out beginning the fifth day, a common length of healing time in it’s use, and upon finding me on the 10th day- he wanted to kiss my feet comparing me to Jesus Himself for my free-offering of the info, liquid and apparatus. His urine went to normal coloration and the pain had subsided in five days.

    Same with my first flu in 1998 that got me started on this 15 year binge with CS education, and as a matter of fact the same with Dr. Judd’s heart-bypass infection healing: five days. It seems that’s all it takes in most cases, except food poisoning…that only takes a half hour.. Vaginal yeast infection: 12 hours.

    The internal ingestion of properly prepared medical-grade colloidal silver is a personally empowering act of individual medical responsibility.

    I’ve learned to say “you need this, whether you know it of not”.

    Help make colloidal silver a household word.

    realnuz: I decided to accept this comment for the reason bio-available cellular silver is important for combating viral invasions and it does have efficacy when treating hepatitis. The fundamental purpose of my article is to illustrate that the human body has the miraculous capacity to heal itself without outside agents that may be completely stolen from us by the PTB. Herbs and even natural untreated sea salt, etc. all play a part in killing pathogens.

    If the PTB slaughter the supplement industry and prevent us from having the ingredients, or even ordering products over the internet such as yours as well as to make things like colloidal silver ourselves, then where is the knowledge for the work around? I’m posting these cures for that reason. Thanks, Tim, for submitting this and I hope people support you and your good work & your exceptional product.

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