How We Became Prisoners of the New World Order & How We Reverse It


Dismantle The Beam Project is about understanding the logistics and planning of the New World Order.  The title is drawn from the idea that I’d like to reveal what the black project “Project Bluebeam” is exactly and if and when the proposed initiation of a faked global invasion by off world beings is real or fiction.

“If you fight with monsters for too long, you become a monster” – Billy Bob Thornton “Pat Candy” Our Brand is Crisis

Recent headway has been made in areas of investigation which is leading me towards better solutions to the world’s problems.  All of my articles while they express my opinions of the problem also show the solution to the issues.  To date, not one person has refuted any of my findings.  I get the usual trolls, however, since they’re mostly kids none of which are educated in the days us older generations were, it’s clear that the research I have conducted is seen by the elite, the exerts, and most anyone with knowledge of the occult world to say something educational in support.  I have not received any notice with solid proof or evidence that I’m incorrect.

John Mills, my amusing morning coffee friend, helped me understand many things regarding the secret societies, geo political game players, and shed light with angles uncommon in the circles of knowledge based individuals working towards a solution to defeating the New World Order.  While chatting that morning, he was unaware that I committed his fresh quote to memory.

Pyramid quote


So many who need to believe in ‘something’ are sucked into a rigged game of social engineering.  As for us. . . We Think! – Charla Gene

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High Frequency Health thumbMy origins happen to be in the health and wellness areas of research.  Please visit Veritascures to see treatments and cures for diseases as well as nutritional advice – an extension of my published book HIGH FREQUENCY HEALTH.  High Frequency Health covers a wide range of nutritional and disease related issues including the best diet philosophy, natural treatments for cancer, diabetes, Hepatitis C, AIDS, and so much more.

This reference guide places particular emphasis toward the healing modalities associated with alcohol related problems, reactions, and solutions.  Addiction is curable in the respect that a person can be restored to an original condition.  A life do-over.  Because of this, one who has had a life long battle with and addiction, this person can become a child again and not have the addictive “program” even the propensity to develop craving still exists.



“The more ‘I’ solated in cyberspace humanity becomes, the more psychologically disturbed is its reality” – Lee Bracker


Feature Stories


“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it” – Adolf Hitler




“The Internet is just one big rumor” – Celina


NEW  “Alien” agenda spelled out in HUNGER GAMES

Who is “they” and where in the plot lines of any of the four films were “they” arriving with a absolute desire to remain without contest?  Katniss Everdeen kills the ultimate evil while the equal party is torn to pieces… who then is in power or who isn’t yet exiled?  If it was so important that the audience had to hear this as a final goodbye to Hunger Games, why isn’t the hero the actual leader?  This is because that which cannot be removed must be that which has utter control over humanity – Alien races.

underground reptilian Alien compare


SPECTRE’s occult theme is Alien based

blofeld's eye

SPECTRE indicates that the the first scene in which James Bond partakes in the dress of the Day of the Dead among the parade participants is indicative of the end game played out by the NWO’s desire to destroy humanity. In this film, they show us what their weapon will be – a meteorite.


Crop Circle Identified as a Primer Field

magnetic bowls cropcircle

Can a CERN diagram (European Council for Nuclear Research) be related to this Crop Circle?  If so, will it help the Flat Earth Theorists with more evidence that our world is indeed a flat disc based on a Primer Field?  Experiments demonstrate that opposing electrical fields in the form of bowl shapes arranged as illustrated create a plasma field that can be compressed from a spherical shape into a disc.  If our world formed this way, then it would not be surprising that a unique compression took place as seen as a universal model that shaped our galaxies as well.

Chase Bank Logo is the Pyramid Khufu

Chase logo khufu composite 2

The Chase Bank Logo has been argued by occult analysts of symbology to resemble the Swastika.  The center square is a Freemason occult geometric shape.  Based on my ongoing study of ancient civilizations including pyramids and the relevance of them to corporate interests, I had remembered one particular episode of Gilligan’s Island titled “The Secret of Gilligan’s Island”.

Virgin Sacrifices involved euphoria mushrooms

virgin sacrifice 1

Were young virginal girls willing to sacrifice their own life, or forced into volcanoes in these ritualistic acts against humanity.  What prevents a father, or a whole tribal community from rebelling against this practice?  We are brought into this world by God, but not destroyed or fate decided by man.  There had to have been a drug that would induce willingness among tribesmen that would circumvent God’s intention.   A euphoria mushroom called Dictophora that only grows at ancient lava flow sites.  It is claimed that by inhaling the aroma of the fungus causes a spontaneous euphoric orgasm with women.  Could this have been how a spiritual movement across the members of the tribe be achieved?

Bride of Spies – Friending Russia

rudolf abel self portrait

Bridge of Spies based on true events in which a Russian spy is exchanged for an American spy plane pilot is actually a propaganda stunt to further connect US citizens with the idea that joining forces with Russia will be acceptable when World War III is officially announced.  Occult themes include a very obvious Freemason symbolic placement in East Berlin as the walls go up, a Nazi youth movement reference, and worse, that Tom Hanks is being once again used to ‘bridge’ the gap between Russia and the United States for future engagement during war time against the Chinese and their alliances.

The Intern

about the fit

I took in Robert DeNiro’s “The Intern” and for once, get to see a no frills wholesome family movie without the baloney we typically have to sit through. From the beginning, I was already trying to analyze what would happen next to find myself overly conditioned to think the worst. For example, I’m thinking Robert DeNiro was going to go toe to toe with the prospective CEO of the company he was interning for and get the position as a climax event of the plot. That never happened. I was delighted to realize that sometimes it’s best to sit back, relax, and just enjoy any moment I’m in.  But, I’m a conspiracy theorist at heart and so….

Closest evidence that 9/23 represents a neo 9/11

Pixels 23911

If one were to conclude that the map of Gotham City rolled out on the war room table in the film THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is conclusive evidence that an operation was to take place at Sandy Hook – from one operation linked to the next, then perhaps this frame grab from the movie PIXELS is no joke.  The frame shows a score tally of 239110.

Freightliner guilty party if Hoover Dam is destroyed


The proof is held as a pdf file somewhere at Freightliner under lock and key.  Stew Webb claims insiders know the Death Ray is real and was used to bring down the Trade Center North and South Towers.  Shia LaBeouf starred in a stargate reference film with an entirely different theme in which this technology was warehoused within Hoover Dam.  He ingeniously discloses a clue in Hollywood that validates the whistle blower’s account for the theorized real life DARPA project “Death Ray”.  Freightliner Trucking Company is puppeteered to showcase the end game on the downstream side of Hoover Dam.  Are there more targets?  In the first week of August 2015, a new presentation was staged and projected on the Empire State Building.  This time it is, Kali, the goddess of time,creation, change, preservation, and destruction.  The symbolic gesture is a message that natural life on earth is marked for extinction.

Rocket Man and the secret space program to Mars

Bernie Taupin and Elton John

At first glance, “Rocket Man” might not seem like a song worthy of very close critical attention.  Catchy and fun, yes, groundbreaking and original… maybe not so much. “Space Oddity” by David Bowie, after all, had accomplished the whole space opera thing quite adequately three years before Elton John.  The slant with Elton is that he was matched with a song writer most likely influenced by members in the secret societies to build lyrics they desired to plant with generations to follow enticing them to accept the fate of humanity.  “Mars is cold as Hell” –  Taupin.  Hell is supposed to be burning hot.

Prickly Ash For The Treatment of Senility Did Work!

Mr Holems finding prickly ash 2

Is the movie MR HOLMES thwarting our intellect with deception?  Yes is my answer. The clue is that the film is a faithful adaptation of Mitch Cullin’s 2005 novel “A Slight Trick of the Mind”. What it’s doing is tricking the mind of the viewer.  The audience is lead to believe that Mr. Holmes was accurate in saying that the natural remedy was worthless, however, his mental faculties brought back and the fact he is the world’s finest evaluator of mysteries to solve them, it is in the very last scene that he rejoices. This is a statement in my opinion that he knows that the effect of the medicine from the Prickly Ash taken subcutaneously was the answer.

Trumpet Sounds Heard All Over The World

Experience for yourself the natural like sounds of world witnesses with video cameras contrasted, or juxtaposed, with the special effects incorporated in films such as JURASSIC PARK, WAR OF THE WORLDS and CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND.   Yes, perhaps the conditioning for grooming the masses using trumpet noises that will link Project Bluebeam, or the theorized “Faked Alien Invasion”, disclosed privately to Carol Rosin by Werner von Bruan began as far back as 1977… if not further?

Interview with Sgt. Greg Ford – Assassination of Philip Marshall

Greg Ford skype image

I ask about the circumstances revolving around the execution of conspiracy novelist, Philip Marshall, who worked as a CIA pilot during the Pablo Escobar ‘Hunt’ that ended in December, 1993.  The importance of this information relates to the 2011 shooting that occurred in January of 2011 when two of the Escobar trophy kill shot portrait were noted as being at Safeway on that day.  Next up for interview is Wayne Madsen to capture his impression as well as seek more avenues to the answers regarding the Safeway suspected shooter and the shooting in Tucson, Arizona.

Underneath INTERSTELLAR – A film analysis of the occult

hugo-hitler-Brand compare

The film INTERSTELLAR tells the audience that human beings are the cause of the disintegration of society, the Earth, and humanity.  Interstellar’s cast of character’s within the new NASA that thrives secretly talks of “They” without making the reference to Aliens, or off world dimensional beings.  The trick was to assume that we travel to the future to change our destiny as if we are the cross dimensional beings.

Safeway Shooting four year anniversary 1/2/2015

Thank you for your sacrifice 1

It is unknown if Jared Loughner was alive.  There are no records of incarceration at the Springfield, MO., Prison system leading up to his plea of guilt August 2012.   Listen to the Interview with A. True Ott and independent investigator, Lee Nevins Bracker, identify three other suspects, Joe Zamudio and two Delta Squadron 7 assassins, alleged in what may be a true agency operation known as ‘Operation Safeway’ by the authorities.

Strange “Lightning Flares” from the sun recorded 12-23-2014

lightning sun flare 12-23-14

Bizarre activity off the Northern & Southern hemisphere of our Sun recorded 12/23/14.  Could this be active magnetic portal connections between the inbound Planet-X & our Sun?   What exactly are the reports regarding alien space craft near and behind the sun.  Update:  After sending this video to Jim Diletosso, I discovered that this video is a hoax.  Notice the flames?  They are land made flames superimposed into the image of the sun.  The person who sent the clip to me video taped it directly from his video monitor.  How moronic is that?  I apologize… we all have to learn sometime to spot the fakes..

Breeding Monarchs

Breeding Monarchs marquee

From “Pris” of BLADERUNNER and Madonna, to Sia and her media off spring, the MKUltra’s torch passes down the generational sequence X,Y and Z.  This video compares three generations of Monarch entrepreneurs in choreographed displays to the general masses of occult hidden messages.  The range of depth includes references to the Human Genome Project, “Birth of the modified human being” (Transhumansim), to pedophilia.  

Disclosure from Disney’s PLANES: Fire and Rescue comes Armageddon

piston peak 33

Anthropomorphizing automobiles, trains, ships and now PLANES has become a Disney specialty.  In the film Planes: Fire and Rescue, there is no references to Smokey The Bear forest dwellers… just trees, canyons, and a river.   Significant clues to the Illuminati disclosure as to an Armageddon ““The world wasn’t on fire, wasn’t it…” in which the context inferred as to a imminent global inferno were.

World headquarters may not be where you thought. Israel transfers operations to Saudi Arabia by 2018

Why is it that our cities are in the process of dilapidation while they thrive?    The primary countries that border it have been taken over through war like occupations and the countries of East Africa have been poisoned with destitution, famine, and destitution for decades.  Once the New World Order is in place, it seems all operations will be centralized there with Israel acting as the North Western Mediterranean Sentinel.  Dubai is positioned diagonally South East on the land mass.   Now ask yourself, of all the countries with a world’s domination of oil reserves, wouldn’t it have been this parcel of land most salivated over by the US of A power players?

Lucy = Lucifer – Analyzing the film Lucy


Lucy’s character played by Scarlett Johannson is the embodiment of decades of scientific evolution for that revolution in which it is our destiny according to them that we genetically modify, or morph, into self-proclaimed gods. Lucy says, “I am God, watch me kill these guys.” and at the end of the film when she integrates into an old fashioned mainframe computer, within a second of Morgan Freeman’s query as to where she disappeared returns a text to his phone showing “I am everywhere”. This happens after Lucy goes back in time to pass all knowledge to “Lucy” in her very ancient habitat depicted as the missing link.

Mike Adams and Chris Kitze Exposé


Before It’s News seems to be a website where breaking news is brought to the public and considered authentic journalism.  While many contributors work especially hard to bring fresh news to the world, I’m one to also show the solution.  According to BIN there is no discretion as to what is valid and not.  Find out who is behind the decision making, what the general policy is, and how ludicrous and highly dangerous it really is.



Comparative Analysis: Real Steel, The Iron Giant, C3PO & the Mars robot head

real-steel-01 horizontal line

The analysis of the Hollywood film REAL STEEL reveals a common thread trait that has remained intact for decades.  It happens to be the overall basic feature characteristic style and form of a robot’s head that has its origin found on Mars.  On Mars, a photograph clearly shows the head of a robot lying on the ground with the same look as all animated film robots do that portray fighters, fighting for others, or are militaristic such as THE IRON GIANT and C3PO of STARWARS.



Analysis of Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous Quote

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” – Eleanore Roosevelt

This sounds plausible on the surface.  It even is a seemingly soothing proposition.  That is what it is designed to do.  It is a verse that confirms one’s notion that gossip should be kept at a minimum and that a focus on great ideas is paramount to self-fulfillment.

To know why there is a flip side to her famous quotation, we must learn the basics of our 32nd President and 32nd degree Mason.

All Summer in a Day


Ray Bradbury wrote a compelling short story that revolves around school children living on the planet, Venus, in which it rains for seven years straight before the sun peeks out for only an hour, and then disappears for another seven years.  PBS aired a short after school special entitled the same, only the ending was altered to show the incredible compassion of a child for another peer.   The CHEMTRAIL program has dessicated our atmosphere, created a condition of global “dimming” and the opposite of what we see in Ed Kaplan’s adaptation. ELYSIUM: The movie motives “Obamacare and open borders”

ELYSIUM: The movie motives “Obama Care and open borders”

Elysium facial markings 2

“Elysium” Starring Jodi Foster who commands Homeland Security 141 years into the future, demonstrates today’s power elite’s desire to pass the free health care program “ObamaCare” through the naturalization of South American countrymen and women and children with the power to vote on their behalf and for their agendas.    This is the danger posed by La Raza and the propaganda spilled into the minds of the destitute that there is a miracle of healing just around the corner.  The opposite is true, however, and it is by design that actors including Jodie Foster are working for the benefit of themselves… not yours.  Foster is an employee of the Elitists from age 3.

Helical Fun

Helical model screen grab

The Helical theoretical model of how our solar system works is three dimensional as opposed to the two dimensional plane of the Heliocentric model.  It happens to the be the true model complete with vortexing, stargates (I add that), and that explains what black holes are.  Before DjSadhu and I complete the model as a video representation, I’d like you to view an edited version of both his video renderings with music I chose in a preliminary cut of what our presentation on black holes is.

Local restaurant’s strategy to enrich themselves one last time

Bruegger's University area

A general manager allegedly agrees with a Pima County Sheriff’s suggestion, it seems, to remove me from a bagel restaurant.  The management was delighted to serve me, or so it seemed because he was smiling until the sheriff ordered me to move as far away from him as possible while inside the store as he sat to sip coffee.  What happened was, I was asked to never come back.  I asked why.  I was told I was asked to leave several times.  If that happened, why was I served so graciously by staff and subsequently by management?  The same manager that had asked me to leave several times before?  Lies.  And so, I have that recorded and readied material for my documentary segment on poor business ethics with proprietors of free WI-fi  establishments.

I’m going to pick a fight” William Wallace


Like Jan Brewer denying me medical AHCCCS for being single and white, I was denied the right to obtain an indigent economy bus pass privilege by the top echelon transportation official in the community I reside.  I stood before him in a real condition of destitution.  It’s a matter of “POLICY” he said.  Apparently, the policy is that a shelter volunteer or minimum wager whom merely hands out a form that one signs is policy.  Ludicrous.  John Zukas couldn’t even figure this out.

It is water ‘they’ want


I feel while all natural resources are being gobbled up, sequestered… just plain stolen, it happens to be fresh water that the earth has that is being earmarked for a mass planetary harvest of a natural resource.  How can water be removed from a planet?  Could a stargate accomplish this task?  How do you bring water to a stargate?  Well, you create one at a river.  Hoover Dam perhaps?  We see grand water vacuums in the film Oblivion and also in other various places and forms.

Education or compliance?


A coalition of GMO companies, including Monsanto, is trying to brainwash our kids into supporting genetically-modified crops. The “Council for Biotechnology Information” has written up and widely circulated the book Look Closer at Biotechnology, biotech propaganda in the form of a children’s coloring book, handed out for use in schools.

Dead Beat equates to Mortgage


After the Gabrielle Giffords shooting in front of a Safeway shopping market “Congress on Your Corner” event (also known as the Congress On Your Corner Massacre”), an election took place in which a man, Marshall Home, ran against an Illuminati.  The aftermath was just one of the ugly missions by the Elite that took place in the year 2011.

2013 Oct shutdown means big NWO movement

I have sinned

Bill Clinton erred during a public announcement regarding his NOT signing a budget bill in 1995.  What he said is something not one person outside the circles of knowledge understood.  He said that even because he couldn’t agree on a budget agreement, that the people could.  This declaration, one that told us plainly that there is a true Constitution affording  “We The People” as the authority, was actually a misstep against the powers that be.  It is why he was put on the personal discrediting chopping block resulting with the Monica Lewinski sex scandal. This time, the current president is doing his job without a ‘skip’.

3D Mapping on buildings – The grooming for a faked alien invasion

Serge Monast, a whistle blower from Canada, was killed for disclosing Project Bluebeam.  The project described by NASA rocket scientist, Wernher von Braun, is a simulated alien invasion using digital mastery against a chemtrail atmospheric screen.  New 3D mapping on solid surface technology is being showcased before our very own eyes.. a display of intrigue with a morbid agenda hidden in plain sight.  3D image mapping moves the false reality into a new playing field where it is currently the staging ground for consumer advertisement as well as entertainment to groom people to accept its presence.

Who are the legitimate radio hosts?

Alex Jones joker resized

Are you sure you’re listening to people with real intentions?   Ask yourself if after 3 or 4 hours of on air time if there’s a solution presented to solve a problem, or problems racked up in their shows.  The answer is most likely “NO”.  Alex Jones has never come up with viable solutions for if he did, and with the mass amount of followers, something like impeaching a defunct president would have happened before a second term.  Think about it… prisonplanet has made millions of dollars selling survival products..  where is our solution?  His happens to have been a terrific generation of revenue and a bunch of excited followers who keep buying his rhetoric.


Jeff Flake poised to kill 5,000 jobs – Tucson affected

Flake Carmona text

Unfortunately, Flake being a member of the GANG OF EIGHT is using the summer recess to sell immigration reform as his national defense plan while cutting 5,000 military jobs at Davis Monthan AFB in preference for foreign nationals looking for free handouts.  The irony is not lost on the residents of the area, who have seen the illegal entrants change over the years from poor people looking for opportunity to hard core drug runners taking advantage of a country who lost all interest in national defense.

Hunger Games: Catching Fire and more

Hunger Games II auchwitz entry

The “Kristallnacht”, or “Night of Broken Glass,” was a war waged against the Jews of Germany 75 years ago, the same as the annual Hunger Games, bringing them to their knees.  As many as 30,000 men were arrested and many sent to concentration camps.  To get out, one must agree to leave Germany.   This is the theme of Hunger Games.  An imprisonment and its conditions ruthless unless those that agree to relinquish their sovereignty submit to the will of power.

Sentinel Peak may be an ancient pyramid


Within a stone’s throw west of Tucson, Arizona, stands an unusual 883 meter tall “hill” which is part of a group of hills known as the Tucson Mountains.  Orion’s star pattern did not work and I put the idea on the back burner.  Until now.  unlike most of the rest of the Tucson Mountains which are composed primarily of much older volcanic rocks that were largely produced during a single enormous eruption.  It appears that Sentinel Peak “A” Mountain is separate and different.


The toroidal field and re-birthing therapy explained


Separation complex reversed with water re-birthing.  Davida Taurek demonstrates the re-birthing therapy showing precisely how it is done with a subject and surrogate mother. (pardon my negligence having not placed an active link.)  To view the exact therapeutic water re-birthing procedure, view Davida Taurek’s demonstration by clicking here.



After Earth Is The Boy Scouts Version of HUNGER GAMES


The film AFTER EARTH is the youth super soldier program in action targeting the adolescent male yearning for purpose and a cause.  In this film, a young boy looks to appease the acceptance  a supersoldier father and become one himself.  To most, this appears to be a family affair riveted in a past drama regarding an aggressive alien tragic accident perpetrated upon an innocent family member, but the truth is, the theme happens to be the spawn of instruction for our future militia who do the bidding of their superiors to fulfill their purpose.

Flushing out cointelpro agents, Douglas Dietrich and Michael Aquino

Aquino Dietrich

A complex military abduction and mind control operation took place weeks before and during the conference.  There is a follow up damage control occurring over a month out and I’m willing to bet it was me MILAB (military abduction program) was by far the most fearful of.  It is because I hold the key to deprogramming the controlled mind.


Supersoldiers Tyler Clark and James Rink – Pyramids & Stargates

Universal soldier article avatar

I attended the Super Soldier and Mind Control Summit Conference in Henderson, Nevada near Las Vegas on a weekend in May 17-19.  The experience was phenomenal complete with an astonishing military abduction for tissue sampling and distortion of thought to several in attendance.   The positive outcome was the opportunity to interview new friends in this circle of spiritual warrior-ship. James Rink and Tyler Clark are two gentlemen of the gentleness of nature of whom I had the pleasure to interview extensively on and off record.   We covered psychotronic warfare, deep underground military bases S1-S4, area 51-54, astral projection into these bases, military abductions, and the Milab of all including myself off-balancing the conference experience.

Beyond Bread – Discrimination and lies caught on tape

Randi screengrab

Little did the Vice President of a local Tucson based restaurant know that I was recording a track for a documentary that will be posted by week’s end.  I was surprised at how clear my microphone picks up and didn’t think of it until just now as I’m setting up this article.  This person lied to me, wouldn’t produce evidence as to his accusations when I questioned as to which particular customer complained of me when he stated “customers are complaining” and worst of all for this man, the video capture clearly shows that I was located at the wi-fi lounge and that I was completely alone until he decided to go after the most wrong person anyone can encounter.

Lost continent hidden in plain sight-Atlantis?

lots of pyramids

The lost continent Atlantis is in question. Nobody can verify this with exception to the Smithsonian Institute as one example. Nonetheless, be it or not, it is more important to keep hunting lost cities and continents in search of our ancient history in an effort to gain answers as to the illuminati’s intentions.

The Kaibab Plateau which is located in central Northern Arizona displays a mysterious majestic city. Mysterious as it is; it certainly is epic in size and proportions. While this city is officially referred to as a series of natural monuments, they are in fact precisely arranged (placed) pyramids and structures aligned to the star and nebula pattern of the constellation Orion “The Hunter”.

Proof that pyramids exist in the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon topo map - dot pattern

So, you thought that just three stars of Orion, the belt stars, is significant proof the Giza pyramids of Egypt were arranged for a reason?  Let me show you the entire system and the whole of the nebulas that are plotted right here in Arizona.  All of them.



A Stargate Is Born

A friend at coffee asked what I was up to these days.  “I’m thinking I’ve locked into what Hoover Dam really is meant to be.. it’s a Stargate!”.  After explaining it, she asked if I had seen the first Transformers movie.   “Well, I don’t watch ’em unless I need to,” I said.  “Well, I think you better ‘need to’ see it because it takes place in Hoover Dam.  The main character has a shirt on that, from what I remember, spells out STAR”.  Before she finished, I was running out the door to rent the DVD…


A glimpse into Bomber Row.. “Alcatraz of the Rockies”

James Parrillo color snap1

On a Thursday, twenty eight days into July, 1994, one young man stood alone as the rest fled from a Greenpeace action against Whalers.  He was shot down as the only person injured and who subsequently faced almost 30 felonies.  James William Parrillo was sentenced to 19 years imprisonment in America’s most secure Supermax Prison located in Florence, Colorado.  He was isolated from people for two decades.  James became close friends and next door neighbor to the infamous ‘Uni-Bomber’, Theodore “Ted” John Kaczynski.  Both were highly educated men sharing two things in common.. they both held PhD’s and treated with cruel and inhumane punishment.

Special  True healing technique hidden in plain sight

water therapy image

If modern medicine learns that water re-birthing properly done will completely refresh the brain’s neural network to factory settings and allows an individual to fully heal, they’d fold over night.  At first, I thought I sat on the cure for extreme eating disorders and was anxious to get the method therapy out ASAP, but realized it also the is also a solution for all psychological problems.  I waited.  And then a miracle happened.. I realized that the re-birthing concept  extends far and beyond in all aspects of healing.  The ancient practice of re-birthing, which is not a cure on it’s own, is the EFT therapy first administered that leads to full health recovery using conventional practices already in use today.

Government funding to acquire right of way in downtown Tucson


Their plan is to at some point convert this bus terminal into a train depot of some sort.  They will connect an intricate rail system that is a light trolly at first, but their aim is to connect rails all the way to medical and morgue as well as prison housing.  This is a future neo Nazi construction project.

It is believed that the University of Arizona may be behind this project in a deep dark rabbit hole.  The reason for this thought is that if there is a terminal conversion with train rails, it will be for continued access of the light trolley that would be largely used by students ‘on the surface’.

Loughner was not the ‘Lone Wolf’ shooter the news lead you to believe

Pima county sheriff3

In April of the year 2011, I met with Ed Chiarini.  Chiarini is also known commercially as ‘Dallasgoldbug’ who hosts a website titled  His website has been suspected as being a psychological disinformation operation.  This “psyops” has the intention of confusing the intellect of the readership that traffics the site.  During this initial face to face meeting, I showed him my comparison of an agent who was photographed at the site where Gabrielle Giffords had been mortally wounded on a Saturday, January 8 of the same year.

chiarini description

He was not impressed, however, he impresses you with disinformation for two years.  Chiarini continues to implicate innocent people and victimizing them without a shred of evidence.  Hopefully, this youtube documentary will shake you into consciousness.

Judge Roll’s witness warns of a corrupt sheriff and militant surgeon

Joe image crop

Judge John McCarthy Roll had irritated many elected officials in Pima County as well as on Capitol Hill for his ‘For the people’ rulings on matters that otherwise cripple the Constitution.  He presided over a media blacked out case involving over 300 companies versus the Environmental Protection Agency in a potential 150 billion dollar class action payout to Pima County residents if the case had been known publicly.  The key witness for the EPA survives the eight year litigation only to have all hopes melt away when John Roll was assassinated and a replacement judge, one who may work for the global elites, take his place. Judge Raner Collins continues the case in complete secrecy from the world.. in particular the residents of a community battered by insult after insult.

V for Vendetta’s Steven Fry paves the way for Piers Morgan’s civilian disarmament platform

 Piers Morgan in Dubaicrop

“The British are coming! The British are coming.. and they’re here to stay!”

Both are television personalities postured for gaining the trust of the masses for an end means shared by themselves – different phases and timelines – same strategy.  One show pundit, Steven Fry, is portrayed in fantasy film land as a meaningful person while Pierce Morgan is a real life television psyops agent working over our minds.  Indeed, we live in an “in our faces dream land”.  These two individuals are uncanny ‘on-spot look-a-likes’.

Christina Taylor Green-Mad media hero makers sell us on shoddy memorials

Ibeam front page

Memorials that mean something come from the heart.  Christina-Taylor Green was disrespected by becoming a national hero through sacrifice and remembered merely as a symbol of a fallen nation without any solution for her generation’s future.  The memory of her was disgraceful — a heap of junkyard metal.  Like Judge Roll, she actually represented a realistic direction for a disillusioned Z generation.  As John McCarthy Roll was to justice, this little girl was a potential servant; one to revitalize a nation.  Christina exemplified the desire to enrich through productivity. Perhaps she would have made a true president.  These altruistic mind sets are a disgusting threat to the New World Order.  They’re unflinching when it comes to knocking off children in their own pools of blood.

Cure for mind control starts with a simple treatment


If a globe full of people under the influence of mind control, even riddled under a sea of psychotropic drugs designed to quell the masses keeping us under the influence, a human rebooting of mind and body could theoretically snap most everyone out of the hypnotic controls they have been conditioned to throughout a life time.

That’s 7 billion people. Could it be that this is the key natural approach the secret societies fear most?

1/4 Arizona undergoing military logistics planning

shooting at fence

There are over 600 miles of rusty fence along the southwest border separating Mexico from the U.S.  When the military industrial complex completes it’s logistical installation intended really for military operations, they’ll roll out over 600 miles of razor wire atop the fence you see to the left.  While Janet Napolitano, Raul Grijalva, and the Obama administration oppose the bill that allows Border Patrol free reign,  I don’t buy it.  They kill babies.  They are banking on it in a rewrite.

Star Wars Unmasked

prelim stamp design star wars

The combined efforts of Reagan’s Star Wars military industrial complex and the Lucas film franchise public spin is validated by recent disclosures of the Mayan artifacts and odd activity of the sun.  The common thread apparently is the isosceles triangle.  I suspected that the true Stargate is really the sun, because it is a star, and that Hoover Dam is a merely a SUNGATE – a conduit by which travel to our solar system’s STARGATE by way of the wormhole. The possibility that they can mess with the Sun by weaponizing Hoover Dam is more than plausible.

12-22-2012 Loughner’s Judge definitely in on it!


Larry Alan Burns fingers Jared Lee Loughner.  He puts him away for life.  None of the evidence is brought before him (yes, that’s correct.. uh huh, sure) and he becomes a writer for the Los Angeles Times telling you and I that Jared was the only one there killing people in Tucson.  We know that not to be true.. how could he not?  Burns like the rest are following a hand me down script from off shore banking and other conglomerates that had begun long before he in a round about way said, ‘guns should go and mental health installed IMMEDIATELY’ because of the sick guy I put away.  Truth is, Larry is just as sick as the rest of the bastards that are playing us for fools.   We need our assault rifles to protect ourselves from the wolves that are taking them away.

11-2012  Nazi sympathizer Sarah Palin in ‘Iron Sky’

The film “IRON SKY’ contains more corruption than meets the eye.  The student of occult symbols can find them everywhere.  She’ll immediately see that the Neo-Nazi resurgence is alive and well in Iron Sky.  It takes a keen sense and a vast knowledge base to also find that IRON SKY is directly affiliated also with the movie makers of Promethius and that this has to do with not just the moon, but with Mars.

10-20-2012 The Case Against Mike Adams “Health Ranger”

I followed Mike Adams “Health Ranger” from nearly the beginning.  I learned most of my basics from this man who I considered a hero at the time I was a budding student of the NWO.  I’m not quite certain, in fact I am sure, there’s nothing Kosher about his business dealings, ethics, and his actual alignments with dangerous corporations.  This is my first article that begins the onion peeling that leads to an epic fail on the part of the deception.  Adams is a tiny minion of a much larger beast.  Unlike my work to date, I ask that naturalnews, not their attorneys, show proof that I’m astray with details alleging Adams to the secret societies, GMO operations, and a former vice president..

10-17-2012 Star Trek says “Human beings are the true illuminated ones”

In the universe of Star Trek, the Prime Directive ‘dictates’ that there can be no interference with the internal development of alien civilizations which is the most prominent guiding principle. I’ve come to discover that this is actually the prime directive observed by the real off-world alien civilizations salivating at the chops for a piece of earth’s creamy pie.  They have to wait until we do ourselves in by imprisoning ourselves before they begin the massive theft of earth’s prized possessions.  Andrew Basiago is on a quest affording mankind the opportunity to save itself by taking back technology from the power elites and putting it to use that restores our world to an original condition.

My story 10-12-2012 Gurdjieff solving a crisis then and now

(Wiki) George Ivanovich Gurdjieff (1866 – 1949) was an influential mid-20th century spiritualist who taught that the vast majority of humanity lives their entire lives in a state of hypnotic “waking sleep.” I was prodded to study this man’s work, but with resistance. Something prevented me from appeasing my friend annoyed that I refused to learn.. that I had to read every word of his to ‘get it’.  Much bothered me, but when Naomi Tickle, a world renowned character analyst confirmed after I sent her photos said, “I also see he is under a lot of stress in nearly all of the photo’s. Who is he??”  I engaged in a research tactic.  What I found surprised me.. but it wasn’t his teachings I learned from.  It was the process by which I research that reveal more about me and an investigation into the Loughner case.  While studying Gurdjieff the way I did, I think I found a true killer. A case reopened?

10-11-2012 Who’s the leader in “The King’s Speech?”

George W. Bush had help getting elected president at the turn of the millenia.  It was my favorite movie of all time.. at the time.  Forest Gump was the vehicle by which you and I would allow such an imbecile such control over the world.  It is quite possible that “The King’s Speech” about an impaired prince is the same.  Was it Giffords who upon resignation couldn’t even utter a single word (other than the same repeated multiple times on 20/20)?  Can it be someone we don’t know as of yet..?

9-20-2012 Banderas in bed with Gates in “The Skin I Live In

mapping the body eye of horus

The cure for Malaria is the “Miracle Mineral Supplement”.  Jim Humble originated and perfected the formula made from sodium chlorite and acetic acid and can be made in your kitchen.   It is 100 percent a parasite killer which means it is a cure.  Bill and Malinda Gates, however, are dead set on keeping their depopulation agenda on course and most likely have a vested interested in “The Skin I Live In”.  While MMS is well known in Europe, this Spanish film denies that a natural cure exists.

9-19-2012 She saved her unborn child from a Constitutional Monarchy

A mother’s bold and courageous defense against tyranny saves her unborn child from the clutches of the child protective services of the UK.  Her story is one you must learn and share as a defense against the US invasion “Conquer & Divide” tactics of the secret society war on the world.   Meet Ian Joseph, a true spiritual warrior and your best friend when you’re children are under attack.

8-26-2012  Fred Rogers indoctrinates Gen-X

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood was created and hosted by Fred Rogers in 1968 during the start of the X Generation of toddlers who would grow into the parent and grandparents of Y and Z Generations.  Why name an owl (Molech) “X”?  I can think of thousands of names.. X?  The program ran 33 seasons (A High order Freemason).  Our forefathers revolted against aristocracy and yet in television and film, favor dominated our fantasies for ‘royal’ wealth, materialism, and desire to be ruled under slavery.  King Friday The XIII of ‘Land of Make Believe’ may be a clue that there are 13 families of the Illuminati.

8-20-2012   An Ultimate War Ship Slated to Patrol Our Borders

This ship may well be the only part of America and ‘her’ sailors many people around the world will ever see.” – Ray Mabus

This thought line by Mabus that Americans will ‘not be seen’ may be indicative for what is to avail US citizens under martial law decrees that would result primarily from a major catastrophic event either on American soil, or otherwise.

8-12-2012  How the Rockefellers blocked the gold CURE for addiction

OPIUMCUREfor veritas

There was a cure for addiction prior to the Great Depression and Prohibition years. It was a homeopathic treatment that had a documented 94% success in removing the cravings for drugs and alcohol. The dynamics of allopathy under the influence of John D. Rockefeller created an organization that would reject natural remedies that up till now is 77 years old.

This is the story of how the Rockefellers blocked the gold treatment, which is a cure. Otherwise they wouldn’t have done it. They set-up their Temperance Societies flagship pawn, Alcoholics Anonymous, as a corporation run in reverse to conceal the truth.

Just so you know, I put great effort into solving this riddle.  While others have written eloquently about Keeley’s cure and for the record, I admire AA for it’s spiritual side, I see FULL well how they duped Bill Wilson into thinking he was the bomb.  The Rockies are so slick.. and they still are pulling it off!  When you look at Alcoholics Anonymous and the mind control, that’s the power of it.

7-28-2012  Batman and James Holmes-Media fraud and the Hollywood ‘tell’

Jared Loughner was forced into a guilty plea on August 2nd, 2012.  This comes a day after an author of a book announces its publication regarding the crime scene.  The closure of this case hinged on a decision most likely made because too many witnesses claim that the Aurora theater 9 Batman Killing Spree, say that an operative other than James Holmes was shot and the mission aborted.  The Tucson trial of Jared Lee Loughner will never be and the evidence sealed away as damage control for the botched Colorado massacre.

7-22-2012  “SPACE” A smear campaign against Steven Greer

Steven Greer wanted what JFK was partially assassinated over.  That is to disclose the presence of extra terrestrials on our world and defeat the secret societies in some way.  Greer has been criticized on two fronts – the propaganda machine as well as from the same disclosure ‘friends’ of the Eisenhower Brief demanding community.

7-11-2012 Silent Running-Our Food Supply Lost

This film makes the statement back in 1972, when genetically modified food was being created, what direction and what the fate of our food supply would be in the future.  Monsanto plays an important part in real life funding and direction in films of this nature.

7-11-2012  War Horse-A Government Issue (G.I.) message

War Horse is a film that creatively forces the belief that wartime is acceptable.  War is not.  It is created for ulterior motives and we are placed at great risk for our lives.  Unless we submit by working both sides of these wars, we are killed.  In War Horse, they show us that if we obey, work hard, do them those war favors, look the other way, service to them… then our lives will be spared.  But, only spared if lucky.  This article will show how that is so.

7-6-2012  Hugo.. Project Paper Clip’s new child indoctrinate into NASA

Because the Hitler Youth Movement is alive and well today, it is no wonder that Hugo’s hair style directly emulates the appearance of Adolf Hitler. 


7-1-2012  Roger Waters “Goodbye Blue Sky”

“goodbye Bluesky” is the song description of Project Bluebeam’s simulated invasion of off world beings that will mask a real one on and under earth’s surface. It tells also of the genesis of the synthetic human being rebirthed as the ordered genetic code out of destructing chaos initiated by the powers that be.

6-27-2012 “Fantasy” Earth Wind & Fire is inviting you to ‘trip’

Maurice White, like many, wrote lyrics that until now have not been adequately analyzed for its intent.  I see it plainly, however, the entertainment stars who are positioned are compartmentalized so much so that while they are given subtle ideas from the producers and handlers, they have no clue as to what they create.  Fantasy, it seems, is an invitation for the near future transport of human beings for the genome processing plant on Mars, maybe, and the production of mindless workers who will not know any better than what is seen today.  The lure is stimulating, however, people will not be aware that it is a trap to accept passage on space missions off planet earth.

6-15-2012  The Anunnaki are demonized in Promethius

The true story behind Ridley Scott’s Hollywood ‘tell’ is simple.  It is the subtle undertone, or the notion that the Anunnaki who created the first people on Earth had been been attacked by the Reptilians.  It suggests that there indeed is an active ongoing war for possession of three inter system things.

The picture you see of a synthetic man, David, holding the earth represents the New World Order’s interest in dominating over mankind.  It is a complete control of the earth and its inhabitants.

6-10-2012  Search for Project Bluebeam converges at Hoover Dam

An analysis of three films; Mars Needs Moms, John Carter, and Cowboys & Aliens. These are three relevant films that interweave elements regarding real life plot lines using Occultic symbolism and deep Hollywood ‘tells’.   The secret element that is threaded  into the woven matrix in all three  is extremely complex in concept, highly intricate, and elusive.  I felt that to analyze each  film independently couldn’t do the job as well as one complete composite, and still it is massive in scope.  I beg you to try..


5-22-2012   NSA ‘Fortress’ Adjacent To Suspected FEMA Concentration Camp

What’s this?  How cute.  Gabrielle Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly.. a 33rd degree Mason incidentally.  Correct me Mark if I’m wrong, are dolling out cafeteria food to federal agents of war.  These service people are fed plenty and you and I pay for it.  Meanwhile, Mark gave your donated money to the southern Arizona Food Bank to build a services center within the facility that gives food to the needy.  This year, they ran out of food to make gift boxes for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Why in hell was Gabby at the Air Force Base instead?  The answer was that we are being militarized and she’s a part of it.  Forget the well wishers who gave to her while she recovered.  She’s pissing on you.

5-18-2012 Major Event Prediction Countdown is 2 days away

Prediction was wrong for May 20.. thank goodness, but it’s not over yet



5-15-2012  Oro Valley Is Mission Control for Pima County



5-13-2012 Royalty has always hidden their alien form:



5-9-2012  True danger… The Girl Scouts Salute

Updated 5-14-2012 – The ultimate weapon against the three finger salute.. if used against our better judgement.





5-8-2012 Isabela Mercedes Celis: A Ritualistic sacrifice linked to another Tucson False Flag operation




reptilian catLionsgate Films makes movies that announce New World Order Agenda messages.  The Hunger Games franchise is loaded with them.  Important here is a focus on the alien intrusion against humanity and this planet.  At the end of the fourth film and part 2 of what appears to be a Mockingjay series embedded in a quadrilogy (so damn confusing)  is a simple phrase shared to an infant by the hero, warrior, leader…. slave.

John Carter (Disney) uses symbols as background and makeup design which crosses over in many films.

“… one day I’ll explain to you why they came and why they will never leave…”

John carter circ de solie logo compare - Copy

Who is “they” and where in the plotlines of any of the four films were “they” coming with a absolute desire to remain without contest?  Katniss Everdeen kills the ultimate evil while the equal party is torn to pieces… who then is in power or who isn’t yet exiled?  If it was so important that the audience had to hear this as a final goodby to Hunger Games, why isn’t the hero the actual leader?  This is because that which cannot be removed must be that which has utter control over humanity – Alien races.


We find two profound alien entities represented

Like media manipulation, terrorism, ancient Roman “Bread and Circuses”, nationwide imprisonment, work camps, forced subservience, perpetual war, hints of the dissolve the Reichstag and call for a new parliamentary election.  It’s a bold statement about the unforgiving nature of war and rebel insurrection that takes place largely underground or in dangerous urban ruins.  This is what we see in film today.  We also are shown both the reptilian and alien gray alliance.  This is an off world influence that has predicated what Hollywood shares with the public… much truth wrapped in fictional tales using very close symbolic references..

Hunger Games baby 1 txtThe last scene is where the disclosure takes place and is set to categorize this franchise as an Alien driven series.  I was stunned to find the message spelled out in plain earshot. Jennifer Lawrence “Katniss Everdeen” speaks a dialogue that has no reference, says nothing specific about any of the film plot themes, and yet there it was to state what I feel is the Alien Agenda. Oh no, here comes the conspiracy theory.

The last scene’s dialogue where Katniss talks to her baby just before “The End”. Firstly, a description of the baby is, and people in blogs all over the place concur, that the baby’s head is twice as big as normal and that it appeared to be Asian. One person said it had black eyes. I observed all the above, but in addition to the eyes, they were all black and non blinking. Now, how does that message out that an Alien agenda statement is being made. Here’s what Katniss says after a lead in: “… one day I’ll explain to you why they came and why they will never leave…”  Then she explains how she deals with bad dreams and things by writing a list of good things she’s ever done for people and that it’s routine, but manageable for existence.

Hunger Games baby 2 txtWhat she meant in my opinion is that it is the Aliens that came and won’t ever leave.  There was nothing in the plot that lead her to say what she said for the audience to understand because it made absolutely no sense. Not unless one has studied the NWO like I have.

Ask anyone who has seen the film HUNGER GAMES – MOCKINGJAY PART 2 and ask if they thought the baby Katniss held had an over-sized head, appeared Asian, and had unusual black eyes. 

I observed that the baby’s head was proportionately oversized. I overheard a person leaving the theater who noted the same.  I’m sure people in the cutting room as well as the the oversight of the director knew it.  In other words, if that was striking and unusual, it would have been a scene to re-evaluate and re-shoot.  But, because they may have used a doll instead of a real baby (it never moved a twitch), there is little doubt in my mind it could have been purposeful to represent an alien.  The lighting created the illusion the eyes were completely black.  Subtle as it was, in most films, a baby of interest or significance is cinematically presented in full light exuding happy baby like illumination.

Ask anyone if they thought the predators released in the underground tunnels appeared to be sightless reptoids.  What we see is a representation of what the human transformation program is – the hybridizing of human beings with both species of aliens.

underground reptilian Alien compareKatniss killed off the PTB in the movie, and is the hero who if she wanted, could rule the people to sovereignty. So, who was in charge for her to say that they’ll never leave? I can say without a doubt until shown otherwise that the last book did not include that thought line.

Katniss also survived the onslaught of aliens.  In this feature, the aliens were depicted as the Alien of the Alien series.  This reptilian form is emulated throughout the sci-fi film industry’s conceptual think tank forums.


Mind Control

Peeta mind control 1The element of torture induced mind control is made evident with the character married to the protagonist.  “Love concurs all” is the running theme behind Katniss Everdeen’s success, however, she adopts the submissive attitude of subservience to the powers that be.  She gives Peeta the benefit of the doubt as to her and her children’s safety.

effie and h

Effie Trinket plays a role in which she doesn’t hesitate to select a child to compete in a deadly game.  She is noted as wearing the sign of a Monarch known to be mind control MKUltra.  These are women groomed to service the Elite and perform inhumane functions while pretending to do service work.  In the last scene, there is the long awaited romance in which she and Haymitch exchange a kiss.  Now, why is she glorified and why accepted back as humane individual?  In a world where there is an advanced technological society complete with medical remedies, why isn’t Peeta, an untreated victim of mind control, treated conclusively for the condition?

(Above and right) This character represents the MKUltra also known as a Monarch.  She is symbolically represented as such with the costume of monarch butterflies.  There a thousands of insects to choose from… why the Monarch?  Who then is she handling?


Why shot in Berlin?

Berlin wall iron blocksThe second to the last scene where the Capitol’s people are baited with the promise of food and shelter to their deaths as they cross through the streets toward the Reichtag-like stronghold of President Snow, we see the same I-Beam barriers as were placed in the no crossing zone between East and West Berlin of the cold war era.

“Greg, I saw the final Hunger Games movie to see that they did have an “Alien” agenda actually disclosed.  It took them until the final words of all four films to cap it off.  I was amazed because for me it was easy to catch, but for anyone else impossible to differentiate the intent.  What she said made absolutely no reference to anything that happened across all four films.  Here’s my article which will bore you to death, but show exactly why they made that franchise, Lee”



daniel craig vista

James Bond’s new installment is an obvious salute to the NSA which is actually the NWO central intelligence agenda.  However, what is hidden are three important thematic clues that point a strange finger at an Alien Agenda.  The octopus etched into the ring doesn’t show it, but the after market products do – an alien head and its alien eyes.  This is seen across several films including Disney’s PLANES.  Juxtaposed is the human skull face masks adorned by Bond and those observing the day of the dead ritual in Mexico City.  A big difference showing who is actually going to kill who.  An observatory setting is observed in the intelligence hub in the middle of a Moroccan no-mans land and finally, an element that has zero to do with the film plot – a meteorite. Unless, of course, one thinks in terms of global mass extinction.

spectre DustyTypically in Bond films, the adversary shows James bond how James will meet his fateful end.  James is usually strapped down for this event.  But, his gadget seems to be at hand and uses it to redirect the awful death against the villain, alien eyesBlofeld. But here in the 24th installment of the franchise there is a very big shift in protocol.  Once we see the meteorite that created the villains outpost isn’t to be useful at all… it’s thematic purpose is masked.    It’s representative impact is only applicable when considering this is really a movie about Project Bluebeam – the faked alien invasion.  Most movies made today show the destruction of buildings and cities, large engineering structures such as in SAN ANDREAS and recently projected on the Cayan Building opened in 2013 in Dubai, Saudi Arabia.  In this film there is no lack of destroyed buildings.  But, it is a reflection of meteors devastating our infrastructure in disguise as being a scheduled engineered demolition.  What is in store for us with a film coming out in 2016′s IRON SKY?  Last time it was a new WWIII meteor shower led by the Fourth Reich based on the moon.

spectre symbol is alien ringAn observatory complex in addition to a global intelligence hub in a crater? Why did the Blofeld show James Bond a lethal meteor without using it somehow to kill him?  Most Bond films use esoteric methods in torturous ways and this would have lead to a unique form of death, but instead in SPECTRE resort to a robot drilling into the skull technique.  Previous James Bond movies always had scenes in which the diabolic use of some arcane method ends up ending the villain’s life to the appeal of the audience.  In Spectre, neither the bond girl nor does the the evil villain die.  That’s because, Blofeld represented the all seeing eye of Horus which never did!  His character was George Orwell’s whole intended message!  Big Brother is Alien.

blofeld's eyeIn summary, SPECTRE indicates that the the first scene in which James Bond partakes in the dress of the Day of the Dead among the parade participants is indicative of the end game played out by the NWO’s desire to destroy humanity. In this film, they show us what their weapon will be – a meteorite.  This global mass extinction theme is embedded in several films including IRON SKY I in which the Fourth Reich based on the moon haul big boulders into the earth’s atmosphere “Weapons of Mass Destruction”.  What, not who, is actually behind this?

crator data center Spectre txtThe Vatican mans Mount Graham Observatory with their astronomical associates, Jesuit priests, in their ongoing tracking of Nibiru and its entourage of debris.  If I have this correct, the several types of observatories featured in the film SPECTRE show us their different types of observational practices above and beyond observing our every move on earth.


On June 10, 2013, the Saudis celebrated their building Cayan “Infinity” Building which represents twisting DNA using a video exhibition depicting the Alien Invasion.  Not one researcher had reported this until now 2 1/2 years later.  Lead NASA rocket scientist, Wernher von Braun. warned us about the last stunt to be pulled over our eyes will be fakery, however, isn’t what I feel this to entirely be.  The building projection shows us that Aliens are behind the take over of our world.


What do non Egyptians in a completely different land have to do with pyramids, aliens, meteors, DNA structuring and the destruction of cities? 

Pyramid cropWhy not show us Earth’s beauty; pastures, mountain ranges, flowers and sunsets?  The whole of the peninsula and perhaps the city Dubai itself is earmarked to be the actual NWO headquarters.  This explains them puppeting the United States to having decimated all the countries surrounding it.

saudi protectedOn August 1, 2015, a similar 3D video projection mapping on the Empire State Building showcased Kali and Shiva performing the illusion of genetic transformation while at the same time demonstrating that the planet is being sterilized, extermination of all life including microorganisms to elephants, the world flipping its poles and a thousand points of light representing that many targets of engineering structures being evaporated.

Hoover Dam Cern 1

Why were flying saucers, aliens, city destruction by meteors and a blue beam so important to the Saudis?

The Cayan Tower was inaugurated with fireworks accompanied with laser light display on the tower on June 10, 2013, and become the world’s tallest 90 degree twisted tower.

Hoover Dam was used as a projection screen to show that it is to be retrofitted with either destructive power incorporating CERN proton collision technology or service as a STARGATE.  Or, both.  The trucking company, Freightliner, was exposed for backing this collaborative public announcement in a display of theatrics they have refused to address to the public.  Their instructions from the concept engineers are held under lock and key.  In other words, if you asked them what you just saw, their lips are sealed but for deception.  But, they are eager to gloat about how they won a Guinness World Record for the show with all the technical wow.  They will not explain what it was we saw.  The Empire State Building was an August 1st, 2015, disclosure of mass extinction using the gods Kali and Shiva to prove their point about our fate.

“We dunno what we made, but it cost alot…  pretty weird, huh?” – Freightliner




magnetic bowls cropcircle


Does this crop circle explain the PRIMER FIELD theory of magnetism?

torus 4

CERN primer fieldCan a CERN diagram (European Council for Nuclear Research) be related to the above pictured Crop Circle?  If so, will it help the Flat Earth Theorists with more evidence that our world is indeed a flat disc based on a Primer Field?

(Above) The doughnut shaped torus field is an emf expression that surrounds the earth and living organisms.  This stable electromagnetic field may also be the companion force now understood as a Primer Field.

Experiments demonstrate that opposing electrical fields in the form of bowl shapes arranged as illustrated create a plasma field that can be compressed from a spherical shape into a disc.  If our world formed this way, then it would not be surprising that a unique compression took place as seen as a universal model that shaped our galaxies as well.

What concerns me about the Flat Earth theory, Earthica, is not the fact it may be flat, but flatearthers making a fanatical stink about it without the smoking gun evidence. They require reasonable proof.  I’ll find your proof if you wish – just say the word” – Lee B.

CERN primer field 5Not surprising will be the skeptics who disprove the flat earth concepts claiming lack of convincing evidence.  While many questions arise as to the importance for proving the theory, the argument is that it seems nothing of value benefiting mankind would avail.

flattened earth space view

It is assumed that because CERN is developing destructive technological devices against humanity, perhaps there should be meritable reason to establish a framework by which the “Powers That Be” attempts to refute this case for flat earth complicates their hiding of the truth from those of us outside their circles of secrecy.  A solution to this issue is to support the flat earth theory regardless of one may believe for the reason, it could test “science” forcing it to yield and expose itself as propaganda.


Astonishing laboratory experiments demonstrate proof that forces other than the torus field are at work

Published on Dec 17, 2012 In this first of three video series argues that the currently accepted theories established by the scientific community are not exactly correct.  The whole of physics, astrophysics, mathematics and conceptual out of the box fantasies by our entire industry of science is shaken to its core with this fundamental theory defining the forces governing all matter. (Note) The author of this video does not directly advocate the Flat Earth theory in his documentation.  The inclusion of the documentary suggests scientific evidence that supports the Flat Earth theory.




Chase-Logo 3d cropThe Chase Bank Logo has been argued by occult analysts of symbology to resemble the Swastika.  The center square is a Freemason occult geometric shape.  Based on my ongoing study of ancient civilizations including pyramids and the relevance of them to corporate interests, I had remembered one particular episode of Gilligan’s Island titled “The Secret of Gilligan’s Island” (season 3, episode 25).  My use of what I refer to as Hollywood “tells” seems to never fail me with solving the mystery of secret society codes.  I had felt there was more to the secret of Gilligan’s Island in which invariably the answer is quite simple.  The secret lies beneath the apparent story told in its script.  It had to do with a double sided image on a stone tablet.  This is the Sumerian reference.

Science delivered the illusion of fear and hope

Russel Johnson

“Well Skipper I happen to know a little about hieroglyphics and spent two years on an archaeological expedition in Egypt.” – Professor

the-first-stone-analysedThe problem was to find what the illusion actually represents.  I had to remove the memory imprint that it is a swastika proclaimed by conspiracy theorists by viewing the object objectively.  I reflected back to what I had seen on television and in film because there is a magician, priest or scientist in every occult media delivery.

Russell Johnson’s role was to represent the secret society cult religion rooted in false science.  Of the seven castaways, The Professor was the most trusted ‘figurehead’ who called all the shots, kept them under control and forever cordoned off from reality through use of illusions.

I recalled its correlation on the tablet Gilligan had chiseled an image on a stone tablet intended to convince cave people to migrate to a ‘place of paradise’. I had covered occult messages of Generation X and in fact that very episode of Gilligan’s Island.   Regarding the show’s themes and methodology, it is embedded within Gilligan’s dreams during his sleep that NWO doctrines were presented in encrypted as a schematic.  In his dream the castaways lived as cave dwellers, an object of primary focus had an element similar to the Chase logo in which one of four lines is angled from a square broken piece of a slab stone.  It represented something more valuable to the interests of corporate banking than a reference to the Third Reich although it is deeply affiliated.  Having seen this with the on the broken pieces of the tablet once glued back together and the fact that Gilligan had drawn three pyramids, I knew it could be one thing – Khufu.

Chase’s logo is eight sided, so how is the logo similar?

The Professor played a television version of “Indiana Jones”.  His character was designed to be the hero of the castaway collective.  While the skipper played the role of security and the “police state” and Gilligan representing the dumbed down society, it was the Professor who made the ultimate decisions to which they all depended for survival.  He administered the mental psyops to both the viewer and characters alike in which for every episode, he illustrated ‘facts’ that resulted in fear.  He then presented the resolve which would pacify the collective as well as satisfy the viewer.  He claimed responsibility for his misjudgements in science, however, was invariably redeemed in part with the fact that Gilligan (the people) was mostly to blame while the others were just as guilty by proxy.

khufu 8 sidesThe logo Chase Bank adopted as their symbol represents the great Giza Plateau pyramid Khufu. It is the largest of the three pyramids that align precisely with the belt stars of ORION and happens to be the only one that is eight sided.  Because of this, the Chase logo represents the sides as an octagon although the great pyramid’s four obvious sides are concave two paneled faces.

The outer mantle was covered with highly polished limestone casing blocks to an accuracy of 1/100th of an inch. The ancient Egyptians gave Khufu the name Ikhet meaning glorious light.

Chase logo khufu composite 2The Chase Bank logo’s four lines extend out at angles which match the same angle from the square interior as crease lines of two sided faces of the panels.  I have drawn the missing lines that show the obvious edges of the pyramid form.


The Secret is an Anunnaki Temple – Khufu

Only Gilligan can interpret

The prop maker on the set design staff had to follow a pattern predicated by upper decision management.  Because the episode’s subtle theme dealt with a mystery, “The Secret” is stated on the tablet itself, but never addressed in the script.  It happens that Gilligan chiseled his design portraying three pyramids which do not exist on the island – let alone a visible mountain or volcano.

only-gilligan-can-interpret pyramid angle crop

The tablet shows one of four edges of the broken piece ‘design’ as a perfect angle from the center.  It is as if it would come to a point.  What we are shown is a pyramid in plan view of a flat topped structure absent the capstone.

The jigsaw cuts were most likely deliberately arranged to obscure the architectural configuration, however, it is obvious a stone tablet will not be likely to result with a perfect square shaped center piece.  For the effect of realism, the foam’s edges were hand broken along the seams. (images are linked to a short video demo)

only-gilligan-can-interpret1 crop with lines

only-gilligan-can-interpret3 crop


Why on Gilligan’s Island? After all, it is only entertainment

This brief screen shot shows the island paradise before the tablet is broken by the chief Thurston Howell, played by Jim Backus (below).  The back side always faces the viewer, however, the drawing is shown only for a few frames.    On close observation, there are specifically three geometrically shaped ‘mountains’.  These most likely represent the three great pyramids of Egypt.  The probable reason the seams are darkened and that the paradise scene not shown not only shows that the tablet is repaired, but for what they represent as an imprint emulating all the characteristics of pyramids woven throughout entertainment media.

drawing 3 pyramids txt


breaking tablet

gilligans island no pyramids 2


An owl named X

Library and dollar molek

X the OwlOn the contrary.  Gilligan’s Island was a clever vehicle for underlying messages. It was a way to introduce the reverse of American ideals in which our parents of the Boomers generation and before understood the principles America was built upon. The media psyops was designed to negate the goal of severance from tyranny.  It was the method to indoctrinate Boomer offspring beginning in approximately 1962 in order to imprint a set of principles in which case with Gilligan’s Island – imprisonment within the US borders. These would become the ideals established for the common people under a New World Order construct where freedom is futile.

king and queenGeneration X was then born.  This crossover in television was accompanied by companion programs which included Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie and many more.  Surprisingly, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood (article) was singularly the most powerful of them all for the reason it’s primary goal was to groom “GenX” as slave laborers and introduce the idea that European Aristocracy was back in vogue.  The series was aimed primarily at preschool ages 2 to 5 beginning in 1963 with it’s origins nine years previously in which the characters ‘King Friday the 13th’ and ‘X the Owl’ were already created.

Egyptians required slave labor – GenX TV promoted factory work. 

Characters portrayed in “Neighborhood of Make Believe” is designed to augment belief systems.  X the owl represents MOLEK

Mr. Rogers talks about work

Roger's and his trolleyNot surprising is the initial installment of the set for Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.  Transportation to “Neighborhood of Make Believe” uses the iconic railroad system with the Nazi Germany’s logistics that has not changed in 70 years by which human lives are destined to their fate.  He often discussed what was going to happen in Make-Believe before the next fantasy segment was shown “Let’s pretend that Prince Tuesday has been having scary dreams…” Imprisonment or death is the reality.  All that has changed is the tern concentration camp to FEMA quarantine facility.  They were “made to believe” that they were being taken to a safe haven just as GenX took those field trips for indoctrination by grooming pre-American ideals.  How is this related to the premise of Gilligan’s Island?  Life of confinement under the condition of hope.



Each episode of Gilligan’s Island had a separate element of the NWO paradigm agenda.  The Secret of Gilligan’s Island involved a derailment of the Sumerian tablet inscription observations made initially by a Soviet born American researcher, Zecharia Sitchin, who first decoded the tablets that tell the story of ancient off world beings.  This was information considered esoteric by the powers driving the disinformation protocols in which damage control campaigns to distort these efforts were initiated.  The purpose of the character played by Russell Johnson “Professor” was to re-educate children as to the official away from the alternative record by presenting outcomes using fiction in after school programs. This was an effective way to discredit occurring research at the time by experts attempting to decode ancient written languages that revealed a possible alternative ancient historical record.  A companion article describing the correlation between pyramids and volcanoes can be found here:  Virgin Sacrifices involved euphoria mushrooms

Excerpted and updated from Gilligan’s Island “NWO Blueprint



Have you ever wondered about the shape of a volcano that it appears from a distance to be a pyramid?  This may be the case.  While geologists have formed their opinions, so too has Dismantle The Beam Project.

Volcanic pyramid energy machines

visible-portion-hoover-dam-stargate1 the ancient metropolis formation theory of the Grand Canyon is correct, then perhaps most all if every one of the mountains we conclude as natural forming may not be at all.  If an Alien race, or multitude of them, created a global star map reflecting the celestial star patterns of the heavens, then volcanoes too must be pyramids energy engines using natural subterranean heat as their fuel.  These conical shaped constructs differ from the four sided pyramid.

Above:  Studying Hoover Dam with the consideration that it may be an intended pyramid structure.  It would not be a full four sided pyramid, but 1/3 of a conical formation that relies on a body of water as diamagnetic forces with its paramagnetic constitution of quartz giving it the fundamental components for being an aetheric energy machine – for some purpose.  This study concludes that Hoover Dam may be a stargate.

They must be pyramids nonetheless?

It is understood that the occult uses the film industry to showcase their stories in riddle form.  While the general audience assumes reality based on selective science disseminated through the educational system, the volcano that a character in the movie AFTER EARTH must climb to save his life has an underlying meaning.

ant hill dam compareHoover Dam may be 1/3rd of a conical modern day pyramid constructed to work as an energy machine other than generating hydro-electric power.  That remains to be determined, however, new evidence proves it to be the case.  Ants create an electromagnetic ring field around the crest of their ant hills making an EMF address that they identify as their unique homing device to lead them to and from home.  These are interesting trivia notations, however, may be important to a yet to be discovered purpose for ancient volcanic mountains dormant or active.


Were people forced into volcanoes, or did they go willingly?

It is quite possible that folklore has somehow deleted the main ingredient as being the integral element for the practice of human sacrifice by inducing a young young virgin into an erotic state of mind whilst being thrown, or voluntarily thrown to their death.  Reminding ourselves that the powers of the illusionaris, the secret societies and their Satanic methods posing as priests, ask us to decide for ourselves our fate.  We are allowed to make our decisions although plainly coerced or deceived into them.  The bio-chemical aspect cannot be excluded in these diabolical self serving practices of the voyeur who prescribes the mushroom to the gullibility of the youth.  The occult induldges in so many ritualistic events using nightshades and a myriad of natural occurring poisons.

virgin sacrifice 1How, not why, were virgins compelled to be sacrificed? Did they commit themselves to suicidal dives into volcanoes?  Or, were these young ladies forced as commonly assumed through speculation without reasonable scientific or written historical facts?

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI am inclined to believe they volunteered for there may be a viable answer.  It was customary to do this with virgins who had never experienced intimacy to have the ultimate feelings of ecstasy – an orgasmic experience.  A young girl would not have second thoughts based on the love for an eligible young man for starters.  This coupled with the extraordinary magnetism of religious doctrines, they would submit to a power such as a deity or God.  There is a mushroom that to women induces an orgasmic feeling, but does not create the spontaneous arousal in men.  In fact, it has the opposite repulsive effect and reaction.  This mushroom known as one of a variety of the Dictyophora mushroom species.  It grows on lava flows that are 600–1000 years only grows in high altitudes.  This means that there is a correlation between virginal sexual sacrifice and volcanoes.  What if beyond that, there’s a relationship with the volcano doubling as a cone shaped pyramid?  What else did those Mayans do on top of their pyramid temples?

No way!  A female aphrodisiac symbiotic with a monumental phallic looking cone pyramid?    Or, way…

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERASex has been a staple metaphor in religion all over the world and in history.  I won’t even go into the Catholic Church to delineate word origins such as the “seminary” “seminal” chambers and what “peni-tance” this and that relate to.  It’s so obvious.  With the definition of this smelly fungus as follows:

DICTYOPHORA is a genus of stinkhorn fungi closely related to those of the genus Phallus but distinguished by an indusium that hangs like a skirt from below the pileus)

The phallic symbol is wide spread as well as the reproductive system, its parts, and the list is seemingly endless.  But, nobody has ever related this mushroom to the ancient practices, or acts of sexual reenactment without the sex in a ceremony as epic as a human sacrifice…. why the volcano and nothing else?  A pool drowning a cause for this sensational group activity?  No.  It has to be a volcano and under the possible influence of an intense feeling of rapture, euphoria and how ever one explains it. (source)



“We need to have the conversation our governments can’t” – James Donavan (Tom Hanks)

What struck me the most was the smash cut immediately following an elementary classroom viewing a nuclear response film and what to do, “Duck and Cover”.  This scene is followed by the teacher and grade schoolers reciting the Pledge of Allegiance with their hands covering their hearts.  I hadn’t thought of this for some decades other than in passing, but when I saw the scene, it truly rocked me as to what we’ve become.  Desensitized from our allegiance… few show the reverence as seen in Bridge of Spies at contemporary ball games.  We can’t wait for the clock to start ticking.

What we see

“The question Bridge of Spies wants the viewer to consider is the same one that could have been asked during the Cold War era: “What does the United States of America truly stand for? Are we willing to uphold those constitutional convictions even when we feel threatened by outside forces?” Rotten Tomatoes review

IMDB – In the cold war, A lawyer, James B. Donovan recruited by the CIA and involved in an intense negotiation mission to release and exchange a CIA U-2 spy-plane pilot, Francis G. Powers that was arrested alive after his plane was shot down by the Soviet Union during a mission- with a KGB intelligence officer, Rudolf Abel who was arrested for espionage in the US.


PTB preparing for WWIII grooming the masses “bridge relations”

“In order to understand our own times, we need to be able to understand earlier periods as well. Bridge of Spies provides a reasonably accurate portrayal of the case, but its portrayal of the late 1950s—designed by Spielberg and a team of writers who include the Coen brothers, Joel and Ethan—appeals more to the prejudices of our own time than it would the reality of the world back then. The image of an intolerant anti-Communist citizenry and a hopelessly evil U.S. government has been popular for decades, and we seem eager to believe it. Perhaps that makes sense: in a post-9/11, post-PATRIOT Act, post-Snowden world, the idea that the CIA might be out to trample American ideals in order to track an upstanding citizen, supposedly in the service of keeping us safe, is completely feasible. But a half-century ago, despite the very real excesses of the CIA abroad, Americans believed more deeply in the Constitution and the American criminal justice system than they do today.” – David Kaiser

Tom Hanks, James Donavan, could care less about the adversaries concern for five human beings in an arbitration regarding multiple injury lawsuit against his single client, but when it came to an American doctrine that everyone counts, he managed to salvage a poor soul caught in the political/war crossfire which to our government was unnecessary except for himself and an altruistic conscious.  My question is who does Tom Hanks serve in real life to flip flop when it comes to true human ideals.  You and I sitting in the audience watching applaud when we reach the end and the outcome is positively reinforcing to all, but what about the five motorcyclists either killed or injured in the accident discussed at the beginning of this film?  Those poor souls considered ‘causualties of the corporate world’ happen to be you and me.  What we saw in the movie were militants and spies with human feelings, but without regard for all human life.  It’s about selection.  This includes Donavan (Hanks) whose character shift ‘bridges’ into transitioning into being an American spy… learning from experience and a natural at it.  This is his job as an actor for the Elite class to convince us that there are special people deserving of a chance, even if they’re doing their job as a spy, and that we’re not.

The secret societies who control the propaganda messages from Hollywood who arm both sides in war use Tom Hanks as the poster child to bridge relations between the US and Russia.

Visual Imprinting – Is there a Nazi message hidden in plain sight?

Liesl and fiance compared to assistant 2Tom Hanks’ legal assistant is also a poster child of the Aryan look bringing in the Nazi youth movement in an apparent nuance staging of infiltration.  That one was quick to my eye, but not easy to catch for the average analyzer of Hollywood’s ulterior task of type casting characters.  When the assistant carelessly barges into the Donavan home interrupting supper without an apology, the eldest daughter who happens to not only be stood up for a date, but beautiful, is completely ignored by the young single man.  This has been a standard treatment in most all spy films comical and serious that goes way back to the days of epic film making – most notably The Sound of MusicLiesl, the eldest of the Von Trapp family daughters, is completely abandoned by her Aryan fiance for his allegiance to a cause.  Hollywood has demonstrated this iconic, or stereotype, of young men with insensitivity in both films. 

Additional techniques of the media psyops agenda

hitler interstellar 'Brand'

morgan-fry-compare4Piers Morgan was placed in the US as a media psyops agent 9 days following the Gabrielle Giffords shooting replacing Larry King as an advocate against our the Constitution.  His job was and continues to enchant US citizens to relinquish their rights to freely bear arms.  The film V For Vendetta was a campaign to ease Morgan into the hearts of Americans by an association with Stephen Fry who played the same character role as a media man friendly with the anti government character role of the protagonist.   Burghart Klaußner’s character in Bridge of Spies is an effort to relate the latter as an imprint called “deceptive engineering”.

True message from Abel?

rudolf abel self portraitThe Russian spy, Abel, ingratiates Donavan with a gift.  As Donavan’s job is complete, he receives the gift that turns out to be a painting Abel creates from his mind without the use of a photograph.  This says two things.  First, Abel has a photographic memory, catches all that is seen and said, and is the epitome of a true collector of information indicating to Donavan that he carries more intel than one would expect, even while jailed before being set free.  Second, that it means to the general audience he merely is showing his gratitude.   To craft a realistic rendition of someone takes time to complete.  It means that Abel began the painting from the moment he was incarcerated to the moment he was traded.  It shows that he calculated every move the Americans made.  If you experience this film, note that Abel must use a mirror throughout an entire process to replicate his own photo realistic impression of himself.

Example of what is seen in an East Berlin office.

Why couldn’t he have done this from memory as with Hanks?

square compass

The point of this is that a spy must have the ability to out think, decode, make sense, and calculate their moves and the outcome of their actions.  It’s what I practice and this movie helps to validate myself as an in-faith investigator.  My background happens to be in art and design.

The Mark of the Beast

Behind the desk of Harold Ott (Burghart Klaußner) in East Berlin hangs an enormous image banner depicting some sort of emblem with a compass as its focal point.  No rhyme nor reason to it in real life other than the stage seal stamped as a reminder to the NWO their agenda.  Striking, as it is the mark of the Freemasonry.

Toning down water boarding

toning down water boardingWater boarding has been an interrogation practice since time began.  This scene in which the downed U2 pilot, Powers, is punished with a bucket of water is a diversion from the truth.   The point is, the entire film and recent movies within the past decade have all been kind to Russia and its demeanor.  This is mainly to convince Americans that it will be acceptable to buddy with them against the Chinese in a world war.  The analysis of War Horse may help to exemplify the dynamics.





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