Education or compliance?

An article  “Worksheet asks children to remove parts of the Bill of Rights” spell-bounded me.  Thanks to Stephanie Sledge of, I verified in myself elements in the youth educational system that has had me in inquiring thought for years.

If you know my work and all that I have either rediscovered, solved, and beyond, you’ll know, that is if you believe that I have the true answers when my mind resolves them, that this new opened door regarding the education system is epic.

This means that I’m re-investigating a topic I’ve begun to cover regarding the educational system.  The NEO NAZI youth program

A coalition of GMO companies, including Monsanto, is trying to brainwash our kids into supporting genetically-modified crops. The “Council for Biotechnology Information” has written up and widely circulated the book Look Closer at Biotechnology, biotech propaganda in the form of a children’s coloring book, handed out for use in schools.

A young female student in Bryant School District in Arkansas brought home a worksheet that presented her with a scenario that referred to the Bill of Rights as “outdated” and that as part of a special committee she would need to throw out two of the Amendments.  The worksheet was handed out to Sixth grade students in a History class. According to the girl’s mother, Lela Spears, she has not received any government or civics classes and this was the first assignment dealing with the Constitution or Bill of Rights. The school district is participating in the embattled Common Core curriculum.


I attended a large classroom at the University of Arizona on October, 14 as an observer.  No, I didn’t ask permission for the reality of red tape and know that I wouldn’t have been allowed to sit in on a class.  In this realm, and I sat in the back corner of the auditorium, I witnessed the most spectacular event I could ever imagine.  It wasn’t a lecture.  It was the day of a test.  No lecutre, but instructions were given not to worry about specifics in their answers, but just to name the names of the ‘notable’ people involved.  Guess what, the names are all Saudi Arabian.  The students managing the hall passed out the test sheets and I was given one.  I had zero idea who these Arabians were!  They are not talked about in the news.. period.  I was stunned.  What I learned is that I should get a student educational loan so that I can open a new door into the mis-intel knowledge base that will show me more of the NWO blueprint.  That class, you see, was a subtle “Obamacare’ process by which kids in the young adult life are being trained to observe, respect, and obey Muslim lifestyles for the reason the NWO religion is Egyptian.  I learned that Egyptian alien intellect of the control of minds is rooted in that mindset and it just so happens to be named Muslim.  Look at it… women are controlled and men have all the power over them.  The stinky thing is that I see that, and I computed it in my head, that most of the students here at the UofA are women and all wearing black spandex sport uniforms.  You see red at the ball games, but when you watch people and see the style beneath it, the spandex, shorts which males wear, and so on are black.  The color is the fourth one we see in television, film, and the news.  Red, White, Blue… and black.  There are more women on this campus than the Australian ration of men to women.  Or, it’s the same.  The thing is, I’ve seen government advertisement after ad asking women to employ as FBI, NSA, and the rest of the alphabet agencies.  They’re not asking men.  It’s the women.

GMO giant, Monsanto, placed a booklet with third graders countrywide that teaches them that genetically modified food is ethical, important, nutritious as well as beneficial for the environment.  There is so much to decrypt, but I’ll spare the reader of this article.  It is because all my articles should be 4 to 5 hundred page books.  Project Cloverleaf placed a booklet showing our children not to worry about chemtrailing… that it is good for the Geo-engineering conversion of our planet.  There are literally thousands of ‘mental inserts’ perpetrated upon our publicly mind control educational processed children.  We can’t help but place our offspring into these daily communal training camps.  We need to go to our jobs to… what, feed them when they get home?  Bad excuse.  “I need to work to feed my family”.  Nope.  They have us all in reverse thought having trained us to use these excuses not think straight.

Look at the article worksheet‘ again.  The power elites have infiltrated our scholastic system so blatantly that know nobody will question what their children are being trained to do.  The sixth graders will become military age at 18 to 24.  That means that in the year 2018-2020 will be the exclusive overthrow of this country by our own kids.

Peg LuksikIntellects reading the links I provided and looking at how our children are being deceived, retrained to dispose our rights so that they will carry out atrocities beyond comprehension (the video game fanatics are the most lethal when it comes to real time, real armament, and really bad button pressing contracted to operate the people killing drones), are the actual drones we talk about.  Industry build remote controlled aircraft, satellites, and all the things we speak of that are Obama-pushed projects, so to speak mechanical drones, are not the only futuristic cannibalistic weapons.  It happens to be the diverted education of your child to, without being a 2/3 voting Representative in Government making the decision that your 1st and 2nd Amendment right is “Outdated”.

Before I say what this article is really about, I’d like you to review Peg Luksik’s lecture on education

Okay.  Now the big Operation is disclosed.  The article link and what I am discussing is about children being taught to  repel against the rights granted to Americans when it’s time the NWO takes full charge.

The challenge is linking the decomposition of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, the Amendments to something that is Biblical.  The Bible has pages upon pages of whatever, but the most important element happens to be the Ten Commandments.  What the Elites are doing is recomposing each and every one of them also to  mean something differently than what their true intent are.  Like the Commandments, our rights are being deconstructed and taught as something else outside the perimeters of their intent.

It happens to be all the rules whether it is religion or politics that are being changed

Here is an example of one of the Ten Commandments.  “THOU SHALL NOT KILL”.  Well, in this country it seems that any federal agent, even a nurse who draws a federal paycheck, has the license to kill without going to court for a judicial hearing in front of a judge nor peers of their age (a jury).  What they do now is conduct “internal investigations” into matters and those reports are the mainstay of justice.  We saw that plainly when the Trade Center Towers were destroyed.  The government’s statement on what happened stuck, people rebelled but were always dissected out of the argument, and what happened in Pima County when an innocent young man was shot with almost 100 rounds of bullets and the SWAT team that unleashed their entire clips were never brought to justice.. a court of law is where justice is served, A million people bought that story hook line and sinker as the right way things should be done.  This article is to show that all of us are being retrained not to understand how the Constitution works.  Bigger, what the Ten Commandments mean.

Another is “Thou shall not use God’s name in vain”.  Now, most people I interview asking what their interpretation varies.

You can have four churches bordering streets with houses within acre.  On a Sunday, people attending those churches will have four different interpretations implanted in their minds by one person projecting these ideas in their interpretation of the Bible, the Biblical commandments and so forth.  The question to ask is “Why after all these centuries nobody has learned the “the truth” from this book?  Each reverend, preacher, or whatever they call themselves have an individual opinions not based on an educational format that is cohesive and unified.  If it were, then those attending four different churches wouldn’t argue about a simple question about any line of text from the Bible.  They’d all say the same thing.

Most say that one must comply with respect by not putting the word God within a sentence where profanity exists.  This is the wrong perception of the commandment.  The precise  word used in the single line of text is “vane..” or vanity.  Any dictionary will say nothing about profane words in juxtaposition with anyone or any God is described.  The real meaning of this commandment is that no person should raise themselves above another by claiming that they are God, Jesus, or anything else.  It has nothing to do with exploitation using verbal abuse.  The point here is that children are being taught to view everything differently even though the word meanings are pointed, explicit, precise, and have meaning.  They are showed that words take on new avenues of thought as moral diversions.


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