Government funding to acquire right of way in downtown Tucson

A major militarized transportation hub transformation project in downtown Tucson commences with the Linda Ronstadt Bus Depot

Their plan is to at some point convert this bus terminal into a train depot of some sort.  They will connect an intricate rail system that is a light trolly at first, but their aim is to connect rails all the way to medical and morgue as well as prison housing.  This is a future neo Nazi construction project.

It is believed that the University of Arizona may be behind this project in a deep dark rabbit hole.  The reason for this thought is that if there is a terminal conversion with train rails, it will be for continued access of the light trolley that would be largely used by students ‘on the surface’.


In an article posted in April of 2012 “Military complex FEMA-nizes a downtown transport hub“, I reported part of the suspected rail right of way infrastructure that I felt would be complete by 2015-18.  This involves schemes that are taking place and are clear enough that to describe it is helpful for all to be aware in their own communities.  If you haven’t read the article, I highly recommend a breeze through.  But, be thorough.

Recently, however, things have changed and city folk don’t see the actual intention of the station. Even I didn’t ‘see’ it until now.  And now, it makes total sense.  We watched all this federal funding go into a facility, but have no idea that the facility is on the drawing board for this rail connection with a central downtown militarized hub.

All the rail lines connect end to end.  This is how I know.

At the time, I thought the terminal was destined to be a holding pen.

The scary part is, the main terminal would have been ousted practically in the back woods.  The idea is to remove low income people from downtown and fill it with University kids riding the pretty little trolley.  But, that would be the facade for a complete system for a bleak future.  Maybe I’m wrong, but in a couple years we’ll see if it’s the reality.

City officials were recently negotiating a deal to cede the Ronstadt Center and up to two other downtown properties to the owners of a scenic 284-parcel in the Painted Hills as a way to block development there. The two properties they speak of are the MLK (Martin Luther King) building and another.  The city would have then sold the Painted Hills parcel to Pima County for $3.6 million.  This comes after the hub was upgraded, but actually it was downgraded.. and someone ran off with the money.

Mostly riders protested

for fear of a backroom deal to hand off a vital transit hub for commuters to monied interests. Had I gone, they’d bag me for saying what I’d be saying and showing what I’m showing here.

“Hey, they’re going to lay rails right through Ronstadt.  That’s why it’s a shoddy mess.”

To whom or for what other purpose did that 1.2 million dollars go?

????????????????????????????????Mayor Jonathan Rothschild and council moved to ease the problem by creating a “development vision” for the transit center that will maintain it as a transit hub while allowing for some mixed use development. Once the plans are complete, the city will put the project out to competitive bid.

The move essentially separates the Ronstadt Center from the discussions with the Dallas Police and Fire Employee Pension Fund, which owns the Painted Hills property, said Councilwoman Karin Uhlich, who drafted the motion.

“They may well be one of the interested respondents,” Uhlich said. “But there are two parallel conversations going on in the community now – one with the pension fund and the other on what to do with the Ronstadt Center.”

Hogwash.  It’s a sell out because we pay for all this.

The Arizona Daily Star’s most recent article in full can be read here:

It’s very probable that the reason the federal project project was never completed was because these negotiations were taking place.  There would be no need to complete it.  The evidence is clear in the youtube I created with these pictures.  The lack of the graphic signage, the cameras, upgrade to the facilities, that there are no people operating the information booths as should is evidence that there is an alternate plan for the property/facility.

Now, the federal government wouldn’t like this now would they?  They put up the money.  Is there truth that the ordeal was planned to be half assessed so that these logistics could take place?


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  1. NG said:

    Today I heard from a lame-stream media listener that it’s recently been reported, our illustrious Mayor has afforded himself a couple of new bodyguards. I also hear from another that it is reported 17th Street Market closes next month. Watch for the well-heeled to bail, and if they do…I’m next.

    realnuz: I hope you mean you’re not leaving town because the market closes down.. Rothschild needs them because he’s a pecker with two balls…. that’s all I got ta say:)

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