Silent Running-Our Food Supply Lost

This film makes the statement back in 1972, when genetically modified food was being introduced into the market, what direction and what the fate of our food supply would be in the distant future.  That future is now.

PW: silent running

Silent Running depicts a future in which all plant life on Earth has been made extinct. Only a few specimens have been preserved in enormous, greenhouse-like geodesic domes attached to a fleet of American Airlines space freighters, just outside the orbit of Saturn. Freeman Lowell (Bruce Dern), one of four crewmen aboard the Valley Forge, is the resident ecologist who preserves the forests for their eventual return to Earth and the reforestation of the planet.When orders are given to destroy the last remaining plants, Lowell decides that Earth’s plant life is more important than human beings and takes action.


bruce dern

Freeman (talking to the crew over a meal) when one of them says, “Lowell, do you have to eat that thing in here?  It stinks”.  Lowell responds, “I’d like to know if any one of you knows about real food?”

When I first saw this movie decades ago I was not clued into the meaning by which this important exchange meant as a message.  Now that I do, and because I’ve published health books on the topic of food, I know darn well what they were eluding to regarding modified food, its non nutritious direction, its tastelessness, and the toxic nature by which food would be created to damage people.

Crew mate: “What, real food right out of the dirt?  That’s real food isn’t it?”
Lowell: “Yeah, that’s real food. This happens to be nature’s greatest gift.”

          After a moment of arguing, Lowell describes what natural food is:

Crew mate: “I can’t see the difference in this and that anyway”
Lowell: “You don’t see the difference?  The difference is that I grew it.  That’s what the difference is that I picked it and fixed it.  And, it has a taste and it has some color and it has a smell.  And it calls back a time when there were flowers all over the Earth.  There were valleys and there were planes of tall green grass that you could play in and sleep in.  There were blue skies and fresh air and there were things growing all over the place not in some dome enclosure.  How can you eat this crap.. dried synthetic crap..  (pointing at their food) and I bet you came so dependent on it that you can’t live without it.”

          One of the members responds by saying:

Crew mate: “Maybe that’s the way we want it Lowell.”

Lowell responds with the fact that the temperature everywhere “you go” on Earth is the same.  “72 degrees, it’s all the same.”  This means that climate change and the scam concerning global warming was indeed a revenue generating scheme when really, the plan was, and still is, to create conditions on Earth that do not fluctuate.  Modified foods would be created and grown in an environment that is not natural, but synthetically manifested.  The last line that has weight which is an issue that we all think about, but take little action against the powers that be to reverse is,

“The fact is Lowell, if people were interested, they would have done something a long time ago.”


  1. i read and understand the entire article and i really enjoyed it to be honest.

  2. wow, it’s astonishing how relevant this article is. thanks for posting such rich content. this is refreshing to see.

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