Who are the legitimate radio hosts?

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I began hosting a radio show for good reasons.  One is that it is obvious few people read for lack of time and that we feel we can find things on youtube that make it simpler.  My observation is that seekers of information finding it on popular underground news channels and blog sites show little discretion as to where and from who the article resources come from.  The assumption is that they are legitimate “most likely cross-referenced”.  Typically, if a person doesn’t know someone personally, they’ll by default honor the credit when credit is not due yet.

When speaking live on the radio, a person is presented more realistically which helps to lend credence to what they write.  The hope is, I can inspire some to go further and research my work.  As it is, I’m not easily surpassed.  My findings are such that there are few if any resources in which the validation would come from others to support the claims.  I hear this all time, “Lee, that’s interesting, but I need to research it.”  I chuckle and cry at the same time knowing that they won’t take the effort to follow up, and if that person does, won’t find it because my final analysis is always original.  That puts me in the predicament of being considered not credible until someone else uses that reference and confirms it.  So, if you hear it in my voice on air and “feel me”, so to speak, you’ll hopefully form a personal opinion.  I aspire to bring news to you which is fresh and honest.

“The true news caster cares not of their status, ratings and doesn’t promote.  They laugh at the death threats without backing out.  The genuine journalist puts his or her life on the line without a care about themselves.. it’s about you and showing you the way out.   We have stage shows where “out of the blue where did they come from show people” ramble for hours on end never allowing the solution to be revealed.  The murdered journalists were the ones who showed you the answers on what to do”  – anonymous

There is a clear reliance on video treatments for audio only radio shows.  Therefore, I’m attempting to make as many as I can.  Kevin Smith was one of few in the legitimate area of radio because he included the live visual news casting element.  What suffered was not having the time and staff to produce more of the visual elements that describe the topics for his shows.  It would have been new and valuable as an educational forum to pass forward.  The downside is that few people can afford to pay for these backfeeds for rebroadcast archives, and little avails for intent of the educational aspect of talk show venues.  It’s across the board this way.


I’m attempting to change radio show format at a great sacrifice.

This is an example of what you can do with a radio show you put on.  In the beginning, I want to try a test which means I’ll present my shows first, but it’s up to you to make your own for the community you live in to make it purposeful (make sense to your constituents).  I’ll be doing more with Aaron Rey, but to illustrate a bit of what can be done, this half hour video demonstrates what I’m trying to promote as a platform by which everyone can become visible to the public.  Just imagine your news cast being played on a white walled building in a parking lot late at night when people take an interest and sit in on your show.  Most buildings, incidentally, are idle due to foreclosures and bankruptcies.. so if the bank goes against you for not asking permission, well, they get into deep doo-doo exposing their fraud on yet another level regarding the Constitution:)

Another reason for me breaking into the radio show arena is because there has been a regimented and well placed pattern of counter intelligence seated within the alternative news venues with the intent on retraining, or grooming, how people freely think.


I’m interested in changing the circular pattern of thought imposed by a single minded radio voice.

This means that I am almost completely alone.  It also means that I’ll be vehemently loathed for the reason there are those you admire I would like to show are conducting the business of adversarial work.  It simply means that the messages in their radio shows are of the conditioning modality set on implanting defeatist leanings and attitudes among the listener.


Should I mention their names?

There is no need because it is most all of them!  I will mention three, however, because they were the most recent people I reached out to.  For years I’ve tried to talk with Tony “Hatrick Penry” Muga.  I gave up, but tried again after listening to his recently aired interview with Jason Erb.  James I feel is a special host because he’s learned as I am in many ways.  I can tell.  It was the first time I’d heard Tony’s voice, however, and what they discussed was exactly what I would which means all three of us were on the same page.  I sent an email and have yet to get a reply from Tony (Hatrick Penry).  I question why one would not want to hear my voice in person to get that intuitive feeling for oneself as a final say so in the matter.  He could politely say he’s uninterested and I’ll be fine with that.   Out of everyone I’ve listened to, I think it is Hatrick that I’d feel the most comfortable with.. a confidant.  I really do, but that obviously will never ever happen.

Folks, we can’t do this alone and we shouldn’t live with paranoia about all of us trying to spread good messages.  In fact, a friend of mine warned me about Hatrick and I refused to believe it without even knowing him first.  I don’t listen to others and said so to her.  I defended someone who refused from the get go to communicate with me.  My hope was that Tony would call me.  I listen to each individual in person regardless of their positions.  There’s good in everyone and the bad parts while they need to be exposed.. everyone can be redeemed including Noory and Jones plus a slew of up and coming ‘artists’.

Another one is Clyde Lewis simply because he was the last person I did speak with in person on his radio show last week.   I called to share a solution in which he spent those hours complaining about and inciting sensationalism.   The result was that I didn’t get the opportunity to voice it nor ever will.  It almost seemed as if he cared, but I sensed that he was reserved and let it go untouched.  I felt this because he won’t respond to my subsequent email nor ever will just like the rest.  It’s an “MO”.  There was time on his show while I was a live caller regardless of me saying it would take a couple minutes to explain, but I let ‘the brush off’ go and offered to send him the solution by personal email.  I’ve yet to hear from him and there has been adequate time for that response.  So, if the excuse that show hosts on this level of popularity and pronounced presence in alternative news are too busy, then what’s the point?  They make sure they’re there to present their ‘agenda’ to you, but where are you in the mix.. lost in the shuffle?  I seem to have the time for any and everyone.. and I know lots of people.  I devote all my time and put what I’m doing on hold just for that person.



Here is where I start.  Just a simple half hour.  There’s no reason to go on for two or more hours saying a bunch of stuff without giving out the solution.  In fact, I could do the show in 15 minutes.   What I do is take the audio and compile mini youtube documentaries for a visual radio show.  In my case, I use Vimeo.  In this way, I can present visual support as well as whatever was missing from the conversation and support it with added material.  The idea gets better!

To preface the idea, I presented Aaron Rey and let him be the host of my show.  The video I put together is at the beginning of this article.  He is one to be an honest radio show host that can see right through the BS.  I don’t sense that ability with people like, Muga, and the rest for the reason Aaron has nothing to fear.  He’s like me.. I’ll talk to anyone regardless of feeling like they just want to argue, fight, and find fault.  We are truth seekers and there isn’t infighting when that’s a genuine pursuit.



Why not take these mini news reports complete with videos and project them on building walls or in private meetings during the week?  If our internet is hijacked, we’ll have to resort to doing these kinds of news castings.  It’s best to do it in public with people like town hall meetings so to speak.   While we still have the net, someone in the crowd could suggest something else of importance and using wifi, exhibit it provided it’s copyright free and authorized.



I’m going to create a kickstarter.com project.  My hope is to get funding to help others set up their own programs as well as simulcast news shows to real people in public.


What are the dangers?

Well, the cops show up and disband everyone for their unconstitutional reasons.  Armed with video cameras by us, they then become the next underground news show “Headline” news for the following street news show.  I want to call it WHITE WALL NEWS.


Tell me what you know

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