Star Trek says “Human beings are the true illuminated ones”

In the universe of Star Trek, the Prime Directive ‘dictates’ that there can be no interference with the internal development of alien civilizations which is the most prominent guiding principle. I’ve come to discover that this is actually the prime directive observed by the real off-world alien civilizations salivating at the chops for a piece of earth’s creamy pie.  The deception is that it’s for our own good when it is definitely not.

I’m concerned that by creating this article, because I am not a devout fan of the Star Trek series although I did watch it, Some would accuse that I don’t know the cast, officer and duty designations, biographies on and off screen, back history and stats on all the elements of the program fancied and learned by Star Trek fanatics.  I certainly would never dress up like Spock and go to their conventions.  I hope I don’t misrepresent the show on a technical level.  This post is an attempt to show how Star Trek cast of characters and misleading technology was used against a presidential hopeful by the dynamic muscle of ill sentimented media ploy.

They have to wait until we do ourselves in by imprisoning ourselves before they begin the massive theft of earth’s prized possessions, while in the meantime, your next door neighbor of six years old is being traded to sick people in other countries.

Andrew Basiago is on a quest affording mankind the opportunity to save itself by taking back technology from the power elites and putting it to use that restores our world to an original condition.

Star Trek debuted in 1966 at the same time period that Generation X had begun with some of the television programming I have already reported on such as I dream of Jeannie, Gilligan’s Island, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, and others.  NBC, this time, dealt with the alien agenda of which this article will address regarding human intervention, soon to be realized technologies, and Star Treks stigma as simply fantasy versus reality.

I’ll demonstrate how a government program can be used to our benefit that empowers us as well how it is easily used to conduct smear campaigns on government whistle blowers attempting to disclose the alien presence as well as their technology on planet earth.


Kirk beat the crap out of and or sweet talked aliens into submission

He outwitted them,  He out spirited them.  What the premis actually is was to educate you and I that we have ultimate powers over any alien in the universe.  Just a feel good to keep you coming back ? A quick reference to ‘War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise.. no need to over analyze a confirmation is made about the strength of an alien..

I know something about the methodology by which I work.. once I begin research, I’m a clean slate with no real bias or precepts in the subject.  This clears the way for an educational experience.  By the end of the articles or research I prepare for public consumption, I then have become an expert of higher order.  I hope that happens here.   Star Trek is an American science fiction entertainment franchise created by Gene Roddenberry. The franchise began in 1966 with the television series Star Trek with a generational shift that made up the core of the Star Trek mythos.  Lasting three seasons on NBC as many situation shows do, they set the precedence for specific mind setting for preparing the viewer for what’s to come regarding the New World Order.  A sequel of the this film, Star Trek into Darkness, is scheduled for the summer of 2013.

In War of The Worlds, little frail skittishly paranoid weakling E.T. sized aliens with big gigantic and highly lethal terrestrial tanks that towered over humanity was used to unleash powerful ‘weapons of mass destruction’.  The effect was a vaporization of people into dust, but in the end, the enemy did survive for very long once in contact with human beings.  They all kicked the bucket in, what, 48 or 72 hours.. omething like that?  Pretty swift.  Microorganisms that we live symbiotically with took them out ASAP because an alien is not indigenous to terrestrial earth. Hence, are mortally susceptible to bacteria, virus, fungus yeast and mold, etc.  We eat that for lunch.  Aliens are sterilizing earth for their survival.  Combined with a complex hybrid program in a merger with humans is proving successful for them at our expense.  To accomplish this, they take perfectly natural human beings such as Arnold Schwartznegger, Berry Soetoro and others, and convert them into evil human powers that are used as their weapons against an ultimate weapon that would otherwise defeat them – our human power of emotional high frequency love and passion for survival.  To accomplish this, they are attacking our minds.

There will be a complete analysis conducted on the series which will include as many of the spin off shows including the major Hollywood motion pictures.  I’m fascinated with this project and I will be thorough, but am waiting to view the 2013 debut of the next movie Star Trek Into Darkness to complete this project.

I want to show how how the stigma of a television program such as Star Trek staged as in fantasy was used to confuse the viewer.  DARPA technology of which has been in existence for as long as the show has been around, was used to derail the credibility of a man destined to become the next president of the United States of America with the assistance of propagandized stage settings.


Project Pegasus was a secret cold war government project

Andrew Basiago, between the age of seven and twelve years old, participated under DARPA’s program where he time traveled to the Ford’s Theater the night of Lincoln’s assassination five or six times, and was captured in a photograph at Gettysburg in 1863.

Nikola TeslaTechnical papers developed by Nikola Tesla from his apartment in New York City revealed a teleporter design that consisted of two gray elliptical booms about eight feet tall, separated by about 10 feet, between which a shimmering curtain of what Tesla called ‘radiant energy’ was broadcast. Radiant energy is a form of energy that Tesla discovered in which Tesla describes as latent and pervasive in the universe and has among its properties the capacity to bend time-space.

Our government has had been conducting time travel experiments over 40 years using this technology, but the development predates Andrew Basiago’s first inter dimensional jump back in time when he was a child.  This means that when the television program Star Trek became realized in 1966, it was active at that time before an actual human was tested, therefore, the “Hollywood tell” in television was actively disclosed in the form of fiction.  “Wagon Train in Space” as Gene Roddenberry described his thematic concept.

The media derailed Andrew’s aim to be one people would trust as their leader

When Andrew Basiago began speaking publicly about his experience in speaking engagements at conferences and internet interviews and youtubes, he unwittingly agreed to participate in Seattle Washington’s KOMO News segment  who invariably sensationalized as well as in a passive aggressive fashion minimized the impact Project Pegasus would have in our society.

They juxtaposed the Star Trek transporter technology that was not the same as how Andrew Basiago described how the technology worked.


“I don’t know this man, but these are just some of the character qualities for him based on the science of facial topographical features regarding personality tendencies that are very accurate.. I’d like to know who he is…  Andrew has extremely high standards and high expectations.  Keep in mind these are his standards and may be difficult for others to reach.  What is interesting is that this man has the indicators that suggest he is a leader of leaders and combined with a high creative propensity, which means has a vivid imagination for design creativity, he is a progressive thinker for designing programs that are useful for making positive changes to an otherwise defunct situation.  He works with people well and is very committed to perfectionism. This is a great asset when designing a new product or in any creative endeavor.  He has a fascination for Information which indicates that he may have a public interest in finding out new information either through reading, discussion or attending active participation groups.  He enjoys sharing information with other people, and may place emphasis on this in his career which leads to his interest in people. This Andrew enjoys working with people and will be surrounded by a number of friends.  A high achiever, his ambition to be successful in what ever he does is strong.  There are definite characteristics in combination that indicates that he has the ability to guide or lead the way; with the authority to direct and move forward. He has an innate ability to assume command and inspire others to follow, which can range from managing a project, leading groups, or being a leader of a large organization or in the political arena. True leaders work with their team and inspire others to follow.”  I hope this helps Lee, Naomi Tickleauthor “What Makes People Tick & Why”

The movie’Terminator’ illustrates Basiago’s point, not ‘Star Trek’

KOMO News 4 misrepresented the technology.  We see this in the Hollywood “Tell” that does describe it visually on par with Andrew’s description.  That film happened to be Terminator 2 Judgement Day which entered the theaters in 1991 twenty years after Andrew took his first ‘jump’.

Unfortunately, the program was choreographed to smear his credibility and minimize the experience by hedging the truth by mixing it up with a fictional TV program.

“It was like a soap bubble”

Seattle Washington based Channel 4, KOMO News Channel, carefully crafted the time travel segment regarding Project Pegasus.  They did several subtle actions to protect the project, and Barack Obama, in order to agendize the protocol for crippling Basiago’s reputation.

In the news segment, the news ‘personality’ mentions only that Obama “Had another name”, but does not announce the name which is “Barry Soetoro”.  The news ‘personality’ minced words that specifically chosen to be unappealing.  The news ‘personality’ parrots a script saying, “I felt that he [the guest who happened to not only be congenial, but sharp] was a “psychopathic lier” “a lunatic” and “the fastest thinking scientist fiction writer on earth”.  Nobody needed a television ‘personalities’ personal opinion in the form of an attacking off screen off set rant.. (everything is scripted and arranged from a media think tank).

KOMO 4 selected a clip from an episode of the original Star Trek series of a dialogue exchange that further confounds the impact of the technology that Andrew shares to the world.  The mental effect on the viewer is profound even though it goes largely unnoticed.  The tactic is to minimize the guest until the segment’s end with the result that the viewer is left with indifference and doubt.  McCoy orders Spock, including the viewer of this segment, to change his mind.  Complying obediently, so too does the recipient of the otherwise important message.

Prime Directive in reverse

In the universe of Star Trek, the Prime Directive, Star Fleet’s General Order #1, is the most prominent guiding principle of the United Federation of Planets. The Prime Directive dictates that there can be no interference with the internal development of alien civilizations.  I’ve come to discover that this is actually the prime directive observed by the real off-world alien civilizations salivating at the chops for a piece of earth’s creamy pie.  They have established this protocol in order to maintain a status quo where by humans will end themselves for the benefit of all aliens interested in our world and our souls.  This is the purpose for Star Trek.. to tell us the reverse of the truth.  The solution as I intuitively know it to be is most definitely to interfere with the aliens and exterminate them and their human minions who won’t leave or convert back to an original human state of mind, or extradite them all back to their worlds.

Simply and directly said, there are no nice aliens out there with our ‘children innocent in all this’ best interest at hand.  Prove to me there are and I’ll retract my statement.  They sit out there waiting to harvest souls, rape the earth of her natural wealth and our sustainability, and for a piece of the pie whatever it may be.  Sounds harsh?  Let me prove it using Alex Collier, a message carrier for a civilization from  Andromeda.

Why is it assumed that there is a ‘benevolence’ to it really their “Prime Directive” not to interfere with humans?

Alex Collier is a common person originally with an absurd and trigger sensitive temperment who assumed the sole role in North America to impart an important message. It was delivered over decades of contact by one of two sectors of Andromedans.  The message is not unlike others from other seemingly non-hostile aliens.  The message is that we are to wake up and transcend or ascend to a higher level of consciousness which is often times referred to as higher levels of density or dimensions.  Who gets this message?  UFO enthusiasts mostly, but not 300 million people that need to know to take an action.  Set up?  Andromedans have contacted but just a few people to carry this message of hope for our collective survivalThis message is passive and doesn’t cause the change necessary for survival.  The Andromedans predicted 9/11, so they could predict Alex a message carrier failure.  Couldn’t they pick up on his frustration at the start?  Sure they could.  I’m a fighter, so why don’t they shift gears, come to me, and put me out there to make this work?  See?  I know the logic proves that the Andromedans are utterly false and useless, or that they sincerely fucked up out of shear moronic logic.. too smart?  Hardly.  What all aliens are doing are doing is conducting a mass deception among the ufoologists and spiritual enlightened wannabe ascension transcenders who practice channeling and all that business.  While the adult is looking for a way out for themselves and nobody else and even leaving their children out, those children who do not practice these meditations or are aware of the ‘trends and myths’ exist, are being abducted by sick people for slave and sex trading, ugly sacrificial rituals, and on and on.  These children have no clue as to why they have zero protection by their parents, their government, or anyone.  They are removed from society and undergo government retraining programs, are lonely and afraid, and been known to be tortured to death in mass while that benevolent alien you think is going to save humanity sits up there munching on cosmic popcorn and Milky Way drinks enjoying the show.  There is no feeling, no remorse, no care.  Wake up.

It is reported that aliens diffuse nuclear devices “to save mankind”.  I would tend to believe they are preserving their stock of humans for a predicted mass soul harvest.  

For if there was a care for our future generations to succeed during this time of trial, why not come down, collect those children place a note of assurrance with the parents so that the children are being protected and loaded on vast ships, for the past decades as Collier describes, as a defense to mankind’s extinction?  See?  It’s so simple.  You think there’s some written contract based on this prime directive, well, Star Trek taught there is one, but that’s a complete fallacy.  The whole of the show was intervention with aliens and Kirk made it a point to conduct the business of helping aliens attacked by their own kind.  It’s what they should be doing for us in the now.

Andrew wants a better world for all of us.  Whether he buys into any of what I report and comment on while sharing strong opinions is not important.. he was child sacrificed to test technology that could have taken his life and look how that act of violence is gone accounted for by even our president who was part of the same program.  That technology has been perfected for use that can benefit our lives, but is being used for ulterior purposes that exclude us.  If aliens are not doing their job to help us survive with the excuse we must do it just on chance alone that the galactic alignment does what it’s proposed to do, then there is no purpose for any leadership as there is way too many corrupt minds, including the actual alien intent, to thwart it.  I can help, but it won’t be allowed although I’ll continue spreading a message of hope using my symbolic bag of health protocols and cures.  One of which is to jump start a sure fire method to reverse a brain washed mind so that conventional methods become effective in healing the mind soul and body.  I’m not millions of years into technology as they are, but I have the answer.  Why is that so? 

Look, these off world entities are thousands if not millions of years ahead in thought, technology and have the ability to help the innocent survive their parents, us, who are hiding out hoarding weapons, food and water for the big showdown.  The Andromedans from what I remember Alex Collier saying is that they reached out to four people on four different continents.  Well, that’s fricken nothing.  They spent decades training Collier to understand it in a way that he was important and that the message was important and during that time, children next door to his were being mistreated, raped, or even fed to, if David Icke is correct, reptilians as food.

That non action alien prime directive is unacceptable to me – Period

What if there is a hidden system by which your soul will be snatched when you spent your life depending on the aliens who you channeled?  Do you really trust them when they let 5 year old’s disappear?  They don’t know any better, but the ‘nice’ aliens do.  Seems they make predictions and that they have the ability to help, but elect not to.  Pussies.  fuck em.

I tried to channel once to see what it was like.  “Could I please get some help saving planet earth?”  Earth and others come first, but I never got any alien to answer my call.  When I placed the prayers and calls, I asked that our children be spared from terror and pain and that they find safety in their hands until we parents figure out what they claim we should achieve as sentient beings that change for the better.  And I really did try as I do work diligently hard at everything I do.  I got nothing.  I think that they know I’m smarter than a lolly pop (sucker)… I also believe that this ‘saving of our children’ will happen at the very end when space ships are presented and them loaded on, but then that looks pretty dangerous because we won’t know at that time if the aliens are good, or not so good.  It will happen in haste out of desperation for

we will have given thieves the last of our treasure

If they are watching me, then they are aware that I found a solution for mind control that keeps people from the spiritual enlightenment they’re up there supposedly waiting for.  So, why not come down and help me deliver the water rebirthing therapy to the world.  for God’s sake, what if 7 billion people get the opportunity to reboot, refresh, rethink, and react against the collective few business men who have perpetrated so much chaos?  We have so little time left and I ask why advanced beings out there pretending to be afraid to intervene?  Who really are they afraid of confronting?  Christ almighty.  Why are they waiting so damn long to assist people like me with solutions to help you?  What’s Collier doing about it and does he possess a viable solution?

Potentials of mankind reach beyond alien intent. We are spiritual higher beings, however, easily corrupted.  I’m a skeptic.  In concert with the intense yearning to learn the truth my whole life, I remember contemplating whether we were alone or not regarding aliens.  I saw the cartoons and I remember the senses I had which still hold true today, that no rendition of aliens including those from motion pictures and animations such as Avatar even remotely compete against the beauty of the human body. 

If the Anunnaki represented in Prometheus is accurate, we humans are still beauty pageant winners (before many people suffered the eugenics hybrid crossovers and twists of medical mutations..)  Our natural original state of being is surpassed by none that have ever been depicted by story telling.  All we have to do is wake up and divorce ourselves from that which outside world intelligence has raised us with.

Andrew Basiago is comparable to Captain Kirk who would lay his life down to save yours. This demonstrates a strong human spirit. Barry Soetoro refuses to share the truth about himself and technology with epic potential to the American economy. Andrew is attempting to give us what they are using for themselves so that we can rebuild our nation What national security threat is there for disclosing a near half century program that would preserve fossil fuel consumption? Obama came in and actively blocked evidence from surfacing. Andrew will uncloak valuable technology for our use.. isn’t it worth while finding out if he’s telling you the truth? What is there to lose after almost all has been stolen already?  We even lost four years so far with an expected four more simply becasue they hide the good stuff.

We may very well be the most capable and compassionate entities in the Universe.  Enki made us right because he loved his project so much. Unfortunately, the grey aliens have stolen man from that god and mind controlled us into killing ourselves over time. Maybe we were all chosen to be perfect after all, but it’s hard to really realize this when we’re all fighting, arguing, and trying to figure out what’s not even important because of that little shit pictured on the right panel.

Are the Illuminati truly illuminated?  I say that we are the light..

Star Trek showed us how cool we really are.  We don’t need them, the power elite operated under them, or any of the false reality conditioned into us.  All that we know seems to be of alien technology and we’re living examples of their destructive behavior.  I don’t think humans in their original condition have any capacity to inflict harm or have a desire to thieve in all the various for.   I question why those of us with real solutions are not guided to success for getting our brothers and sisters empowered with our innate illuminated brilliance!!

A world renowned character profiler, Naomi Tickle, says this about Andrew Basiago:


1 comment
  1. George said:

    Hi! And what’s your solution for mind control?

    realnuz: Embedded in this article is a link to the article “The Cure For Anorexia Nervosa” The treatment protocol is the same for all psychological routines that prevent one from successful conventional treatments that will work provided the psychological blocks are flushed first. The treatment is to reset the human mind into a fresh start modality, its original condition, so that like a computer, the person can sail through without the burden of cyclic thought of the trauma that creates the routines that in a sense cause the sluggishness we see with a computer.

    We turn the power off and then reboot a computer as no other software program (psychotherapy relative to a person) can do to clear the random access memory, the cache, and whatever it is that prevents the computer from running smoothly. If not, we find that it crashes eventually. The subject who has crashed has a difficult time with therapy until s/he is rebooted like a computer. So, the treatment is to remove the pain of the traumatic memory while leaving the memories intact. A rebooted computer still has the memories on hard disk as we do with our brain, so, this therapy does not remove memories.. just the pain, resentment, and frustration in attempting to solve the crisis associated with it. In mind control, they don’t wash the brain, they put blocks on the memory while leaving the pain intact for the purpose of getting a person to react on that pain and anger for vengeance over it to do whatever it is that has been installed as a Manchurian Candidate’s program of action on command. Please read the article with the idea that it isn’t just about extreme eating disorders.. it’s for all psych disorders. If you don’t believe it, try it and report back!

    To answer your question simply, the therapy is water rebirthing in the fetal position before the traumas during birth and later on occur. After 20 minutes, this flagship kinesiology ‘movement’ activates our in ‘utero’ experience. We get a “do over! Can you imagine if 7 billion people do this in one day? Everyone would wake up out of our conscious sleep.

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