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Watch this investigative compilation (marquee ‘Mark of the Frequency Beasts’ below) accurately profiling Sherri Kane, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, and Michael Vara as to their insistence that provocateurs against their unfounded claims are ‘Trolls” is false.  They use slanderous and deceptive practices in order to guard against anyone learning the truth.  Sherri Kane, Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Michael Vara of 528 Revolution and LNM Radio Network, in their own words, illustrate the self-incriminating chaos generated through mass internet media.  Given their habitual deceptive practices, I have examined how they manipulate their supporters, advocates, and listeners by employing a barrage of disinformation, slander and deception.



Michael Vara had openly and on air invited that this video be sent to him personally so that he would post it directly to his site.  A truther would have done so, however, he instead had the video removed from my YouTube account.  He said as you will hear in the beginning, “…I’ll post anything you do because nothing you say can hurt me…” Obviously, while I never said anything harmful, it was what he had said and done that hurt himself. 


New Age Religion Media Trolls – “Troll Triad template for what’s to come”

I first contacted Sherri Kane and Michael Vara during my independent investigation into the false flag event known as the Safeway Shooting.  It involved Dem. Rep Gabrielle Giffords and Judge John M. Roll as key targets where one was sacrificed and the other murdered.  With six mortal casualties and 13 suffering gunshot woulds, it was a blow to the head that ended Judge Roll’s life.  A media psyops had been underway spearheaded by one Edward Chiarini who had set up a website that remains today as the most ludicrous crime investigations analysis there is.  I flushed him out as well as Mike Adams of with this new analysis of the Love frequency scam involving posers portraying goodnicks.

Sherri Kane-Dr. Leonard Horowitz-Michael Vara-Alternative News Lies-NWOCSIBy using their non-evidenced based theories and false listener/supporter statistics they refer to as, “528 Revolution” & “LNM Radio Network,” Sherri Kane, Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Michael Vara create the same masks of deception parallel to the 1939 classic movie, Wizard of Oz.  The goal of this report is to educate those who’ve become intoxicated with blind faith by allowing the Tri-Marks of Deception and Beasts to behave in heinous malevolent and covert ways. All facts, events and themes presented in this film are not intended to harm Sherri Kane, Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Michael Vara, but serve to educate their supporters and listeners to begin questioning their hidden agendas.


Sherri, Leonard and Mike realized that I meant business regarding truthing

They claim copyright infringement, but they’ll lose big time.  They post my picture, so why not theirs?  Babies.  All I did was interview people.. they instead call me names and insinuate I’m a cointelpro with guilt by association with others who are associated with others on down the line to ridiculousness.  Babies.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz lost three cases against the people who have given me absolute permission to post their copyright content after Leonard failed his suits.  Morons.  Vara posted and removed a video on top mine that he made realizing he incriminated himself on a multitude of levels.  Another moron far dumber than a dull bent nail.  Death threats, lies about his minions, lies about personally posting anything I do that can’t hurt him seems to be his status quo.  So, let’s get down to business evaporating these counterproductive individuals and clean up the truth movement.  Let’s rock!

Michael Tellinger works with Lee Bracker to solve ancient world history

Click image to play video:

Tellinger Marquee


The end result was finding that Sherri Kane had all along convinced Michael Vara that I was a counter intelligence agent working in support of the NWO when, really, they are in defense of it through the diabolical undermining of Dr. Leonard Horowitz.  Speculated as a ‘quack’, the doctor does not practice medicine and does not implement the knowledge passed to him through educational institutes, however, he utilizes the research people outside the conventional platforms have done, misconstrues it, and passes it along in his version to validate what is wrong.   Visit Dr. True Ott’s pages that reference the topic of frequencies:  528 is the Frequency of SATURN/SATAN — NOT OF CHRISTIAN “LOVE” 

To understand what the 432Hz frequency is in contrast to the 528Hz tone, visit  Why Christians and “Worship” Teams Should Tune all Instruments to 432 hz and Abandon 440 hz

  1. All frequencies are healing when they’re combined as is when you bathe in sunlight. Your positive inward and outward being is potentiated when resonated by frequency broadcasts, therefore, any of them are healing. Like any good thing, it is when mal sentimented thoughts are projected by those who practice the occult can cause a problem. Leonard Horowitz capitalizes on other people’s findings and research by creating products as gimmicks for sale. His research only goes as far as pretecting his enterprise. What I found, Timothy, is that he and Sherri who not only sell the 528hz frequency as a product also use the product. In other words, they listen to harmonized music during their waking hours of consciousness. To know them personally and see what they do to people is in complete contradiction to what they propose the 528Hz frequency does. Even calling it the LOVE tone, they do not express that advertised sentiment. The people of Hawaii where they live almost unanimously say they don’t like the couple. By all means, use music, but beware of the dark side of it is all I can suggest. May I recommend that you listen to David Sereda’s research findings & You will see that there is a universal code that shows that perhaps all of the Solfeggio tones are off and that you’d benefit from the tones he suggests follow an alternative theory of what the Universal frequency combinations are. Let me know what you experience!

  2. Timothy Bell said:

    I have been listening to the 528 hz for about 5 years using the Healing Codes and the Master Key CDs. The Master Key CDs certainly helped me heal and deal with emotional, spiritual issues I had so it was disappointing to learn about this. I’ve started listening to the 728 hz video on YouTube and doing the Healing Codes with that. But I did return to the 528 hz Master Key just prayed for God to neutralize it or have the other positive hz’s on the CDs to overcome any negative ones. I have to say I still get good results despite the 528 hz. I’ve been trying to find good 432 hz videos on YouTube but none come close to that one minute in the video starting at 23:00. But where can I find the full video of that?

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