Cure for mind control starts with a simple treatment

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The cure for mind control comes from the treatment for extreme eating disorders

You create your world and if it is chaotic, there may be a chance to reboot your on board computer. Your mind and body is precious! It should not be subject to a conventional system, medical or other, that works to cycle around an already confused mind.” – realnuz

If a globe full of people under the influence of mind control, even riddled under a sea of psychotropic drugs designed to quell the masses keeping us under the influence, a human rebooting of mind and body could theoretically snap most everyone out of the hypnotic controls they have been conditioned to throughout a life time. That’s 7 billion people. Could it be that this is the key natural approach the secret societies fear most?

There are a myriad of books, studies, and treatments for psychological issues that range from the CIA black operation psy-ops and mind control programs to as seemingly benign as addiction to television news, faked of course.  We can study them until exhaustion and still get no resolve.  I can post study after study, but where does that lead?  A semester’s worth of learning material and still a person is ill with a disease.

All of us know that in the world of extreme eating disorder that Anorexia nervosa is the toughest psychological conundrum. Conversely, this would be the same as its antithesis, Bulimia nervosa. This article is designed to instruct and not to go over statistics and charts. It will use anorexia nervosa as an example.  There are only a couple of stats about the disease that are important. One is that out of 100 people, usually with young women, is that at best five percent over come the disease either on self-will or with terrific counseling, or both.

Would it not be something if all subjects who undergo a treatment be restored to original healthy minded individuals? People worldwide would be completely free from the pain and of the of the mental routines – the cycling thought about the cause of the problem and the issue itself evaporated” – realnuz

Some clinics boast a 70 percent success rate with helping people stay recovered for up to a year, but after that? It is anyone’s guess on shelf life. The bottom line is that although a person can take care of their bodies in a normal way in recovery, the psychological aspect goes largely untreated in full. This leads to the chance that a former anorexic, for example, would revert right back to the problem.

Does this treatment really exist?

Of course. The treatment is real and works for most all circumstances involving the distorted psyche. Most of all, it could cure an entire world under a hypnotic spell of disillusionment. It has profound implications above and beyond being a resolve for a health issue. It’s really not about Anorexia & Bulimia nervosa although contained here is true about a real cure, but the key to waking up a world of people imprisoned under the influence of a false reality that encapsulates them into submission is imbued in this specialized overall psychiatric treatment.

There is a solution

Surprisingly, the same treatment for these extreme eating and control disorders is also the base root treatment for psychological problems across the board. Ultimately, this same treatment is also the cure for mind control.”

The origin of for the treatment and ultimate cure for mind control comes from the rediscovery for the treatment of extreme eating disorder.

Yes, mind control is addressed and solved so long as conventional practices and traditional treatments are employed today are used. Treatments are designed to rectify problems of the psych and restore people, but will be truly successful when the foundation is laid before they are implemented. This very simple, yet effective jump start protocol corrects the hit and miss glitches of conventional psychiatric treatments that begin at the middle of the problem only to strive to solve the problem for an end means instead of where it should begin.  Therapy should begin at the onset of therapy.


The real “Warm Water Re-Birthing Technique”

What needs to occur is not psychoanalysis, but a jump back in time over two distinct traumas

The body and mind must be rebooted using a Warm Water Re-Birthing technique. Like a computer, the human mind behaves in the same manner when refreshed by a simple off and then back on switch in which the cycling of mental routines vanish. Water re-birthing has been known and is practiced, however, the proper technique has not been realized until now. The existing water techniques are effective in some cases, yet hit and miss as a conventional only technique performs the same way. The correct procedure is most likely the ancient magic wave of the wand technique in which a miraculous recovery from mind control results.

There needs to occur a jump back in time over two specific traumas before a human being has not yet experienced bodily harm. The first is a trauma after having formed in the safe environment of the womb. The second is a trauma or series of traumas mainly occurring during prepubescence, during and or shortly after. The technique is one in which a pleasant re-experience at birth takes place as an adult. This is an in utero experience in which a body circuit is created. A brief submersion under water in the circuit pattern of the fetal position is maintained until the subject has meditated in the arms of a surrogate mother and then emerges from the water. Usually an embrace between the take place and a newborn and mother ‘circuit’ is created to finish the treatment. From there, the mind and body are released from the pain of the trauma and standard therapies can take place being effective with complete resolve.

Once rehabilitated, the injured subject can then glide seamlessly through the would be traumas in a trauma-free way. This is because there are no traumas to re experience once ‘rebooted, re-birthed, restarted, do-over..’ how ever one would identify is fine. The perilous and torturous route up the windy mountain side then becomes the beautiful scenic route easily traveled; it is then that one can comfortably and effectively be therapeutically treated with conventional methods.

Interestingly, this is the natural and healthy way of brain washing. This ‘washing’ is the pure essence of the action and not what it has been stereotyped to be. This is so for the reason the pain is removed, but not the memory of the events considered traumatic. This is not meant to turn a person into a lobotomized robot having removed a ill sentimented memory. Instead it is the complete reverse – a liberation of mind control perpetuated by the self. We are washed clean of the miserable anchors and ‘loops’ that keep us in a continued holding pattern having never landed the plane. I think that daily, millions upon millions would like their brains washed of the worry and pains of re-living traumatic experiences. Many do so using synthetic analogues that are dangerous to a healthy mind.  What is your vice?

Explaining the events that lead to Anorexia: The story of two traumas

Brian Schaefer

Constance NealI had been in communication with a naturopathic science researcher from Australia, Brian Schaefer who was introduced to me by Constance Neal, and was teaching me what I needed to learn. I amassed quite a treasure trove of knowledge from this man. One day, I got a call from my sister asking me what I knew about the disease. All I could say was what everyone says “It’s mostly unfixable”. I knew that it was a self destructive control issue manifested from a sexual abuse of some degree.

I asked Brian Schaefer if he knew anything about it. To my surprise, he said, “of course there’s a cure.” I asked what the success rate was and to my surprise once again according to him that all of his patients, nearly 100 of them, healed. I stopped him and asked not to explain the protocol until I brought my friend Colleen to learn.

I wanted to experience this at the same time she did for the reason I didn’t want her to think I was speaking ‘voodoo’. I cared for her well being, and I wanted to try to help her recover from decades of her suffering.

Warm WaterRe-Birthing should be considered the flagship of all kinesiology movements. While the community of peers have not yet embraced this concept because it has not yet reached them, It is the one that must be performed to reset our mind in order to short circuit the repeating cycles of morbid controlling thought. It is the same that a computer goes through when the only way to solve it is by, you guessed it, flipping the on off switch.

And so I did. I thought nothing of it when Brian said to her that there were two markers and that if one of them is met, especially both, were specific factors in initiating the first trauma responsible for eating disorder problems regarding bodily control actions. The first question he asked was whether she experienced problems throughout life with her right ear. Not the left.. the right. At first I thought that to be a peculiar question. I was surprised when she said that she had seven operations on her right ear. No wonder she always asked me “what?” so often. Then she was asked if there was a “birth defect” when she was born. She said that her hip was disjointed from the spine, or something like that, and that she was placed in a body cast at infancy to reconnect her body. She learned to ‘drag’ before she learned to walk. That explained her being uncoordinated. which, incidentally, is helped with ‘cross-crawl’ therapy. In this way the left and right brain are merged. We need to crawl before we walk.

Colleen was addicted to laxatives. While she believed in the good news that Brian had brought to her, she decided not do the treatment. I was flabbergasted with her decision because I knew the intensity of the conventional treatment programs; the forced intravenous food, the story of her bout with Anorexia and so on. Why would someone not want to heal from the disease? The answer to that was in her excuse, “I can’t go under water because of the problem with my ear.” I said, “Colleen, we can use swimmer’s wax to completely close your ear canal.. you won’t get an ear infection.” From then on it was clear to me that people who do suffer learn to live, enjoy and keep adapting to the suffering.

I love Colleen and hope that she comes around so that she too can be restored to her original self.

How and why the Re-Birthing technique works

Kinesiology is also known as human kinetics. It is the scientific study of human movement. Kinesiology addresses physiological, mechanical, and psychological mechanisms. In the discussion about the treatment, we’ll observe that the kinesiology movement applied is stillness with a specific posturing, the fetal position, that allows for the stimulation of movement by the surrogate mother and the motion of the pool of water. The electrostatic connection between the assistant (mother) to child is through the arms that hold the subject and the current carrying water. The fetal position is the main circuit.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) restores one with Anorexia nervosa to the original self. It works for psychological disorders and mind control issues. Emotional Freedom Techniques are forms of counseling intervention that draws on various theories of natural medicine modalities including acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming, energy medicine, and Thought Field Therapy. During an EFT session, the client focuses on a specific issue while tapping on “end points of the body’s energy meridians” mostly located on the facial areas of the head.

The Re-Birthing kinesiology movement and circuit connection, which is the fetal position coupled with the embrace of a surrogate in the pool therapy, is an in utero stillness of peace. It may be the ultimate emotional freedom technique procedure for it resets the entire mind. It is conducted as a birthing simulation at a time when the mind was first creating its building blocks in preparation to be filled with experiences. It prepares our drawing board for the repainting of our lives. It is the purest form of brainwashing.

While the issue with the birth may not affect the child into adulthood, the trigger for food related issues manifests if the child is abused usually at a young age, but does happen at any time during adulthood. That person begins to rationalize the traumatic event with an across the board reaction that is shared by 95% of women who are affected.

They feel that they have no control over anything other than their own body.  Anorexia nervosa then is characterized by self-starvation, deprecation, deprivation and aversion to normal sexual desire, etc.  The condition evolves into a completely obscured self-image complex.

The body and mind must be rebooted using water therapy

In simple language, the subject re-experiences what it is like to be in the womb. Warm, warm orange red glow during the day, soothing, tumbling, fetal position.. in the mommy. The action of re-birthing before both traumas clears the mind, thus, the subject can continue through their life into adulthood from having been trapped in the mindset of a youngster.  The subject can move right through the sexual abuse to the age that they have become. That person can now go through treatment and psychological therapy without the cycling of the event, the life lived, and so become reborn into a fresh learning experience of self.  It’s as simple as this.


Administering Warm Water Re-Birthing Therapy

woman in fetal position water3

The water of course should be 98.6 degrees and slightly above. If the temperature outside is very cold, then adjustments to the pool water and consideration for acclimation to the first session is best taken until the subject is comfortable going all the way into the first submergence. After each session, if the ambient air is too chilling it may counter act the positive aspects of birthing per session. Prepare with comfy and warm towels.

Simulating the inside of the womb

We can talk about, read about, cry about, and worry about mind control conducted by the CIA and the EMF signals coming from so-called cell phone towers, and our propaganda machine till we’re blue in the face. Talking about it with others is almost like the same conspiracy contest to find who knows more than the other and that’s such a bore.  It gets us nowhere.  The globalists continue while we rant and rage about what to do.  “STOP!”  We say that continually.  Well, what good does that do.  I proposed this technique to the world free of charge.  No, this treatment has not been tested in those million dollar clinical studies and I can’t prove a darned thing.  If swimming is as easy as that, so why not try to reboot your system?  Just like you do when your computer becomes sluggish, you fix it.  Why not ‘gift’ this to yourself or for someone you love.  To date, not one anorexic afflicted person I’ve met are eager to help themselves so simply.. the easier softer way.  It’s a shame.  That’s how powerful mind control is.  If you are affected by some sort of wild ‘thing’, just try this therapy.  It works.

Is a baby always in darkness? Why no! As far as light — yes, your baby can see in the womb. Just as when we lie out in the sunlight, and close our eyes. A baby in utero actually sees shades of red and orange in bright light. Around the fourth month, a baby may begin reacting to the light, by turning away or towards it. At night time when the lights go out or during the day when mother is cloaked in opaque sunlight blocking clothes there is darkness in the womb. For the sun bather and tribal woman who has little to do with clothing there would be sunlight illuminating the fetus through the skin. An unborn child is bathed in an orange red glow which stimulates its forming eyes even while closed. It is bathed in it during the day.

What time of the year and when should this therapy best be experienced?

The answer is anytime. Right now! Haven’t we all had enough? There is no time for procrastinating on something so life saving.. something that finally breaths life back into our souls, there is no time to waste. However, if it’s close to your belly button birthday, why not make this a celebration do over that is done right this life time. Re-Birthing on the actual day and hour of your birth may sync you in as close as possible to your birth sign and astrological alignment and so forth. For the person who follows the stars then Re-Birthing using timing would be valuable to you and your special interests. At some point, all of these factors I’ve expressed will be taken under consideration and studied as they are important.

Bathtubs vs hot tubs and swimming pools

While a bathtub seems a simple solution to recreating a womb and that it can be done alone, it will not have the resetting impact desired for some specialized reasons. There must be an adult surrogate host mother to assist. In real life, there is a pregnant mother who carries and is close together with the baby. The baby is connected to the mother by an umbilical cord which is the conduit by which nutrients, electrical current and oxygen transfer between the two. The assisting host, who I would imagine may best be a nurturing oriented woman with best results being the biological mother be optimal lest a nurturing man who broadcasts a loving desire for the anorexic subject not ever be discounted. Most women who are affected by the condition are abused somehow by one of the opposite sex, perhaps you choose the best scenario.

Another reason why the therapy is conducted better with two people, is for the reason it should be done in a pool deep enough for the subject for complete submergence so that in the fetal position is always submerged head to just below the bottom. The purpose is that for the single session, there isn’t the ‘accidental premature birth’. A simple shock to the top of the head that is sharp may interfere. And yet another is that a simple extra EFT is used to soothe the subject if there are still fears upon entering the water or the therapy itself as well as potentiating the simulation of birthing when the session is complete.

Who should be the surrogate mother?

The problem of Anorexia & Bulimia nervosa is not unlike many other psychological problems. Using Anorexia as the example, if the subject who had been victimized by a sexual assailant during puberty, that person may likely manifest the disease Anorexia nervosa. The condition is characterized by self-starvation provided that there is an event that occurred at birth. What I didn’t know is that the primary trauma actually does begin at child birth and not the molestation itself. The premise is this; physical trauma to the body remains resident within the organ or tissue. It must be removed. Therefore, the common thread among men and women who manifest the critical disease is that they had experienced a problematic birth that remained festering when a secondary traumatic event occurred.  These birthing defects can happen in many ways, but for the most part it happens to the infant or the mother who has some sort of health or mental problem that transfers to the birthing infant. This is why not all people who are sexually assaulted enter into the abyss of this magnitude.

Finally, wouldn’t it be appropriate that the natural parent of the subject, her daughter, ‘gestate and give birth’ once again to her own child? If the parent is alive and able to be the assistant/host for the therapeutic session, well why not. And, if there is tension between parent (who could also be the father if the natural mother is unavailable) perhaps a true healing can occur between the two with this restart of life for both parent and child. Willingness. Forgiveness. Love and faith.

Simulating the amniotic sac environment

A snorkel must be used for optimal results. The assistant would make sure the snorkel doesn’t take in water. I don’t say that other methods will be less effective. I imagine recreating an experience within the mother’s womb is as close as possible.  As one experiences weightlessness in water, so too does the fetus within the womb. To make the analogy understandable as a visual, if you have a bag of water with something in it, it tends to float and is not always touching the bottom as is with the mothers tissue of her insides where the baby is.  The hands and arms that support the subject undergoing treatment are there simulating the same sort of experience. The subject is free to rock with the movement of the water and even make slight kicking movements just like a baby.

Simulating birth – Post water therapy session

Once the session is over and the subjects head surfaces, the ‘newborn’ may hug the assistant. The importance of this goes without saying. A mother in nature takes her newborn into her arms and holds her close to her heart. A possible trauma upon a real birth is the separation of baby from mother in the hospital environ where either the subject is placed in incubation, or for other reasons. Where else can detachment or separation complexes come from? the mother is supposed to embrace her very own baby.

Therapy Sessions

A single session should last anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes with 20 being optimal. If the first session is with a subject who is afraid of water then preliminary therapies involving emotional freedom techniques and tapping are excellent. Simple practices including acupuncture and emotional freedom techniques should be exercised to ease the subject into the water environment. For one who is extremely fearful baby steps can be taken in the first sessions until a full submergence takes place.

This happened with my mother, an anorexic who underwent the therapy, was apprehensive at first about the therapeutic process of being totally submerged.  In fact, I remember all throughout my life, when she swam, she never put her head under water.  A little EFT and some soft coaxing, I got her to put the excuses aside just enough to get her to form the circuit.  Wow, anorexics is as tough as they come.  Me?  I’m a bulimic.  Water is no problem.  I was fortunate, but also I’m the one to be blessed with delivering this message.

One session per day is all that is needed until mental health is regained

30 sessions in one day does not translate as a trimester! If the subject truly falls in love with water, then kudos.  Swim all day long.. it’s healthy. But, the yearning to overdo the actual therapy to get ‘more well’ or ‘well faster’ means nothing in the world of kinesiology. It only takes one session to solve the problem if done as close to correctly as possible.  For the very critically affected, it may take several sessions.  For the person who has fear of being in water (hydrophobia) then emotional freedom techniques should be considered to overcome the fear of water. EFT Tapping is then used as a prelude therapy that precedes a warm water Re-Birthing session.


Two existing water therapies

There are many such therapies.  Below are two well placed water programs.

Watsu – A very different warm water therapy, but useful as an adjunct

Warm Water Re-Birthing therapy is a technique that is significantly different than Watsu, which is a portmanteau of shiatsu in a pool of water as a form of body massage with stretching performed while lying in its warmth. Re-Birthing on the other hand is specific to resetting the mind creating the fetal position ‘circuit’. Watsu is a stretching therapy.. completely opposite and with different strategy with the same goal in mind. Re-Birthing technique is to reset the mind and clear the body of old injuries.

Leonard Orr’s personal re-birthing discovery

The Orr technique is based on breathing and energy flow. It does not directly focus on resetting the mind as an authentic Emotional Freedom Technique. and peace. The claim is that breathing was the key.  The method is meditative only without the energy full body healing connective circuit.

(Below) Part I/14 youtube lecture that Montauk survivor, Stewart Swerdlow, presents on the history of mind control.  Historical rhetoric is useless to recovery from altered mind traumas.  Waste of time – $$ scam.

It is not so much the breathing as the technique he considers the primary key to restoring mental health, but the body circuits that are made in this re-birthing technique.  Actually, if one uses logic, this is a life coming to a circle and then cycling into a new circle.  The old life’s ‘circuit’ is completed, severed, and then restored to a new one.  Those that are lucky enough to ‘accidentally’ pose the fetal position get that direct switch turned off and then on. One who does not may eventually relapse into their disease.


Experts at treating mind control?

I won’t elaborate on all, but I will talk about one person, forgive me Stewart (left), who was more interested in making money than helping people.  Stewart Swerdlow is a former CIA experiment into mind control among other things.  He is one of a handful of survivors of the Montauk Project who remembers what happened to him and supposedly, and it seems he did, overcome mind  control on self will with perhaps counseling of some sort.  His business is counseling with people sickened with psychological blocks or control and spends an enormous amount of time with them I’m sure helping to reverse the ill effects.   I placed a call in order to share my findings.  I was informed that in order to convey this therapy to him FREE of charge, I would be counter charged some outrageous counseling fee.  The quote was for over three hundred dollars per hour.  My belly underwent that sour feeling and I remember that I felt a shift in what holds all of us together.  A complete and entire barracade as the woman would not let me talk to Stewart personally.  It resembled something akin to separation anxiety from those that are supposedly the ‘awakened”.  Maybe I need to reboot today.  Fooey.  Let bleed your hard earned money and not fix you right away for lack of integrity and full scale knowledge of this particular ‘dis’ ‘ease’.  People like Stewart dip their hands deep into your pockets for something that can be shared so freely as this article delivers. They make their direct contact information impossible and place their people between you and I as protection unless the money is made available to open the door to them.

I bid you the reader well and good luck.  I pray the folks at fess up to their enrichment scheme.


Trauma of the ear

It is known in natural healing circles that the ear represents the human body postured in the fetal position.  The earlobe represents the head.  Ever pinch your earlobe to alleviate headache and or toothache pain?  Acupuncturists stimulate the earlobe with needles to relieve pain involving the head.  If at birth forceps are used and that painful force against the ear and ear lobes is exerted, it is no wonder we have both mental and physical memories and strange thoughts about our heads relative to our bodies.. perhaps the belief our heads are detached from our bodies.

The forceps trauma.  Ever use the term ‘losing your head?’  The window into our soul is framed by a map as to the health of our internal organs and digestive system.  The iris of the eye tells us what is happening within and is called iridology when a person practices the art of health diagnosis this way. The feet have sympathetic points throughout the body.. it is the pathway to organs and tissues that can be stimulated to health or activity simply by knowing where to apply pressure on points of the foot and ankles. So too is the ear a map of the human body. Those forceps have caused millions of people issues with their psyche and hardly but a few know it. Now you do.

Law of similarities fetus ear


Summery of the therapy

Click below

What was illustrated and outlined was simple.

High Frequency Health

It is the reenactment of our earliest memory of peace before turmoil. We were suspended in weightlessness and in an electro magnetic field relationship with our mothers.  And then an insult to our body and mind entered our lives. It happened again.  In cases where only the trials or even just subtle life instances resulted in this hypnotic trance we merely use this treatment as maintenance check and resolve.  To repeat the idea, a rerun of our birth resets the slate and clock.  It presents to us a white canvas as a backdrop for the makeover process. It starts at the beginning upon birth and a new life be painted over the old.

The memories remain but the pain has been ‘washed’ out.  A natural brain washing in its most simplistic terms.  The methodology is so utterly simplistic that it can be dismissed by the average person. We don’t forget our lives and what happened to us, however we do forgive provided the pain which cycles relentlessly as if a computer overwhelmed by too many ‘thought’ routines is erased. The importance cannot be stressed enough that we don’t hide our memories, rather, we address them with an understanding. To do so is to turn the mind off and then switch it back on.

Network 1976This process cannot be done using chemicals as in pharmaceuticals, natural drugs, psychotherapy and diversion techniques.  It is an emotional freedom technique coupled as a kinesiology concept in which a body circuit is completed and an event recreated.

Click youtube below.  A television behind this woman flashing ‘kill’ spelled backwards.

You are a creation that when under the influence of mind control must go through a simulated creation scenario to reset the entire being.


The practice of diversion from the mind controlling devices, a television for example, is a dramatic move in the right modality to remove the continual structuring and restructuring of the mind.  Subliminal messages “Kill” our chances of completely recovering from the duping of our minds.  However, once cleared as a clean slate, you may be able to pick up on that which was elusive in the past.  We are hypnotized.  We must snap out.

You may read the full article here: “The Cure For Anorexia Nervosa

Access to conventional treatments regarding eating disorders

  • Only 1 in 10 people with eating disorders receive treatment
  • About 80% of the girls and women who have accessed care for their eating disorders do not get the intensity of treatment they need to stay in recovery – they are often sent home weeks earlier than the recommended stay
  • Treatment of an eating disorder in the US ranges from $500 to $2,000 per day. The average cost for a month of inpatient treatment is $30,000.  It is estimated that individuals with eating disorders need anywhere from 3 – 6 months of inpatient care.  Health insurance companies for several reasons do not typically cover the cost of treating eating disorders
  • The cost of outpatient treatment, including therapy and medical monitoring, can extend to $100,000 or more


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