Starbucks got bugged, but that bug is loaded with gold!

Starbucks Coffee Company suffered a smear campaign

due to their use of the cochineal scale extract for its red coloring in their Strawberry Frappuccino drinks bringing them to a rich vermillion appeal.  Because people have an aversion to the idea of eating insects, this then became very unappealing. Competitors took advantage and most people, even Starbucks employees, would agree that eating bug juice is plain wrong.

“Starbucks recently found itself in hot water when news that the red dyes used in their strawberry drinks contained cochineal, a coloring made from crushed parasitic beetles. The ingredient has turned more than a few stomachs as it’s unfriendly to vegetarian customers, carries a few negative health impacts of its own, and ranks incredibly high on the “eww” factor scale. Starbucks’ Strawberries and Creme Blended Drinks and Strawberry Smoothies were cheerfully touted as vegan in the past — if one opts for them to be made with soy milk — but their “natural” dyes will now cause many to reconsider.”  –

And it’s a shame since the cochineal scale could be the healthiest source for a severely mineral deficient society due to the lack of it in our agricultural soils.  While this mineral is available in sea water which makes its way into edible sea vegetables, kelp and seaweed, in which Asian nations enjoy stellar health when consuming it, we are the ones ultimately to suffer.  This trace mineral is so important it is undeniable. It has its use in history as the cure all for healing even the most difficult of ailments.  This mineral even cured addiction to alcohol, narcotics, opium and  nicotine, etc.

Starbucks was not careless about the use of the cochineal extract.  Any company could have been badgered if the competitor needed to play hardball.  The public relations negligence occurred because of their ignorance about the ancient knowledge of the power of natural healing, how it works.. especially where it comes from.


This mineral happens to be mono atomic gold!



The following excerpt describes the health benefits of gold.  It comes from my book High Frequency Health pg.36-38 which covers a wide range of nutritional and disease related issues and includes effective diet philosophy, natural treatments for cancer, diabetes, Hepatitis C, AIDS, and much more.

We are a society faced with mineral deficiencies, but none is more misunderstood than the trace mineral, gold. Agricultural soils and fresh water supplies from streams lack this essential mineral because it has been removed due to mining and panning. In our society, we don’t consume sea vegetables in enough quantity, if ever, that would contain all of the elements on the periodic table. This includes gold.

About gold

Gold is a known mood leveler and has a history that predates Alcoholics Anonymous as 100% effective in eliminating the compulsion to drink alcohol, addiction to drugs and tobacco smoking. The Keeley Gold Cure raged successfully from 1880 to 1900 and then was concealed from our memories and history books as the cure for addiction. Once prohibition was repealed by the 21st amendment in December, 1933, this information was subsequently not conveyed by John D. Rockefeller, William Silkworth, or Charles Towns who knew very well of the success of Dr. Leslie Keeley to Bill Wilson. Wilson felt he had found the solution to alcoholism using a spiritual approach in 1935 up until his passing on January 24, 1971.

Had Bill Wilson known this natural remedy existed (a simple nutritive deficiency) he very well could have been noted for helping another 50-90 percent stay sober. This two-fold recovery process involving the spiritual as well as bio-chemical involving gold would have been installed if Wilson knew. He is on record for having found a solution in 1960 for treating anxiety and depression using vitamin B-3 therapy and worked tirelessly for eleven years begging for its inclusion into A.A. recovery circles. His desire was to help alcoholics stay recovered.

This means he would have immediately brought this mineral replacement therapy that eliminates alcohol CRAVINGS forth without exception. In February 2009, Abram Hoffer, Bill Wilson’s good friend, clarified to me over the phone, “..yes, Lee, he wanted to include this information as an added step and talked about it all the time because he felt so strongly about nutrition.” Abram Hoffer passed away a few months later in May.  He was 91 years old.

(Above) Bat Guano, or bat shit, is a powerful sticky agent used in making lipsticks and other beauty products.  Women have no issue with this crap, but won’t tolerate the bug that will balance a deficit in a mineral everyone needs.

The undisputed history of Keeley’s gold treatment cannot be discounted. Unfortunately, it cannot be claimed as a cure today because of the industry of deception’s dictatorial power. Just as colloidal silver was used to treat bacterial infections before synthetic antibiotics overshadowed it, colloidal gold treated addiction as well as just about every medical ailment known. Gold shares the same geometry as the heart muscles and the double helix structure of human DNA. It is well understood to be a mood stabilizer.  I have added gold bi-chloride to the 12 cell salts (p. 266)

Addiction as well as mental instability is treatable on a bio-chemical level simply by satisfying mineral deficiencies. This would include the non-chemically addicted with compulsive behaviors; over spending, gambling, relationships, working, and so forth. Lack of the trace mineral gold may be the “empty void” syndrome.. a hole that never fills up. Once satiated, advanced healing takes place.


Food & Cultivation

Foods that contain levels of trace elemental gold sufficient for daily balance are: wild alfalfa, kelp, sea vegetables, and Aloe vera. Gold rich varieties of cactus, in particular wild aloe vera, are widely available sources of organic gold. A successful gold miner seeks out cacti that are infested with the cochineal scale insect because of it’s gold rich content that indicates deposits of gold. The female cochineal burrows her proboscis into the fleshy pad of a prickly pear cactus, or nopal, and lives out the rest of her life feeding from the nutrients of the plant. Excreted with the fine white silky webbing that protects her eggs from predators includes the mineral, gold, which is often mistaken for fungus.

American Indians of the southwest region of the United States and northern Mexico use this substance in conjunction with other medicinals for curative treatments as well as a crimson red dye for clothing and weavings. Incidentally, The Spaniards discovered the cochineal scale not only for its crimson red coloring but cultivated it for its gold content before German manufacturers replaced the enterprise with chemical dyes derived from petroleum based coal tar. I look for prickly pear fruit covered with the “cottony” matting made from the cochineal when making prickly pear juice. I strive to prepare unpasteurized juice loaded with this mood enhancing organic gold! (Read: Keeley Gold Cure, p. 283)


Mood Leveling Prickly Pear Juice!

The fruit of the Prickly Pear Cactus

Cochineal Scales from the gold fertile soils of Southern Arizona!

A lime or two

Stevia for sweetness & unprocessed sea salt




Seek out ripened fruit from a prickly pear that has the white cochineal matting. Use kitchen or barbeque tongs to twist the fruit from the pads and place them in a brown paper sack with handles or a pail. Never reach into the bag for any reason except with the tongs.

In a blender, pour ½ to 1 cup chilled water and fill half the container with the whole fruit prickles and all. If you have found fruit covered with the white cochineal fibers, all the more power to you! If the surrounding cacti had them, but your harvest didn’t come from a cochineal infested cactus, gold may likely be present in the fruit anyway. Blend and add more fruit until you have enough to serve several glasses. Strain the blend through a nut milk bag or piece of nylon mesh over a bowl.

Don’t use cheese cloth.. trust me.

Once blended, the little pricklies are rendered harmless, but keep tweezers nearby just in case. Ironically, even the large thorns pose no real threat once they’ve been detached from having been anchored perpendicularly to the skin of the fruit! I blend briefly because the seeds create friction on the blades which will heat the juice to pasteurization (reason why I start with chilled water base).


Starbucks is an occult affiliated organization.. why promote them?

You thought I didn’t know?  Of course I do.  I’m supporting the cochineal scale.  Starbucks can never go back to using the extract to dye their products because it’s all too obvious this is about the bottom dollar.  I used them as an example to free you from the mind control we endure having been conditioned to believe that something like eating bugs is not medicinally viable.

The Keeley Gold Cure illustrates how Illuminati families disregarded the safety of human beings and retracted gold from our intellect.  The same company, Starbucks, could even have realized this fact and spread a smear against themselves.. nah.  Just a thought.  It would have been a quiet swap of a health product to a petroleum distillate without your knowledge.  Using the cochineal is inexpensive and commonly used.


  1. Will aloe juice from the store have trace gold in it generally? I’ve noticed many benefits from aloe juice and I am now wondering if trace gold had anything to do with it. Will drinking fresh blended aloe (cut directly from the plant) have trace gold when grown at home without any special bugs?

    realnuz: Awsome question! And, I have an answer. The warning about commercially bought aloe vera juice is that the chances that it is not grown in gold minerally rich soils is the case. Call the toll number to find out where the plants are cultivated and then research if there had been gold mining/prospecting in that area. Typically, aloe vera that is wild and thriving in the wild gold rich soils of Southern Arizona as well as Mexico would be rich with the mineral. Potting soil purchased from Home Depot wouldn’t. Aloe Vera kept in a pot, but its roots not allowed to reach deep into the earth as far as it can naturally reach means that it isn’t picking up what it needs to provide the true strength of it’s healing qualities. Each plant desires certain minerals which determines the form and shape of the tubor and root system and the direction they travel. The vibrations broadcasted by the minerals signal the roots which act as antennas and then are drawn to the mineral. It’s like they speak to each other. Aloe vera juice is pasteurized, so I recommend you make your own to avoid the loss of nutrients due to heat from wildly grown. All you have to do is filet them from the skin and blend it with some water, a bit of sea salt, and however you like.. I love cucumbers because it’s so soothing, cooling, and contains silicon which is the beauty mineral. Also, I’ve not seen the Cochineal cotton webbing on aloe vera.. just prickly pears mostly. Aloe, however, does absorb the mineral gold into its system which explains its miraculous healing properties.

  2. Russell Turner said:

    I’m feeling a resonance that will result in a change for the better at large. Ironically this comes from no more the just honesty and openness amongst peoples of different walks and a trueness to ones cause.

  3. Russell Turner said:

    Beautiful article realnuz, thanks again for the info. I was trying to remember, also, what was best used for straining the cuctus fruit? Their are a lot of plants up here that have the white fuzz (cocheneal scale) insects. But can this be injested? Where did you get the info on how the native americans used this, mixed this substances etc?

    realnuz: I’ve used a Vitamix blender and poured the contents over a nylon mesh about 1.5 x 1.5 feet.. big enough to drape over a large punch bowl or the like.. and by grabbing the corners one by one till all four are together, you can start squeezing. Dont worry about the little thorns because they can only pierce the skin when anchored to the fruit before blended. Once blended, they’re rendered useless. Kinda like a rattle snake. They strike when coiled because they act as a spring loaded device using the ground as leverage. They don’t strike when moving along the ground. I know, dumb analogy, but oh well.. you won’t jump when you see one moving along now that you know. You can use a strainer, but it’s hard to squeeze a strainer. Just don’t tell your wife you stole some nylon drapes or cut a piece of her wedding dress.. Juice baby!
    And of course you can eat the white matting. The native Indians indiginous to Southern United States use it as medicine. I’ve taken the pears of the prickly pear that have the matting on it and just blend them as is.

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