Sherwood Schwartz who created Gilligan’s Island continued with The Brady Bunch reinforcing social concepts that would undoubtedly became ingrained in my generation’s ideal family setting.  A contrast to G.I., but a necessary evil. Nephew and Baywatch creator, Douglas Schwartz, is on record saying, “They helped shape television in its early days. Sherwood created iconic shows that are still popular today.”

Following is an analysis that will be rather long for the reason there is complexity beyond what I’ve studied from others attempting to review Gilligan’s Island.  It is an article that will chronicle as many of the episodes that pertain to the New World Order setting as can be done.

The task for decoding Gilligan’s Island is for the purpose of showing the New World Order’s educational re-programming

Above: Secret society member, Sherwood Schwartz could not possibly have written almost 100 episodes all containing easily to spot symbols of the Illuminati, New World Order design, and write into each script telling events that made no sense to a kid.  I was that kid who remembered perhaps one or two words and three or four images from each 24 minute episode.  Now, I see almost everything!  With the help of his brothers Albert, Elroy and Ross, Sherwood was the visible ring master.  If none of these men knew what was happening, then it was with the help of David Harmon who was on board as the script consultant making sure the messages were properly placed in each episode of Gilligan’s Island.

for social restructuring, decomposing scientific understanding for a new synthetic one, establishing a police state, introduction of genetic engineering and so much more.  Our last true president was assassinated ten months prior to the first episode showing in late September 1964.  This is evident when seen in the opening as the SS Minnow departs port an American flag is flying at half staff in memory of John F. Kennedy’s death in November 22, 1963.  At this time, secret society installment of Lyndon Bains Johnson was the beginning of the run of puppets that would allow media mind control to continue.  It was John Kennedy that would have put a stop to the propaganda in media and made that statement clear to in an announcement made to the world of journalism about the dangers of the secret societies.   I loved Gilligan’s Island and would have been angry had I known Kennedy cancelled the show himself.  Today, my admiration for that had this happened would have been the greatest “show” of courage by any man.

When I was a child I couldn’t wait to watch Gilligan’s Island rerun after rerun

At the time, Gilligan’s Island with its enchanting theatrics, theme music, and hypnotic sound effects, engaged me into a fantasy world I wanted to live in.  Now, I know exactly what the message was.

I have a natural ability to understand high ordered premises that are cloaked behind the veil of stage and script.  I can easily show how Gilligan’s Island was completely integrated in my mind as a youth in which I was indoctrinated into the mechanics of belief that came from this television show.  I hope that I undid that. 

All of us would assume that because the cast of characters, the incredulous premise and stories, and the guests that would appear could be forgiven the power of mind control it creates in the general populous’ psyche that has lost its grip on what reality is and isn’t.  They do this using fantasy fiction in comedy.  I belonged to the generation of this mental madness that voted for Clinton, then Bush, and when I woke up in 2005 knew not to vote for you know who.  Just look at what an orchestrated imbecile George Bush was to set up what they did and tell me Gilligan’s Island didn’t prepare me to allow the puppets in office.. rather said, the uncharted desert island in Washington D.C.   This is a fantasy Island where I can point out each episode showing exactly how the shadow leaders would proceed in the decades to follow in the fantasy island we call government.

Somehow, I vaporized into a fantasy world busy with thematic music, the fantastical charming yet idiocy of all the castaways, but what really intrigued me the most happened to be the character played by Russel Johnson (Roy Hinkley).  Roy Hinkley’s job in the episode The Secret of Gilligan’s Island was to dismantle what Secharia Sitchen would eventually publish in 1970’s.  He proposed explanations for human origins by deciphering the Sumerian texts

The Professor in the episode “The Secret of Gilligan’s Island”  uses the word ‘boustrophedon’ incorrectly to explain his reading mistake. When it is understood that the Sumerian tablets told a truth the secret societies have attempted to discredit, and Hollywood writes for their TV programming, it was something nobody has contested for 45 years.  Their aim was to distort Sumerian investigative interpretation, such as Sitchen, the 1st to back engineer the ancient tablets.

For the reason I have a scientific interest in everything.. I investigate everything, and reviewing over 90 episodes from three seasons, I see that The Professor was the key player in setting the ‘Mad Science’ that prepared myself and the rest of my generations to follow a line of thinking reinforced by someone who PROFESSED.  The Professor, you see, was called “The Professor” and what the professor said you must believe and you must carry out.  When a castaway referred to “Roy”, they called him Professor with the surname “The”, but when speaking directly to him, he was called just ‘Professor’ without the prefix.  This means that for 99 episodes, installed as a character was one who represented “The King” and when speaking to the king, they would simply call him King.  That’s the best analogy I can think of.  A king is one who commands science and enforces based on mad thinking, disturbed science and so forth.

Sherwood Schwartz, assisted by his brothers Al & Elroy with son, Ross

Gilligan’s Island as seen in the episode Gilligan Goes Gung Ho.  This image choice lacks the volcano and mountain shown in other episodes and the island supposedly has a multitude of caves because almost every episode featured at least one.  Why was the idea of a cave important for this show?  Caves were used as an instrument of fear of what lurks in dark places.. a place you would not think to hide in 2012.  The US has been sealing off caves for the past several years.

and script consultant David Harmon had to establish who would ‘profess’ logic and set the rules using sheeple to surrounded and follow him. Sherwood insisted that the show had social meaning “I knew that by assembling seven different people and forcing them to live together, the show would have great philosophical implications [for the New World Order agenda of course].”

pro·fess  (prəˈfes)

Sherwood Schwartz was working on a big-screen version of “Gilligan’s Island,” his nephew said. Douglas Schwartz, who created the hit series “Baywatch,” called his uncle a longtime mentor and caring “second father” who helped guide him successfully through show business.

  1. (v. t.) To set up a claim to; to make presence to; hence, to put on or present an appearance of.
  2. (v. t.) To make open declaration of, as of one’s knowledge, belief, action, etc.; to avow or acknowledge; to confess publicly; to own or admit freely.
  3. (v. i.) To declare friendship.
  4. (v. t.) To present to knowledge of, to proclaim one’s self versed in; to make one’s self a teacher or practitioner of, to set up as an authority respecting; to declare (one’s self to be such); as, he professes surgery; to profess one’s self a physician.
  5. (v. i.) To take a profession upon one’s self by a public declaration; to confess.

There were no other television shows I can think of presented to the viewing audience the actual facts about space, genetically altered food, history of the Anunnaki (Sumerian record etched in stone), the truth about dinosaurs, distorted accounts of war, perception of materialism, police state, government, and on and on.  I present to you my new page called “Gilligan’s Island” because the message is huge.  The Professor you see was the leader, the trusted one, and the one who kept everyone in a state of limbo using deception (wrapped with truth as it’s done in the magical realm of the globalists).

It was claimed that the series creator Sherwood Schwartz developed the ‘seven stranded castaways’ as types of the seven deadly sins.  But in an 2001 interview when asked, “How did you decide on seven as the magic number for the characters?”, Schwarz answered by saying, “I don’t know. A lot of people have written to me saying they understand that’s the seven deadly sins. That was never in my mind, but they’ve explained it to me [laughs]. It could have been eight. It could have been six. I couldn’t see 12 people.”  2001 is decades distanced from the development of the sitcom.

If this was brought up in the early years, it was shut down.  Make no mistake, a writer who fabricates episode after episode loaded with Hollywood ‘tells’ could not possibly be coincidental. The truth is that the seven distinct and unique characters are created as sins when really they are not.  Their faults are juxtaposed to what we wish as show viewers our hope of what they could become.  I know I would have liked to see them achieve their dreams and goals.  The sin installed per each actor is a creation of television magic.  While Schwartz could have decided upon the seven without thought, I very much doubt that anything numerically is an accident.  Then, someone above him called the shots.

Dawn Wells was introduced to the series shortly after the first pilot and debut of Gilligan’s Island.  The recast had mainly to do with what I believe to be important roles that set the tone by which the programming of thoughts would be settled into the minds of the 1960’s youth.  All seven had equally strong purposes and it would not be safe to choose one over the other, however, because the most brilliant scientist could never get them back to their original lives in civilization, it appears that The Professor must be looked at most carefully.  The Professor and Mary Anne both played roles on television and in real life that had to do with science.  Dawn Wells before taking on a life of acting had an interest in chemistry studying it in college before making the switch.  While this is not significant, because her place on the series symbolically would be a Hollywood investment for the staging of the diversional shift from country farming and agriculture to genetically modified food, Mary Anne Summer’s farm girl character had relevance.

An excerpt from the 1961 movie Atlantis-The Lost Continent, which comes five years before Gilligan’s Island and sets the same NWO standards in television’s sitcoms has this message:

“Belligerent politicians of technologically superior Atlantis hatch a plan to use their latest weapon of mass destruction–a crystal laser cannon–to launch a shock-and-awepreemptive war against the rest of the world’s militarily inferior nations. This campaign is to assure a one-world ‘Atlantean’ order.  The scientists of Atlantis ignore clear evidence of impending catastrophic earth changes, preoccupied instead with transforming lower class citizens and illegal immigrants into a sub-human labor force through mind-control and genetic manipulation techniques.”  I will go through each episode to show how they did this in a sitcom.

There is something being shared about the lost continent of Atlantis and a lost Island in the Pacific Ocean.


Red, white and blue

These were the colors worn by the three people who anchored the show.  Gilligan wore red, the Skipper wore blue, and The Professor wore white.  What we didn’t understand back then but do now is that color plays a confirmation ‘plant’ as to who is an scientific authoritarian, subordinate, and the establishment of power and control.

Gilligan represents all of us

The hapless bungling society who can’t make anything work right.  We were taught to rely on authority and science figures.. look what they’ve done.  We wear red and orange when incarcerated.  We are the controlled ones made to be jailed.  The Skipper’s job is to protect the rest of the castaways under an assumed license.  Blue is the color of jails.  The Professor wears the white dress for the reason he promotes logic, health, synthetics and so forth under the pretense that the island offers a naturalness unaffected by the outside world, however does with many episodes linking Monsanto (GMO seed and foods) etc.

(Left) The installment of the couple known as the Howells, the millionaires, who reluctantly took passage with regular folk for an afternoon excursion is not logical.  Rich people have their own yachts and it would make no sense that they bring a cache of money with them to tour the ocean for three hours.  What they represent to the other five castaways is this; the elite lifestyle yet workers among workers.  They never really willingly accept to do service to the rest when under pressure, but are always there as pretenders.  Thurston and Lovey Howell are exactly who we contend with in real life and are completely transparent in the that they play tricks, steal, are conniving, and take as much as they can.

There is one episode where Mr. Howell demands how much Gilligan, an innocent and financially worthless soul, will give to him out of Gilligan’s inheritance.  Is this a joke?  The comedy threads rooted in secret society dogma is seamless episode to episode without anyone’s conscience awareness alerted.


The S.S. Minnow was named for Federal Communications Commissioner Newton Minow who by then became famous for proclaiming television “a vast wasteland.”  What better name for a sunk ship, or wrecked ship, a a symbolic dismantling of one’s old world philosophy by the rulers of the new.


Season II: Episode 25: October 14, 1965: Questioning Life on Mars

“Smile, You’re on Mars Camera”

Launched from Cape Kennedy, a NASA camera space probe is sent to Mars,

but instead lands on Gilligan’s Island, is expected to be relaying images of the surface of Mars which confuses command technicians.

The New World Order’s concept for this episode can be explained by what the actual purpose of the Show “Candid Camera” that “Smile, You’re on Mars Camera” was titled for.  Allen Funt poked fun at, but then with people and the truth is, he was a working member of the secret societies laughing not so much at the subjects of his show, but at us.  At the end of Smile, You’re on Mars Camera, Gilligan is forced to remain tared and feathered and yell out “Coockoo coockoo’ every hour on the hour as punishment for fouling up a rescue plan.  What this represents is that all of us are coockoo and this is what Funt made us to be because now we’re receptive to the millions of candid cameras accepted into our communities.

Filming of the show took place at the CBS Radford Studios complex in Studio City, Los Angeles California.  CBS uses the symbol of the eye as the logo.   Allen Funt, creator and original host of the landmark television series Candid Camera, perfected an art that has entertained people for nearly 60 years on the ABC Radio Network using hidden microphones and cameras to catch unsuspecting people seemingly in fun, but this was to ease people into being comfortable under the spying eye of big Brother.  The title “Smile, You’re on Mars Camera” is taken from Funt’s slogan “Smile, you’re on Candid Camera!”

In an exchange between a CBS news reporter questioning two Mars technicians about the problem with the Mars probe, scripted into the sequence is an accidental admission by a technician, George, that the other cautions him for saying. This Hollywood ‘tell’ reveals that headquarters “Washington”, not NASA, wants to keep from the public.

CBS Reporter: “Based on your earlier photographs, do you really expect to find life on Mars?”

George: “At this point we’d rather not speculate.  However, upon closer examination of the primitive huts in the enlarged photos, there’s a strong possibility that some type of intelligent being exists there. On the other hand….”

John: “George, do you remember Washington’s orders?”

George: “Could I please change all that to ‘no comment’?”

The agenda of the episode to lead the viewer to question whether Mars is inhabitable and if so, that the life form is not human, but a bird like Martian one of the technicians refers to as ‘chicken people and bird men who seem to be half human and half bird’.  This might sound humorous and arbitrary, but in light of my comparison of the flying crafts used for the films John Carter and other films and the Feathered Handmaiden Astrolab, there is a correlation.

We question why the Phoenix, eagle symbolic on flags, money, and so forth, plus everywhere in ancient historical record the feathered bird appears.  The script could have called for any of thousands of slap stick antics and yet, the idea of a bird coalesced with a theme about life on Mars.  Read “Search for Project Bluebeam Converges at Hoover Dam



Season III: Episode 25: March 13, 1967: Distorting ancient history, Hiding Planet X

“The Secret Of Gilligan’s Island”

In 2012, the installment of the 4th Aliens movie franchise “Promethius” demonstrates what had been disclosed to the American public 45 years before.  In Promethius, archeologists discover a new “map” that shows the world how people can trace their way back “home”.  It is the same map found worldwide from different civilization depicting the same pictogram formula.  The secret was revealed first in 1967 and below you may form your opinion as to the relevance it has with the Sumerian inscriptions.

The astonishing stone etched map on how to get off Gilligan’s Island is found in the form of a tablet that has been broken and placed in caves around the island.  In the end, The Professor determines that the map is in fact in reverse.. it is how to reach the island, not leave it.

There are several problems with each instance.  Firstly, ancient navigator needs a stone tablet with nautical inscriptions on how to get to any specific island.  If they did, rudimentary pictograms would have been inscribed on lighter wood, not a huge slab because ocean travelers did not take extra ‘anchors’ to make sure they arrive safely.  Then, to remove the stone, break it on the island so that nobody can get leave is absurd unless one knows how to back engineer the map.  Which wouldn’t be difficult as you can logically see.  We assume the scientist could not be wrong since the premise of the show is for entertainment and that it is not necessary to question plausibility.  We agreed after the show was over that the map could only be a one way instructional when it is in fact bidirectional and then switched the channel to another television show.  This is the method by which ‘Mad Science’ works.

The Professor explains, “Well Skipper I happen to know a little about hieroglyphics and spent two years on an archaeological expedition in Egypt”.  He inaccurately analyses that the the symbols meaning that there is an island and that it is complete with people and fish surrounding it.  Egyptian writing did not include islands as there are none specifically to symbolize on Temple walls.  The stick figure people on the island did not appear as if they were boarding boats to leave.   So, The Professor misinterpreted the stone.

In a following scene, the elitists, Lovey and Thurston Howell, find The Professor to ask what it is he’s doing.  The Professor explains that the portion of the tablet found is the secret to getting off the island.  Mr. Howell says, “Secrets!  Oh, how I just love secrets”.  This is the secret societies conducting message ‘tells’ with subtlety.  Mrs Howell then says, “If it’s something I love to do is tell a secret”.  Yes, to themselves, but in secrecy so to speak to us while hidden in plain earshot of the viewer.

The Professor asks if the Howells would like to join in the puzzle piece hunt and an obscure exchange, as usually is, about pretending to be Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson in which Mrs Howell wanted to portray, Mr. Howell says that ever since Medicare came into existence that his wife could be anything she wanted.   Parents sat kids in front of the television.  This message had the effect of instructing children that medicare would always be there for them and not to worry.   There could have been funnier jokes in all the episodes, but the wildest thing for me now is to know that the meaninglessness really had meaning.. now that I know.

Cave life and being a cave people was dangerous?

Each of the castaways refers to and believes what The Professor says.  They do this in every episode in order to establish a train of thought with the viewer.  In The Secret of Gilligan’s Island, the secondary theme that leads all of them into the belief that ancient people lived with anger problems as well as among the dinosaurs. This instills the notion that indeed on that Island, through Gilligan’s dream sequence, that this is true everywhere because the castaways are from everywhere.  It is a fact that now science was incorrect about man living among the dinosaurs.  Was this show a telling of this fact?

In Gilligan’s dream, the Howells portray the controllers who destroy Gilligan’s drawings.  “No, it’s evil place on other side of hill”.  Mr. Howell then destroys Gilligan’s ‘historical record’.  He threatens Gilligan by saying the next time, it will be he who is smashed to pieces.  The Skipper enters and when he is told what happened, then turned his head saying that the Chief (Mr. Howell) said never to look at evil pictures.  This is how the elites control the news which says quite a bit about truth in reporting the news today.  While the Howells play their innocent roles before dream sequences, they switch to power elites during the fantasy aspect of the show about fantasy.  And yet, here is where we find the false positives in reverse.

Below: The stone that Chief Howell smashed and then pieced back together has seams that represent geometrics that are accurate.  Viewed in its entirety it could be said that it is the striking resemblance to Chase Bank’s logo design.  The perfect square center and the swastika. Click to Enlarge.

Speaking in terms of ‘reverse’, it is the explanation by The Professor that he read the tablet backwards, he used the word BOUSTROPHEDON in which the writing of alternate lines in opposite directions (as from left to right and from right to left) he used to read the tablet incorrectly.   Instead of the way Cuniform is read, which is the way Sumerian texts are written, he read the directions backwards and that it was to get to the Island, not off.  The problem as I see it is that there are no mistakes in Hollywood.  That tablet was directions to go to and from the island.  The trick to understanding what they’ve done is rather simple.. make it so complex that nobody understands, but if you read the definition of boustrophedon, you’ll see that they scripted that word for a reason.  This is to dismantle Secharia Sitchen and the rest of the literary research scholars from their tireless work analyzing the ancient gods, the Anunnaki, and the whole idea of off world beings.

Just as closure moment in the episode where Gilligan chisels out the words on a stone it reflects what the main secret premise of Gilligan’s Island is symbolic of.  The Professor says something to the effect that the cave people were stuck on the island the same way they are.  History repeats itself.  We citizens are forced to stay here based on fear, virtual imprisonment and that we must make do with having eventually lost the American dream.  Gilligan says, “In case in a million years if people get stranded here..” he then shows the message “Home Sweet Home” which cements the idea history repeats itself, but it is through the powers that be that this is created.  The ending of Gilligan’s caveman dream does so using a T-Rex that keeps them from traveling to a better place.

The back side symbol of Gilligan’s tablet is always facing the viewer, however, the front side that shows Gilligan’s etched drawing is shown for a split second.  The seams that appear like cement is not evident on the back side we see plainly.    What you’ll note is that there are specifically 3 geometrically shaped ‘mountains’.  These are actually the three Giza pyramids of Egypt.  In the last scene, the Chase Bank tablet shares the same scene as the dinosaur attack.  When they flee the scene, it is the Chase tablet that represents our protecting forces against a perceived adversary as a corporate protective barrier. The reason the seams on the back are darkened is not to show that the tablet is repaired, but for what they represent. (Click Below to enlarge)

drawing 3 pyramids txt

The ending theme song verse that is played at end credits says specifically this:

So this is the tale of our castaways,
They’re here for a long long time.
They’ll have to make the best of things,
It’s an uphill climb.

The first mate and his Skipper too
Will do their very best,
To make the others comfortable
In their tropic island nest.

No phone, no lights, no motor car,
Not a single luxury
Like Robinson Crusoe
It’s primitive as can be.

So join us here each week my friends,
You’re sure to get a smile,
From seven stranded castaways
Here on Gilligan’s Isle!

What is confirmed now is that the US has become reduced to a third world country.  In a short time, everyone will have suffered the loss of luxury “No phone, no lights, no motor car, not a single luxury.. as primitive as can be.”  It’s already happening to people across the nation with bankruptcies, foreclosures, and the mess that was not even contemplated in the mid to late 60’s.  It was Gilligan’s Island foretelling us of this part of the master NWO plan.




Season III: Episode 15: Dec 22, 1966:  Police State, DHS

“Gilligan Goes Gung Ho”

Gilligan is made deputy sheriff of the island, and in his zeal arrests all the other castaways.  This episode has mainly to do with creating a police nation by indoctrinating the ‘useless eater’ as the jailor. When he takes complete control over the islands inhabitants, they lose their chance of being rescued by a reconnaissance plane.

After the Skipper, who has been elected the Sheriff, explains to Gilligan that before learning all the criminal codes in a book The Criminal Law, that he must learn how to be an officer.  Gilligan immediately recites the Boy Scouts pledge when the Skipper swats his three finger salute saying “..that’s the Boy Scouts”.  However, he reads to Gilligan from the book that an officer in the enforcement of law must be courteous and cheerful, friendly and brave.  But, what he read from the book also is from Scout (Oath) & Law; a scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, Friendly, Courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.  These four words are taken from the Scouts Law leaving eight words out that sets Gilligan up to be a non trustworthy, loyal, helpful, kind, obedient, thrifty, clean and reverent jailer.  This was carefully scripted into the episode in preparation for today’s police state paradigm.

When searching using a Google image query returns these two girls pictured below (click to enlarge) in which a side by side comparison was made as a study of the similarities between the two.  The propaganda illustration to the right is 70 years old.  It is nearly identical to the girl on the left.  Is it by purpose that these two are of the few, if not only images that result when looking for the Girl Scout Salute? Below is a comparison showing the Hitler youth saluting just as ours today are being programmed to do the same.  As Gilligan recites the Boy Scout’s oath, the Skipper is not amuzed.  This indicates that the script called for the downplaying of The Boy Scouts and its shift into the New World Order dismantling of ethics among the youth in America.  

Gilligan represents our young generation of children who have now had the conditioning, social stress, unethical opportunities and the enticement of power and greed to conduct the business of incarcerating family, friends, relatives, and loved ones.  They not only created the Boys and Girls Scouts to accomplish the Nazi youth movement resurgence, but also showed us exactly what will happen 30 and 40 years after this show made its debut in 1966.

The first person Gilligan cites is Mr. Howell for stealing (when actually he was borrowing). This prepares us for the day when it is the on duty patrolman, through surveillance cameras, and so forth that law enforcement can determine what they see as lawful or not.  When I was growing up, unless someone called the cops, there really wasn’t anything going on.

When Mr. Howell rebels, it is the professor, not the Skipper, who appeals to the situation by suggesting to Mr. Howell that Gilligan is only doing his job and that they all agreed to obey the law and accept their authority.  He encouraged Mr. Howell to simply be found guilty and ‘go’ willingly.  This is when The Professor also says, when Gilligan decides that house arrest was out of the question “..there is only one thing to do.”   That one thing to do is to build a place of imprisonment.

It is made very clear that The Professor calls the shots.

Gilligan acts authoritarian when he ‘inspects’ the girls Mary Ann and Ginger.  In an exchange, Ginger minimizes by doubting any crime waves and Mary Ann says that she’ll be sure and report any suspicious characters.  Gilligan states that the fire is too close to the hut.  Today, we can’t even smoke on our own premises nor grill steaks under our porch.  As soon as Ginger laughs at Gilligan for stumbling into the fire, he slaps both she and Mary Ann with ordinance violations “section 33 of the municipal code”.  Why was the number “33” but not 32 or 34 chosen?   Perhaps 33rd degree Masons write scripts for television?

The Professor was jailed next having carried a concealed weapon.  What is interesting about that charge is that it was a stick of dynamite, not a hand gun.  This was done purposely for the reason it is not explosives that would be an amendment they’d go after.. the 2nd which is the right to bear arms.  The Skipper gets his with Police Brutality.  All police will be protected for any and all reasons.. they are now above the law.  Many episodes featured jail stints not just for the castaways, but for island visitors guest appearances.

Click Image to view video  Season III: Episode 9: November 7, 1966: Mind Control, Project Montauk, Lynden Johnson and the theft of US gold.   Edward Durrell, Norman Dodd, Peter Beter and others, claims that the vault under Fort Knox in Kentucky is mostly empty and that most of the gold was sent to Jerusalem in the late 1960s by President Lyndon Johnson. On September 23, 1974, Senator Walter Huddleston of Kentucky, twelve congressmen, and about 100 members of the news media toured the vault and opened various cells and doors, each filled with gold.  While this does not offer a proof positive, the vaults have not been revisited by anyone outside the circles for over almost forty years.  This theory is close enough to the events that are virtually simultaneous i.e. the JFK assassination that pushed Johnson into the saddle, this episode, and then the allegations made that the gold was shipped to mission control of the NWO, Israel.


“Ring Around Gilligan”

ring master marquee play

Mad scientist Dr. Boris Balinkoff returns with a magic rings which places the castaways under his evil mind control project to rob Americans of what backs the dollar bill – Gold.   He uses a transmitter that sends mind control hypnotic suggestions that work if the characters are wearing them.  They each place the contraption that looks like something benign and without prior knowledge, become of service to the scientist.


“You and your friends will help me with the most ingenious most stupendous crime in history.  You will help me rob all the gold bars in Fort Knox”


This is what we are doing to ourselves in today’s technology.  You name it, whatever electronic device it is, we are mesmerized by it, follow its suggestive instructions, and go about our daily activities in the same daze seen acted out on this episode.  It’s amazing, and I’m flabbergasted each time someone I talk to instantly becomes starry eyed, like pin wheels, and default into the state of denial refuting everything I’m saying.  They find a way to leave.

The simulated heist of Fort Knox. Ginger and Mary Ann stand guard over the getaway vehicle being filled with mock gold-coconuts. All of the lines that were scripted for when they were speaking under the influence of the ring’s mind control come directly from the manuals created by CIA’s MKULTRA and the incredible experience relived by mind control indoctrinate, Stewart Swerdlow, who recounts his forced experiments that blinded him for life.  He is but a handful of hundreds of thousands who survived to tell of the horrific science experiment.

“..for this brilliant caper, we’ll have a rehearsal to rob Fort Knox.  Tonight, you will collect coconuts.. I said coconuts.. that will represent gold bars.” – Boris Balinkoff

Once the scientist gets all of the castaways under mind control with each wearing a ring, he instructs them on the action that will be taken, “..for this brilliant caper, we’ll have a rehearsal to rob Fort Knox.  Tonight, you will collect coconuts.. I said coconuts.. that will represent gold bars”.  Each hypnotized character acknowledge with their unique responses:  Skipper: You are my Admiral Professor: Mine is not to question why Mary Ann: I hear and obey Ginger: I’m ready willing and able Mr. & Mrs. Howell: Yes Master

(Above) Ginger Grant comes under the spell of control.  She represented the elites sex toy Monarcks known as MKULTRA who were several generations of female mind control agents working for the CIA to courier and steal secret information using their photographic memories and sex appeal.

Thurston Howell the III says something quite striking just after all the castaways discover the peculiar rings they all share on the fingers.   Mary Ann said that she belonged to a club once where everyone wore the same rings.  Mr. Howell responds using a double entendre by saying, “Young lady, I only join exclusive clubs.  As a matter of fact I always considered them suspect if they accepted me as a member”.  What he means is just that, that they are the suspected and that there is no reason that he was selected arbitrarily for membership.  In other words, he is just as ‘suspect’ as the clubs he affiliates to.

Mr. Howell during the closure scene Mr. Howell kids with Lovey by saying that ‘every cloud has a silver lining.. gold actually’.  As for my personal opinion (always a spectacular oddity), after studying the Sumerian historical accounts about gold and what its use is for on Nibiru in that it is atomized for atmospheric applications, it could be that their atmosphere being golden produces a golden edge around moisture clouds.  Again, this sounds strange although I can’t discount that this may be true.




Season III: Episode 13: November 7, 1966: Female abduction, fear of other nations, GMO food, werewolves, British rule

“And Then There Were None”

Mary Anne suddenly disappears and The Professor takes action setting a false idea without a shred of evidence among the castaways.  He says:

“Natives from some nearby island must have come here. Don’t forget Skipper (if he should know) in these latitudes are headhunters and I’m afraid headhunters have moved on to this island and you know what that means.”

The professor sets then on a wild goose chase based on his unfounded unproven allegation to find the natives “before something terrible happens”.

The massive hunt for Osama Bin Laden ran over one decade also with no shred of evidence supporting the official government report on the World Trade Centers of 2011.  This particular cave dweller met his fate with zero proof that the body was actually his.  That people have forgotten nor fought for evidence shows that the televised programming decades ago was to successfully establish denial.  The hunt for Bin Laden was an epic wild goose chase which lead to an epic magic trick and staged for the world changed our lives forever.  All false flag operations are based on fear saturated diversions like this.  I covered the Isabela Mercedez Celis abduction case of which they’ll never truthfully disclose, although I have solved it using logic (it’s virtually impossible without solid admissions of proof). This case is important in understanding how they thwart rights with unwarranted searches and at the same time subtly force surveillance in private homes and business upon US citizens between now and beyond 2012.

Once all of the women have disappeared, the Professor kicks into another modality discarding the first premise by saying that he was wrong about the head hunters.  In this case, the script is changed when speaking of scripted operations of the false flag variety in today’s operations.  For instance, the format and script that surfaced on the day that Jared Lee Loughner has not changed at all since January 8, 2011.  The reason, the plan was entirely contained by a development of ideals that would be implanted into American minds about the shooting of former Congresswoman Giffords and the killing of the man that reversed the Brady Bill, Judge John M. Roll.  That event’s goal was to establish a case for mental health care for normal, all, people and install fear of our Second Amendment.  They want one set into motion while removing the established one.

Because it is obvious that there never were headhunters and that the three men other than the Professor would deduce that, The Professor had to place blame on them to keep them in fear, but now it is fear of themselves.  Here is how Sherwood Schwartz shell gamed the search.

Professor “Well I hate to say it, but there are the four of us.  The emotional strain of living on the island is a powerful force. (Skipper: You mean one of us is cracked under the strain?)  It’s entirely possible. You see, without realizing it, that person can change from a trusted person into a merciless fiend.  That person could be responsible to what happened to the women.  One of us may have become a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

This fear based change over is synonymous to the Isabela Celis fraudulent investigation

The investigation for a supposed disappearance of a six year old female turned fatefully to the parents as a sex slave trade allegation which implicates the father as the abductor.  It went from implicating anyone in the Pima County area without a shred of evidence to the next phase without any real leads.  It is the same method tested 45 years ago.

Meanwhile, the Skipper and Gilligan discuss among themselves their guilt or innocence by attempting to be self-proclaimed CSI professionals.  Once all but Gilligan has disappeared, Gilligan decides that he indeed is Dr. Jekyell and Mr. Hyde and subsequently goes into the dream sequence having collapsed after bumping his head.  Here, Gilligan

A relationships with the name ‘Jeckyll’ occurs with both the innocence of a doctor named, Jeckyll, who turns evil.  Jeckyll then ‘hides’ (Hyde) behind his respected profession.  An innocent resort spot off the coast of Georgia, Jeckyll Island  which is known as one of the Golden Isles of Georgia, points to Jekyll’s other symbolic double meaning.  The site of the infamous 1912-3 secretive or “Hidden” meeting between the power families in which they unscrupulously created the privatized corporate Federal Reserve System is the ‘Hyde’.  This was done shortly after sinking the British luxury liner, Titanic, which all elements pieced together makes for some peculiar, yet notable marriage of symbols. 

In Gilligan’s trial where he is to prove his innocence, this court proceeding takes place in England, not the United States.  Interjecting the Jeckyll Hyde concept serves it’s purpose on two levels seen here where the ruling class, Mr. Howell, and the prosecutor who is the mad scientist ‘The Professor’ reverse the laws, misconstrue the meaning of law, minimize due process, claim what they’ll do in one breath while reversing their actions the next and so on.  It’s rather humorous, but absolutely serious because of what is played out in court systems nationwide these days.  They perverted the legal system using comedy in Gilligan’s Island on purpose so that you and I would miss the proverbial boat for a safe return to sovereignty.

Werewolves, vampires, bats, snakes, very large tarantulas, Draculas, zombies, voodoo, headhunters, and the list goes on for almost every known animal imaginary and not are used as planted ideas into children at their young ages.  There may be truth to werewolves and blood sucking human/bat hybrids and it is here in Gilligan’s Island and most other media venues where the elite showcase their hidden truths of their mythical, yet truthful identities.  It’s frightening.

The idea is that food causes Dr. Gilligan to turn evil.  This also parallels how modern food processes have transformed our personalities and minds.. we are all affected.  I myself have turned into a werewolf at times..  It’s usually after a bout from MSG which is the one thing that makes me annoyed with whatever it is in front of me at the time.




Season II: Episode 12: December 9, 1965: Occult laced lyrics

“Don’t Bug The Mosquitoes”

The electric guitar rock band Gilligan refers to as his favorite ‘musical group’, The Mosquitoes visit and then leave the island offering a rescue.  They abandon the marooned castaways.  

Introduced on this episode are support lyrics that plead with the viewer to require their services.  With lines like “a prisoner needs a cell” and “A queen needs a King”, each line of text serves a minor social structuring revolving around materialism (needs) linked to New Age materialism, or the true direction towards establishing a New Age Religion that’s center focus is self-service to oneself.  The world leaders are thought of themselves as royalty and the control they need is for the commoners to self-actuate their incarceration… “You need Us”.

You Need Us
(Sung by The Honeybees)

(All Three Sing)

♫ You need us, you need us.
Like a clam needs a shell.
Like a prisoner needs a cell.
Like a dingdong needs a bell.
You need us.

Three of the Mosquitoes were actually members of The Wellingtons, the folk singing trio that performed the theme song “The Ballad of Gilligan’s Island.”  The lyrics to the ballad tells the story of how Americans, like the rest of the world, are to consider themselves hopeless in the world of imprisonment

(Ginger Sings)

♫  You need me, you need me.
Like a picture needs a star.
Like a golfer needs a par.
Like a teenager needs a car.
You need me.

The bee is an important figure in the Illuminati system of symbols.

(Mary Ann Sings)

♫ You need me, you need me.
Like a baby needs a toy.
Like Hawaiians need their poi.
Like a girl needs a boy.
You need me.

(Lovey Sings)

♫  You need me, you need me.
Like a diamond needs a ring.
Like a harp needs a string.
Like a queen needs a king.
You need me.

(All Three Sing):

♫  You need us, you need us.
Like a bee needs a buzz.
Like a peach needs its fuzz.
So that’s why you need us.




Season II: Episode 32: April 28, 1966: Freemason membership, extinction threat

“Meet The Meteor” &

Season III: Episode 8: October 24, 1966: Chemo treatments shift to military complex hair style

“Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow”

The combination analysis of both these episodes is intended to show a particular similarity to induce acceptance on two health related levels.  Age induced radiation poisoning.  In Meet the Meteor, the castaways are burdened with a pesky cosmic ray infected meteor that accelerate the aging process.  While the professor determines that it is not radio active, he does make the scientific determination that its cosmic rays are just as deadly as other deadly radiation.  Cosmic rays don’t broadcast from fresh meteor droppings.  In Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow it is chemical detergents masking the cancer industries radiation and chemical treatment practices for primarily cancer that 45 plus years ago, would take it’s effect on a mass scale.  During the 60s and 70s, seeing a bald man, but mostly a woman was as shocking as the long haired hippies were to their senior generations.  They needed to teach acceptance for the side effects that would incur.  Having accomplished the transition today, seeing a bald person, dog, cat, child, even a Ronald McDonald doesn’t even catch second glances.

The lead suits that are supposedly protecting Gilligan, Skipper and the Professor is not disintegrating as the bamboo lead protective shield did.  It evaporated within seconds.  Is this logical?  Studies of cosmic radiation are conducted using nuclear-emulsion-plate technique. The activity observed in meteorite specimens cannot be attributed to the low content of natural radio=active elements and only a small amount of the primary radiation penetrates the whole atmosphere, but that the primaries on hitting the air molecules transmute the atoms by their violent impact and that what he we receive are the disintegration products.  These particles are potentially dangerous, but most never make it to the earth because they decay in flight.

“Meet The Meteor”  Season II: Episode 32

The Professor explains that they will all die in a week.  An electrical storm, a million to one chance a bolt of lightning hitting the meteor, is the only solution. Meanwhile, Ginger and Mary Ann contemplate whether the Professor could be wrong or right result with that he is more right than wrong.  As usual for every episode the benefit of the doubt are hedged by the Professor as he continues to drive their minds into intellectual submission.

They successfully destroyed the meteor and the Professor concludes that they are safe from cosmic radiation.  The underlying message is for the reason that they had planned to frighten the world with the possibility that the earth would be in danger of a predicted large body impact decades to follow.  The purpose then would be to convince the public to fund NASA projects that promise to use space and weapons technology that would destroy inbound cosmic bodies thereby preventing global disaster and the threat of mass extinction.  Preposterous fear of cosmic rays and the possibility of mass extinction is the idea they are planting in our briefcase of events to fear.

During Gilligan’s dream sequence, we are shown the what the end of our life span looks like and how we are ‘trained’ to accept decrepitude until death.  It will not be the threat of cosmic radiation coming from our sun, but the nuclear fallout, cancer and other medical treatment and procedures.  Additionally, the chemical lacing of our food, water, air and that will accelerate our aging.  At that time, cancer was not at the levels as they are today and this as well as the episode where they lose their hair are demonstrating the willingness by which we should accept these conditions.  It’s wrapped in comedy.

A secret society message is also embedded into the script for Meet The Meteor.  Mr Howell says to Gilligan who is preventing him access to a meeting between the Professor and the Skipper about what to do about the problem a truth about Freemason rules for membership into their circles:

Its easy to get into, but murder to get out of.

“Young man, I’ll have you know that the Howell’s are greeted with open arms at Buckingham Palace, the White House and the Kremlin, which I must point out that its easy to get into, but murder to get out of”


Freemason Mark Kelly and John Carter’s “Thern”

“Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow”  Season III: Episode 8

Gilligan complains of being exhausted from doing everyone’s laundry.  The Skipper explains that he must not overdo it, learn to pace himself, and get sleep.  “You must get some sleep or you’ll get old before your time”.  This reference to age relates to Gilligan’s dream in Meet The Meteor where everyone ages before their time.  The purpose for this updated line regarding age is commonly inserted into many of the episodes.

Rapid aging due to their plans to radically vaccinate, treat, more and more generations of Americans particularly with infants and young children cycled through the cancer laboratories known as ‘Children’s Hospitals’.  The base idea for the entire engine of the three seasons package was to stage a child, and Gilligan is considered a young boy, to install the subtle accepting notion that changes that are not determined scientifically are to be welcomed.  The Professor explains to Skipper in this episode is that the possibility of a rare disease can and will “age people practically over night”.  This is the fixing of alien fear.

Because Gilligan is concerned and highly self conscious, the Professor suggests that he go about his business as if nothing had happened and tells him..

“Of course I’m sure. there’s nothing shocking about white hair”


Similar sounding chemicals are the bio chemical salt Sodium Chloride. NaCl02 is common table salt and Sodium Chlorite is used to make the Miracle Mineral Supplement, chlorine dioxide, which is 100 percent effective treatment & cure for malaria.  Jim Humble who had developed the precise formula for this miracle treatment that helps to wipe out invasive pathogens including the malaria parasite delivered by mosquitoes that prevail on islands perhaps much like Gilligan’s, is existing in hiding outside the US because of his discovery.  Sodium Chlorite is NaClO2 that when mixed with acidic acid yields chlorine dioxide.  Ingested by a mere few drops depending on the degree of illness, the sodium chlorite that is used as the salt for swimming pool purification (chlorine tablets and flakes) kills bad stuff in your water thereby purifying it.  Clorox uses chlorine hypochlorite NaClO (without the number 2) which is what the Professor is referring to as Gilligan’s detergent, or bleach, used to illustrate its detrimental effects on hair follicle health.  The professor claims that it caused the baldness between the Skipper and Gilligan plus the destruction of cotton fibers in their clothing.  What they are showing the viewer is that their chemical is not healthy.  The mask is, however, is to shield the cancer industry because of it’s chemistry that causes hair to fall out.  Perhaps they looked to set a decoy for their medical grade “Clorox”.

The due course of action before Gilligan turns completely bald is the convincing endearing remarks and suggestions by the ‘community’.  The program the global elitists had in mind that would prepare society for the shocking mass amounts of people going bald for military, jailing, and medical side effects was a certainty.  Because this was a children’s show, it had to be a subtle introduction.  They had planned to continue this process using television police shows as well as in film introducing these styling changes.

Very subtle is one concept inlaid in this episode that culminates into what is being set into a solid idea regarding old age.  My generation is prepped to think that at the time of old age that our effects, our life’s worth, is to be bequeathed at liberty to anyone any entity for namesake.  Gilligan has brought forth the entire group of people on the island to give away his life’s collection, minimal as it is, this is the message taught to my peers that when all is done, give it all away.  Gilligan has nothing of value to give, however, it is you and I who have built businesses and money making assets that in many cases brought millions of dollars to our nest egg.  ‘And then, when it seems all over and nothing is left, we give it away liberally to whoever happens to be around at the time.  And then die.

The next sequence stages the girls, Ginger and Mary Ann, attempting to describe what it means for an elder’s needs to be.  Mary Ann says to Ginger when trying to figure out what Gilligan with his old man complex prevails, “We’ve got to convince him that he is in the springtime of his life.  Ginger, that’s it!, What is it that a man needs… a cure for Gilligan’s old age comes.. what is it that makes a man feel young?”  Well, you know where this leads.  This is a set up for the middle age crisis era that took place when mass divorces took place in the United States.

And then Gilligan wakes up bald.  In his distress and embarrassment to appear in public among his friends, the Skipper and Professor convince him to go and greet people.  At that time, the need for people to accept baldness was unsure.  Obviously over the decades the trend went through without a hitch.  I wonder if this episode which captured my acceptance actually worked among the masses.  I think it did.  Here, the said to the Gilligan character that the look is “boyish”.  It would make sense that because thematic prose speaks of agelessness and premature age are interchangeable that to reverse the idea that baldness means old age actually now means youthful appearance is what was needed for the 90’s on up to maintain the fashion of baldness in men.  Lots of shaving.

Note: The Professor refers to Gilligan’s bleach as “crude”.  It is the chemical that the Corporation Clorox stands for chlorine hypochlorite.  I’m sure they laugh at the fact people don’t know that what they mean by crude is that Clorox is crude, not environmentally safe or kind.

Professor: “Mr. Howell’s trousers were burned by the same crude bleach that Gilligan was using”

Subtext: Your side effects from chemotherapy is really correlated to everyday normal exposure to mild cleaning products.

Skipper: ‘You mean that’s the same bleach that made Gilligan’s hair fall out.”

Subtext:  It’s okay then?

Professor:  “Exactly.  And when you took over the laundry your hair fell out.”

Sipper:  “Then you mean we’re not going to be bald forever?”

Below: In 2003, Sharon Blynn created the Bald Is Beautiful Organization “to redefine beauty and dispel the stigma of hair loss from cancer.” She has become a Revlon Role Model in an advertisement with People Magazine. As a result, Sharon has helped the industry cap their desire to perpetuate their agenda of deception. Perhaps 2003 is the year that cements the bald head trend into an unfettered foundation of acceptance.

Subtext:  And because it’s okay because the cancer patient before you went through the same process that it’ll be safe for you as well.

Professor: “Believe me Skipper nature will return what Gilligan’s laundry business took away.”

Subtext: Medical practitioner says out loud, “I know you’re suffering from chemotherapy and the side effects are horrendous, but when you’ve stopped the cancer industry’s (laundry) business of poisoning unsuspecting souls, the creator and nature will make an attempt to restore you to an original condition.”

Subtext continued: In silence s/he thinks, “ha ha, medicine has destroyed every DNA strand in your body.. good luck revenue generating subject.  You now have a five year shelf life until sickness returns with a vengeance.”

Big Chema “tell”:  Exposing Clorox Corporation

Professor: “The sodium hypochloride portion of the bleach was in such vast proportions that the mere vapor in the laundry saturated the scalp follicle.”

Gilligan:  “Would you mind repeating that again Professor?”

Skipper: “Never mind Gilligan, the Professor has been REPEATING it long enough…”

This exchange is exponentially profound for the reason that this what the shell game shift of blame is all about.  The explaining and re-explaining in inference in what the Skipper said, “…repeating it long enough” to Gilligan and that repeat shows in the form of reruns embed the idea that something other than cancer treatments can take some of the heat during the period that people would exponentially manifest cancer, be treated for it, and lose their hair among otherwise socially unacceptable side effects.

The Bald Trend

(Click to enlarge) It’s important to know why the bald head was introduced to society worldwide.  While its most likely purpose was to sooth senses regarding cancer side effects, I believe it was mostly to acclimate human beings for when alien greys and other off world species introduce themselves.  It won’t be a nice introduction if in fact Project Blue is what it is.. an alien invasion that up above is projected while down below it is real.

When Gilligan is worried about his appearance, it is Mr. Howell who says that Yul Brenner is a famous actor sporting a bald head and that Gilligan should be proud of his.  Shortly after Gilligan’s Island ended its run, it was in 1973 and six years later that CBS brought Kojak to television audiences.  Telly Savalas starred from October 24, 1973 to March 18, 1978 in the original run.  This would then be the turning point for the bald look to become popular, but it would take time for the fashionable trend to take firm root for the common man to adopt it as a lifestyle.  Women would be next.  The way they introduced bald women who were in the cancer circles becoming unbecomingly bald would be in the comedy venues such as The Coneheads of Saturday Night Live and then with aliens in Alien Nation.

Famous performers of all theatrical departments would at one point or another dawn bald noggins.  Entertainment, sports, leaders and other television personalities would then adopt the style from the 2980’s until more and more citizens took it on as a normal look.   A bald head made men feel dominant from the street punk looking to be tough to the wall street hustler aiming for an edge.




  1. Andre said:

    The cast of castaways were filming the pilot episode of this masterpiece of mind-control ON THAT VERY SAME DAY of the JFK Assassination ON THE BEACHES OF HAWAII. It is a literal truth: as JFK’s blood was flowing in Dallas, the farcical faux-universe of Gilligan’s Island was born in the middle of the Pacific. This is NO COINCIDENCE!!

    Or is it?!? ;)

  2. Art said:

    Its all very interesting about the nwo on gilligan’s island.Do you have more on this obersvations on giligans island as well
    as the tv movies because I would like to knoe more thank you

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