Dietary Fat Bred Out of Haas Avocados – Now It’s the Reed


My grandmother never drove, so I took her regularly to the beauty parlor, her social group gatherings, and to the grocery store.  In those days, markets were really like markets and that smell.. not the meat department, but the aroma of wet boxes, the natural food, and, well let’s just say we don’t smell anything any more.  It was there she taught me how to select produce and make sure you ask to sample each and everything.  I remember her having the grocer cut the fruit and vegetables in half so that she could see the color of the meat and the integrity of the seeds.  and then there are the memories of my family commenting at the absurdity in it.. guess that’s why I was commissioned to chauffeured her around and actually felt important, so I did it. 

Mexican Guacamole dishes are made from avocados, but few restaurants serve high quality non GMO ingredients now that this service industry is suffering.  I find the tiny hybrids two for a buck and natural ones for as much as $2.50 each.  The ‘tell’ is color and degree of water vs oil.

BTW, each member of my family suffers from weird and expensive medical issues..


Many varieties of avocados are hybrids..

yet are considered natural. Be aware of that ultra hybridization and even possible genetically modified varieties have entered the marketplace unannounced.

A few years back I had heard that the Haas avocado had not yet been hybridized.  I was happy for that since most every food today has been Frankenized.  Now most Haas avocados are the puny, watery, stringy (picked too early), small pitted, year round non healthy fat food it has become.   I have to rely on my memory that an avocado has this huge pit, is creamy with dietary oil, isn’t neon green that glows in the dark, and big enough to make guacamole for a family of four.  It takes four of the Haas hybrids to make this Mexican inspired dish.

My start with the fight against the ignorance about the New World Order began when I researched food production, technologies, and the corrupt supply that has pelted us beyond recognition.  Our genders have been altered and our health severely downgraded because of companies like Monsanto, ConAgra, and everyone in politics giving them the leeway to wreak havoc on our food sovereignty.  Out of that, I wrote High Frequency Food.  In the book I have a chapter that features the avocado with regard to the ultra hybridization program for those of us who know the common, or popular insults such as the sugars from corn and msg or aspartame, but will not understand even more detrimental attacks concerning GMO foods.  Foods like the aspects of hybrid avocados will never publish for the reason nobody can see it yet, and by then it’s too late.  My job is to bring it out now with the hope you spread this example.

There is a particular focus for learning natural philosophy about nature in this article. Any time a food is “steered” by humans to facilitate revenue driven processes results in damage to the nutritive properties of the whole food. Ultra hybridization is a case in point, but there is more to it than the obvious breeding out of the seeds from produce such as with commercial grapes, watermelon, and citrus fruit..

the avocado deserves a look into area of hybridization. The reason for this practice is to take a seasonal crop and create year round revenue stream.  This is what the industry tells the growers “you’ll make the profit desired” and in the background modify the plant to be a health hazard.  I think this is done with the hybrid food because it may be that GMO seeds are thrown in to help the process along.  It’s my opinion, but none the less, a food that has changed from an original heirloom condition is certainly not “Organic” if it can’t regenerate itself.  Yet, that’s how they label them.  Incidentally, we’ve become so acclimated to understanding terms in the context of the corporate spin programs that we think organic means that certain pesticides, or wax coatings are not to be used.  The logic is complete lunacy.

It seems dietary oil yields are less then adequate. The Haas avocado is one of the last of the natural fruits to suffer hybridization in which the dietary fat is being “bred” out.

We see this with the cancer killing hydrogen cyanide rich seeds bred to non existence from commercially grown grapes.  Try conducting a google search with the key words ‘grape seed extract cancer’ and see what you get.  See?

(Above) Avocados should have buttery meat with large healthy pits and exhibit a non-watery sheen when cut.  Apple seeds are the same size even if the whole apple varies in size.  This is the same with natural orange as well as tangerines whether any of the whole fruit varies in size, at least from the same tree.  The pit of an avocado should not only be the size of a golf ball or larger, but able to sprout into a brand new avocado tree.  Note that the color is more earthy and creamier in appeal on the left.

I remember the Haas avocados that are natural, creamy, and just like they were when I was young.  But, I’m also seeing small, shriveled Haas varieties marked “organic”.  These over ripen quickly, are watery when sliced, and the meat appears brighter green with less of the yellow tint with more fibrous tissue. In some cases they are labeled “large avocados” when obviously are no bigger than tangerines. The sliced meat appears wet as if it is perspiring rather than having a buttery consistency. These hybridized characteristics are indicative of the Argentinian Frias that yield 75% less mono unsaturated fat than a natural avocado. A single fruit will have 75% less Vitamin E because it is soluble only in oil.  If there is that much less, there cannot be lots more of the vitamin in the water solution that the avocado has become.  Vitamin B  potassium levels have been considerably dropped as well.

It is clear that the diet trends of today contributes to this agricultural practice, but when one stops to think that if a single unit is 25% of what it once was, a person would have to consume a total of four avocados in order to receive the right balance of nutrients. The problem, therefore, is that consuming three extra bulk unit parts are not in proportion.


What else about avocados?

The avocado pit can be ground and mixed with Castor Oil as a paste and used as a treatment for dandruff and scabs (applied at night, wash the paste off the following morning). Boil 1 cup with 2 avocado leaves in 1/4 liter of water for menstrual cramps, hemorrhage and cough. Dysentery, sometimes caused by C. difficile, can be treated using 1 gram of roasted ground avocado pits on an empty stomach.  Ease rheumatic pain and gout with avocado seed extract (macerated in alcohol for several days) and cover with a flannel cloth. Consult with your physician before trying any natural healing treatment.

$Palm Springs..$ are you really getting a therapeutic skin treatment?

(Enlarge above) The Haas on the lower right is the ‘genetic’ version (it is a natural hybrid).  Note how it differs from the little ones found in the commercial markets today.  All those seen on this chart are hybrids, but ones that are done with horiculture care and not insufficient as the ultra-hybrids are today.  The seeds are large and germinate.. they will produce fruit from a mature tree.

Your knowledge base and use of logic will help when getting the natural prescription treatments that are expensive.  Always ask to see the food you’ll be bathed in.  Ask to have only real genetic fruits and vegetables when used as skin treatments.  I’ve described the lack of Vitamin E in genetically altered avocados, but if you’re getting the cucumber treatment where slices are placed over the eyes, you’ll want real ones.  Why?

Cool as a cucumber

Cucumbers are loaded with the mineral silicon which is considered a beauty mineral.  If you’re getting crapola, well you’re wasting the time.  You can tell the hybrid or GMO version from a real cucumber by the coolness factor.  The cooling effect brings down the swelling around the eyes.  You’ve heard the phrase “cool as a cucumber”, right?  Silicon is used in the manufacturing of circuit boards because it acts as a heat sink so that components don’t fry.  Silicon is inexpensive also.  If you place a thermometer into the center, the reading is as much as 20 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature outside.  Lots of silicon in cucumbers.  This is the non scientific way to get a very accurate assessment as to how much silicon is in the cucumber to determine if it’s modified, getting a lack of the mineral in the commercial soils, or other.  If the slices warm to body temperature on your face and not maintain the effect of being cool, you’ll know it lacks silicon.

The Doctrine of Signatures

The Doctrine of Signatures, also referred to as the Law of Similarities, asserts that an herb, botanical, food and even mineral ores are mimicked as body tissue.  Everything about the human being can be compared to these things.

The dietary fat from avocados benefit the function of the womb and cervix in females which if eaten once weekly, balances female hormones and help to shed birth weight. Incidentally, it takes exactly nine months to grow an avocado from blossom to its ripened state.

The fat from natural foods help stimulate the brown fat.  This activation of the brown fat causes the white adipose fat.. you know, the one we spend lots of effort and resources plus worry for.. to burn rapidly especially at night during your sleep.



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