Beyond Bread – Discrimination and lies caught on tape

Little did the Vice President of a local Tucson based restaurant know that I was recording a track for my documentary that will be posted by week’s end.  I was surprised at how clear my microphone picks up and didn’t think of it until just now as I’m setting up this article.  This person lied to me, wouldn’t prove himself when I questioned which customer complained of me when he stated customers complained and worst of all for Randie, the video capture clearly shows that I was located at the wi-fi lounge and that I was completely alone until he waltzed in.  I’ve warned the President, Shelby, as to this article if I’m taken seriously will reprimand his Vice and simply make this all go away.  I don’t want to fight it, but will for the reason I sniff out evil doers, the liers, those that deceive and those that are self-serving to themselves at the expense of the innocent.  Now, if I visit a friend at that location and the authorities called as warned to me on record with my accidental taping of the Vice President, it would be me who suffers at their whim.  Nobody likes to deal with the police and if we call them to deal with our frivolous issues, it’s not worth living in this country.

In this video taken today after I was sent away the first time, I asked Randie, the Vice President, to identify himself.  He refused to accurately say who he was and basically skirted the issue.  I said that I was recording him.  He said, “That’s fine”, up until I asked him to answer yes or no to discrimination against me.  He then changed his mind with a statement that seemed like it was based on a customer code of ethics I breached, or even an unclarified ordinance or even a law.  He said, “You can’t record at this time…”.  Okay, so this is really all I need once I get to my archives and dig out all the support video interviews and compile them into a revealing journey into the truthers against those who are irresponsible with their actions.


I chronicled the owners at one time who were upset with their flooring problem soon after they udated the appearance of their establishment in which they also created an internet use bar.  I approached their huddle and offered to show the locations in the store where the flooring had peeled that they were not aware of so that they don’t encounter accidental falls by customers, but the group looked at me as if it was my fault?  And, I had to walk away with the knowledge and understanding that anyone that tries to help is frowned upon regarding Beyond Bread higher ups.  While they treat their employees with dignity, respect, and with a free daily meal which is unheard of mostly in today’s world, it isn’t appropriate that the customer, even if there are times they visit but don’t order an item, is treated like I was today.  It appears that the employees treat me very differently now.  And that is unacceptable.

Look forward to the short documentary I’ll be making of a past incidence at this location plus today’s in which the truth about Randie will be revealed to the world.  Unless, of course, the President has a change of heart and vindicates me from this highly embarrassing experience.



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