Christina Taylor Green-Mad media hero makers sell us on shoddy memorials

Crosses across the streetcrop

Update: The Arizona Daily Star reporter, Carmen Duarte, puts out damage control on the Christina-Taylor Green story just 20 days after this article posting.

Crosses across the street2

Across the main intersection of Oracle and Ina of the Safeway shopping plaza are six crosses with the names of each person killed when Gabrielle Giffords was  shot in the head.  These are genuine memorials that were not considered important enough for permanent display.  A permanent memorial, however, was eventually placed at the entry doors to Safeway.  You won’t notice it, however.. it is an inconspicuous plaque that blends into the cold granite rock it’s glued to in which no names are recorded nor specific to who died and who survived.

(Click above to enlarge) Memorials that do mean something come from the heart.  Christina-Taylor Green was disrespected by becoming a national hero through sacrifice and remembered merely as a symbol of a fallen nation without any solution for her generation’s future.  The memory of her was disgraceful — a heap of junkyard metal.  Like Judge Roll, she actually represented a realistic direction for a disillusioned Z generation.  As John McCarthy Roll was to justice, this little girl was a potential servant; one to revitalize a nation.  Christina exemplified the desire to enrich through productivity. Perhaps she would have made a true president.  These altruistic mind sets are a disgusting threat to the New World Order.  They’re unflinching when it comes to knocking off children in their own pools of blood.

Deleting the 2nd amendment is the only way globalists can have dominion over US citizens and ultimately the earth

Media CTGMemorials were placed by well wishers from all over the world near the site of the Congress on Your Corner Massacre.  High level Federal officials were attacked by our very own government.  This was the beginning of an ongoing psy-ops plan to not only swindle you from your sovereign rights, but condition you to accept chemical grade brain degeneration compounds designed to manipulate US citizens deeper into submission.

Shooting Christina initiated an agenda for an ongoing psy-ops plan to swindle you from your sovereign rights.

The first child to symbolize the elite’s plan to create prisons out of schools has grown to several within the six year old range.  Since Christina Green was killed and up until the Sandy Hook massacre, there are dozens of youngsters lost at the hand of our federal government who play ignorant when it is obviously them playing shooting gallery with kids.

They expect you will be convinced enough to give your sovereignty away.  A preplanned script was created was simple – install the idea we all require them to care for our mental care and behavior while separating us from our 2nd amendment right.  They manufactured a ‘crazed drug induced’ youth who would easily acquire weaponry that would make exemplify the need to address the Constitution. In this way, a mental health program would be set up that would eventually, and diabolically, prevent everyone from obtaining any kind of protective armament.

The memorials in the form of crosses near the Safeway shopping center pictured above were removed after a brief stay.  Official memorials created from nothing and cost next to nothing in comparison to the revenue made from the shooting event is unparallelled. The Christina-Taylor Green Memorial Skate Park facility is a good example for this scheme.

The makeshift welding shop project pictured to the right is nothing more than a piece of sheet metal cut into the shape of a non nondescript ‘angel’ next to scraps of metal welded to an I-beam without any reference to what they are.  It is not a sculpted piece at all.  A sculpture is a 3-dimensional representation of something, not 2-D.  The mangled I-beam could not possibly originate from the site of 2001’s twin tower disaster because it could be analyzed to reveal anti-matter or nanothermite particles, or other.

CTG angel2.jpgTuesday the 8th, 2013 marks the landmark media scripting campaign designed to program you to give up your 2nd amendment rights.  Former congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, was sacrificed in a media driven federally executed operation which took the life of young girl under the age of ten.  This youngster was hastily memorialized using junk and scrap metal after being hailed an American hero of the 9/11 saga that took place ten years prior.  Your sovereign rights are at great risk in a war campaign the global elitists can only win through mental health pharmaceuticals helping them to disarm Americans.

“That this angel would be made from the remnants of the 9/11 attacks makes this tribute especially touching,” the family said in a prepared statement. “Christina-Taylor wanted to be a symbol of hope for those touched by our nation’s great tragedy on 9/11, the day she was born.” – a prepared statement not by the parents.  Otherwise, it would have stated prepared by the parents themselves.  John and Roxanna Green know this bus stop and its angels intimately.  All of Tucson knows of it for it cannot be missed at the special location it is.  Why wouldn’t they want, or sculptor, Lei Hennessy-Owen, a cast bronze statue for their daughter?

IbeamtxtThey laugh when you do not even understand what is being done.. right in front of our eyes is a Bus shelter that could be considered a museum piece and a heroes memorial that isn’t even worth $100.00 dollars.  It is the protocol they chose to defeat America with ease.  To do it, they kill 1st graders and the latest and most appalling occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Connecticut.

When accomplished, they will have validated to you that George W. Bush’s comment, “The Constitution is nothing but a goddamned piece of paper” is acceptable when he should have been impeached before even finishing that sentence during his reign of power.

(Click to enlarge below)

Where was Christina-Taylor’s mommy during the Rose Parade?

CTC angel compared to a bus stop

Tucson Bus shelter with angels7atextIt was announced that Roxanna Green was to ride upon the Donate A Life Rose Bowl Parade float.  The theme included the image of Roxanna’s daughter, Christina-Taylor, but never did ride the float during the procession.  I called Donate A Life to ask for verification and did not receive a follow up courtesy call, email, or any indication that photos were taken.  The news never made this correction.  Meanwhile, Roxanna was present for all events that drew revenue and photo opportunities for her enterprise using her daughter as the selling point and attraction.

donate a life floatRoxanna Green was selected to be the Sponsor of a Littoral Class shallow water surveillance battleship named after Gabrielle Giffords.  Green took advantage of photo opportunities where she would benefit financially for generating revenue or for advancement within the military complex.  If the event had to do with the fallen child, Christina-Taylor, the parents, primarily Roxanna, elected not to show if the venue did not help her advance an agenda.

USSGabrielle Giffords-Roxanna GreentxtWhy did the 9/11 mother not show up for a parade?  Why did the news announce she would appear, but say nothing when there was a no-show?  the Donate a Life Foundation did not provide an answer as to why this happened.

Roxanna generates cash using her deceased daughter’s fame.  If there is a photo op or money to be made, she makes herself available.

911 flag profile viewcrop

shadow and the flag getty

The massacre at the Safeway shopping center in which a federal judge and a US congresswoman were shot was an epic event.  The memorial that was placed for all of the victims was a grain of sand in comparison.  A rock with a plaque in front of the store is what is left of the the neo 9/11.

safeway plaquetext

What is the meaning of “Together We Thrive”?  Is it supposed to mean that we are to thrive despite being mowed down by government operatives conducting the business of psychological warfare against humanity?  Two years back this was difficult for many to understand, but as we accumulate more and more of the same cookie cutter shooting gallery events, it becomes more clear that we are being conditioned to accept it as the norm and simply “thrive”.  Each one of us could have come up with a better slogan more meaningful that the Obama administration’s think tank.  The truth is, T-shirts representing a mas murder is complete lunacy and I’d like to blame this on the president’s wife who should have shaken him into reality.  Oh, wait.. it wasn’t their decision at all.. it is all mission controlled and the shots called off shore!

CTG memorial at McKaletext

together we thrive on seatsThe Executive branch on the spur of a moment ordered 20,000 “Together We Thrive” printed shirts for first come first served arrivals at McKale Basketball stadium at the University of Arizona in time for Barack Obama’s arrival and speech.  It was speculated that the shirts were printed before the 8th which would have exposed the administration for being responsible for the massacre.   Print shops around the country were questioned as to whether this could have been possible.  The consensus was that it was highly unlikely.

together we thrive assembly line3

together we thrive assembly lineThe supplier of the shirt ‘blanks’ out of California were first alerted.  They coordinated their distribution warehouse with the print shop in an effort to fulfill the obligations of the presidential office and were successful.

(Below) Gabe Zimmerman memorial in the middle of nowhere.
gabe zimmerman Davidson Canyon Trailheadtxt

The problem is, all the money that went into advertising something other than the incident that happened, Christina-Taylor Green is still remembered as a hunk of junk in the middle of a grassy knoll.  How many thousands of dollars did it take to get these shirts expedited and delivered?


(Below) Diane Sawyer-“The Giffords with a big announcement..” The goal of this interview is to insure that Americans are comfortable with relinquishing their only hope for a sovereign life.

The Giffords script was a two part agenda.. “Yield your right to bear arms” was one

2nd Amendment separation anxiety – We’re all suffering from it


gun-crushtxtMark Kelly is spearheading the Tucson psy-ops program under the guise of a congressional lobby group, “Americans for responsible solutions”.  It is a media tactic incorporating stage acting; the gentle soothing and most of all likeable persona, victim at his side (America’s favorite survivor), with such effective delivery that the agenda will be continually executed.

Their aim is to dismantle the existing gun lobbyists.

It is the effort to drive Americans insanely confused turning them against their only defense against Kelly’s (front man) fraternal ‘Order’ of alignment.

Mind control is extremely effective

la gun buy backtxtAstronauts are degreed Freemasons.  Mark plays the sweet devoted all-American nice guy while Gabby clobbers the sheeple with a powerfully deceptive confirmation laying the foundation that reinforces Kelly’s message.

In some cases, the logic centers of the brain (left hemisphere) is destroyed (lobotomy) to insure the progress of a war waged using social media psy-ops is convincing from the same person who was against it.  How many killings took place similar to hers for decades prior.  Why did Gabby change her mind?  Oh, she didn’t.. there isn’t that part left to cause change!  They easily reprogrammed her right hemisphere to override her original stance on the 2nd amendment right.  Ingenious.

Isn’t it interesting that they reversed her mind, what was left of it

Thou shall not kill unless federally employedGiffords is now completely against the 2nd amendment right to bear arms.  That means her left hemisphere logic center is absent.  The man who supported her is dead.  Judge Roll and Gabby were on the side of the American citizen.  She has defected to the dark side.. Kelly is the handler.

The “Big Announcement in the wake of the shooting in Newtown Connecticut” as stated by Diane Sawyer on ABC World News promotes the perpetual script that began with the “Congress on Your Corner Massacre” exactly 2 years ago today.. 1-8-11 to 1-8-13.


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