After Earth Is The Boy Scouts Version of HUNGER GAMES


You tell me that this child was not selected for a purpose… Let’s look at “Hugo”

There is a plentiful list of shared themes across the entertainment ‘board’.  Because the Hitler Youth Movement is alive and well today, it is no wonder that Hugo’s hair style directly emulates the appearance of Adolf Hitler.  The New World Order paradigm of ‘tells’ include the necessary visual associations with leaders.  In Hugo, it is Hitler and in After Earth, it is Barack Hussein Obama.

Hugo is the astonishing adventure of a wily and resourceful boy whose quest to unlock a secret left to him by his father will transform Hugo and all those around him, and reveal a safe and loving place he can call home.”  –  Paramount  “Hugo is the Neo-Nazi resurgence in total disguise.  It has CPS, DHS, FEMA, NASA, and mind control themes woven throughout.


Ghosting, or cloaking for invisibility to the enemy, is a common theme with the secret societies.  In reverse, they ghost themselves within our society so that we cannot ‘smell’ them as is demonstrated in the film After Earth.  The terrorist in this movie represents mankind in which Kitai plays the role of the Power Elite who kills humans.  Kitai

The film AFTER EARTH is the Nazi youth program in action targeting the adolescent male yearning for purpose and a cause.  In this film, a young boy looks to appease the acceptance  a supersoldier father and become one himself.  To most, this appears to be a family affair riveted in a past drama regarding an aggressive alien tragic accident perpetrated upon an innocent family member, but the truth is, the theme happens to be the spawn of instruction for super soldiers who do the bidding of their superiors and do anything to fulfill their purpose.  They do this regardless of pain, suffering, and at the cost of their own lives.  This is how a supersoldier is created.  He/she is one who emulates the actions of a programmed robot geared for duty beyond call based on given traits.. the loss of fear “GHOSTING” being one of them.

In the film Hunger Games  Katnis is the female Super Soldier role.  This franchise will be introducing the concept of “Bread and Circuses” which defined the killing amphitheaters of the Roman Empire.  She too is depicted as one with super human sensitivity, intuition, and a bit of clairvoyance, or remote viewing, to be exact.  

This character, a monster, is actually the representation of the reptilian Illuminati in it’s fictitious state.  In reality, they are as weak as a wet kitten.  This is why in truth, and they show it as fact in a fictional story, that a 13 year old can execute something 20 feet tall (a Goliath) “just because of an ability to lack fear”.  Well, look at us.. completely riddled with decades of fear that isn’t even existent.  They taught us to realize what really isn’t there.

URSA is USAKitai Raige is the the son of movie ‘King’, Will Smith, who has graced us with the Hollywood “tell” films showing us what is really before us, in store for us, and the preparation for an alien driven automated society.  Raige?  Kitai?  The rage of the sword?  The enemy happens to be you and me.

The collective few want you and I to rage against ourselves killing for food and water on a planet destitute because of a planned destruction.  Our children are given exotic weapons that are effective at killing humans.  Swords.  Why in a thousand years are swords instead of EMP, scalar weapons, toxins, and all the things we have today completely non existent in this movie?  Well, it’s because we’re being ‘taught’ how to kill in contemporary effective ways.. by the sword.  Only in this movie are we shown it is effective against an evil alien that is reptilian by design.

MILAB Military Abduction

click the image below to view the supersoldier summit case

The video to the right is also found on this article page Flushing out cointelpro agents, Douglas Dietrich & Handlers


Kitais inhaler drugsMichael Prince (James Casbolt) states under hypnotherapy that drugs – synthetic versions of scopolamine – were provided to him in order to cope with a mission in a trans-like state during a MILAB incident on May 18, 2013.  He says that David Lory VanDerBeek who is running for governor in Nevada gave it to him.

Kitai taking drugs for the mission

A supersoldier is one who has clairvoyance.  A supersoldier is one who can communicate using thought without technology.  A supersoldier talking to a son who is being conditioned to be one is simply that.. a supersoldier in training.

Below:  An eagle representing the PHOENIX defends Kitai from savage beasts and pulls him to a warm spot keeping him from freezing to death during the night.  Why the bird dies nobody knows.. doesn’t makes sense.  In the morning, Kitai finds the Phoenix deceased symbolizing death to the sovereign nations of the world that sport the bird on its flag, art, political constructs, etc.


Kitai and Phoenix 1“Take a knee, boy”.  We are shown that it’s important to kneel before the leader.  These are times where Kitai is trained to use mental telepathy either receiving or broadcasting messages to his super soldier superior.  These are times when the boy has just taken an inhaler.  Hard discipline, military order and obedience, this is an audiences training for being one who will die for the father figure sergeant, or the president himself if indeed becomes a dictator after an eight year term.



Super Soldier Drugs

Drugs in the form of an inhaler has it’s purpose in modern Super Soldier methods of mind control in this film most likely serves it’s purpose for putting the youth into a trance so as to obey orders and ‘kill’ without fear.  In the film Cowboys and Aliens, the lead role had been a “Ranger”.

“Take a knee, boy”

I don’t know about you, but I clearly see the form of a fallen cross.  In the background, I see what looks like a Pyramid.  Is this why Kitai must climb it in order to send the signaling beacon in which it is speculated that the design of the great Pyramids in Egypt’ were to perform?

Barack “Barry Soetoro” Obama?

Obama in the bubble PegasusBarack Obama has been accused of being genetically cloned from an Egyptian Pharaoh.  He is a direct model of appearance and casting for the character Kitai Raige.  Don’t argue.. it’s what they’re doing.  How this fits in, of course, is what Andrew Basiago declares to be true about a young Barry Soetoro (Obama) and Project Pegasus in which Andrew describes the time travel portal as a “Bubble”.  Here, we see a young Barry in a half sphere as a commemoration of his service with DARPA.

Terminator bubble

eye of Horus Georges

Where’s the bionic leg for the guy 1000 years into the future..? Why roll around on a perch with casters?  The movie After Earth is loaded with symbols with each scene.  To the left we note a flash ‘scare’ by Kitai’s deceased sister who he frequently has a communication with.  There is a particular interest with the design of the frame.. this is the all seeing EYE OF HORUS.




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