SPECTRE’s occult theme is Alien based

daniel craig vista

James Bond’s new installment is an obvious salute to the NSA which is actually the NWO central intelligence agenda.  However, what is hidden are three important thematic clues that point a strange finger at an Alien Agenda.  The octopus etched into the ring doesn’t show it, but the after market products do – an alien head and its alien eyes.  This is seen across several films including Disney’s PLANES.  Juxtaposed is the human skull face masks adorned by Bond and those observing the day of the dead ritual in Mexico City.  A big difference showing who is actually going to kill who.  An observatory setting is observed in the intelligence hub in the middle of a Moroccan no-mans land and finally, an element that has zero to do with the film plot – a meteorite. Unless, of course, one thinks in terms of global mass extinction.

spectre DustyTypically in Bond films, the adversary shows James bond how James will meet his fateful end.  James is usually strapped down for this event.  But, his gadget seems to be at hand and uses it to redirect the awful death against the villain, alien eyesBlofeld. But here in the 24th installment of the franchise there is a very big shift in protocol.  Once we see the meteorite that created the villains outpost isn’t to be useful at all… it’s thematic purpose is masked.    It’s representative impact is only applicable when considering this is really a movie about Project Bluebeam – the faked alien invasion.  Most movies made today show the destruction of buildings and cities, large engineering structures such as in SAN ANDREAS and recently projected on the Cayan Building opened in 2013 in Dubai, Saudi Arabia.  In this film there is no lack of destroyed buildings.  But, it is a reflection of meteors devastating our infrastructure in disguise as being a scheduled engineered demolition.  What is in store for us with a film coming out in 2016′s IRON SKY?  Last time it was a new WWIII meteor shower led by the Fourth Reich based on the moon.

spectre symbol is alien ringAn observatory complex in addition to a global intelligence hub in a crater? Why did the Blofeld show James Bond a lethal meteor without using it somehow to kill him?  Most Bond films use esoteric methods in torturous ways and this would have lead to a unique form of death, but instead in SPECTRE resort to a robot drilling into the skull technique.  Previous James Bond movies always had scenes in which the diabolic use of some arcane method ends up ending the villain’s life to the appeal of the audience.  In Spectre, neither the bond girl nor does the the evil villain die.  That’s because, Blofeld represented the all seeing eye of Horus which never did!  His character was George Orwell’s whole intended message!  Big Brother is Alien.

blofeld's eyeIn summary, SPECTRE indicates that the the first scene in which James Bond partakes in the dress of the Day of the Dead among the parade participants is indicative of the end game played out by the NWO’s desire to destroy humanity. In this film, they show us what their weapon will be – a meteorite.  This global mass extinction theme is embedded in several films including IRON SKY I in which the Fourth Reich based on the moon haul big boulders into the earth’s atmosphere “Weapons of Mass Destruction”.  What, not who, is actually behind this?

crator data center Spectre txt

The Vatican mans Mount Graham Observatory with their astronomical associates, Jesuit priests, in their ongoing tracking of Nibiru and its entourage of debris.  If I have this correct, the several types of observatories featured in the film SPECTRE show us their different types of observational practices above and beyond observing our every move on earth.




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