Lost continent hidden in plain sight

A mysterious majestic city

Companion article: Proof that pyramids exist in the Grand Canyon

lots of pyramids lensThe Kaibab Plateau located in central Northern Arizona showcases a mysterious majestic city epic in size and proportion. While this city is officially referred to as a series of natural “Grand Canyon Monuments”, they are in fact precisely arranged pyramids towers and temples aligned to both the star and nebula pattern of ORION “The Hunter” and Pleiades constellations.

This appears to be a great city of a “lost” continent hidden in plain sight. There is neither folklore nor definition of it, although, Egyptian and Asian artifacts have been found. Some of which swiped under the guidance of the Smithsonian Institute. If giant Nephilim skeletons were recovered, only the inner circles of the secret societies would know. The city is veiled in secrecy using deceptive language and tactics as a device for keeping the general population from understanding what the “Monuments of the Grand Canyon” truly are.


The topographical map of the National Park shows the high elevations of the monuments named after Egyptian and Asian Gods, etc. G.E. Kincaid and the Smithsonian Institute said that what was underground and within the canyon walls were an ancient habitat, however, the astonishing correlation of stars of two constellations are undeniable.
Monuments align Orion and Pleiades
We view these features called monuments as if they were organically and arbitrarily crafted by a stream of water. A tempestuous Colorado River, our text books claim, carved the famous Isis Temple, Tower of Ra, Buddha Temple and Cloister including many more as if millions of years were taken to achieve. The theory that natural water erosion sculpted the Grand Canyon simply cannot be accurate.


A water sculpted canyon. Now that’s a ‘wonder’


The Monuments embedded within this great chasm is now confirmed to be a set of pyramids and structures defining a city of such enormous expanse that it very well could have been the metropolis of a lost continent populated with an antediluvian civilization. The antediluvian period begins with the Creation according to Genesis and ends with the destruction of all life on the earth except those saved with Noah in the Ark, and possibly disguised by the knowledge of the secret societies. This city is a remnant of an ancient continent. It remains a mystery, however, the notion that it may even be the infamous and highly sought after lost continent of Atlantis is certainly plausible, it most likely is a companion pyramid array not unlike what would be found at the 19th leyline node, Atlantis, or the first node where the great pyramid Khufu stands exactly in the center of the earth plane.

The hypothetical “Lost land” known as Lemuria might be considered by some, however, the legend and theories regarding Lemuria are more rooted in fictional hearsay than would lend more research for revival here with the identifying location as a reasonable manner the city within the canyon. The opposite may be true as further research takes place in which more may be revealed.


I’m very surprised Cayce never ‘channeled’ this mysterious city under scrutiny.. could it be his alien friends are the secret keepers of knowledge? I hate bringing it up because people revel in his abilities, but I have a feeling he was conned in many ways by the entities he communicated with passing it off to the people.

West Java, Indonesia perhaps

In the case of the sunken continent of Atlantis, it has always been thought of as an entire parcel of of land surrounded by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. World renowned cosmic channel, Edgar Cayce, verifies this although skeptics and others have postulated otherwise.

One professor, the late professor Arysio Nunes dos Santos, suggests Atlantis is in the location of the newly discovered pyramids found on West Java, Indonesia. Other volumes of published materials produce mostly conjecture, however, without an honest look at real evidence. They are valiant efforts.

The likely truth is that a world flood did occur covering much of the topography of the land and seas in which when had mostly receded, Atlantis remained submerged and not sunken at all.  Or, the waters that were added to the down pour of the waters from above creating the destructive force killing all life and devastating all constructs on the surface created a ‘sink hole’ effect in which the mythical place we call Atlantis did actually sink.


giza ailigned belt starsThere is proof now that pyramids do exist in the Southwest United States. They do reside under an ancient seabed which establishes that they are all coordinated and line up precisely with the major stars and nebulae of the constellation Orion “The Hunter”. The same has been established with the great pyramids of Giza in Egypt. The difference is that all of the stars and nebulae of Orion match with the canyon Monuments with clarity.

The Grand Canyon with all its pristine beauty is neither naturally formed or organic in nature. This unique area at the Kaibab Plateau is indeed a widespread chasm that could not have possibly been carved out by a tumultuous river which is narrow by comparison. A simple observation of the angularity about the Monuments shows that they are devoid of sweeping curves on the stones. This logically demonstrates that water did not spend enough time sculpting smooth forms .


(Above) Ava Leigh Stewart investigates negligence and secrecy surrounding the mystery of Isis Temple asking if it truly is a pyramid.


Is the historic record genuine?

If geologists, archaeologists, scientists of all areas agree that the mighty Colorado River in it’s strange but rather small in scale and configuration could form this canyon, then perhaps our geological historians are accurate. I agree that a river or series of them did cut vast areas of earth from the South to North rim and then on over to Nevada and down. I’ll buy the argument that simply because these are ancient structures built of hardened earth and that the soft was swept away over millions of years and so on has to be that simply because I’m showing proof these are aligned to stars. I would have to also think that if we washed away all of the soft earth over the entire continent that we’d find the whole of our astrological system in the form of intelligently crafted pointed buildings. After all, what else other than a globe besieged by water could bury so many archaeological finds throughout the world? I do not believe that over time earthly renovations due to tropical storms, even hurricanes, tsunamis, and volcanic activity could have buried modern in ancient times cities.

There is evidence that mighty pointed formations are found in other canyons. And, they are also stepped and blocked. Blocks are angled at 90 degrees and these angles are seen in the Grand Canyon almost every yard of the way. This means that rivers did etch away doing its beautiful carving of the Great Deluge sediment from the original engineering constructs.

If this is absurd, then there’s room to suggest that there may have been an alien intentioned agenda at large. Perhaps there were massive ore harvesting projects aimed at stealing enormous caches of treasure, in particular, GOLD. A mining project as large as Massachusetts perhaps.


An Alien archaeological dig

atlantisheaderIf the historical record is wrong that a river the width of the Colorado River could have snaked its way completely and everywhere around these monumental features, then there must be an explanation as to how this massive ditch be created. The river could have been wider or several as opposed to the single one we know today, however, if there is an explanation, it would have to be alien inspired.

This great gorge may actually be an ancient geoforming project on the largest of scales known on planet Earth. The intent, obviously Alien, was to remove the softer ancient seabed sediment and earth that had engulfed the city. This occurred most likely during the flooding of the planet as told in Biblical terms regarding Noah and the story of the Ark.

This city then became an unearthed treasure trove find by off-world interests. Perhaps those who competed, or even battled against the Anunnaki of Nibiru (Planet X). Their goal perhaps for conquest over the megalithic cache of gold – primarily – that to a person living today be incomprehensibly vast. For you see, the Monuments of the Grand Canyon may have been completely covered – layered – in gold. The temples were filled as well as ordained with silver, gold and platinum. Aluminum was also a valuable metal. This city could very well have had the appearance of a scaled up, way up, version of the most ornate crown of jewelry.


Why was this alien archaeological dig conducted?

A scene In the 2011 film Cowboys and Aliens in which an alien spaceship arrives in Arizona in 1873 to mine for gold, a unique technology was used. The scene to the right depicts a unique liquid streaming of gold as it rises as if drippings along a string up from the depth of the canyon into the alien ship.

cowboys and aliens gold extractionTo plunder and harvest gold of coarse. A project of this size had to have been to liberate the treasure from a whole city the size of, well, the Grand Canyon. Alien ‘Pirates’! Once the city was revealed, some incredible technology had to have been implemented to strip the precious metals from the massive Monuments. Perhaps a complex smelting process was used. The gold then off-loaded to other locations on Earth or off-world. Hollywood, as always, gives us a “tell” in a alien related film in which an unusual method is shown how an alien intelligence extracts gold from the earth. This is relevant for the reason it is taking place in Arizona, the location of the mining, or excavation, is in a canyon, and that it is being conducted by aliens. Furthermore, a war is taking place all because of gold.


Some precious metals negligible

Orion overlay monuments Grand Canyon half size

There is a question as to how and why there is more gold in California, Arizona, Colorado, and Mexico. In other words, areas surrounding the Grand Canyon. It could have been that the use of so much water, possibly the result of the melting of polar ice during one of the ‘ending of an ice age’ (our last one?) in order to hose down the Kaibab Plateau; that the overflow with the surge of residual mineral debris flowed as a widely spread film of water dispersed over vast areas. A prospectors delight and an explanation for the California gold rush heyday.



Who knows, maybe I did find the real Atlantis or Lemuria. To me, I wouldn’t care if it was me to do it since I’m disgusted more having been lied to by the powers that be. I’d rather expose them for the atrocities regarding education than anything else. People publish books on where they think these lost continents are. Fine, but not my gig. I prove my theories when provable no longer calling them theories or of the conspiratorial variety. I say when I’m just thinking thoughts ‘theorizing’. Eventually the right thing comes along.

I felt it prudent not to claim that “The lost continent of Atlantis and its major hub” has finally been identified for the reason it is more important to understand history has been undeniably changed.. it is more prolific. It means geologists have been denied the truth.  It means also that the whole of the sciences is entirely disingenuously wrong.  Ultimately, it means that like the Giza Plateau is not unlike this lost continent area we learned is a Grand Canyon may be be officially re-titled, “The Great Pyramids of Kaibab”.  I don’t believe anyone outside the secret societies had ever contemplated an examination of the Monuments of the Grand Canyon which means there’s a bigger secret and perhaps that is that an undocumented “lost continent or city” has finally been revealed for research. I invite all to take a good look at this and really press on the Smithsonian Institute to disclose the truth. They must know for they are responsible for secretly taking artifacts from the area and all that business.

I theorized some thought provoking ideas not meant to be taken literally. Nothing has yet been proven other than the so-called Monuments of the Grand Canyon absolutely match Orion’s star patterns. This means it is no longer a theory that an incredible city existed. Incidentally, that big gully isn’t the only one. We had toyed with the fantasy of two major lost continents, Atlantis and Lemuria, in a tunnel visioned view of our world before the great flood, but a reality seems to be that the entire skin of this planet was populated with pyramid cities. Orion isn’t the only constellation either that one could line ’em all up with – the whole sky; both northern and southern hemispheres.



  1. Okay then, show that proof. Show the document, the author and researcher, and so forth so that the two of us can discern as to the credibility of this absolution:)

  2. Jim Fox said:

    “The absolute fact that this Earth has been turned over in just the last 3.500 years, in antiquity, is a proven fact.”

  3. realnuz said:

    Yes. I met Samir Osmanagic for the first time on the 6th of Dec, 2015, and was delighted to finally understand why I have been suppressed by David Childress, Robert Schoch, Graham Hancock and several others. It turns out they all rejected Samir as well. It means that the two of us share civilization ‘finds’ that are significant if it is understood that the Bosnian Pyramids are genuine, that the Grand Canyon formation theory is as well. Of interesting note, Google Earth has ‘scrubbed’ all the monument names and markers people have thumb-tacked or denoted previously. Unless I ventured there in the middle of ‘road work’, I assume they’re in the process of deleting information in a national park. How d’ya like that?

  4. A curious mind said:

    Have you found out anything new?

  5. realnuz said:

    Alex Backman, a close friend of his, brought him into a three-way conversation so that I could introduce myself. Basically, they spoke Spanish for 20 minutes leaving me out thinking I didn’t know the language. I speak conversational Spanish, but didn’t comment.. I think Alex wasn’t thinking because he knew I grew up on the Mexican border on the Arizona side of the twin cities, Nogales. Jon asked me one question, but interrupted as I began explaining my research, case, and proposal to stop it. He didn’t let me finish and I just hung up. I knew then that he was a soap box born again preacher with no solutions except to promote his Bible Savvy.

    I wrote Alex back reading the riot act citing that Jon was as arrogant and selfish as they come. I continued my research until I found all the clues needed to prove his theory is correct. The problem is two fold. They may not destroy the dam for the reason the weather mod program was successful and that there is no water anyway and that Las Vagas is tapping into Lake Mead big time sucking out as much as they can while expanding the strip without care, unless they make it snow heavily for a decade as it was once in the Rockies. The other is that they will and there’s little time to make this theory presented as fact to US citizens. Jonathan is all about doing the Alex Jones sensationalism/fear based revenue generating jig by throwing in the towel saying the destruction of Hoover dam is irreversible when I say it’s not over yet. So long as people like you help me exploit the secret society’s suspected plan. We see it in film in particular Hunger Games. Key word search for my articles and videos on that! Lee

  6. Dennis said:

    Jonathan has never responded to you or you and he had a falling out? Can you elaborate? Just curious.

  7. realnuz said:

    Jonathan won’t talk to me ever since the beginning. I took off on a two year investigation where he left off at the basics such as the folding of the 50.00, Madonna at halftime Superbowl, and the sculpture symbolism by Hansen. You’re more than welcome to write Lnbracker@hushmail.com I’ll be hosting a radio program through Revolution Radio by January 2015 and be on once a week. I call in a lot just to do round tables. Lots of fun. You can reach millions of people just by calling in.

  8. Dennis said:

    Jonathan Kleck has done a number of videos that are very interesting. In them, he breaks down a number of artistic works both ancient and modern that reveal hidden messages. Jonathan’s investigation into the Nefertiti & Akhenaten hieroglyph is multifaceted and in depth. This video addresses the Hoover Dam.

    I will look into the new Hunger Games movie. All this can be overwhelming at times, but very intriguing and revealing. Thanks.

  9. realnuz said:

    email when you find it. Watch Hunger Games that just came out in November 2014. They blow up a dam. Since the capitol of Panem is in the Colorado Rockies, and the 12th district is deep underground, the clue is there that the capitol of Panem is referencing the DUMB under the Denver Airport and that the dam that’s breeched is Hoover although it doesn’t look anything like it. The Colorado river is definitely associated with Hoover. I also noted that the thumb to pinkie hand solute went from the Hitler straight arm towards a leader position back to the Girl/Boyscout broken at the elbow solute. Why? Who knows, but maybe my analysis had impact which caused a problem with their neo Nazi disclosure for the more important reason, the previous films showed how energy using that original Hunger Games salute is given to those being saluted. Go figure.

  10. Dennis said:

    There was a video I watched years ago that went through hidden messages in the famous Nefertiti hieroglyph where she is seated with children all having elongated heads. The video was very low budget of 2 guys deciphering overplayed images. It was quite interesting and they made a link to the Hoover Dam too. I can’t seem to locate it but was wondering if you were aware.

  11. Reblogged this on Revolt of the Barbarians and commented:
    From the article: There is proof now that pyramids do exist in the Southwest United States. They do reside under an ancient seabed which establishes that they are all coordinated and line up precisely with the major stars and nebulae of the constellation Orion “The Hunter”. The same has been established with the great pyramids of Giza in Egypt. The difference is that all of the stars and nebulae of Orion match with the canyon Monuments with clarity.

  12. melissa koski said:


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