I am not George Gurdjieff

This is about my experience; the author of Dismantle The Beam Project

I have a friend who demanded for years that I follow some guy named George Gurdjieff.  I don’t subscribe to anyone’s philosophy not now nor ever.  I don’t follow anyone, but I do look at their points of view.

George Gurdjieff pictured above is someone else of another time who felt the same way as I, but the difference is, I don’t showboat and I don’t like groupies.  People must be their own persons and not coagulate to talk about one person’s theories of life.

(Wiki) George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, January 13, 1866 – October 29, 1949, was an influential spiritual teacher of the early to mid-20th century who taught that the vast majority of humanity lives their entire lives in a state of hypnotic “waking sleep,” but that it was possible to transcend to a higher state of consciousness and achieve full human potential. Gurdjieff developed a method for doing so, calling his discipline “The Work” (connoting “work on oneself”) or “the Method.”  According to his principles and instructions, Gurdjieff’s method for awakening one’s consciousness is different from that of the fakir, monk or yogi, so his discipline is also called (originally) the “Fourth Way.” At one point he described his teaching as being “esoteric Christianity.” At different times in his life, Gurdjieff formed and closed various schools around the world to teach the work. He claimed that the teachings he brought to the West from his own experiences and early travels expressed the truth found in ancient religions and wisdom teachings relating to self-awareness in people’s daily lives and humanity’s place in the universe. The title of his third series of writings, Life Is Real Only Then, When ‘I Am’, expresses the essence of his teachings. His complete series of books is entitled All and Everything.

Why compare with or learn Gurdjieff’s philosophy?

Biblical Note:  If you don’t agree or have not been introduced to Michael Tellinger’s work reverse engineering the Bible and his opinion of man’s origins, then it’s useless to argue, defend, or analyze the Bible with me.  As they say “agree to disagree” and all that, fine, but I won’t submit to agreeing to disagree for it’s a burden of time.  Read it first, and then I’ll entertain another point of view.  There are millions and millions eager to listen to the standard analysis.  I’ll send them to you if you’d like.. but, leave me to do my “The Work The Other Way” please:)

Believe me, I didn’t want to.  But, because a friend of mine is trying to get me to understand his philosophy by encouraging me to (keeps insisting) reading his volumes of words in his books.  This has been going on for a year.  I’ve tried, but can’t get even five pages read without looking for something else to do.  I do question myself as to ‘why?’ even though every double helix DNA strand in every cell in my body knows why.  It’s not that I don’t want to.. it seems there’s an invisible hindrance that had to be flushed out.  I want to learn everything I possibly can and sometimes these things happen.  And, it upset my friend that I argued and excuse out of doing this to appease him.  Yet, I was intrigued with why I felt this way enough so I had to investigate myself.  While I wanted to find the differences between he and I, I also found that we’re much the same.  For one, we’re both committed to “The Work”.

I’m glad I did what I did.. I reconfirmed what I feel as to who I am

This happened when I tried to read the Bible at everyone’s direction ‘To understand God young man’ and all that.  There, I couldn’t even get through two verses without squeezing my eyelids in aggravation for not getting it.  Now it’s very different. I can turn to any page of that book and decode word for word and concept for concept exactly what it is without any restrictions.  I do it on the fly and with ease.  I don’t announce what I know to people because you know what happens in social settings, but I know exactly what it is, what it’s actual intentions are, how it’s being used by virtue in the reason it was created to be used for ulterior motives, who actually contrived it and on and on.  I currently have the fundamentals for decoding anything and yearn to teach it to anyone who cares.  I feel fortunate that I’ve been afforded the basic foundation are keys to all of it.  What I don’t know, I eventually will.  I should be put away for the reason I may the most dangerous person on earth to the secret society vaults of knowledge.  I don’t like it because it involves looking behind to see who is there, but that’s what I’m supposed to do I guess.

Also, because I’m not Gurdjieff nor want to be a minion in a cult following.  I don’t feel comfortable when viewing his photographs of himself – just don’t feel good vibes!  Naomi explains that he’s stressed in every picture.. that explains it too.  I don’t look like him although our profiles are very similar but fortunately with some ‘thank you Lord differences’.  I don’t want to sit around coffee tables ‘getting straight’ on how to wake up or trying to interpret what he said or did.  I already know from the first five pages plus those I skimmed over, and the wikipedia excerpt.   I’m driven by an unusual and very eclectic modality that helps me to think problems through to the answers.  It’s work though and all I do is think all day long.  It took all of twenty minutes ‘learn Gurdjieff’.  The first person I asked was my ‘know it all friend’, John, (because that’s all he does is read in the library) who Gurdjieff was and got the whole story in three minutes.  While he talked, I looked at that first Wiki paragraph description of Gurdjieff in which he, from memory it seemed, was reciting almost word for word.    Hmmmm, I wonder how these people do it!

“As I sat there on the curb with just my belongings that I could carry on foot, and one rolling paper left in my bag of Top, I wondered if any of the friends involved in the Loughner investigation who offered to help, but didn’t, even after I helped them find “cover” during the investigation, would care that I’d become homeless.. even come to my rescue a little..  I knew that I was witnessing denial among people claiming they weren’t bathing in it.  How did I get to that moment of destitution?  It is because I give chance after chance, the benefit of the doubt to friends, and put up with bad renters going on trust while believing in them before my needs were met.  I’ll never learn that lesson.” – Excerpt from “Sacrifice of a Congresswoman”

It’s not that my friend would like me to be Gurdieff, no.. it’s to learn something he feels I’m lacking something of essential value to raise me up a notch.  I knew better.. I know from doing this piece that it would be a digression and was right had I not learned the subject in question’s profile.

I felt that the best way to know his work is by having him assessed by someone from the scientific world in a sort of blind study.. not the fake science from Rockefeller influence, but of a real science whereby I can get a sense of the embodiment of his life’s work, his intent, and if I would relate to him.   You can’t always know someone by their work, but when you live with them you certainly know them better than they do.. that’s for sure.  This guy is long gone, but after learning about him the way nobody has ever done nor will, I can say that I know him compared to the same analysis conducted on me.  I found out that I live with him everyday.

But I won’t let my friend down

I couldn’t just look the other way.  He feels as though his voice is important and wants to share his ideas and opinions with me.  I have difficulty establishing my boundaries.  It happens through shear instinct and it scares even me.  I want to be able to easily entertain everyone’s ideas and usually do, but in the case of me identifying with my friends philosophic ‘inspiring mind’ I couldn’t quite place my finger on how to bring him to an understanding.  I couldn’t know until I did “The Work”.


Something about me

My methodology is important for what I do

This blog is primarily an exercise for me in which I learn as I make my points.  It also shows the reader how my mind works its methodology in solving puzzles, mysteries, or questions I’m confronted with. I think I achieved quite a bit thanks to my friend’s urgency I learn Gurdjieff’s “Work”.

School of interesting knocks

She was extremely exhausted.  They had tailed the investigator constantly using three vehicles — dallasgoldbug turned out to be a counter.  She didn’t know Tucson well enough, but knew how to get to my place and I waited, patiently,but scared and I was pissed off at Joyce Riley for not doing a fucking thing as allegedly promised.  I accepted the breach of cover and took over where Riley failed in which I would for certain now be revealed to the feds.  It was now my responsibility to do my part making sure she not  be intercepted.  She hadn’t slept in days and the cointelpro agent we thought was legit really spooked the hell out of us.  Me more so because I gave him what I shouldn’t.. the key to who the other shooters at the “Congress on Your Corner Massacre” may have been.   Chiarini would then be prepared to ‘damage control’ the Gabrielle Giffords “Operation Safeway”.  If Ed Chiarini was in Tucson during the aftermath, perhaps even one of the marksman, it is possible that since he’s proclaimed himself a Disney graphics expert, I suspected that he could have been responsible for photo shopping Loughner’s first media image post.  No matter, he got flushed into the open and that saves us all from further mistakes.  The other alternative news folks raked him over the coals for other things.  She was so frightened the first night that I had her lay in my bed against the wall and that I’d shield her from any spray of bullets if they came in to take us out that night.  That way she could get some sleep and not be so crabby. She had the gun, and that spooked me more than a mercenary invasion..” – Excerpt from “Sacrifice of a Congresswoman”

The honest to God truth is most of how I go about my research and the eventual formulation of ideas that manifest come from intuition.  It’s how I do it which differs each project report.  I have my writing style and my graphics composition preferences, but it’s when I go for it, it’s like a ‘just jump in and get wet program’ rather than follow a specific method.  I don’t think about a beginning middle and end.. it makes for a never a blank page dilemma.  When I used a plan, I had the look of a deer in cross hairs.  I’m sure it is methodical, but I don’t really think too hard on how to start.. I just go for it.  Get idea, do the work and learn as I go, and finish.. done.  What’s funny is that sometimes I think I’ll finish in twenty minutes but it turns into a three day ordeal, or when I think I’ll have it done by next year, the last paragraph is jotted down and my email address inserted.  What’s more fascinating is that each and every article is a college education in itself complete with its own curriculum and its own teachers.. all different.  I met a psychic who walked into my life today which means something big revelation wise is set to happen.  I’m supposed to be used or use him for the right task to get another mystery solved.  Can’t wait.

There are no schools I know of that can teach the methodology I use.  Mine is a hybrid of various and unusual areas of circumstance.  One of which happens to be my formal education which has nothing to do with conspiracy hunting.  Industrial Design, or Product Styling and Design, is the field of my choice during my University era.  And a very pretty Chinese girl.. my first love.  I was taught many varieties of problem solving techniques and their approaches which is how I learned how to achieve those realizations when I solve these mysteries.  Before that, I had to figure out how to do everything on my own.  My dad can’t replace light bulbs easily and my mom was not readily available. Preparing a product for manufacturing and ultimately placing it in the consumer or industrial domain for consumption was my specialty.  I even went as far as car styling and design interior and exterior think tank “blue sky” design.  Looking at it one way,  I’m an architect of products. I had to make the thing fit in everyone’s hand as well as please everyone’s eye regarding specific target markets, but I made whatever I did fit every market, every hand and appeal to any eye.  My pleasure came from solving the whole problem and not just the one specific one.  I pleased may clients by doing so.  I felt that I was proficient and really liked what I could accomplish..  I liked the hard work involved!  I didn’t like designing for obsolescence of which disturbed me to no end. So, I quit.  Interesting, I just realized it was the elitist attitude I didn’t care for.. I worked for those snobs.

Before I begin the study of George Gurdjieff’s hidden side, I would like to reveal mine.  Forever, I couldn’t identify what my 6th sense was.  When asked I’ll say that I’m an intuit.  I expand by saying that I’m a bull shit sifter and can see right through everything which includes people.  In my mind, however, I ask each and every time if I have psychic capabilities and the answer is no.  I have what most people have which is the 10-20 second warning before something happens.. like when the server is about to bring the meal to the table after a long wait.. works every time, but I’m not a real deal psychic like my former not on paper wife or the person I recently met who will analyze my cases.  I had to sit down and isolate what it is with a label.  I am a powerful empathic ability is what it is.  Just looked it up:


Traits of an Empath

  “By the time I was forced out of home during the Gabrielle Giffords investigation in August of 2011, I had achieved so many things.  It is now January 2013 I’ve done so much more in particular with putting it out there in Dismantle The Beam Project .  The publishing of my dream book on natural cures that drew the interest of a master teacher who I forced to instruct me (I really did), I solved a very important issue with the BP spill that had it gone unnoticed, who knows what could have happened, realized and documented a the large scale military infrastructure in Pima County/Southern Arizona, did an immense amount of work on the Loughner investigation (Gabrielle Giffords and the killing of Judge John Roll)which taxed me greatly and had just finished two documentaries that are still under wraps until green lighted.  On August 1, 2011 I was officially homeless and nobody really gave a damn.” – Lee

Empaths are often quiet and can take a while to handle a compliment for they’re more inclined to point out another’s positive attributes. They are highly expressive in all areas of emotional connection, and talk openly, and, at times, quite frankly in respect to themselves. They may have few problems talking about their feelings.

‘Empaths  are born writers, singers, and artists with a high degree of creativity and imagination. They are known for many talents as their interests are varied, broad and continual, loving, loyal and humorous and are healers. They are interested in cultures with a broad-minded perspective.  Excellent listeners, are often very affectionate finding themselves always helping others & putting their own needs aside, or do the opposite. They are characterized as being quiet and alone. They are mostly passionate towards nature and respect its bountiful beauty. Animals are often dear to the heart of empaths, but not as a power object.’  –  Having read this, I’m confirmed I’m one..

However, they can be the exact opposite: reclusive and apparently unresponsive at the best of times. They may even appear ignorant. Some are very good at blocking out others and that’s not always a bad thing, at least for the learning empath struggling with a barrage of emotions from others, as well as their own feelings.

Empathy is the ability to read and understand people and be in-tune with or resonate with others, voluntarily or involuntarily of one’s empath capacity.  Empaths have the ability to scan another’s psyche for thoughts and feelings or for past, present, and future life occurrences. Many empaths are unaware of how this actually works, and have long accepted that they were sensitive to others. Empathy is a feeling of another’s true emotions to a point where an empath can relate to that person by sensing true feelings that run deeper than those portrayed on the surface. People commonly put on a show of expression. This is a learned trait of hiding authentic expression in an increasingly demanding society. An empath can sense the truth behind the cover and will act compassionately to help that person express him/herself, thus making them feel at ease and not so desperately alone. Empaths experience empathy towards family, children, friends, close associates, complete strangers, pets, plants and inanimate objects. Empathy is not held by time or space. Thus, an empath can feel the emotions of people and things at a distance.

Everything has an energetic vibration or frequency and an empath is able to sense these vibrations and recognize even the subtlest changes undetectable to the naked eye or the five senses. Words of expression hold an energetic pattern that originates from the speaker. They have a specific meaning particular to the speaker. Behind that expression is a power or force-field, better known as energy. For example, hate often brings about an intense feeling that immediately accompanies the word. The word hate becomes strengthened with the speaker’s feeling. It is that person’s feelings (energy) that are picked up by empaths, whether the words are spoken, thought or just felt without verbal or bodily expression.”

Mine is a confusing experience because I deal with criminals and self serving people on both sides.  What happens is that I feel deep rooted feelings of love for everyone and that scares the living daylights out of me.  It’s like that Brandon Lee Pittman job where he was set to kill me and empathy overrode my whole being.  I ventured into his heart and saw a powerless brother all fucked up because of evil spirited elders.  Crazy.  What is confusing is that I feel your true emotions that are blocked out of self denial.  This is why everyone thinks I’m wrong when I’m not.  I think because I hadn’t been vision corrected until about five, I expanded that ability to feel other people around me for the lack of identifying their facial expressions.. I went into them with my mind to feel a part of instead of disassociated.  So, I can be around a complete stranger who is completely bonkers and yelling at an innocent person and poised to strike and I see the truth that he or she is the kindest person.. just on an off day.  And I can be standing next to Dr. Steven Rayle at a Starbucks and read the entire lie without him even saying a word.  That happened by coincidence.. he was the pretend doctor who lied at the Congress on your Corner Massacre in which he claimed to help victims shot by suspected shooter, Loughner, when he didn’t even make sure Gabrielle Giffords and Ron Barber, the ‘important ones’ would survive.  I see through everything and lie to people about it so that they don’t clam up.. I’m an investigator who reads the subtext and not so much the BS that’s spoken (Russell).


I got the idea on how to study George Gurdjieff

Logic and reasoning, form follows function, the practice of reverse engineering the existing products to understand the design direction of the new, and all that I learned from experts before me.. the master artisans of our artistic and engineering history is what the basis laid for my foundation became  valuable to do simple things, like for instance, cracking the NWO code.  The simplest approach being the most obvious is what it will take.  Nobody else seems to have truly done it using conventional means.  Perhaps I can be of service.

“Safely barricaded and tucked in behind me now, I rehearsed.  She had her itinerary the following day and I had mine – for the both of us.  I couldn’t back out of a family thing in April, bad timing, and had to break away for two days leaving her vulnerable in a nasty ass town full of corruption.. and they had their eyes on her, my home finally tapped, and the blackhawks I learned later were tracking (neither of us knew).  I woke early to prepare the car for the day knowing I was to drive to ‘lose em’ when we had to.  Incidentally, my license was revoked 12 years ago.  I bought octane boost and had a mechanic check it thoroughly and even made sure no unusual devices were under the chassis, etc.  I looked at that car over very carefully.   With a thumbs up I set out for an hour intense practice.  I made sure a spare key was on it just in case.  I drank lots of Circle K coffee and relived what I used to do as a kid with a car.  I put that rental through all the routines.. instant stops, making sure I learned the weight vs the brakes, and backing into spaces and ducking into dark spots.. doing the instant parallel parking thing and I’m surprised I never flipped it. I found several vacated garages to hide out in case.  Man, that was a cool little rental!  Not a ding or accident that crazy morning (I felt like Harvey Keitel “The Wolf” in Pulp Fiction), but it was important I was comfortable behind the wheel because from what she told me, I knew we had become engaged with an adversary no telling what would happen.  All I could think of  was “keep this one safe and secure. She has a family and I don’t.”  I was a little late and she was pissed.  I couldn’t explain enough. She almost killed me and I close to booting her out the car over a ridiculous fast food fiasco.  “She’s just tired & frustrated” I told myself.  I will always love her.” – Excerpt from “Sacrifice of a Congresswoman”

I have a need to first know more about why my intuition lead me NOT to follow the direction of my friend in order he would feel comfortable as equals void of misunderstanding for a balanced friendship.  I was failing out of frustration that he felt I compromised him with an attempt to be outspoken – self-righteous really.  Most people I know feel this way.  This would include being receptive to his insights and understandings so that I am not above nor beneath or place him in that area of being minimized.  I don’t like being minimized, so why cause anxiety in others?

I had to do something amenable for both of us

which would satisfy our needs to be on equal ground. One thing stood out.. I refused to spend the time studying George Gurdjieff simply because I’m so busy.  He refuses to write a synopsis complete with some page references that gets his philosophical point across.  He says I won’t understand Gurdjieff unless I read every single page of his book.    I can’t back track leaving my work unless it’s for a purpose.

I sought the expertise of my friend who is world renowned at analyzing people simply by their facial and head features.  It’s as strong or stronger than an astrological reading.  I felt I should start there.

She’s spot on and never wrong.  I know this because she sized me up so accurately I cried with elation for an afternoon.  It revealed what I always knew, what I needed to relearn, and what I need to work on so that I can be a better person for everyone.  Most of all, it was to learn about me.  She saw in Gurdjieff just what my intuition said and it confirmed that it was best I don’t indoctrinate myself into a system, his system, that would divert the focus from doing “The Work“,  as Gurdjieff coined it, the way he saw it to be done.

Incidentally, I wouldn’t be surprised if his voice is what I need.. it’s just not for now.  And I sense it because it would be like someone telling me to watch the presidential debates to get an idea who to vote for.  The answer is to vote for none of them and that the whole system has to be completely revamped.  Listening to them could get me hypnotized back into being a sheep.  I can’t let that happen.


Gurdjieff’s Character analysis

“I also see he is under a lot of stress in nearly all of the photo’s. Who is he?”

I sought the services & keen eye of Naomi Tickle to analyze several of the witnesses, victims, those implicated and involved in the Gabrielle Giffords investigation for one reason only.. I needed to know the personality profiles I was working with.  I also wanted to understand the investigators I had contact with involved in the case. 

Not long before she came, Sheldon (pictured above) and I made a visit to Brandon Lee Pittman’s studio.  Not knowing he would answer the door nor expected Pittman to even be there – alone – we were met with a .22 pointed between our eyes.. respectively back and forth.  We were stunned.  Totally unprotected, we didn’t know what to do.  I flanked Brandon on the other side in case he took a shot for the other to put him on the ground.  And then both Shel and I were, well, sort of paralyzed.  I know I was.  Brandon bitched and moaned about his life and how we destroyed it.  It dawned on me that everything he said and the way he acted it that Brandon Lee, also 22 years old and shared girl friends with Jared, could have formed the Jared Lee Loughner character profile.  It was that close and obvious.  It was then that my heart reached out with sympathy.. for some reason.  He recognized, Sheldon which is why the gun was branded, but he didn’t know me from Adam for at that point I was still a ghost.  Sheldon was mortified to the point of crying, well he was crying while pleading for his boys father’s life, and I was frozen to sneak out the video camera and document the lawless act.  We were out in ‘hicksville nowhere’ that anything could have happened.  Nobody would miss us nor know we even were there.  I’d never done this before, but I looked at Brandon with, believe it or not, compassion and inside asked him to leave Sheldon alone “Can’t you see he’s crying?”.  I repeated that over and over softly in my mind.. to soothe myself too.  I wasn’t able to fight him or anything because the possibility corrupt cops would arrive soon was clear.. I knew that, because a squad vehicle had been watching peculiarly from a distant property.  While highly unusual, although again not surprising since the Giffrods shooting was very well protected, they had their protocol set up for these things.  I even thought about her embracing her children in my mind protecting them.  She was to come and visit that place and could have been shot – she had five children and a loving husband.  I was grateful it was us and not her.  And while thinking of these things, I Somehow transcended time and space and talked silently to Brandon.  Before that law enforcement vehicle arrived from its observation spot, the next thing we see is him stopping in mid sentence, turning around, opening his front door, and tossing his weapon into the house.” – Excerpt from “Sacrifice of a Congresswoman”

I had her look into some involved in the Jose Guerena SWAT firing squad assassination, Isabella Celis abduction, James Holmes theater massacre, & corrupt politician for the reason I struggled with personalities also struggling with mine. I learned that I naturally keep friends close and enemy friend closer even though I’m not fully aware of it.  My problem is that I am too liberal with my information in the cases where other investigators are attempting to enrich themselves for self serving reasons.. they just don’t give EVER.  I liberally shared intel. I wanted to know myself if I deserved any of it.  It turns out that I’m the altruistic one compared in profiles and who needed to be reassured that because I am unique, the ones who are living in fear, being possessive, competitive, or simply feeling jealous don’t even know to admit it.  And so I sit and wait for the results of all that I post on this project.  I hope that what I’ve done is good for all.. despite me.

I asked that she not know who George Gurdjieff was because no one has ever studied Gurdjieff in the method I have.  Books have tunnel focused on his mind only.

Her analysis of Gurdjieff is as follows:

He [Gurdjieff] is very generous with a person’s time and possessions which means that his automatic giving is high, but his automatic resistance is such that he does not like to be told what to do.  Some people will see this as just being stubborn.

The man’s self-reliance is high in which he can depend on himself no matter what.  When projects are not moving along fast enough, there may be a tendency to take them away from others because he feels he can complete the task more efficiently if he did it himself.

He is direct and up front with people and very much to the point.  In other terms he doesn’t mince words so as to let people know what he thinks or feels.

This man has administrative qualities which indicates that he prefers to be in a managerial position, or in any situation where he can over see the project or task.  He is more cost conscious and looks for bargains. The bottom line is “how much does it cost and can I get it for less.”   He is good at delegating tasks out to others.

This person has a tendency to question everything skeptically and in general does not accept things at face value.  He needs to know all the facts and see proof before making a decision.  His challenge is not to pour cold water on all ideas, but stay open and when his opinion is sought be supportive without belittling or crushing other peoples ideas. To others he may come across as being somewhat cynical although that is not his intent. This person should not take criticism so personally.  If a critical remark is made, he might ask what was meant by it and explore the comment further to avoid misunderstanding.

Once this man decides to do something he is very committed to seeing it through because his tenacity is high.

If the the direction of a project is not right, he should stop and re-evaluate.  This person might ask whether he is on the right path or should take a different route to succeed in the task at hand.

On the level of pugnacity he fights for his belief system whether it is a human or environmental cause. This trait is often seen in mediation. It indicates that he has a special talent for settling differences and a preference for compromise over forceful coercion as a strategy for resolving conflict.

This person does not sit around to watch things happen because he will want to be where the action is.  He’ll do what ever is needed to get things done.  This is a sign that he is highly progressive.

This man is a competitor who enjoys competing with others and with himself for the reason it hones his skills.  However, he should recognize if the competitiveness is working for or against him in each situation.   This trait helps him take his ideas forward which is often noted with successful people.  He takes action and does not wait around for others to do so. [Note: like most of the traits listed for Gurdjieff I share, this trait is very strong, but it’s a competitive issue with myself, not with others].

I met Sheldon long before the shooting.  I knew I had to learn about Planet X for some reason.. I didn’t know it then, but it was absolutely critical for the Gabrielle Giffords study.  She had after all chaired the House space and aeronautics subcommittee.  “I don’t have friends”, he said when we first met. “Oh?  And what does that mean?” I asked.  “Uh, I maintain acquaintances only.”  “What about John DiNardo?”  “Oh.. well he’s kind of a friend”.  “Look, Sheldon, I’m your friend and always will be and I don’t even know you yet,” I told him.  After all this time it remains to be true.  Sheldon had blundered foolishly, blew my cover to the cops, carelessly published a not to be published pdf, and even did things you wouldn’t want his friendship for.  I don’t know man.. I just know things.  For it not for him, when the time came Gabrielle got shot it was Sheldon who basically did all the right things in the investigation nobody else would.  He worked out perfectly.  I think I’ll keep him:)

As far as forward balance, his trait as such indicates he is more focused happening matters in the now than in the past.  He enjoys the center stage whether it is literally being there, or involved with an activity where the focus is on him [Note: This is a trait I do not possess.  To be effective under stealth conditions during investigations and living through it, I have nor ever did desire at being a show boater].  He yearns for the applause and the recognition that he’s done a good job [for me, a thank you and a you did good, Lee, would be nice.. it’s rare I get them].  He appreciates the strokes that come with that recognition regardless of the moment. The focus on now and the future indicates he is less likely to hang on to negative memories.

He was tolerant to a certain degree and then when he hit overwhelm he would snap in the moment. He also likes to run a tight ship and liked to be in control of situations and people.  This is known as ‘Just tolerance‘.

On the positive side his judgement variation is a very creative trait in which he is able to come up with a new slant or less conventional approach to resolving a problem or designing a new project.  Individuals who are more conventional may feel less comfortable with his ideas. There is also a tendency in him to pass judgement on what other people have done whether good or bad.

His analytical trait is low which indicates that he insists that people get to the bottom line.  He is inclined to be action driven. He has an understanding of what is being said and enjoys acting impulsively right away on what it is that is being conveyed. This trait indicates that he requires little the entirety of the information to make a decision, and  if necessary, he will return not much later to check for additional details. He’ll find that long formal committee meetings are boring to a death and will have the tendency to take over and run them in order to finish in a quarter of the time.  He has an interrupting  nature or finishes off another person’s sentence for them.  When people wasted his time with unnecessary information he would get very annoyed. Just cut to the chase, he was very action driven.

This man’s possessions are very important to him and no one except he should throw anything out indicating that his acquisitive desire is high.  He may enjoy book collecting or of old coins, art or anything that has value to him.

We share an appreciation for art

Syd Mead is a modern day master of Illustration design and styling.  A legendary futurist in our time, he is gifted, perhaps beyond, with the same talent as all of our Rembrandts, Da Vinci’s, and each master artisan of antiquity.. Syd Mead is a living historical master.  Like music, I studied Mead’s work since the early 1980’s for inspiration with enthusiasm, amazement, and envy.  His vision is seen in all the work done for Blade Runner, 2010 A Space Odyssey, Tron, Star Trek movies, d having intimate relations with the entertainment industry no doubt is the ‘tell’. All designers begin their education or source ideas from Mead for the reason I believe Syd is the only designer to get privileged contact with alien technology.  As a top echelon visionary, I finally realize who he is and what we are all being witness to.  And, having studied Mead like nobody’s business, scrutinizing each and every reference and even going over his original gauche paintings in person with using a strong magnifying glass (anyone seeing this would have thought I was jealous and I was), of all the work he has ever made I can understand how he develops his strategy for every piece he’d ever done at the time I studied his technique.  I understand well enough to realize that although his life’s work appears completely original and comes from him.. this simply is not so.  Syd Mead could not have dreamed up the vistas and alien characters all on his own. He had to be shown all the real alien technology as well as actually meet aliens to depict them exactly the way his finished renditions document.  Mead has revealed to us everything detail for detail.  It would not be unusual that he associates closely with the secret societies because he is a homosexual which fits the paradigm of the odd behavior in the occult circles.. I experienced the low frequency vibration when we met in person decades ago.  I couldn’t understand it then for I idolized Mead, and yet the presence sickened me – I didn’t get it then.  Mead, hands down, is the only one who can do what he does.. unfortunate that he’s sold out.

He has an appreciation for design with a natural flair for it whether in art, photography, graphics design, architecture or landscape or using his talent in any of the artistic fields. He is a natural at how things should come together. This trait is often seen in top business executives.

With this natural ability to bring things or people together, his mechanical ability is to coordinate projects and organize events.  His thoughts will appear to be very organized in his mind.  Careers that benefit from this natural ability could include event planning, project management or any activity where organization is needed.

This person also has a high appreciation and love of music with a keen sense of rhythm and how things flow together.  He may enjoy playing a musical instrument or going to musical events. With regard to objective thought, he is very quick to think and react and can do so on his feet with fast decisions without knowing all the details.

There is a tendency for him to jump to conclusions though, and so should make sure he receives all the details when time permits.  He will find it irritating when other people are slow to think and react as he’d expect.

This man has the ability to concentrate so deeply and for long periods of time. He gets completely lost in what he’s doing that he loses track at what is happening in the rest of the world.  He should take a breather to view the outside world now and again.  He has the wide eye tolerance trait which adds to his tendency to submerge himself in what ever he’s doing.  Individuals with this trait love research.

He is very creative. He happens to have a very vivid imagination,  thus is an asset when crafting new projects creatively.

About my driving.  I have a characteristic that most likely is lacking with George Gurdjieff.  My ring finger is much longer than my index on both hands.  It means I take unusual risks.  Not a thrill seeker nor am I a gambler for self-enrichment – I do things that are largely very risky.  I also have the ability to see and map things in my mind.  I take snapshots of all the cars on the freeways and the ones that have yet to enter into traffic profiling each driver instantaneously and gauge their predicted movements in my mind like a video game.  I tell people the story where I placed a bet with a college friend, sloppy drunk we were at the time, that I’d beat him in a race across all of Los Angeles from Long Beach to Irwindale where I had just got a job.  Russell Parker had a  suped-up muscle car of a brand I can’t even remember, but I do remember the headers and incredible four barrel Holly carbs towering out the hood so high I couldn’t understand how anyone could navigate and all that business.  I knew Russ.. it was stolen or  he borrowed it for too extended of a time.  He would have been a bad cop.  Russell was intensely bigoted and wanted to bust up every black perp he could before his time was up.  That scared me, but he protected and palled with me.. I always felt safe.  Incidentally, he was denied the police academy and never did become one.  Today, he would have been cleared no problem.  Anyway, I told him that I’d have our first pitcher of beer ready at some joint up there with his on ice till he gets there and the race was set.  “I’m gonna take that car (a four cylinder Nissan 200sx that had dog kibble still choking the air filter compartment I hadn’t noticed yet) swing it around and hit that side of your face.  Remember Billy Jack?” I said to him.  So, when he came into the bar shaking his head slowly side to side with a huge smile, I ordered him a burger and said it was on me.. it was worth the expression on his face.  What I never tell people is that we had another bet on another day.  He wouldn’t give in to the first.  This time, it was a backwards driving race from one end of Long Beach to the other of which he was sure to win.  And, I knew he would because he’s crazier.  Another bar and the same circumstances as the Irwindale race.  But, I did get into trouble with a Devil’s Disciple and his troupe not far behind in a wreck in the center intersection of Bellflower, Pacific Coast Highway and 7th Street.  It was a crazy intersection and I can understand the confusion thinking I was going forward instead of backward in the split second he buried his bike into my car and flipped over the damn thing to the other side.  I remember his feet flying in my rear view mirror.  I won believe it or not, but I could never reveal what happened for obvious reasons.. leaving the scene is not good and the Devil’s Disciple network is vast.” – Excerpt from “Sacrifice of a Congresswoman”

He likes to maintain projects because of the trait known as ‘conservation‘ and will see things through to the end. This is an asset when involved with working with people.  He considers his home very important enjoying entertaining friends there.

He has a big interest in finding out new information either through reading, discussion or attending workshops who also enjoys the sharing of information with other people. Additionally, his  Interest in people extends to where he enjoys working with and being surrounded by a number of friends.

His features are similar to Vladimir Putin and is definitely one who would have fought to the end liking the feeling of being in control.

I have no idea who he is, Lee, but I hope the above information is useful.
All the best

And useful her information is

In my desire to show my friend that “I am not Gurdjieff nor aspire to be a cookie cutter template of him”, my jaw dropped to see that I am him in almost all of the characteristics.  What I found was that there are traits in myself that I don’t like, and others see these traits by pointing them out with the words, “Lee, work on yourself man.. you arrogant son of a bitch!”.

What makes me happy is that I believe in myself so much so that I can’t be distorted by others, however, I do take suggestions so as to rectify whatever personality complexions cause me to be detached.  You wouldn’t know this, but I love everyone I possibly can because I am all about saving this earth from annihilation.  I want us all to live and breath in clean air and not be bound by authority.
It is my desire to awaken my brothers and sisters as Gurdjieff tried, but without the stress that Naomi sees in him.

She doesn’t see that in me, but she identifies that I have the characteristic of concern.  She said that Gurdjieff exhibits the wide shaped jaw which is a commonality among corrections officers.  It is not unusual for this personality type to be personally indifferent to the suffering.  I don’t. have this wide jaw trait, so, I’m not the same man who as she says may be inclined to be a control freak indifferent to the suffering of others.  She said ‘controller’, but I use the word ‘freak’ because people who are guards are freaky.  I have to clarify something.. Pete, a coworker of mine at a cement plant worked at Wilmot Prison for 16 years before he burned out and took a job with us.  Pete, a former prison guard, was the most peaceful guy I had met in God knows how long.. there are exceptions.  Weighing in at about 300 pounds and pure muscle under all that fat was a pussycat and would do anything for anyone.. well, lots of the time.  He even told stories about helping inmates when they needed it.. I’m glad I had logged the time with him as we were partners on a job that required full on team work and respect to each other.  Point is.. not all follow a stereotype and I’m sure Naomi would characterize him as I described.

Naomi said that Gurdjieff (still not knowing who he was) was a person who couldn’t be out of control of a situation.  That’s me to a tee.  But, before anything happens, people run away to protect themselves from my suggestions (I don’t enforce) to do a cleansing before deciding to have their appendix removed.  The reason I wrote the article about saving your appendix was more so to convince my brother to try the easier softer way naturally as opposed to medical madness’ easier softer snip and tuck way.  He chose the later and that really got me broiled, sad really, because I wasn’t in control.   He, like most, run and hide out of fear of me when I’m trying to save the world!  Otherwise, I’d be like the next guy not caring diddly squat for your welfare.

Contribution to the world: The Cure for Psychological Disorder

In the article The Cure for Anorexia Nervosa, I not only put out a completely viable solution to the problem of extreme eating disorders, but also reveal a private side of me most would never expose.  Embarrassing when a child, the story I tell is true and genuine.  I did this in case people like me are so afraid to help themselves, that they can feel ‘a part of’ and get well.  I put my reputation, as stinky as it may be, and air it out there at the risk of losing it all just so that I can help that one person.  It’s what I’m built to do.  And, to make the point, I included the description of who I am based on Naomi Tickle’s analysis of me as well in the expanded version of the website article in print.  The book should be available soon.

Something nice happened today

I entered into a very interesting conversation with someone who was similarly intrigued, actually, in what I was doing.  I said, “no, I better not say what I do because it usually shuts people down and they slinker off as nicely as they can”.  He insisted I say and with that, we talked a bit about my last article, The Kings Speech.  Shortly into the conversation he would say things that I realized were psychic in nature.. quite certain I was, and had to ask if I was right.  Instead, I declared, “You’re psychic!  I can use your help!”

I have a twin sister.  Ever since I was a child, I knew I had one.  I found Cathy living in San Diego.. a staunch chemtrail activist and documentary maker, Citygypsy not only came from my same hometown, lived next door to my grandmother and I didn’t even know it, but she is my indigo sister (not really my flesh and blood sibling).  Think we’re tight?  Nope.  She won’t even talk to me anymore and all I do is compliment compliment compliment her.  She’s a real piece of work as she’ll tell you I am and let me say.. I’ll lay down my life for her.  I have a feeling that Nogales, Arizona is one of those places where alien intervention on children took place, ideas installed where a pod of Indigos were monitored.  I may have slipped through life unaffected because, well, look what I’m doing.  My love for creating designs and invention goes as far back as six years old and I remember drawing elaborate pictures of helicopters, jets, and alien space craft.  I had never in my recollections had previously seen them in photos because I hadn’t been visually corrected until just before first grade with those big black framed glasses (legally blind), but lo and behold, just the other day I revisited the Egyptian hieroglyphs to take a real close look at the details of the Pharoah Seti I Abydos beam pictograms and whoah.. that’s what I drew all day and every day through grade school.  I also drew diagrams of watch faces because I was intrigued with Dick Tracy’s fabulous radio watch.  But I went further as I would fill an 8.5 X 11 note page with one big watch face that looked like the console of a jet liner.  I drew a myriad of buttons, call outs, indicators, and whatever – all the whistles and bells.  My life’s search for a reason culminates to the idea that maybe I am from another time and remember it.  The watches I drew were peculiarly identical to the astrolabs calendar designs that I finally see in my research today.  I’d never seen them before and my pictures were drawn 43-44 years ago.

This man is a true psychic and one with a terribly strong intuition.  I know this from experience being around them.  Having lived with a woman I loved in fact.  And, he comes to me in good timing for the purpose in preparing me for what comes next.  I’ve lost almost all my friends due to this Gurdjieffesque syndrome in which while he attracted people, I repel them in time.  I got phenomenal pointers which were so on spot.. they were the things I’ve contemplated without taking action on.   His senses of me were such that all that he needed to say were the most important things I were to address.  I knew he knew that.  One such important thing and so ordinary you wouldn’t think, was looking professional at my Stargate presentation.  I sort of wanted to dress up, but would have probably ended up appearing  with flip flops, my hair uncut, and look the part of street scum, which I am, and hope people see through that.  He said, “No, look good.. it’s the first impression that sells the story”.


You’re a social retard..

And he’s right.  Things like that, but even deeper, I asked him something I felt really careless to say, but am always asking myself, “Am I the only one who can do this stuff?”  The answer I received was, “Yes, but you can’t prove it by doing it your way.  In a sense, you’re a social retard.  I see where your heart is and it is set at exactly where you think it is, but it’s not evident to others.  You need to go from here (his hand waist high) to here (his hand at eye level).”

“Eeee, that much?” I asked


My Teachers are yours too

I called my mother asking asking if she had ever kept my grade school homework and illustrations I made with the watch designs and flying and space vehicles.  She reminded me of certain things that I had done as young as four years old when I first received my new pair of glasses.  “Mommy look out the window.. that’s where the clouds are!”  She said that I knew of them from squinting at books and kind of making them out in the sky, but never really saw them until I could see clearly.  Before that, she mentioned that I would race around the house without bumping into anything, ever.  I must have honed in on all the senses to compensate for the complete lack of one.

My mother’s recollections of my creative process and my worldly concerns

Clouds are very important to me.  I was fascinated with them from then on committed the shapes that I would see to memory.  I remember these things sometimes vividly and so real in my dreams. All the shapes that would morph into this and that in what seemed like forever is not the exciting experience today.  It helps me to  I analyze chemtrails the same way.  I remember what clouds should look like as well as what the barometric pressure and degree of humidity should feel like when there’s a campaign.  Oh, and what it should smell like on a cloudy day.  It seems people who are at least even awake just focus on the dry chemical particulates rather than discuss everything about our atmospheric sterility)

I enjoyed working with clay and making ceramic sculptures.  I also liked to eat clay, but that’s another topic.  On a family vacation to Maui almost forty years ago, I decided to sculpt alligators in the sand. I worked on it the rest of the afternoon and it was not long before the sun set when I was just about finished and whistled in for a dinner in Lahaina.  They were life sized, realistic to the minute details, and the composition of about five or six told a story.  They were crawling towards the hotel and some I sculpted crawling over themselves like they do in the wild.  I remembered these images from National Geographic which I really really loved to read.. all the time.  The following day, I was warned not to make any more ‘sand castles’ by the hotel management.  It seems I created a problem ‘big enough’ with guests who would take night time walks on the beach.

Then, she said that also at four years old, I came home from swimming class just across the street at a home with a swimming pool crying that I came in second place.  She didn’t think much of it until she realized that the other kids were 10 and older.  This means that I was highly competitive which lasted my whole life until maybe 15 or 20 years ago when I realized competitiveness was never right for me.  It was a manifestation for being a perfectionist seeking the approval my father.  Actually, I still do that today, but it’s not so bad.  I do regress to this ridiculously infantile state and that sucks.

My passion is for rain water.  Everything from waterfalls to raging rivers and tranquil bays to the rolling in of soft and salt smelling beach water foam (body surfing is my ultimate body language), I’ll do everything in my power to save mother earth from dehydration.  Right now, I see Hoover Dam as a Stargate.  As stupid as that sounds and as foolish as it makes me look, I want to stop what they’re doing if it’s true because I have a feeling they want to reroute the last of our fresh water off-world through that portal and others like it. 

The monsoons come through as beautiful torrential rainstorms practically every day during the months of August.  It did then.  School was out and my brother and I would walk to our grade school nearby and collect tadpoles from the massive lakes left behind during the rains.  In those days, we would follow the fireflies at night or the moonlit path to listen to the frogs.   One day, we brought back pail fulls of tadpoles back to our house and when my mother questioned us, “Have you boys considered the future of these living beings?  What will happen if they don’t find food or fresh water?”  It hit me that I was about to be the orchestrator of mass genocide and that not only shocked me, but I was appalled at what I had done and not considered.  I looked at Keith and said let’s go back and save their lives now!”  My mother wasn’t the type to punish us.. she was my first teacher of values regarding life. I shared with her too that at that age when she hadn’t arrived home, but I did after school, the water faucet outside the house wouldn’t completely shut off.  I was so scared that the world’s water supply would run out because it was my fault.  I still think it’s my fault when the world is falling apart today and that there’s nothing I can do to stop it.  This is why I’m driven to do what I can ‘NO MATTER WHAT’.

I loved the piano, but loathed learning to play for the same reason as above.  I wasn’t very good, but my mom remembers that during a piano recital where I was unprepared (I wasn’t very conscious about dates or deadlines) that I was forced to go anyway and ended up composing music on the spot.  I’m sure it stunk, but she said it was amazing (that’s a mother in denial talking).

This is one I don’t remember probably because of the shock!  I came home really sad and down because I got a low grade in science class.  the one class I would look forward to every day. She asked why the blues since I loved to go with her to book stores in search for code breaking and encryption books, logic and rationale, obscure puzzles, limericks, maps of the constellations and anything that had to do with science and technology, illustrated books about spiders.. I don’t know, I really loved spiders because of their architecture I guess, butterflies and moths and all kinds of fish because of the colors and shapes, birds plants, etc., and I said, “It’s because I can’t think that slow”.  I wasn’t talking about my classmates either.  I smiled when she shared that today.

When I was eleven, I had the desire to build a go-cart.  This vehicle was not the standard one expected by an 11 year old.  It was a sort of like a stage coach complete with a front ‘shotgun’ drivers seat and a full interior like a boxed in, well, coach.  It had head and tail lights, steering, a suspension and all that stuff.  She took me to the lumber yard so that we could buy the plywood, 2×4’s, nails, rope, lights, some tools like a saw that wasn’t dull and a hammer that the head wouldn’t fly off like the one at home, fasteners, axle rods, and whatever the project called for.  The salesman looked at the drawings and asked my mom questions that she couldn’t answer.  “Don’t ask me”, she said, “ask my son.. it’s his design and drew them”.  She said that the man was in shock because he thought they were drawings professionally done, or that she drew them.. the drawings were done in near perfect perspective and not isometric as would a drafting.  I built the cart with my brother and the whole neighborhood of kids tried their skills copying it.  It was fun having races!  I also built dozens of tree houses everywhere, underground forts, and all that stuff I thought all boys did.  Our neighborhood was a blast!  (I learned to make survival shelters)

“All this proved to me was that no matter what you did, you did it well.”


Russell Turner is a highly talented musician who plays symphony level timpani.  He graduated from some esteemed music school that rivals Juilliard and so just cause it isn’t Juilliard, he couldn’t be just another musician.  I encourage him to get an attitude adjustment (meant well) so that he go back to making music and being with his ‘people’.   My joys are music and I envy anyone who plays any instrument.  I even applaud the dogs in the movie ‘Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang’ who created a confectionery concert “Toot Sweet” blowing on the “dog treats that toot”.

I want to give a warm fuzzy feeling thank you to Russell Turner, my friend who is one of the only one’s to have collected me when I was at my lowest, and say that I’m also sorry for putting off what I should not have for so long.  While I did not read Gurdjieff’s book, more books, and people’s interpretations of “The Work” which may still be a thing stewing in Russell’s mind just because I still did it my way instead, I got more out of it than anyone can even comprehend.  For one, I had to review Syd Mead’s work for this piece and in doing so, stumbled on to what may be glimpses of another life I’ve lived before coming to earth.  If it is true that Indigos exist and that I may be one as I’ve suspected while in contact with Cathy Itule (my Indigo sis), what may be a confirmation is the design elements I was born with.  Remnants of an alien past perhaps?  I conceptualized similarly as Syd Mead, but have gifts just as specialized and unique as he does even though I’m no where near as brilliant as he with rendering.  There is no match for that man and while there are people very talented technically, they don’t have that extra edge that he does which must come from an outside source.  I was in tuned to something that just by doing this article helped me to isolate original inspiration that may be alien.  I never saw those helicopters and space ships, but I was sure as heck drawing them.

So Russ, you passed the test.  You are one of two people.. only two, who actually helped when I asked in my bulk emailer 10 items that people can choose one from as a suggestion to help me.  You not only have submitted a couple comments to one of my 42 articles, but you also gave me an idea for one which was what I needed.  I wouldn’t have written anything on the Loughner case nor myself had it not been for you.

Russell played an integral role with the Loughner killing massacre because as a coincidence, and I can’t say why so as to protect the innocent, provided valuable information about what really happened at the Safeway Congress on your Corner rally.  Among a couple of important items regarding the authenticity of the supposed story, the supposed hero, Daniel Hernandez, was not the one to jump on the scene and hold Gabrielle Gifford’s in a life saving position that January 8, 2011.  It was the helpful actions of another employee of Safeway.  While the lone investigator out of Missouri who I shared this with as well as 100’s of hours of information sharing used the information, never followed up with it, nor made it a point to thank Russell.  In fact, most all of my help was largely ignored or went thankless.  I am eternally grateful for people that really formed a trust with me so that I could continue the search for an answer to all that occurred over the past two years and Russ is one of them – with a very large heart and a brilliant way about him.  Without their help including Russ, it would have been a long time coming for the ah hah moment culminating at Hoover Dam.. the Stargate Theory.

My friend read this article for approval and sent his commentary:

Russel did not read everything, therefor the point I made was not understood.  I referred to a valuable teacher I once had.  I asked if he remembered the character ‘Yoda‘, a powerful ‘old soul’ Jedi Master, in the movie Star Wars.  I explained that the character profile, personality included, was derived from a teacher of product rendering in my field Industrial Styling and Design.  Every aspect of Yoda.. the wisdom, the big heart, the grandfather attraction, the peace, the embodiment of a powerful force, and most of all a love and passion for teaching was expressed to the world.  This character was lifted from my teacher, Dean Myers.  Joe Johnston,Star Wars design visionary, told me the story how George Lucus used Joe’s classroom doodles from his sketch book and formed the character we all know to be Yoda.  Lucas sent him back to make Yoda more humanistic using Deans features and even after seven years I wasn’t aware that Dean Myers was the model not only facial features, all that whispy hair poking out of the ears, but his entire life being.  It’s clear today that I was taught to use my judgment skills (The Force?) directly from the original source character, a real life human being, for what I carry in me today in fighting the bad guys.. just like in the movie.  Dean Myers taught all of us a very special lesson which was, believe it or not,” trust your instinct.. let go”:  What a scary thing to think that he was creating little Jedi warriors in art school.  Luke Skywalker I’m not, but I did fall in love with his sister.. damn that Indiana Jones:)

“Your article is a continuation of your self aggrandizement, naturally, but a great reminder to me to simply shut on matters that lie squarely above and beyond some people’s interest. I shall continue to move forward with my studies of not only Gurdjieff but E. Cayce [Edgar Cayce] and others on ideas concerning the foundation of not only objective medicine, but of the study of laws of world creation and world maintenance (science), history, and in particular the keeping of the flame of the spirit burning, uprightedness and all that. I only attempt [to] introduce people to the ideas, hoping to spark interest and future alliance of thought and/or action. Seeds have been planted and I subsequently predict that your feelings will change on the subject as “ahah” moments arrive in the future independent of me, that link “new” concepts together traceable back to the above sources.

Your friend’s [Naomi Tickle] intuition is pretty much spot on from my understanding. Though your interpretations are quite subjective of her interpretations which are also quite subjective and therefore, though correct on basic intuitive meaning of characteristics, seem to miss understanding level and intensity or perhaps it’s just inaccuracies of the English language as to how much, how deep etc., the man seemed to really be. Her words seemed to be geared toward the modern corporate costumer base. You relate her word phrases used to describe him and like the good self centered secretary (using your formatory apparatus) you are to crudely relate words by similarity over to your reading by her of you, I guess, to mean a similar thing. This is a big mistake, in my opinion. Remember, we’re just talking about your article, not ideas of Mr. G’s of which you at least admit you know little about. And that is really the key here: your ideas (about yourself) not Mr. G’s.

Hijacking the phrase “the work” [I originally wrote “The Fucking Hard Work” as a realistic comparative joke, but was encouraged to remove the foul word for reasons of appropriatness.  My intention is to show that I take ‘hard work’ action and not simply lounge around waiting for others to do it which is a same character profile as Gurdjieff’s] and casually relating it to mean the same thing as your product of your smelling out the NWO based on intuition or your associative thinking on ideas picked up along the way and “working” on writing your articles or books is something, I’m afraid, though commendable and technically good as they seem to be, are far and away an animal of a different kind. This shows, as admitted, a lack of exposure to his writing or his student’s writings or works. It is to be expected that you brag on your own writing and abilities on your own website, but it also shows lack of maturity or insecurity to compare yourself to the likes of Mr. G as your article blatantly does so. You’re dreaming if you think you and Mr. G are on par, my friend. [Russell continues the belief that there is a competition among all of us who are reporting on the NWO.  I don’t share this view of who I am.  I told him that if my intention was to show boat, I would use my real name and talked about how terrific I am from article number 1 to article 41.. and I never have placed myself on a mantle for people to admire.]  

All and Everything is only the second name of his first series only, not the name for all three series’ if you would like to be technical. It really doesn’t matter to me. You’ve proven and stated your lack of interest in exposing yourself his work. Won’t mention him again, so sorry. ”  My desire having completed this article is to get that damn kid Loughner a new trial and out of prison.. He deserves his time before a jury because he was a Manchurian Candidate and that must be exposed.  Judy Clarke is nothing but a weak minion of the Elite.  I have little time to dick around talking about a dead guy’s spiritual teachings].

This is not the experience I want

I won’t contest his opinion for the purpose of the article is really about my learning experience because defending my integrity and what I’m aiming for in helping the world heal is not the experience I want with him.  I share this comment from him on Dismantle The Beam so that one can visualize my methodical practices.  It is derived from the multitude and variations of teachers I had the privilege to study with.  All named above are but just a handful of them. They all share the same qualities – very specialized and equally important.  Russ sent me his opinion you see above and I read it.  I then called by phone to thank him.  He felt that I should not post it although it was sent as a comment to the article of which I was not prepared to approve until this article completes out of respect for him.  He said that it wasn’t really what he wanted voiced, but I said that it was and that it would be left unsanitized.  I did add a few clarification notes and added a comma or two.

In summation and of important note

My points were misinterpreted as expected and the article, while a success for me, is a dismal failure in his eyes. He actually was being nice in the above comment.  My feeling is that Russ misses the impact of what I’ve done to date (It’s not about all of his teacher’s character profile and teachings he’d like to share.. it’s about all of my teachers I’d like to share with him to understand who I am) and that the impact of my life’s research and findings are profound enough to turn some very esteemed heads world wide into new directions of contemplation in several distinct areas which includes and expands on Edgar Cayce’s.  I offered Russ from the start that I’d like him to present on the topic of Gurdjieff at the Truthson 2012 Convention

If there was a wikipedia description of me

(DMTBP) Lee Nevins Bracker, born just about a century after Gurdjieff and around the same date as Gurdjieff on January 19, 1963 – present, is a not so widely influential spiritual teacher of the present day fight against the Power Elites who understands that the vast majority of humanity, including those that are ‘coming around in the awakening’ continue to exist in a state of hypnotic “waking sleep”. But, that it is possible to transcend to a higher state of consciousness and achieve full human potential through natural curative means.  This opposes most conventional approaches which involve meditation, work with gurus, philosophical round tables and all that horseshit.  Bracker developed a method for doing so, calling his discipline “The Freaking Hard Work” connoting “work on giving to others first and refrain from making lame excuses to circumvent taking action”. According to his principles and suggestions, Bracker’s method for one’s awakening is different from that of George Gurdjieff, although both have near identical character profiles.  His discipline can also be called the “Other Freaking Way”, because when solving problems, the easiest path to a resolution is by viewing everything ‘the other freaking way’.  This works well when reverse engineering.  At one point he described his teaching as being “esoteric bullshit sifting.” At different times in his life, Bracker formed and closed various investigative cases as well as forming and unfortunately, and not his fault, the dissolve of certain friendships with investigators during his life and especially in the last 22 months to perfect, understand, and share “the Freaking hard work.” He claimed that the lessons (school of hard knocks and continued education at the Pima County School of hard knocks plus personal sacrifice) he brought to the people he worked with his own experiences. He expressed the truth found in ancient galactic history and wisdom teachings relating to self-awareness in people’s daily lives and humanity’s place in the universe.  He says that he can’t learn a damn thing unless someone teaches him, hence, he believes all are his teachers.  The title of his website is Dismantle The Beam Project inspired by French Canadian journalist, Serge Monast, who in 1996, unwittingly sacrificed his life disclosing the secret government project aimed at ultimately faking an adversarial alien invasion called “Project Bluebeam”,  expresses the essence of his “Freaking Hard Work”.  His books on natural healing and nutrition are entitled High Frequency Food and High Frequency Health with a soon to be published book entitled: The cure for Anorexia & Bulimia Nervosa – The actual treatment for mind control and all other psychological disorders.



Dean Myers inspiration for Yoda

  1. Russ Turner said:

    Ok,ok. No more ideas for you [realnuz: never gave earth shattering ideas to begin with.. just a tip to an article, researcher or youtube that was helpful].

    Don’t want to go to jail because of ideas expressed unless.[realnuz: I told him I’d place a restraining order on him so that if he shows to any of my presentations, I can have him removed for not respecting my venues or boundaries].

    You win, as you should on your own web site [realnuz: I have no idea what the contest is in the first place. My website is for people to place their ideas, form their opinions, and offer to debunk using strong evidence, etc. Turner believes still that this is a game, contest, and that there has to be a victor and a loser.. seems he hates to feel loss when all this time I wanted him to know that he isn’t forming the theories I am. I had issue with him being negative without showing valid arguments against].

    I knew that the article was just about you [realnuz: of course. I wrote about me to show the reader who had written 40 previous articles. Nobody knows me and so I addressed that problem], though. Listen, I always enjoy your insights and love to share your ideas with others and whether you realize it or not. I foolishly fell into my own trap again after the mention of an extraordinary individual. Like the Captain Nemo description that never got translated into English (which I’m still researching this), I got distracted by my own interest or desire to “share” ideas, not knowing or even caring that you were merely using him [Gurdjieff] as a sequel [??] into your self (ego presentation vs. self study) [realnuz: I explained clearly that I have no desired to hoist Gurdjieff above and beyond as if he’s a saint, prophet, or evolved individual different from you, Russ, or I. I had Naomi profile him so that I could show that I share similar characteristics, therefore, I already know the man without reading all his writings, plus what others have assessed him to be. Russ simply is in denial and could not see these facts].

    You are identified with your ego and subsequently NEVER torn down by me [realnuz: This indicates that he is in the business of not being ‘torn’ down or not to be ‘torn’ down. He seeks victory and that fighting the NWO means waring with each other as if it is a game or contest].

    Admit you contain different parts (little “I’s”) that are sometimes at odds with each other [??}. This is not about your ideas which are good, this is about you and/or your manifestations [realnuz: No duh.. it’s about who my teachers were and why I think I operate the way I do. It’s not to claim that I’m a magician, a leader, a rich person, a smarter person than thou, royalty, the president or anything other than being able to assemble ideas into very clear and plausible theories].

    This is pure love from a certain point of view [??][realnuz: I see certainty out of his point of view and I see a love for sport.. contest, or a desire to be spiritual. The problem is, Russ cannot rise to that level and experience love based on his opinionated thoughts. He won’t comment on other articles of more importance, just this one where an idol of his has been drawn into a context he cannot accept].

    Do you still hate me? [realnuz: I hate what he does, but not him]. If not, then I must have missed my mark [realnuz: This means he expected to injure or insult me. This is why I hate what he does, however, I can’t hate him because deep down, Russ has a heart. He simply needs to step aside of the mind controlled state many of us have been imprisoned with].

  2. [reader sent the comment directly to me] In the beginning you said you were born a century before ……. I think you might have meant a century later. I can tell how dedicated you are with your research and all. This is just a suggestion: Why don’t you summarize in a short paragraph in the beginning what you want to get across then elaborate.

    realnuz: Thanks!! That was a huge editing find and I thank you. One little twist can make a silly out of me alright. It’s now changed to reflect the truth so that I’m not whisked away to the ‘ol rubber room. And, you’re right, I’m so darned beyond my own control that I have to do a preface that encapsulates what the article’s environment looks like to prep the reader for the journey. That too is a huge tip and I thank you. I attempt to do so on my front page where the preview text accompanies the picture and article title.

  3. Russ Turner said:

    realnuz, from a student Mr. G., Katheren Speeth entitled “The Gurdjieff work” we learn [from her opinion] that the idea of focused concentration is called self remembering while identification is the subjective state in which we get lost completely in what you’re doing. Just for your readers information, these are very definitely two different states. The practice of self remembering or sustain concentration is supposed to lead to yet higher states of conscientiousness. Conversely, the state (you ascribe to Mr. G. and I believe mistakenly so) of identification or “loosing oneself” is supposed to cause an unraveling of the reel(s) of a particular center whether mental, emotional or moving and in this subjective state each reel or wound spring more quickly unwinds and thus brings on an early death of that particular center. We die in stages. He had a saying posted somewhere in his school for the Harmonious development of mankind:
    “Identify with nothing remember yourself in everything”.

    realnuz: Russell, back off like I asked. That article is about my upbringing, who my teachers were, and why I’m able to decode the NWO the way I do. I woke up same way your idol did, but am not going to sit around with cult followers talking about someone who is dead. We’re facing a crisis against globalists and I’m trying to inform people with subject matter that contains actual solutions.. not theological or philosphical riddles to make my life more spiritual or one that you can identify comfortably with as acquaintances… I couldn’t understand a damn thing you wrote. I solve crimes and I decode secret messages so that the truth is revealed, Russ, you sound just like a page out of the Bible.. interpreted in a dozen different ways. I asked that you back off and you’re not. Because you don’t listen, I’ll have to have a restraining order placed on you:)

  4. W. Stantz said:

    holy shit, Lee that’s you! OMG!! if anyone can do them in it’s you. I’m still connected to our crew and some who look at the conspiracy angles and I send them articles. Anyone coming here is getting the real deal. by God it’s you.. who would ever know (no body back in design school would ever think… but it does make sense) you would take on a Goliath. I’ve been reading everything you post since I found your Dismantle The Beam Project and wondered who was doing the down and dirty. i always think of you and wondered why you did not become what we thought you would because you were the best & i think the industry misses you. Nobody (in our class at least) could touch it man. The teachers couldn’t understand either like you said about your science teacher in your article.. except for Dean, he really liked you and now I see why. Brilliant.. you better reply when I send an email. Damn, I thought you were long gone ~William

    realnuz: No.. I envied your work.. I stole your ideas:) Really, I looked up to you and have also thought of you throughout the years, I miss everybody and now maybe can reconnect? Cool. I just couldn’t find any contact information.. shows how bad a researcher I really am bro. Okay, the deal is! leebo

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