Batman and James Holmes-Media fraud and the Hollywood ‘tell’

“Let the games begin” – The Dark Knight Rises media psyops


Far more incriminating within the news media are the two versions of photos shown to the public of James Holmes, the suspect in the Aurora theater shooting.

The antagonist who wears a gas mask for some unknown and undeclared ‘real’ reason in the new Batman installment says “Let the Games Begin”.  He doesn’t say it singularly.. he says “Let the Games Begin”.   Why?  What game or games could it be?  In the movie, he is serious about destroying 12 million people and that is not a game.  It proves that the line he recites is a Hollywood declaration of a secret society status quo that makes TOTAL SENSE.  No?


The Denver Airport displays eerie post apocalyptic images of death, dying, and Neo Nazi murders


Test me.. tell me this isn’t so.. a catastrophic event during the Olympics

Eighteen months ago we were shown an image of a youth suspected of shooting a lawmaker.  He did not make this image in photoshop and then deliver it to the authorities.  The play by the news media is to convince Americans and the world that a crazy person was on the loose, and then caught.  They displayed his augmented face to make you angry.  This photograph was not a mug shot taken at the mug shot and fingerprinting department at Pima County Jail.  It was taken in the forensics room on January 11, and then digitally augmented.    Maricopa County PD was ordered to  turn over booking photos (mugs) of Loughner’s facial and side view by order of the court.  The difference between the initial image and the ones produced later is strikingly different.  Almost two years have passed and they have not produced the initial mug shot taken in Pima County Jail.  The question is why?



The first Jared Loughner picture can be likened to Glenn Beck and even elements of Fester of the television show, The Munsters.  Over a year later, the stunt was pulled again and this time they superimposed the features of Jack Nicholson’s face on top of the first James Holmes photo that was posted.

The trick is to imprint that image in the minds of the viewer so that decisions are made to incriminate the youth.  Homes didn’t post that picture nor did he make those changes to his face.  The media responsible for verifying their news then made no attempt to qualify to the world what had been posted.  Will they apologize?  Hardly.  It’s a setup.

Click both above to enlarge.  If James Holmes was selected to be a Manchurian Candidate for the Aurora operation, the comparison between a young Jack Nicholson and Homes certainly fit a facial characteristic profile conducive for the ‘Joker’ references.  Their similar resemblances and the fact that either the person with orange hair seen in the courtroom is a probable substitute bears merit when compared to the James Holmes before the event.  Otherwise, the second media posting of Homes had been digitally augmented to purposefully resemble Nicholson.


A conspiracy within a conspiracy

Comparisons are exactly what the media has done to convince viewers of the news that the Second Amendment Right to bear arms should be reconsidered.  Bill Clinton in the first week of September 2012 vehemently announces in a round about way to einstall the Brady Bill regarding the attack against the 2nd Amendment that Sheriff Richard Mach with the help of deceased Judge John McCarthy Roll successfully reversed.  Roll as you recall was shot and bludgeoned over the head to death on January 8, 2011 alongside Ron Barber. 

I’m not certain whether the James Holmes we see with orange hair is a replacement for the James Holmes we remember from pictures and video before the massacre is the real person or not. 

The video (click the image on the far right) was created to illustrate the transitional comparisons of the first media psyops post, incredibly it was photo-shopped with Jack Nicholson’s facial features, to the individual that appeared in court.  Ironically, Jared Lee Loughner was never photographed after the Maricopa County mug shots were ordered to be shown to the public.  Why Holmes and not Loughner?  Why was Jared’s court renderings by the illustrator not matching any of Loughner’s photographs shown publicly?   The call came to me for the reason I helped to solve the Loughner media psyops.  Within minutes, I was able to match early images of Jack Nicholson’s Hollywood portfolio 8X10 glossy photos to the first James Holmes media hoax posting.  Equal cases with similar traits lead to evidence that the events were staged.

Click right composite image to view video:  Self proclaimed photoshop and graphics design expert in finding matches, Ed Chiarini who scours the internet for them, seems to miss important evidence.  ALOT! And, ALOT of the most important ones you have seen on Dismantle the Beam.  Why hasn’t he directed you to any past comparison images?  He acts or doesn’t act by no mistake.. he is counter intelligence, other-wise, he’ll point you in the direction of what you see to the right. 

Unfortunately there is no ear matching with this Nicholson promo, but, there are plenty out there of Jack’s ears exposed.  I don’t require ears to match when clearly, there is no doubt that something is problematic with the Aurora staged event.  Is Holmes a clone, illigitimate child, or a fabrication by major media corporations?  Obviously the kid can’t be the same person, however this does beg the investigative question by all the paid employees out there being paid big federal paychecks to follow up with.  “Are you really CSI?”  Or is it only on television that plausible investigations take place!

Chiarini has infected the alternative news is the concerted effort to dupe the masses and confuse them with unlikely comparison images with folks who have leverage with their voice to dismantle their operations.   Images like this are real because they are THERE.  There are intricacies that I’m not showing for the reason these pictures are undergoing intense biometric analysis and I don’t want to be wrong.  It is in an effort to convince.  I do not want the results to be debunked, however, it is appropriate to show the actual photos compared now.  I would like to offer, allegedly of course, that Jack Nicholson possibly sacrificed an unwitting illigitamate boy who is now 25 years old and who cannot, in a court of law, know that his father is the famed star portraying the Joker.  Unless of course some DNA comparisons are ordered.  If Nicholson does belong to a Freemason Order and is degree’d to 32-33rd or so, the sickness is such that this game piece pawn, James Holmes who may have been conceived by Nicholson, be thrown to the dogs in this wild JOKE on Americans and reported internationally in a hugely deceptive game of ‘mad’ chess.  My implication is strange, unfounded, and lacks absolute proof to be honest, but I do ask that you contemplate the comparison images and question authority.  They’ll avoid producing any true background of James Holmes who would have to have shown considerable proof of who he is and who his parents are when applying to medical school.  When you read the papers and listen to the news, they seem completely nebulous as to who the mother may be.  They are not telling you conclusively that she is the biological mother with certainty.

Are they hiding an illegitimate child in plain sight?  Do they not want the public to connect James’ mother with Jack Nicholson?  Is Jack himself party with the circles of  ‘they’ (secret society’s who have links to these planned operations)?


Who was shot?

Unlike the Loughner ‘Congress on your Corner massacre’ shooting of Gabrielle Giffords and Judge John M. Roll.. officially termed ‘Operation Safeway’, I suspect that this event was either aborted for the reason one team member may have been shot by a theater goer who had an open or concealed weapon. Or, that the real James Holmes was purposely shot by a mercenary team member to eliminate him from the operation.  It is my contention that the guilty plea on August the 2nd 2012 was an attempt to seal the evidence regarding the Safeway case.  This would be damage control in an effort to keep the Tucson and Aurora events from being linked together for similarities in construct.  The FBI was brought in to investigate the Tucson event for the reason a congresswoman and Federal Judge were involved, but that was not the case in Aurora.  The Aurora cover up could be breached with leaked intelligence the organizers of an operation does not enjoy  having in the public domain.  There is a second strong reason that will be added to this report once satisfactory confirmation green lights it to come forth.

Expanding on the alleged theory that James Holmes, the one that exhibits Jack Nicholson’s facial features, was indeed part of a collective team of assassins, or sent there unknowingly that there were others, that he himself was shot by a team member in the flurry of rounds?  He would be dragged past his vehicle and dumped into the trunk of another as can be seen by the trail of blood, and exterminated so that a replacement.. the one with orange hair that does not match James Holmes images and video before the event, would prove the argument for mental health.  He would have no idea what happened and what any of this is all about.  The end result, another mistrial or whatever to seal away evidence as observed with Jared Lee Loughner’s supposed forced plea of guilt on August 2, 2012.

Witnesses say that tear gas was thrown from the rear as well as the front ends inside theater.  This could not have been achieved by a single shooter, unless he/she threw one so far across the room that it bounced off the far wall.  Could witnesses not see a gassing object in mid air?  It was noted that a wounded victim was scurried out the rear exit by others in gas masks.  Does the picture to the right suggest that their car was parked along side the white automobile that belonged to James Holmes?

Aurora police marked one gas mask as number “1” at the theater crime scene a distance from Home’s car.  Holmes was noted by police as still wearing his mask with all of his equipment on his person. This would lend credibility to the theory that a patsy and at least one operative were on the scene.  The mask labeled with a number ‘1’ was a long distance away from the suspects vehicle and close to where the blood splatter pattern terminates along the sidewalk in which it appears a body could have been placed in a car if it was parked headlights first into the parking spot.

Interestingly, the blood that is seen on the side walk behind the theater is in alignment as if a body was carried, not stumbling in a side to side staggered pattern as would be expected of a shooting victim traveling without assistance.  As the blood pattern shows, a wounded body was readjusted for being carried a distance to the ‘gat-away’ vehicle at the end of the lot.  Once the body was adjusted for on foot transport, the pattern is linear and relatively evenly paced until the destination is reached.  If the crime scene investigators report that bloody foot prints are tracked along side by men who had carried a body, if this did happen this way, will we ever hear the evidence in a trial against James Holmes?  You bet they won’t.

The blood pattern could have been created by someone who walked with assistance, was carried, or alone.  The aerial photograph indicates strongly that the victim was carried or assisted. 


Will you feel safe at ball games?

Below are scenes from the Hollywood film “The Dark Knight Rises”.  We are being installed with multiple fears.  Here, we are being conditioned to be concerned with terrorist attacks on our pleasurable pastimes as well as the potential that those we condemn to prison life attack us in savage terminator packs of killers, rapists, and molesters.

What do they want us to fear more..?

Films are coming to theaters in droves depicting casualties in mass at collective theatrical events such as sporting events.  The Hollywood movie “Act Of Valor” and “The Dark Knight Rises” movie of theater 9 both showcase mass genocide through use of bombs in Colosseum like settings.

It is argued that off shore terrorists are to blame for the 9/11 attack in 2001.  As logic has it, it would be senseless for terrorists to spend money on injuring citizens in a ball park when the war makers are hiding out elsewhere.  They would have learned that doing so is the preemptive green light to assert more occupation (war) upon their own people.

(Above) Opening scene of the film “Transformers” of 2007

Why waste time blowing up stadiums?  If they wanted to ‘bag’ the perpetrators (those that conspire to wage war on them) spend so much energy and wasted time asking for trouble?  You’d think that off shore terrorists would set fire or something to the hotels where such gatherings as the Bilderberg meetings take place.  Their matters would be settled then.  Wake up America.


What do they want us to fear more.. inmates let loose upon society during bad moments, or the destruction of society by outside terrorism?  Who are the terrorists then?  I think they consider you and I the actual enemy combatants (an old term they garaged for ‘terrorists if one commits any crime.. it replaces ‘criminal’.)  The criminals they plan to set free then are criminals, and that’s acceptable because we are accepting our new labels as the big “T”.


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