Trumpet Sounds Heard All Over The World

The “Ulla” war cry of the Tripods in WAR OF THE WORLDS was made with a didgeridoo and computer effects. –  IMDB

I talk with Charles “Chuck” Ochelli of the Ochelli Effect about the trumpet sound anomaly.  People have recorded unusual and loud booming, or reverberating, trumpeting noises in various places around the globe.  A few UFO sightings caught on video also contain the subtle trumpet like sounds.  The question we ask is if the UFO captures are authentic or fiddled with to post as frauds.  The consensus, or my opinion, happens to be that they are authentic based on the totality of the video analysis.

Update:  Nov 21, 2015.  I met with MUFON’s chief anomaly analyst on 11-20-15, and asked what his opinion of the trumpeting sounds were.  His response was “In most instances I’ve evaluated were of the same classical music of trumpets blowing dubbed into the video captures.”

Experience for yourself the natural like sounds of world witnesses with video cameras contrasted, or juxtaposed, with the special effects incorporated in films such as JURASSIC PARK, WAR OF THE WORLDS and CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND.   Yes, perhaps the conditioning for grooming the masses using trumpet noises that will link Project Bluebeam, or the theorized “Faked Alien Invasion”, disclosed privately to Carol Rosin by Werner von Bruan began as far back as 1977… if not further?

A question raised is that if all of the trumpet sounds are indeed taken from classical music scores and NOT dubbed into UFO video captures, that the crafts or audio sounds that accompany UFO videos posted on the internet are intentionally broadcasted when military crafts are deployed.


The film industry gives us clues as to what is happening almost as if it is a Global Elitists newspaper.  In recent years, unusual trumpet sounds have been recorded in which the similarity to some movies are noted.  Three in particular are demonstrated in this video; War Of The Worlds, Jurassic Park, and the classic film Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  These similarities are not limited to film, but also occur in the music and video game industry.  The common link happens to be the 528Hz frequency.





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