A Stargate Is Born


“I worked in the pentagon for three decades. I’m currently in a southeast Asian country that doesn’t have friendly extradition treaties: keep dogging away. You have most of the critical pieces of the puzzle right here.” – anonymous: March 10, 2013

If you thought the Denver Airport was spooky, and some have said the same about their visit to Hoover Dam, the idea that it is not only a modern day pyramid, but more specifically a Stargate portal for malicious use, or exclusive voyage rights only for the privileged, may be the reason. Yes, Denver’s airport is the portal to an underground bunker as Hoover Dam is to the Universe.

Movie magic and special effects

Obama apparently takes an impromptu excursion from the Las Vegas presidential debates apparently confused as to NOT knowing the Dam’s primary functions, nor how the Dam serves ‘his’ constituents in the Southwest Quadrant of the country he serves.  Amazing.. it happens to be classified an engineering wonder.   Andrew Basiago who is confirmed Barack Hussein Obama is really one Barry Soetoro, together from childhood on to young adulthood were DAARPA Project Pegasus indoctrinates.  Basiago claims the President will not acknowledge Pegasus existed.

Maybe movie magic decisions are not arbitrary.  In Stargate SG1, I once felt that the use of water to illustrate a science fiction transit system doorway to the far reaches of the galaxy and beyond was brilliant.  I have always admired simple special effect techniques and envied the people working in the industry.  Could the water effect used for the film and spin-offs actually be a Hollywood “Tell” that Hoover Dam is a true ‘blue’ Stargate portal?  Could this simple special effect not be so independently thought out?  Perhaps it was a necessity.

Pyramid engines come in two distinct geometries

Apparently there are two distinct pyramid engines, not just the four sided square bottomed single pointed pyramid.

The other happens to be a Stargate Pyramid in the form of a cone. What was built under our noses in Black Canyon is a conical shaped pyramid which may act as a Stargate. Aliens have built stargates on planet earth for millions if not hundreds of millions of years and so it is not unusual that one was made during our lifetime. While Hoover Dam is 1/3 of a complete circle, it is unknown if this is a true portal, a weapon, or other, but if Hollywood ‘Tells’ us some truth, then we are informed through the movie ‘Contact’ that it is a machine for humanitySince Jodie Foster entertains the elites, then Hoover Dam being a transit system is intended only for the elite.

Whatever it is, the term applied may very well be “Project Bluebeam” and that a faked alien invasion is a cover story for a true alien invasion through a Stargate Portal.



JOHN CARTER discloses an energy force “BlueBeam?”

Dejah Thoris develops the technology she coins “9th Ray Isolates” that addresses Helium’s energy problems.  The ultimate hand weapon entrusted liberally by a Thern to Sab Than, “a mindless brute”, are both the same technologies used for good or evil were major issues in the entire storyline.  The reality is that the blue beam has more to do with genetics.  It is super genome technology used to transform living beings into.. anything.


A deleted scene from ‘John Carter’ –  “Look in between.  Look for a glow of blue.”  –  Deja Thoris


Orion & other destinations

The first question asked is whether instantaneous time travel through space is achievable?  Through projects such as Pegasus and the findings of physicists such as Kip Thorne, the combined efforts of black projects, scientific plausibility, and experiments proving successful it is most likely so.  The image showing the vortex as part of a torus effect is what Hoover Dam would like like when activated as a transportation gateway to.. destinations achievable by aliens of past.

Although Hoover Dam is one third of a 360 degree circular unit, it still has the capacity to generate an energy that may be the source of the 9th Ray Isolate, or Bluebeam.  This dam then is a pyramid of a specific variety unlike those typically understood.. the most notable in Egypt. It is a conical pyramid formed as a third of a whole.

The Hoover Dam bypass bridge viewed while under construction demonstrates a modular two part archway in which it is clearly made in two sections. When split, each section can be connected end to end to complete the circle by adding the remaining 240 (120 + 120) degree length to Hoover Dam for the formation of the circular portal.  Could the secret societies plan to divert more fresh Rocky Mountain water from the Colorado River through this portal to other worlds? What explained the disappearance of the Shasta area fresh water aquifer? Is there a mass cache of gold and perhaps platinum still hidden in the Grand Canyon ancient vaults, Tower of Ra and Set, Isis and Cheops Temple and so forth, earmarked to be used as the electrical conduit medium for this Stargate?

The O’callaghan-Tillman bypass bridge is the stealth method by which the engineers complete the ‘circuit’. Chinook Helicopters will be its transport for positioning. There will not be a need for a span style support when it is assembled – columns or wire suspension is all that would be needed. It was the span style arch out of other bridge designs that was apparently the obvious engineering choice. It is based on the ulterior prerequisite which may the ‘Tell’ that there are many other Stargates worldwide built for hydro-electric power plants that fuel the energy needed to create the universal transport grid system. This also explains the riddle as to why a redundant bridge was ordered under the excuse 9/11 was a threat manufactured to prevent commercial traffic over Hoover Dam.

The bypass bridge is named after Mike O’Callaghan whose political career began in 1963, when then-Nevada Governor Grant Sawyer appointed him to head the new Department of Human Resources.

In 1964 President Lyndon B. Johnson who had been the secret societies replacement after assassinating Kennedy, thus beginning the move to create the NWO and installing elite operatives such as O’callaghan appointed him to be the regional director of the Office of Emergency Preparedness.

China Stargate

We know how FEMA operates, so we know how emergency preparedness conducts the drills that FEMA cleans up after.  In the 1990s O’callaghan monitored elections in Nicaragua and northern Iraq, and was a strong supporter of NWO headquarters, or ‘mission control.. Israel.  It is possible that he was a high ranking member of the Queho Posse Chapter 1919 (of the Ancient & Honorable Order E. Clampus Vitus).

Incidentally, the bypass bridge was located downstream of the dam which the canyon width is the same and predicates that the radius matches the 120 degree arc distance.  How coincidental.


Nonetheless, it is engineered to 1/3 of a complete 360 degree circle

The Egyptian pyramids are in the exact shape of the Orion constellation. The central shafts of the great pyramid of Giza all point to Orion, Sirius, Draco, and Leo.



Transformers of 2007

The Transformers official slogan, “More than meets the eye,” is heard twice in the film, but the Decepticon Transformer known as Barricade sports the slogan “To punish and enslave”.  It is the Borg and is represented as the mystical Therns of John Carter.  This is all about what is the purpose of Hoover Dam, and is theorized to be the actual Bluebeam energy engine.  Barricade Transformer is the military industrial complex that wants to enslave and kill off most humans while ensuring that they have their own peace in Alcyone.  The Illuminati, incorporated in 1776, must have made a jump in 1865.  It took them 47 years to establish the Federal Reserve.

(Click Above) A section has been airbrushed out.  Hoover Dam cannot be seen from the bridge because it’s too high.

The Latin translation of “Pacis Quod Alcedonia” is “Still, Halcyon days of Peace”. Halcyon, or Alcyone A, (the ‘A’ seen in NASA and on the sweater worn by Sam Witwicki  is in a star system in the constellation Taurus and is the brightest star in the Pleiades open cluster and named after the mythological figure Alcyone, one of the mythological Pleiades sisters. The seven sisters of this system is parallel to the ‘Sector 7’ reference in the film Transformers which is covered by the ‘First Seven’ founders of Hoover Dam.  Either this Stargate is a corridor to Pleiades in the constellation Taurus or Leo or Orion, all, or one that goes anywhere.

(Right) “Alcyone” is one of a handful of Terrazo tile floor designs.  It is the Pleiades star symbol Alcyone 1.

During a sequence where Sam asks for his car and his friend’s juvenile record to be expunged “forever” in exchange for information as to where the Cube is, the response from Sector 7 was “Let’s see what we can do about the car”.  You think even in a movie they’d let us think we can get away with acts of imprisonment?

I was having coffee with a friend who had asked ‘what I was up to these days’.  I said “I’m thinking I’ve locked into what Hoover Dam really is”.  After explaining it, she asked if I had seen the first Transformers movie.  Of course my answer was no, “I don’t watch movies unless I need to,” I said.  She said, “well, I think you better ‘need to’ see it because it takes place in Hoover Dam.  The main character [Sam Witwicki] has a shirt on that, from what I remember, spells out ‘STAR'”.   Before she finished, I was running out the door to rent the DVD…

Michael Bey does this also in his film Armageddon when the returning crew, after saving the earth from an extinction impact by an asteroid, one member asks on behalf of the heroes that they don’t pay income tax.. ‘forever’.  Even then the PTB play with us.

Alcyone is an eclipsing binary, and the two components have a separation of 0.031 arc seconds, or about the distance from the Sun to Jupiter.  It would be no wonder what the true meaning built into the 2001 and 2010 Space Odyssy movies had intentions of creating a binary system relative to Alcyone’s.

The film Transformers was born in 2007 the same year the Pat Tillman Mike O’callaghan bypass bridge was on the drawing boards and then completed in October 2010.


A cube described as the ‘ultimate power’ could be used for good or evil

“Before time began, there was the Cube. We know not where it comes from, only that it holds the power to create worlds and fill them with life.” – Optimus Prime ‘Transformers’ 2007


Bill Clinton & Frank Giustra – About LIONSGATE Entertainment



Origin 1715-25:  Old Norse gat meaning hole, opening (dictionary.com)


Film industry “stargat” meaning star opening, star hole…?


(Below) Lang & O’Leary Exchange presents the typical rhetoric regarding philanthropic practices of the globalists.  Giustra is being given the opportunity to mine Haiti of its mineral riches.  AIDS and the poor & ‘The Sustainable Growth Initiative” is the cover story.

Lionsgate entertainment debuts Transformers 2007 at the same time the corporation establishes its name having changed from its North American company., Beringer Gold Corporation, originally IMI Computer Corp.  Lionsgate was formed in Vancouver, British Columbia on July 3, 1997, but headquartered in Santa Monica.  As of 2012, it became the most commercially successful independent film and television distribution companies in North America and the sixth most profitable studio with the success of Hunger Games.

Clinton & Giustra Relationship

Lionsgate was originally known as IMI Computer Corp. on May 26, 1986 and later known as Beringer Gold Corp. Beringer Gold later was incorporated as Lions Gate Films under the Business Corporation Act in British Columbia and was founded on July 3, 1997.  The founder and Canadian investment banker and mining mogul, Frank Giustra is the CEO of Fiore Financial Corporation managing a broad portfolio of private equity investments across North America and exclusive adviser to Endeavour Mining Corporation.  In April 2012, he launched a new joint venture with Lionsgate and Thunderbird Films, called Sea to Sky, which will focus on the television industry.

In 2007 when Transformers debuted in the theaters, Giustra and Bill Clinton launched the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative (CGSGI), a social and economic development program front.

The film’s subtext expresses the Decepticon (global elites/shadow government/big banking, etc.) desire to depopulate the planet.  They also are building a confusion as to who is who and what it is we are to be doing when something big really does happen.  In Transformers, Sam is instructed to scale a building and turn over the cube “AllSpark” to the government flying in by helicopter.  Will you give your freedom and power away to the fed this easily?  It’s happening and we don’t even recognize it.
                       (represents the power elite-Giustra)
           Humans don't deserve to live!

				  Optimus Prime
                       (represents off world aliens assumed to be 
                        benevolent hovering above us enjoying soda and
                        popcorn while we die from corrupt Medica/Pharma/
                        Agra/Bill & Malinda Gates death by vaccination, 
                        etc., and our children forced into sex slavery 
                        and all that shit)
	   They deserve to choose for themselves!

           Then you will die with them! Join them in extinction!

Since 2005, Frank Giustra has become an active executive member and significant contributor to the International Crisis Group in which George Soros is a board member.  This group supposedly offers advice to policymakers on the prevention and resolution of deadly conflict, but you and I know what they really do.

(IMDB) The movie opens with Optimus Prime, an Autobot, narrating the history of the AllSpark, a cube-shaped artifact capable of granting independent life to normal electronic and mechanical objects, which is the source of life for all Transformers, both Autobots and the evil Decepticons.  Their society flourished until they were betrayed by Megatron; and war erupted over the AllSpark, which was lost and ended up on Earth.  IMDB storyline “A long time ago, far away on the planet of Cybertron, a war is being waged between the noble Autobots (led by the wise Optimus Prime) and the devious Decepticons (commanded by the dreaded Megatron) for control over the Allspark, a mystical talisman that would grant unlimited power to whoever possesses it.”  Is it a coincidence that a film about a chrononaut who travels through a Stargate portal, Ellie played by Jodie Foster in Contact, is nicknamed “SPARKS”?

The location of Allspark (The Cube) is imprinted on the glasses.  A close look indicates that a complete circle is formed from the end to end points of Hoover Dam.  If the Pat Tillman Bypass Bridge is indeed a two part modular span of 120 degrees each, then placed end to end would form the rest of the 240 degrees needed to complete the Stargate pattern imprinted as a map on these pair of glasses. 


What else explains ‘Sector 7’?


Other ‘telling’ dialogue

“Sector 7 [first seven] is a special access division of the United States Government convened in secret under president Hoover over 80 years ago.” Hoover installed George Hunt as first Governor of Arizona.  Hunt, whose picture is at the top of the pyramid of pictures on the office wall in the film Terminators, died just before the Dam was completed and entombed in a 20 foot tall pyramid in Phoenix, Arizona.  A secret society member for sure, but what about Hoover?  The Dam was intentionally named Boulder Dam, and under heavy controversy, was changed to Hoover.  There were strong opinions against naming it after him.

“You may remember when NASA JPL lost the Beagle II Rover.. we told them to report the mission a complete failure.  It wasn’t.  Beagle transmitted 13 seconds. This was classified above top secret.”  This is true with all of NASA’s public reporting.

“We shipped it here in 1934.”   In a scene when Sam is introduced to the Allspark cube.  The Dam was completed in 1935 and opened in 1936.   The project was completed long before the estimated date of completion.  Why the rush?  Was that accidental, or did they really need to keep ‘something alien’ from being exposed?

“Megatron wants to take the cube to transform human technology [DNA] to take over the universe.”  Used as slave labor to mine for minerals, human beings undergoing transgenic mutation, or will be sent to Mars to undergo genetic processing, birthing, and so forth will be transported through the Stargate as well as experimented on at Hoover Dam DUMB (Deep underground base).

“Carbon dating puts the cube here around 10,000 BC.”  This satisfies my theory that alien races (Reptilians for the most part first) came into competition with the Anunnaki for dominion over earth and their genetic farm of human laborers.  This is when the polar caps were intentionally melted, earth cleansed, pyramids unearthed in the Grand Canyon… the list goes on.


About Director Michael Bay

Michael Bay made films that are not in our best interest.  He directed Armageddon in 1998, The Island in 2005, and Transformers in 2007.  Armageddon has to do with an extinction impact by an asteroid and The Island tells us what they are doing to human beings regarding the human genome project.  Why do you think two blood samples are taken for every clinical visit?  The other is sent off to a private entity that tracks and monitors and shelves your DNA for genetics R&D.  It’s big business.

Michael Bay’s GMC tow truck in the film stands for Grabowski Motor Corporation, a division of General Motors. With the exception of Optimus Prime, all of the Autobots are General Motors vehicles (Chevy, Pontiac, Hummer, & GMC).   The Obama administration in a round about way acquired GM.  There must be a link, then, to our executive branch and this suspected Stargate.


The Giza Pyramids are not the only ones that mirror Orion


As an example, the Egyptian pyramids are in the exact shape of the constellation Orion. Their luminance is proportional to the size of each pyramid in Giza. The Giza pyramids may be portals to the star system of Orion as pyramid design most consider the only pyramid shape, four sided triangular shape with a square base.

The LIONSGATE Stargate, or the Gate of Iss (Issus) when referencing the film ‘John Carter’, is a conical pyramid specific to Leo and is circular. Exactly why does the Sphinx point directly towards the constellation Leo?


Nothing qualifies the Grand Canyon to be a “Natural Wonder”

The mistake is that there are categories of 7 wonders of the world.  The Canyon itself is deemed a natural ‘wonder’ while Hoover Dam is an architectural one.  The ‘monuments’ are by definition architectural, sculptural and plain ‘intelligently crafted’ constructs completely foreign to nature, hence should be architectural.. if the secret societies who veiled the canyon’s secret did not mask the true history, it’s ‘alien equation’ cover would be compromised.

By definition, the ‘Monuments of the Grand Canyon’ are not considered natural features, but a deception that they are.  This is why the national park is incorrectly a natural ‘Wonder’.  It should really be an ancient architectural one.  This is why the secret societies call them wonders.. they keep us wondering what they truly are.


n   1)  A statue, building, or other structure erected to commemorate a famous or notable person or event.  2)  A statue or other structure placed by or over a grave in memory of the dead.  Syn:   memorial – cenotaph

(Wiki), The word “monumental” is often used in reference to something of extraordinary size and power, as in monumental sculpture,  but also to mean simply anything made to commemorate the dead, as a funerary monument or other example of funerary art.  The word comes from the Latin “monere,” which means ‘to remind’ or ‘to warn.’ The term is often used to describe any structure that is a significant and legally protected historic work


n    (1)  A monument erected in honor of a dead person whose remains lie elsewhere.

(Wiki) A cenotaph is an “empty tomb” or a monument erected in honor of a person or group of people whose remains are elsewhere. It can also be the initial tomb for a person who has since been interred elsewhere. The word derives from the Greek: “empty”, and taphos, “tomb”. Although the vast majority of cenotaphs are erected in honor of individuals, many noted cenotaphs are instead dedicated to the memories of groups of individuals, such as the lost soldiers of one country or empire.

Proof the ‘monuments’ cannot be officially be considered natural wonders

In November 2006 the USA Today in conjunction with Good Morning America revealed a list of ‘New Seven Wonders’ as chosen by six judges.  The wonders were announced one per day over a week on Good Morning America.  An eighth wonder was chosen on November 24, 2006 from viewer feedback  If viewers only knew the truth.. experts certainly don’t, but should.  One of the many existing lists was compiled by CNN and included the Grand Canyon and its ‘monuments’ as a natural wonder.

The USA Today panel:

Sylvia Earle

Sylvia Earle, is a marine biologist and Time magazine’s first “Hero for the Planet.”  Earle is also a National Geographic Society explorer in residence and has led sixty expeditions with over 6,000 hours of underwater research and exploration.  There are pyramids under water, so why hasn’t she reported on them?  Fail.

Bruce Feiler

Bruce Feiler, author of of best-seller “Walking the Bible and Abraham: A Journey to the Heart of Three Faiths”, Feiler is a self-proclaimed “theological tourist” and has visited over sixty countries on five continents.  I haven’t left the city limits of Tucson to realize the facts.   Fail.

Pico Iyer

Pico Iyer,  has authored over eight books, including “Video Night in Kathmandu” which is considered one of the best travel books ever by USA Today.  Iyer has twice been a ‘Fellow of the World Economic Forum’ in Davos, Switzerland.  And yet, he fails as well. Wonder if he travelled to the canyon.  Fail.

Holly Morris

Holly Morris, wants you to think she is one of these ‘global explorers’.  These are cruise ship opportunists looking for a good time.  She directs, hosts, and executive produces “Adventure Divas” which is a PBS documentary series that profiles innovative women around the world, Morris also is co-founder of Adventure Divas Inc.  Hmmmm, another one of them elitists.  Fail.

Johan Reinhard

Johan Reinhard,  What?  A high-altitude archaeologist?    Never heard of such a thing.  Reinhard is a National Geographic Society explorer in residence.  He discovered the perfectly preserved “ice maiden” Inca mummy on Peru’s Mount Ampato in 1995, among other finds.  I think these are ‘accidental stumbling or tripping over’ finds.  The credit is due to someone who figures out the existance of these ‘finds’ and then finds them.  Big fail.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson,  is an  Astrophysicist at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City as well as director of the Hayden Planetarium.  Tyson has explored star formation, exploding stars, dwarf galaxies and the structure of the Milky Way.  This then is the biggest failure yet.  He of all of them should have known that the star pattern of Orion is a perfect non-coincidental alignment of the monuments of the Grand Canyon chasm.  EPIC FAIL.


These corner star systems – cornerstones – of Earth’s history reaches back almost 11,000 years.

(Below) The rights to the 1994 ‘Stargate’ film are currently partially owned by Lions Gate Entertainment who handles most distribution in terms of international theatrical and worldwide home video releases. Because Lionsgate studio is named for a Stargate, it is suspected that Hoover Dam is the portal transport system to the star system Leo.

Orion and Leo then by definition are two alien nations that are controlling our world and making slave laborers out of us to build for them. The remaining star systems Draco, Leo, and Sirius Stargates are most likely architecturally defined by other formulas.


What other purpose might the Hoover Dam ‘Lionsgate’ Stargate serve?

Could the secret societies plan to divert more fresh Rocky Mountain water from the Colorado River through this portal to other worlds?

What explained the disappearance of the Shasta area fresh water aquifer?

Is there a mass cache of gold and perhaps platinum still hidden in the Grand Canyon ancient vaults, Tower of Ra and Set, Isis and Cheops Temple and so forth, earmarked to be used as the electrical conduit medium for this Stargate?

I suspect as any one with logical sense would say that the restrictions placed on such a structure as stable as this dam is.. it is said that the concrete can stretch to the moon or something like that.. that it isn’t in danger of exploding into smithereens.  They are keeping a big secret very secretive.

(click below) 2.0 and above Seismic recordings near Hoover Dam

Could Hoover Dam have become a newly created underground base?

James Smith reports by the 10th of October, 2011, the USGS Event Notification Service sent over 5,000 notifications of Seismic movements from February to September 28.  The counts totaled 66 of magnitudes of 2.0 “dangerously” near Hoover Dam.  Also noted by Smith is that the earth quakes only occurred during the working hours of 6 to 9pm and occasionally on a Sunday.  There were no recorded movements on any Saturday.

AP – “Sharon Kerfoot, a first-time visitor from Alberta said being able to view the terrain ahead of time, gauge the difficulty of the hike and know just how wide the path is would benefit those considering a trip to the Grand Canyon. She said, “What the images won’t tell visitors is how much water they should carry down the trails, how to prepare for temperature changes, what type of food to take and how much, and how best to protect the natural resources.”

The suggestions that military industrial operations are underway, there are other clues that indicate that the National Park could become cordoned off to visitors and the rights for citizens who believe they have access over the government to their parks.  Google (NSA) has begun a campaign (link broken due to original articles have been deleted) to map the area within the Canyon with the pyramid formations.  Why have they waited so long to do so?

  “Military one asks?  Well, who else is going to protect Giustra’s (and Bill Clinton’s) supposed mineral rights to mine for themselves all the riches that belong to you and I?  They need to send their video game trained children into the big ditch to navigate around keeping us all out and away and for good.  Google Earth and Street Maps isn’t for your convenience.. it’s all designed for foreign troops to easily find your damn house.  And, because it’s actually live (the reason the non-red light cameras are installed at every intersection in our nation) that ties all of the mapping together in one neat ribbon, bow, and surveillance tracking package.” – realnuz


Mayan evidence shows us a Stargate.. our Sun

Government officials in Mexico claim to be releasing state-held secrets about the end of the Mayan calendar  to the makers of a documentary and producer Raul Julia, “Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond.”

This material which has been under lock and key for eighty years is being propagandized by the authorities which expect the layman to believe that the Mayans predicted catastrophic events to happen at their Mayan calendar in December.  They want their exchange with Raul Julia to be equitable with the Mexican government under the condition that it go public before December 21, 2012.  This, my dear friends, is the ‘tell’ that it is Illuminati intentions to undermine the Mayan historical record depicted on the artifacts found deep within a Mayan pyramid.  Unfortunately for producer Raul Julia-Levy, son of actor Raul Julia, I will know and report the truth based on my complete understanding of ill intent coming from both sides.

Who controls Mexico?  The Bush family dynasty is who.  We saw illegal activity with George W. Bush during the North American Treaty meetings, treasonous as they were, Vincente Fox never apologized to US citizens for the corrupt actions of Bush.  So, what makes one think this documentary and the allowance of 80 year old protected evidence finally be important for the masses to view?  Disclosure of events of course, but spun in complete dissolution.

Julia-Levy is on record for having been aware of the secret Mayan information by former Mexican president Vicente Fox, who so happens to be a friend of the entertainment industry family, and that it took four years of phone calls to gain permission with current president Felipe Calderon to do the documentary.  Under the agreement, the Mexican authorities will allow Julia-Levy to film in never-before-seen locations.  “And we’re letting this documentary film there, to see what has been discovered inside the pyramid.”

Julia-Levy has been specifically ordered not to talk about any of the more mystical possibilities and it is reported that Rosado was quoted in a press release talking about contact between the Mayans and extraterrestrials. That statement has been recalled, and Rosado now paints this as a simpler, more archaeological-oriented documentary.




Is Hoover Dam merely a wormhole gate?

220px-STS-107_Flight_Insignia text

Klaus DonaResearch scientist, Klaus Dona and others, examined artifacts that had been exhumed from a Mexican Mayan temple pyramid that were released by the Mexican Government.

One of them contains a depiction of our inner solar system which includes the Sun, Earth, what appears to be the moon with an atmosphere or either Mars or Venus, alien space craft with aliens inside and most importantly, what can be assumed to be a Stargate transport system.  This conduit from the Sun to the earth contains what appears to be a blackened isosceles triangle in the center of the sun.

This shape is consistent with secret society architecture in the form of pyramid design in temples and as graphic designs.  A documentary will be available titled “Revelations of the Mayans – 2012 and beyond”.

A striking connection to the film John Carter is established when superimposing the Sun detail over the etched map on a pair of spectacles showing the location of a suspected man-made Stargate.



Artifact proves our Sun is a Stargate

Pictured is a Mayan pyramid located in Ecuador which may have yielded ancient stories of aliens.  These Mayan artifacts have been revealed by the Mexican government and showcased to the public come from as of yet an unknown location.

In the film John Carter, the temple if Issus has relevance for the reason the pyramid temple in the movie was an upside down darkened pyramid.. which is upside down on the Mayan artifact.  Issus or isosceles has the same root description.

There are several artifacts that are alien in nature, but the one showing the inner solar system’s unique transport diagram from the Earth to the Sun is highly important and may very well be the evidence needed to support the Hoover Dam Stargate theory.

If it is true that there needs to be a Stargate on the Sun and one on Earth for passage between the two bodies, and that the Sun is the ‘launch pad’ Stargate to other stars, then the powers that be have created a controlled environment in Arizona by which passage to the galaxies can happen.

We find that artifacts depicting aliens are real life evidence and we also find similar artifacts represented as found within a pyramid in the Hollywood film John Carter.  Here, we see alien entities with human like similarities of form, but the reality is they are most likely ill sentimented.  In the film, the character, a Thern, says that their race has destroyed planets long before and will continue long after Mars is ‘done in’.  This may be a true to life expression regarding the New World Order’s desire to completely corrupt an otherwise beautiful planet we call our home.  To do this, they may have plans to disrupt or power down our Sun.

Really, why does a star go ‘supernova’?


Alien craft : Isosceles Triangle : photographed

An Alien craft was observed hovering near the islands of South Georgia between South America and the Antarctic coastline in 1979.  Fisherman were able to photograph the craft in which it was observed for nearly two hours.  They described it with having a distinct isosceles triangle on a round disc with two lights that indicated a propulsion system.  The photograph faintly, but positively proves the isosceles triangle was a predominant feature.

These screen grabs were taken from Russian writer and producer, Vitaly Provdivtsev’s, 2006 documentaryNazi UFO’s, Secrets of the Third Reich ll Nazi Base Antarctica (at 36:20). It was reported 3 years before that just under 20 space craft were seen plunging into the arctic waters in the vicinity.

In addition to the known functions of HAARP “microwave cannon” in Alaska safely assume that it is believed that the main function of the deadly antenna array is for the search to the entrance of this wormhole.  The United States government has known that the images caught on video tape show alien craft disappearing in mid-outer-space beyond the ionosphere and suspect that the wormhole entrances are there.

Nazi ufo doc composite




The Genesis of an idea leading to a Stargate

The NWO blueprint ‘primer’ for me occurred as dimensions.  The ‘key’ was the fact that almost all of the overall engineering, sculpture, and artist designs followed basic occult inspired geometry.  The striking, yet very not so obvious plan for the dam didn’t make sense until I compared it to the diagrams of the sculpture reliefs.  Once that connection was made, I knew this structure needed to be more than what the public is lead to know.  The elemental that cross over the three films compared in Search for Project Bluebeam converges at Hoover Dam were extremely helpful.

In the film Transformers 10 years after the making of Contact, there is a device named ‘ALLSPARK’.  In Contact staring Jodie Foster “Ellie Arroway” prefaces the shared root word in the form of a nickname.  Her father, a Vegan in the ending, had named her “SPARKS”.  In May 1984, Omni Magazine published a front cover of a woman portrayed by artist Stanislaw Fernandes‘s “TechnoMadonna”.  Like the comparison of “Sparks” she represents a new-age archetype: the androgynous goddess of artificial intelligence. She is a nearly perfect android – except for the drop on her lip, which is a symbol of the human capacity to err.  Jodie Foster’s character does not believe in God, but she does believe completely and without question in science.

This is a direct connection to the human genomics program whereby transportation into other dimensions are achieved in limitless time.  Limitless time means eternal life.


Ancient Gods

KHRONOS (or Chronus) was the Protogenos (primeval god) of time, a divinity who emerged self-formed at the beginning of creation in the Orphic cosmogonies. Khronos was imagined as an incorporeal god, serpentine in form, with three heads–that of a man, a bull, and a lion. He and his consort, serpentine Ananke (Inevitability), circled the primal world-egg in their coils and split it apart to form the ordered universe of earth, sea and sky. Khronos and Ananke continued to circle the cosmos after creation-their passage driving the circling of heaven and the eternal passage of time.

The figure of Khronos was essentially a cosmological doubling of the Titan Kronos (also “Father Time”). The Orphics occasionally combined Khronos with their creator-god Phanes, and identified him with Ophion. His equivalent in the Phoenician cosmogony was probably Olam (Eternal Time), or Oulomos, as his name appears in Greek transcriptions.

Khronos was represented in Greco-Roman mosaic as Aion, “eternity” personified. He stands against the sky holding a wheel inscribed with the signs of the zodiac. Beneath his feet Gaia (Mother Earth) is usually seen reclining. The poet Nonnus describes Aion as an old man with long white hair and beard. Mosaics, however, present a youthful figure.


Paramagnetic and Diamagnetic energy

In my study of energy machines built or choreographed naturally by animals, I note that in the world of the ant, it is important that they defend their queen in ways mostly unknown in conventional knowledge settings. To preface how ants do this, an explanation as to how a prospector locates specific mineral rich areas to stake mining claims, he will look at the coloring of birds, the type of vegetation, and what mineral deposits line the rim of the mound of an ant hill.

(Above) ‘The Machine’ from the movie Contact.  While there is no evidence that the Hoover Dam will implement this machines engineering design, it is possible this thing does exist.  What if there is another Hoover Dam as is in the film Contact?

Birds that are indigenous to areas loaded with copper, for example, will be of the color blue. If the cochineal scale is found on cacti, and it’s white matted ‘silk’ turns purple when spread over paper, gold is found in the soil in which the plant grows. If there is evidence of platinum, silver, or gold on the rim of an ant hill, a prospector immediately stakes a precious metal claim.. no questions asked.

I studied under Joseph Blankinship who always says, “I’m nothing really, I leach off the brilliance of great people”.  The opposite is true.  Joe has worked, studied, researched, and has corresponded with most all the masters within the circles of science over his lifetime beginning at age 16 when he was Wilhelm Reich’s apprentice ‘Orgone’.  He’s 83 years old now. and for the last three or so years, has filled my mind with his experience.  He’s introduced me to people nobody really knows and combined it with my experience.

Based on simple ideas, I have been able to piece together these phenomenons I’m showing on Dismantle The Beam Project.   None of the top echelon thinkers are formally taught any of this and Joe never graduated from any of the esteemed learning centers that do nothing but mind control anyway.  None of us are indoctrinated into the educational venues of deception.  When he introduced me to Philip Callahan, in New Mexico during a TeslaTech convention (at his home as Phil is now in his mid 90’s and doesn’t go to those conventions any longer) the direction of my thought process accelerated tenfold.  From Phil’s understanding of the natural methods of observation and of the aetheral auras and energies which is in alignment with my approach, he showed Joe who showed me how paramagnetics works in nature.  Privately, Phil talked of his experiences that are undocumented in any of his 18 publications and the myriad of white papers.  He told me what happened to him inside the Great Pyramid and how he did it.  When he passes on, I’ll be at liberty to share this story.

Dr. Philip Callahan shares his life experience, technologies, and interesting undocumented accounts with good friend Joe Blankinship in this wonderfully transcribed into print expose. Taped in 2004 and transcribed into a book in 2010, this book envelops the expanse of Phil’s writings.. about eighteen books in all.. powerfully transmitted in candid conversation.

Joe Blankinship is a gold miner/prospector among other minerals from the old days.  His best friend is Jim Humble who also is a gold prospector.  Jim’s experience in search of gold in South America lead him to the discovery of chlorine dioxide, or the Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) before the name had to change to Master Mineral Supplement.

The mound of an ant hill radiates a paramagnetic EMF

Joe Blankinship demonstrated to me everything there is to know about the history of gold going way back to the ancients.  These are things that are also not so well published and pretty much absent from the internet cloud and circles of knowledge.  Joe taught me that to search for gold, one must look at the wildlife, plant forms and their insects (cochineal scale for instance that grow on cacti), and what minerals the simple ant unearths and brings to the mound.  Phil Callahan explains why they do it.  Between the two men, I pieced together an aspect of design engineering that lead me to filling in the gaps not so evident at Hoover Dam in Black Canyon.  The design of the crest of Hoover Dam just underneath the roadway may include the same materials as the ant hill, hidden of course as a secret.  I’ll know when I make my trek to the ‘tourist attraction’.

In the final analysis, Hoover Dam is not a standard pyramid after all.. it is a scaled up version of the conical shape of the common small ant hill demonstrates an energy specific to the colony for protection purposes.  Hoover Dam may have been intentionally designed to operate on a level that is not intended for the commoner to understand nor its purpose to generate something other than electrical power.  It is of an alien understanding of ancient human technology used for a possible detrimental intent. An understanding of weak electromagnetic fields may be found in Philip Callahan’s book “Paramagnetism: Rediscovering Nature’s Secret Force of Growth”.

The technological dynamics of why pyramid structures are created in the form we see them are hidden energies that are seen in nature – such as the simple and effective electromagnetic ‘front door’ of an ant hill mound. This is accomplished with the combination of magnetite (Fe3O4 or black iron oxide which is red rust more thoroughly oxidized), gold, platinum, silver or aluminum and or the combination of them.

Crystals are are also exhumed from the soil and become a constituent component to the ant hill structure. The specific frequency of the Queen is coded into the crystal before moved to the exterior of the underground ‘nest’ to the entry way so that the mound is identified.. like a specific address. The heavy precious metals along with magnetite.. the black stuff your magnet attracts when played with in the dirt, creates a paramagnetic, or weak electromagnetic shield, surrounding the entrance to the queen’s domain thus repelling neighboring ants. The aardvark I suppose cares not of this and obviously isn’t affected by the force field. The point is, this is an energetic force that has been recreated at Hoover Dam and that to potentiate it by amplifying an energy force, there must be more that we have not contemplated.

In a conversation with Andrew Basiago, we discussed the possibility that Shasta Dam built as a parabolic geometry could also be a stargate portal.  He suggested that the construction didn’t need water and that the technology works on its own merit.  I agreed, but as always contemplate contemplate and contemplate more.  The following day I realized when going over my understanding of paramagnetic and diamagnetic science, it is the water that is diamagnetic and the limestone used in making cement for ready-mix, or when it sets up we call it concrete, that we now have an energy system based on a weak electromagnetic field.  That dam is so ‘dam’ big that one can just imagine how much energy can be created when some sort of catalyst not entirely understood by us yet would unleash.

Dr. Callahan told me that the Egyptians knew about these forces and actually had two separate hieroglpyic symbols for stones.  One of them represented the lime stones that are weakly paramagnetic where as the granites and basalts, etc., are highly paramagnetic.   He told me that in construction, if they only knew the ancient understanding of energies, should focus on the yin yang forces of the two since concrete and clay yield a high magnetism.  The fresh river water then is diamagnetic and if Phil would know this, he’d most definitely agree.   Phil Callahan is unfortunately not well these days.. I think he’s almost 95 years old or something like that, and I can’t get a verification as of yet.  I’ll keep trying and update this as I skip along.



My apology for the poor quality screen shot of the John Carter temple mural and glyphs.  I had one, but it’s lost for some reason. Once I re-rent the DVD, I’ll have a new closeup of what I think may be the alien alphabet, Martian language perhaps, for a comparative analysis with the Stargate SG1 astrological sign glyphs and Hoover Dam glyphs if there are any.  If you are interested, why not help with this language analysis? 

You’ll want to listen to the words spoken in the film ‘Mars Needs Moms’ and so forth to actually decode, translate, and maybe get deeper meaning messages that piggy back as subtext. 

I give out gold stars to those who beat me to the punch!


Perhaps you can decode their language.

The glyphs that appear on the SG1 Stargate may or may not be present at Hoover Dam.  The probable relationship or possibility that the message depicted as glyphs in the film John Carter within the Temple of Iss (Isis Temple in the Grand Canyon) may reveal that it is either the Martian Alphabet spoken by, let’s say the Grey Aliens for human under standing, or that it is a character representation of a hidden text.  It will take some considerable time to decode.

Support article viewed here: “Search for Project Bluebeam converges at Hoover Dam

Analysis of Promethius: 6-15-2012 – The Anunnaki are demonized in Promethius



  1. A very good and appropriate question indeed. And, I thank you for your concern. Norway is behind the building of this dam in the Amazon. It is hiding behind the palm oil industry, but really is for the aluminum production that requires 15 billion dollars worth of a hydro electric construct to facilitate the manufacture of aluminum. Meanwhile, Norway is attempting to posture themselves as rainforest activists in its preservation. That’s hardly the case. We know from history that Brazil is essentially so bankrupt that they cannot spend the money it takes to build a dam, so some country or entity has to come in and preservation is furthest from their mind… Norway is almost furthest from the equator which raises the pervervial ‘Red Flag’. Who in their right mind would fund such a project without enriching themselves? I hope this answers at least in part your question regarding the amazon dam, the world’s third-largest hydroelectric project on one of the Amazon’s major tributaries, the Xingu Rive, and more to follow upstream. No, it won’t explode as I maintain in my thesis regarding Hoover Dam. the Brazilian government’s aim is a function to contain, control, and sell at a premium the last of the natural water there is on planet earth. The commodity will be far more valuable than gold or other precious metals.

  2. well i have a question why are they building one int the amazon ? i say backtrack all dames where are they and what do they do and why ? a lil reflection

  3. realnuz said:

    realnuz: Thanks. I replaced your email and name for the reason your i.p. returns a US DNS. Don’t want you in direct trouble. This way you’re relatively protected via your comment post. I thank you for validating the theory.. it is the first from a former government insider. Based on your comment, I gather you go to certain lengths to keep under a radar and for that, I respect your reaching out to Dismantle The Beam Project. If you think it’s okay to offer more, I’m all ears by email. If I have the critical components, then all that’s needed to support the theory is support material. The USGS refuses to divulge very simple dimensional figures such as the radius of both the dam and the by-pass bridge. There must be a highly secretive DUMB in the vicinity which no whistle blower has come forth to say. Of course there are the people involved and the details as to how the by-pass bridge was assembled i.e. is it easily disassembled as a modularity aspect of the design for the purpose of moving it? I hope to hear from you anonymous..

  4. anonymous said:

    I worked in the pentagon for three decades. I’m currently in a southeast Asian state that doesn’t have friendly extradition treaties: keep dogging away. You have most of the critical pieces of the puzzle right here.

  5. Daniel Leach said:

    “I will be presenting the Stargate theory at the The Joel D Valdez main library downtown Tucson, Arizona on Sunday, October 29, 2012” So would you like to livestream.com this event from?

    realnuz: It’s possible.. depends on the event coordinator, Jim Nichols

  6. Reverse said:

    I respect your opinion on reverse speech, there’s a lot of BS out there in many fields. I am still glad I have been lead to your information partially due to synchronistic information being relayed to me for my reverse [verbal analysis extrapolation of forward speech when reversed] research. If this turns out to be merely a way to focus other intuitive facilities then it’s irrelevant as to how I proceeded to this juncture [because it works for me]. Reverse speech serves a purpose, therefore it [supports my effort] to reveal the convergence, I genuinely am appreciative of the information you present with your articles. (edited for clarity)

    realnuz: Thank you for coming back frequently. I think that your knowledge base will expand as you begin to understand how these entities formulate their public speeches.. what they present to the public.. so that you can pinpoint more accurately what is embedded and revealed in reverse speech analysis. Although I’m not proficient at it as you, and your expertise most likely is extraordinary, I will not discount the fact that important ‘tells’ are indeed planted in their content. You, my friend, are now part of my team of experts who will hopefully share valuable information – it will help me tremendously. If you do find something important in your research please email me.. address is at the end of all articles. Incidentally, a friend of mine, Dr. Rebecca Carley, is very interested in this technique. Thanks

  7. Reverse said:

    I do reverse speaking I reversed a very large portion of this article it converges with so much of what i get in reverse Thank you.

    realnuz: I’ve tried to figure out reverse speech, but you know, I just don’t buy it, yet. The reason is because most people can’t even speak forwards let alone backwards and do it with ease. It just isn’t right and I think it’s popularity is a diversion. It’s what they don’t say and how they craft the content of what they talk about is how I solve their intentions. Plus everything else. You have to have the widest knowledge base you can get that doesn’t come from any web or even alternative media source to know this. I recommend that you not concentrate on reverse speech, but instead what they’re diverting your attention towards.. just look the opposite way and there’s your answer. I’m concerned that you’re looking at what I’m writing, or the style, that may detract from how an opinion is formed. Just remove all the unnecessary words and go with the ones that show comparisons I’m making. This way, you won’t conclude that I’m countering information.

  8. Spoofy said:

    realnuz: The person who sent this comment which is not appropriate to display comes from a .gov domain. It is obvious she is counter intel, a mole, or a paid employee to discredit the credible. Try linking to their aliensinmybrain.gov site to see that it is a blocked page. Watch for this infiltrant if you host a site like mine.

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