How We Became Prisoners of the New World Order & How We Reverse It

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“They don’t care about the number of stones at the bottom, it’s the ones at the top they count.”   John Mills, my amusing morning coffee friend..






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A Conspiracy is “To desire freedom is an instinct. To secure it requires intelligence. It must be comprehended and self—asserted. To petition for it is to stultify oneself, for a petitioner is a confessed subject and lacks the spirit of a freeman. To rail and rant against tyranny is to manifest inferiority, for there is no tyranny but ignorance; to be conscious of one’s powers is to lose consciousness of tyranny. Self government is not a remote aim. It is an intimate and inescapable fact. To govern oneself is a natural imperative, and all tyranny is the miscarriage of self government. The first requisite of freedom is to accept responsibility for the lack of it.” E.C. Riegel.

backengineering NWO marquee1947 Mirriam Webster’s New International Dictionary 2nd Edition’s definition of Conspiracy is:

1. Act of conspiring; combination of men for an evil purpose; an agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime in concert, as treason; a plot. 2. Combination of men for a single end; a concurrence, or general tendency, as of circumstances, to one event; harmonious action. 3. Law. An agreement, manifesting itself in words or deeds, by which two or more persons confederate to do an unlawful act, or to use unlawful means to do an act which is lawful; confederacy.

Definition of conspiracy of silence. A secret agreement to keep silent about an occurrence, situation, subject, or the like; also, the silence so kept.




“The only people who are angry with you for speaking the truth are those who are living a lie.” – Author unknown








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FROM PYRAMIDS TO STARGATES to STARWARS     On The Beam Radio Show & Video Archive


“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”                     –Adolf Hitler







“Vigilance is the price for freedom”     — Edmunde Burke


NEW World headquarters may not be where you thought. Israel transfers operations to Saudi Arabia by 2018

Why is it that our cities are in the process of dilapidation while they thrive?    The primary countries that border it have been taken over through war like occupations and the countries of East Africa have been poisoned with destitution, famine, and destitution for decades.  Once the New World Order is in place, it seems all operations will be centralized there with Israel acting as the North Western Mediterranean Sentinel.  Dubai is positioned diagonally South East on the land mass.   Now ask yourself, of all the countries with a world’s domination of oil reserves, wouldn’t it have been this parcel of land most salivated over by the US of A power players?


Lucy = Lucifer – Analyzing the film Lucy


Lucy’s character played by Scarlett Johannson is the embodiment of decades of scientific evolution for that revolution in which it is our destiny according to them that we genetically modify, or morph, into self-proclaimed gods. Lucy says, “I am God, watch me kill these guys.” and at the end of the film when she integrates into an old fashioned mainframe computer, within a second of Morgan Freeman’s query as to where she disappeared returns a text to his phone showing “I am everywhere”. This happens after Lucy goes back in time to pass all knowledge to “Lucy” in her very ancient habitat depicted as the missing link.

Mike Adams and Chris Kitze Exposé

Before It’s News seems to be a website where breaking news is brought to the public and considered authentic journalism.  While many contributors work especially hard to bring fresh news to the world, I’m one to also show the solution.  According to BIN there is no discretion as to what is valid and not.  Find out who is behind the decision making, what the general policy is, and how ludicrous and highly dangerous it really is.

Comparative Analysis: Real Steel, The Iron Giant, C3PO & the Mars robot head

The analysis of the Hollywood film REAL STEEL reveals a common thread trait that has remained intact for decades.  It happens to be the overall basic feature characteristic style and form of a robot’s head that has its origin found on Mars.  On Mars, a photograph clearly shows the head of a robot lying on the ground with the same look as all animated film robots do that portray fighters, fighting for others, or are militaristic such as THE IRON GIANT and C3PO of STARWARS.

Analysis of Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous Quote

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” – Eleanore Roosevelt

This sounds plausible on the surface.  It even is a seemingly soothing proposition.  That is what it is designed to do.  It is a verse that confirms one’s notion that gossip should be kept at a minimum and that a focus on great ideas is paramount to self-fulfillment.

To know why there is a flip side to her famous quotation, we must learn the basics of our 32nd President and 32nd degree Mason.

All Summer in a Day

Ray Bradbury wrote a compelling short story that revolves around school children living on the planet, Venus, in which it rains for seven years straight before the sun peeks out for only an hour, and then disappears for another seven years.  PBS aired a short after school special entitled the same, only the ending was altered to show the incredible compassion of a child for another peer.   The CHEMTRAIL program has dessicated our atmosphere, created a condition of global “dimming” and the opposite of what we see in Ed Kaplan’s adaptation. ELYSIUM: The movie motives “Obamacare and open borders”

ELYSIUM: The movie motives “Obama Care and open borders”

“Elysium” Starring Jodi Foster who commands Homeland Security 141 years into the future, demonstrates today’s power elite’s desire to pass the free health care program “ObamaCare” through the naturalization of South American countrymen and women and children with the power to vote on their behalf and for their agendas.    This is the danger posed by La Raza and the propaganda spilled into the minds of the destitute that there is a miracle of healing just around the corner.  The opposite is true, however, and it is by design that actors including Jodie Foster are working for the benefit of themselves… not yours.  Foster is an employee of the Elitists from age 3.

Helical Fun

Helical model screen grab

The Helical theoretical model of how our solar system works is three dimensional as opposed to the two dimensional plane of the Heliocentric model.  It happens to the be the true model complete with vortexing, stargates (I add that), and that explains what black holes are.  Before DjSadhu and I complete the model as a video representation, I’d like you to view an edited version of both his video renderings with music I chose in a preliminary cut of what our presentation on black holes is.

Local restaurant’s strategy to enrich themselves one last time

Bruegger's University area

A general manager allegedly agrees with a Pima County Sheriff’s suggestion, it seems, to remove me from a bagel restaurant.  The management was delighted to serve me, or so it seemed because he was smiling until the sheriff ordered me to move as far away from him as possible while inside the store as he sat to sip coffee.  What happened was, I was asked to never come back.  I asked why.  I was told I was asked to leave several times.  If that happened, why was I served so graciously by staff and subsequently by management?  The same manager that had asked me to leave several times before?  Lies.  And so, I have that recorded and readied material for my documentary segment on poor business ethics with proprietors of free WI-fi  establishments.

I’m going to pick a fight” William Wallace


Like Jan Brewer denying me medical AHCCCS for being single and white, I was denied the right to obtain an indigent economy bus pass privilege by the top echelon transportation official in the community I reside.  I stood before him in a real condition of destitution.  It’s a matter of “POLICY” he said.  Apparently, the policy is that a shelter volunteer or minimum wager whom merely hands out a form that one signs is policy.  Ludicrous.  John Zukas couldn’t even figure this out.

It is water ‘they’ want


I feel while all natural resources are being gobbled up, sequestered… just plain stolen, it happens to be fresh water that the earth has that is being earmarked for a mass planetary harvest of a natural resource.  How can water be removed from a planet?  Could a stargate accomplish this task?  How do you bring water to a stargate?  Well, you create one at a river.  Hoover Dam perhaps?  We see grand water vacuums in the film Oblivion and also in other various places and forms.

Education or compliance?


A coalition of GMO companies, including Monsanto, is trying to brainwash our kids into supporting genetically-modified crops. The “Council for Biotechnology Information” has written up and widely circulated the book Look Closer at Biotechnology, biotech propaganda in the form of a children’s coloring book, handed out for use in schools.

Dead Beat equates to Mortgage


After the Gabrielle Giffords shooting in front of a Safeway shopping market “Congress on Your Corner” event (also known as the Congress On Your Corner Massacre”), an election took place in which a man, Marshall Home, ran against an Illuminati.  The aftermath was just one of the ugly missions by the Elite that took place in the year 2011.

2013 Oct shutdown means big NWO movement

I have sinned

Bill Clinton erred during a public announcement regarding his NOT signing a budget bill in 1995.  What he said is something not one person outside the circles of knowledge understood.  He said that even because he couldn’t agree on a budget agreement, that the people could.  This declaration, one that told us plainly that there is a true Constitution affording  “We The People” as the authority, was actually a misstep against the powers that be.  It is why he was put on the personal discrediting chopping block resulting with the Monica Lewinski sex scandal. This time, the current president is doing his job without a ‘skip’.

3D Mapping on buildings – The grooming for a faked alien invasion

Serge Monast, a whistle blower from Canada, was killed for disclosing Project Bluebeam.  The project described by NASA rocket scientist, Wernher von Braun, is a simulated alien invasion using digital mastery against a chemtrail atmospheric screen.  New 3D mapping on solid surface technology is being showcased before our very own eyes.. a display of intrigue with a morbid agenda hidden in plain sight.  3D image mapping moves the false reality into a new playing field where it is currently the staging ground for consumer advertisement as well as entertainment to groom people to accept its presence.

Who are the legitimate radio hosts?

Alex Jones joker resized

Are you sure you’re listening to people with real intentions?   Ask yourself if after 3 or 4 hours of on air time if there’s a solution presented to solve a problem, or problems racked up in their shows.  The answer is most likely “NO”.  Alex Jones has never come up with viable solutions for if he did, and with the mass amount of followers, something like impeaching a defunct president would have happened before a second term.  Think about it… prisonplanet has made millions of dollars selling survival products..  where is our solution?  His happens to have been a terrific generation of revenue and a bunch of excited followers who keep buying his rhetoric.


Jeff Flake poised to kill 5,000 jobs – Tucson affected

Flake Carmona text

Unfortunately, Flake being a member of the GANG OF EIGHT is using the summer recess to sell immigration reform as his national defense plan while cutting 5,000 military jobs at Davis Monthan AFB in preference for foreign nationals looking for free handouts.  The irony is not lost on the residents of the area, who have seen the illegal entrants change over the years from poor people looking for opportunity to hard core drug runners taking advantage of a country who lost all interest in national defense.

Hunger Games: Catching Fire and more

Hunger Games II auchwitz entry

The “Kristallnacht”, or “Night of Broken Glass,” was a war waged against the Jews of Germany 75 years ago, the same as the annual Hunger Games, bringing them to their knees.  As many as 30,000 men were arrested and many sent to concentration camps.  To get out, one must agree to leave Germany.   This is the theme of Hunger Games.  An imprisonment and its conditions ruthless unless those that agree to relinquish their sovereignty submit to the will of power.

Sentinel Peak may be an ancient pyramid


Within a stone’s throw west of Tucson, Arizona, stands an unusual 883 meter tall “hill” which is part of a group of hills known as the Tucson Mountains.  Orion’s star pattern did not work and I put the idea on the back burner.  Until now.  unlike most of the rest of the Tucson Mountains which are composed primarily of much older volcanic rocks that were largely produced during a single enormous eruption.  It appears that Sentinel Peak “A” Mountain is separate and different.


The toroidal field and re-birthing therapy explained


Separation complex reversed with water re-birthing.  Davida Taurek demonstrates the re-birthing therapy showing precisely how it is done with a subject and surrogate mother. (pardon my negligence having not placed an active link.)  To view the exact therapeutic water re-birthing procedure, view Davida Taurek’s demonstration by clicking here.



After Earth Is The Boy Scouts Version of HUNGER GAMES


The film AFTER EARTH is the youth super soldier program in action targeting the adolescent male yearning for purpose and a cause.  In this film, a young boy looks to appease the acceptance  a supersoldier father and become one himself.  To most, this appears to be a family affair riveted in a past drama regarding an aggressive alien tragic accident perpetrated upon an innocent family member, but the truth is, the theme happens to be the spawn of instruction for our future militia who do the bidding of their superiors to fulfill their purpose.

Flushing out cointelpro agents, Douglas Dietrich and Michael Aquino

Aquino Dietrich

A complex military abduction and mind control operation took place weeks before and during the conference.  There is a follow up damage control occurring over a month out and I’m willing to bet it was me MILAB (military abduction program) was by far the most fearful of.  It is because I hold the key to deprogramming the controlled mind.


Supersoldiers Tyler Clark and James Rink – Pyramids & Stargates

Universal soldier article avatar

I attended the Super Soldier and Mind Control Summit Conference in Henderson, Nevada near Las Vegas on a weekend in May 17-19.  The experience was phenomenal complete with an astonishing military abduction for tissue sampling and distortion of thought to several in attendance.   The positive outcome was the opportunity to interview new friends in this circle of spiritual warrior-ship. James Rink and Tyler Clark are two gentlemen of the gentleness of nature of whom I had the pleasure to interview extensively on and off record.   We covered psychotronic warfare, deep underground military bases S1-S4, area 51-54, astral projection into these bases, military abductions, and the Milab of all including myself off-balancing the conference experience.

Beyond Bread – Discrimination and lies caught on tape

Randi screengrab

Little did the Vice President of a local Tucson based restaurant know that I was recording a track for a documentary that will be posted by week’s end.  I was surprised at how clear my microphone picks up and didn’t think of it until just now as I’m setting up this article.  This person lied to me, wouldn’t produce evidence as to his accusations when I questioned as to which particular customer complained of me when he stated “customers are complaining” and worst of all for this man, the video capture clearly shows that I was located at the wi-fi lounge and that I was completely alone until he decided to go after the most wrong person anyone can encounter.

Lost continent hidden in plain sight-Atlantis?

lots of pyramids

The lost continent Atlantis is in question. Nobody can verify this with exception to the Smithsonian Institute as one example. Nonetheless, be it or not, it is more important to keep hunting lost cities and continents in search of our ancient history in an effort to gain answers as to the illuminati’s intentions.

The Kaibab Plateau which is located in central Northern Arizona displays a mysterious majestic city. Mysterious as it is; it certainly is epic in size and proportions. While this city is officially referred to as a series of natural monuments, they are in fact precisely arranged (placed) pyramids and structures aligned to the star and nebula pattern of the constellation Orion “The Hunter”.

Proof that pyramids exist in the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon topo map - dot pattern

So, you thought that just three stars of Orion, the belt stars, is significant proof the Giza pyramids of Egypt were arranged for a reason?  Let me show you the entire system and the whole of the nebulas that are plotted right here in Arizona.  All of them.



A Stargate Is Born

A friend at coffee asked what I was up to these days.  “I’m thinking I’ve locked into what Hoover Dam really is meant to be.. it’s a Stargate!”.  After explaining it, she asked if I had seen the first Transformers movie.   “Well, I don’t watch ‘em unless I need to,” I said.  “Well, I think you better ‘need to’ see it because it takes place in Hoover Dam.  The main character has a shirt on that, from what I remember, spells out STAR”.  Before she finished, I was running out the door to rent the DVD…


A glimpse into Bomber Row.. “Alcatraz of the Rockies”

James Parrillo color snap1

On a Thursday, twenty eight days into July, 1994, one young man stood alone as the rest fled from a Greenpeace action against Whalers.  He was shot down as the only person injured and who subsequently faced almost 30 felonies.  James William Parrillo was sentenced to 19 years imprisonment in America’s most secure Supermax Prison located in Florence, Colorado.  He was isolated from people for two decades.  James became close friends and next door neighbor to the infamous ‘Uni-Bomber’, Theodore “Ted” John Kaczynski.  Both were highly educated men sharing two things in common.. they both held PhD’s and treated with cruel and inhumane punishment.

Special  True healing technique hidden in plain sight

water therapy image

If modern medicine learns that water re-birthing properly done will completely refresh the brain’s neural network to factory settings and allows an individual to fully heal, they’d fold over night.  At first, I thought I sat on the cure for extreme eating disorders and was anxious to get the method therapy out ASAP, but realized it also the is also a solution for all psychological problems.  I waited.  And then a miracle happened.. I realized that the re-birthing concept  extends far and beyond in all aspects of healing.  The ancient practice of re-birthing, which is not a cure on it’s own, is the EFT therapy first administered that leads to full health recovery using conventional practices already in use today.

Government funding to acquire right of way in downtown Tucson


Their plan is to at some point convert this bus terminal into a train depot of some sort.  They will connect an intricate rail system that is a light trolly at first, but their aim is to connect rails all the way to medical and morgue as well as prison housing.  This is a future neo Nazi construction project.

It is believed that the University of Arizona may be behind this project in a deep dark rabbit hole.  The reason for this thought is that if there is a terminal conversion with train rails, it will be for continued access of the light trolley that would be largely used by students ‘on the surface’.

Loughner was not the ‘Lone Wolf’ shooter the news lead you to believe

Pima county sheriff3

In April of the year 2011, I met with Ed Chiarini.  Chiarini is also known commercially as ‘Dallasgoldbug’ who hosts a website titled  His website has been suspected as being a psychological disinformation operation.  This “psyops” has the intention of confusing the intellect of the readership that traffics the site.  During this initial face to face meeting, I showed him my comparison of an agent who was photographed at the site where Gabrielle Giffords had been mortally wounded on a Saturday, January 8 of the same year.

chiarini description

He was not impressed, however, he impresses you with disinformation for two years.  Chiarini continues to implicate innocent people and victimizing them without a shred of evidence.  Hopefully, this youtube documentary will shake you into consciousness.

Judge Roll’s witness warns of a corrupt sheriff and militant surgeon

Joe image crop

Judge John McCarthy Roll had irritated many elected officials in Pima County as well as on Capitol Hill for his ‘For the people’ rulings on matters that otherwise cripple the Constitution.  He presided over a media blacked out case involving over 300 companies versus the Environmental Protection Agency in a potential 150 billion dollar class action payout to Pima County residents if the case had been known publicly.  The key witness for the EPA survives the eight year litigation only to have all hopes melt away when John Roll was assassinated and a replacement judge, one who may work for the global elites, take his place. Judge Raner Collins continues the case in complete secrecy from the world.. in particular the residents of a community battered by insult after insult.

V for Vendetta’s Steven Fry paves the way for Piers Morgan’s civilian disarmament platform

 Piers Morgan in Dubaicrop

“The British are coming! The British are coming.. and they’re here to stay!”

Both are television personalities postured for gaining the trust of the masses for an end means shared by themselves – different phases and timelines – same strategy.  One show pundit, Steven Fry, is portrayed in fantasy film land as a meaningful person while Pierce Morgan is a real life television psyops agent working over our minds.  Indeed, we live in an “in our faces dream land”.  These two individuals are uncanny ‘on-spot look-a-likes’.

Christina Taylor Green-Mad media hero makers sell us on shoddy memorials

Ibeam front page

Memorials that mean something come from the heart.  Christina-Taylor Green was disrespected by becoming a national hero through sacrifice and remembered merely as a symbol of a fallen nation without any solution for her generation’s future.  The memory of her was disgraceful — a heap of junkyard metal.  Like Judge Roll, she actually represented a realistic direction for a disillusioned Z generation.  As John McCarthy Roll was to justice, this little girl was a potential servant; one to revitalize a nation.  Christina exemplified the desire to enrich through productivity. Perhaps she would have made a true president.  These altruistic mind sets are a disgusting threat to the New World Order.  They’re unflinching when it comes to knocking off children in their own pools of blood.

Cure for mind control starts with a simple treatment


If a globe full of people under the influence of mind control, even riddled under a sea of psychotropic drugs designed to quell the masses keeping us under the influence, a human rebooting of mind and body could theoretically snap most everyone out of the hypnotic controls they have been conditioned to throughout a life time.

That’s 7 billion people. Could it be that this is the key natural approach the secret societies fear most?

1/4 Arizona undergoing military logistics planning

shooting at fence

There are over 600 miles of rusty fence along the southwest border separating Mexico from the U.S.  When the military industrial complex completes it’s logistical installation intended really for military operations, they’ll roll out over 600 miles of razor wire atop the fence you see to the left.  While Janet Napolitano, Raul Grijalva, and the Obama administration oppose the bill that allows Border Patrol free reign,  I don’t buy it.  They kill babies.  They are banking on it in a rewrite.

Star Wars Unmasked

prelim stamp design star wars

The combined efforts of Reagan’s Star Wars military industrial complex and the Lucas film franchise public spin is validated by recent disclosures of the Mayan artifacts and odd activity of the sun.  The common thread apparently is the isosceles triangle.  I suspected that the true Stargate is really the sun, because it is a star, and that Hoover Dam is a merely a SUNGATE – a conduit by which travel to our solar system’s STARGATE by way of the wormhole. The possibility that they can mess with the Sun by weaponizing Hoover Dam is more than plausible.

12-22-2012 Loughner’s Judge definitely in on it!


Larry Alan Burns fingers Jared Lee Loughner.  He puts him away for life.  None of the evidence is brought before him (yes, that’s correct.. uh huh, sure) and he becomes a writer for the Los Angeles Times telling you and I that Jared was the only one there killing people in Tucson.  We know that not to be true.. how could he not?  Burns like the rest are following a hand me down script from off shore banking and other conglomerates that had begun long before he in a round about way said, ‘guns should go and mental health installed IMMEDIATELY’ because of the sick guy I put away.  Truth is, Larry is just as sick as the rest of the bastards that are playing us for fools.   We need our assault rifles to protect ourselves from the wolves that are taking them away.

11-2012  Nazi sympathizer Sarah Palin in ‘Iron Sky’

The film “IRON SKY’ contains more corruption than meets the eye.  The student of occult symbols can find them everywhere.  She’ll immediately see that the Neo-Nazi resurgence is alive and well in Iron Sky.  It takes a keen sense and a vast knowledge base to also find that IRON SKY is directly affiliated also with the movie makers of Promethius and that this has to do with not just the moon, but with Mars.

10-20-2012 The Case Against Mike Adams “Health Ranger”

I followed Mike Adams “Health Ranger” from nearly the beginning.  I learned most of my basics from this man who I considered a hero at the time I was a budding student of the NWO.  I’m not quite certain, in fact I am sure, there’s nothing Kosher about his business dealings, ethics, and his actual alignments with dangerous corporations.  This is my first article that begins the onion peeling that leads to an epic fail on the part of the deception.  Adams is a tiny minion of a much larger beast.  Unlike my work to date, I ask that naturalnews, not their attorneys, show proof that I’m astray with details alleging Adams to the secret societies, GMO operations, and a former vice president..

10-17-2012 Star Trek says “Human beings are the true illuminated ones”

In the universe of Star Trek, the Prime Directive ‘dictates’ that there can be no interference with the internal development of alien civilizations which is the most prominent guiding principle. I’ve come to discover that this is actually the prime directive observed by the real off-world alien civilizations salivating at the chops for a piece of earth’s creamy pie.  They have to wait until we do ourselves in by imprisoning ourselves before they begin the massive theft of earth’s prized possessions.  Andrew Basiago is on a quest affording mankind the opportunity to save itself by taking back technology from the power elites and putting it to use that restores our world to an original condition.

My story 10-12-2012 Gurdjieff solving a crisis then and now

(Wiki) George Ivanovich Gurdjieff (1866 – 1949) was an influential mid-20th century spiritualist who taught that the vast majority of humanity lives their entire lives in a state of hypnotic “waking sleep.” I was prodded to study this man’s work, but with resistance. Something prevented me from appeasing my friend annoyed that I refused to learn.. that I had to read every word of his to ‘get it’.  Much bothered me, but when Naomi Tickle, a world renowned character analyst confirmed after I sent her photos said, “I also see he is under a lot of stress in nearly all of the photo’s. Who is he??”  I engaged in a research tactic.  What I found surprised me.. but it wasn’t his teachings I learned from.  It was the process by which I research that reveal more about me and an investigation into the Loughner case.  While studying Gurdjieff the way I did, I think I found a true killer. A case reopened?

10-11-2012 Who’s the leader in “The King’s Speech?”

George W. Bush had help getting elected president at the turn of the millenia.  It was my favorite movie of all time.. at the time.  Forest Gump was the vehicle by which you and I would allow such an imbecile such control over the world.  It is quite possible that “The King’s Speech” about an impaired prince is the same.  Was it Giffords who upon resignation couldn’t even utter a single word (other than the same repeated multiple times on 20/20)?  Can it be someone we don’t know as of yet..?

9-20-2012 Banderas in bed with Gates in “The Skin I Live In

The cure for Malaria is the “Miracle Mineral Supplement”.  Jim Humble originated and perfected the formula made from sodium chlorite and acetic acid and can be made in your kitchen.   It is 100 percent a parasite killer which means it is a cure.  Bill and Malinda Gates, however, are dead set on keeping their depopulation agenda on course and most likely have a vested interested in “The Skin I Live In”.  While MMS is well known in Europe, this Spanish film denies that a natural cure exists.

9-19-2012 She saved her unborn child from a Constitutional Monarchy

A mother’s bold and courageous defense against tyranny saves her unborn child from the clutches of the child protective services of the UK.  Her story is one you must learn and share as a defense against the US invasion “Conquer & Divide” tactics of the secret society war on the world.   Meet Ian Joseph, a true spiritual warrior and your best friend when you’re children are under attack.

8-26-2012  Fred Rogers indoctrinates Gen-X

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood was created and hosted by Fred Rogers in 1968 during the start of the X Generation of toddlers who would grow into the parent and grandparents of Y and Z Generations.  Why name an owl (Molech) “X”?  I can think of thousands of names.. X?  The program ran 33 seasons (A High order Freemason).  Our forefathers revolted against aristocracy and yet in television and film, favor dominated our fantasies for ‘royal’ wealth, materialism, and desire to be ruled under slavery.  King Friday The XIII of ‘Land of Make Believe’ may be a clue that there are 13 families of the Illuminati.

8-20-2012   An Ultimate War Ship Slated to Patrol Our Borders

This ship may well be the only part of America and ‘her’ sailors many people around the world will ever see.” – Ray Mabus

This thought line by Mabus that Americans will ‘not be seen’ may be indicative for what is to avail US citizens under martial law decrees that would result primarily from a major catastrophic event either on American soil, or otherwise.

8-12-2012  How the Rockefellers blocked the gold CURE for addiction

OPIUMCUREfor veritas

There was a cure for addiction prior to the Great Depression and Prohibition years. It was a homeopathic treatment that had a documented 94% success in removing the cravings for drugs and alcohol. The dynamics of allopathy under the influence of John D. Rockefeller created an organization that would reject natural remedies that up till now is 77 years old.

This is the story of how the Rockefellers blocked the gold treatment, which is a cure. Otherwise they wouldn’t have done it. They set-up their Temperance Societies flagship pawn, Alcoholics Anonymous, as a corporation run in reverse to conceal the truth.

Just so you know, I put great effort into solving this riddle.  While others have written eloquently about Keeley’s cure and for the record, I admire AA for it’s spiritual side, I see FULL well how they duped Bill Wilson into thinking he was the bomb.  The Rockies are so slick.. and they still are pulling it off!  When you look at Alcoholics Anonymous and the mind control, that’s the power of it.

7-28-2012  Batman and James Holmes-Media fraud and the Hollywood ‘tell’

Jared Loughner was forced into a guilty plea on August 2nd, 2012.  This comes a day after an author of a book announces its publication regarding the crime scene.  The closure of this case hinged on a decision most likely made because too many witnesses claim that the Aurora theater 9 Batman Killing Spree, say that an operative other than James Holmes was shot and the mission aborted.  The Tucson trial of Jared Lee Loughner will never be and the evidence sealed away as damage control for the botched Colorado massacre.

7-22-2012  “SPACE” A smear campaign against Steven Greer

Steven Greer wanted what JFK was partially assassinated over.  That is to disclose the presence of extra terrestrials on our world and defeat the secret societies in some way.  Greer has been criticized on two fronts – the propaganda machine as well as from the same disclosure ‘friends’ of the Eisenhower Brief demanding community.

7-11-2012 Silent Running-Our Food Supply Lost

This film makes the statement back in 1972, when genetically modified food was being created, what direction and what the fate of our food supply would be in the future.  Monsanto plays an important part in real life funding and direction in films of this nature.

7-11-2012  War Horse-A Government Issue (G.I.) message

War Horse is a film that creatively forces the belief that wartime is acceptable.  War is not.  It is created for ulterior motives and we are placed at great risk for our lives.  Unless we submit by working both sides of these wars, we are killed.  In War Horse, they show us that if we obey, work hard, do them those war favors, look the other way, service to them… then our lives will be spared.  But, only spared if lucky.  This article will show how that is so.

7-6-2012  Hugo.. Project Paper Clip’s new child indoctrinate into NASA

Because the Hitler Youth Movement is alive and well today, it is no wonder that Hugo’s hair style directly emulates the appearance of Adolf Hitler. 


7-1-2012  Roger Waters “Goodbye Blue Sky”

“goodbye Bluesky” is the song description of Project Bluebeam’s simulated invasion of off world beings that will mask a real one on and under earth’s surface. It tells also of the genesis of the synthetic human being rebirthed as the ordered genetic code out of destructing chaos initiated by the powers that be.

6-27-2012 “Fantasy” Earth Wind & Fire is inviting you to ‘trip’

Maurice White, like many, wrote lyrics that until now have not been adequately analyzed for its intent.  I see it plainly, however, the entertainment stars who are positioned are compartmentalized so much so that while they are given subtle ideas from the producers and handlers, they have no clue as to what they create.  Fantasy, it seems, is an invitation for the near future transport of human beings for the genome processing plant on Mars, maybe, and the production of mindless workers who will not know any better than what is seen today.  The lure is stimulating, however, people will not be aware that it is a trap to accept passage on space missions off planet earth.

6-15-2012  The Anunnaki are demonized in Promethius

The true story behind Ridley Scott’s Hollywood ‘tell’ is simple.  It is the subtle undertone, or the notion that the Anunnaki who created the first people on Earth had been been attacked by the Reptilians.  It suggests that there indeed is an active ongoing war for possession of three inter system things.

The picture you see of a synthetic man, David, holding the earth represents the New World Order’s interest in dominating over mankind.  It is a complete control of the earth and its inhabitants.

6-10-2012  Search for Project Bluebeam converges at Hoover Dam

An analysis of three films; Mars Needs Moms, John Carter, and Cowboys & Aliens. These are three relevant films that interweave elements regarding real life plot lines using Occultic symbolism and deep Hollywood ‘tells’.   The secret element that is threaded  into the woven matrix in all three  is extremely complex in concept, highly intricate, and elusive.  I felt that to analyze each  film independently couldn’t do the job as well as one complete composite, and still it is massive in scope.  I beg you to try..


5-22-2012   NSA ‘Fortress’ Adjacent To Suspected FEMA Concentration Camp

What’s this?  How cute.  Gabrielle Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly.. a 33rd degree Mason incidentally.  Correct me Mark if I’m wrong, are dolling out cafeteria food to federal agents of war.  These service people are fed plenty and you and I pay for it.  Meanwhile, Mark gave your donated money to the southern Arizona Food Bank to build a services center within the facility that gives food to the needy.  This year, they ran out of food to make gift boxes for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Why in hell was Gabby at the Air Force Base instead?  The answer was that we are being militarized and she’s a part of it.  Forget the well wishers who gave to her while she recovered.  She’s pissing on you.

5-18-2012 Major Event Prediction Countdown is 2 days away

Prediction was wrong for May 20.. thank goodness, but it’s not over yet



5-15-2012  Oro Valley Is Mission Control for Pima County



5-13-2012 Royalty has always hidden their alien form:



5-9-2012  True danger… The Girl Scouts Salute

Updated 5-14-2012 – The ultimate weapon against the three finger salute.. if used against our better judgement.





5-8-2012 Isabela Mercedes Celis: A Ritualistic sacrifice linked to another Tucson False Flag operation




World’s mission control may transfer from Israel to the United Arab Emirates by 2016-18.. soon after WWIII

The game of RISK is being played out before our very eyes in which the Saudi Arabian peninsula is being protected through the desecration of surrounding countries.  Currently, Israel is the operational mission control responsible for world problems to conduct this maneuver.  A prime example is with the 2001 event that took place in New York.  Why is it that futuristic cities including Dubai and others that are following far advanced than anything being built in the United States?

Why is it that our cities are in the process of dilapidation while they thrive?    The primary countries that border it have been taken over through war like occupations and the countries of East Africa have been poisoned with destitution, famine, and destitution for decades.  Once the New World Order is in place, it seems all operations will be centralized there with Israel acting as the North Western Mediterranean Sentinel.  Dubai is positioned diagonally South East on the land mass.


.Meanwhile, remember back when Egypt’s president was replaced.  This was not only strategic in areas we assume, but in those that aren’t assumed to have militaristic importance regarding logistics.  That is, the powers that be needed to have control over the Suez Canal.  Israel does not produce oil, but Saudi Arabia and its six countries, Yemen, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, The United Arab Emirates for the most part do.  The excuse to take Iraq since 2001 was clear that they were protecting their product, but more so to continue setting up the real estate barrier for the Saudi Arabian land mass.



This is the set up for world domination in that a complete continent evolve for this purpose.  Who’d ever think that there was more than seven continents?  Well, there now is an unofficially declared one.  Once this is accomplished after having WWIII pitting China Against Russia with the US, the region known as a no contest zone, Saudi Arabia, will emerge as the most invincible nation of the entire planet.  Ever wonder why the Bushe’s were so cozy with The Saudis?  Wonder why so many zionists followed Obama into office?


Cities under development are:

King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) in Rabigh

Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Mousaed Economic City (PABMEC) in Hael

Knowledge Economic City (KEC) in Medinah

Jazan Economic City (JEC) in Jazan


Since 2006, the Saudi government undertook the 10 x 10 program in 2006 to enact reforms and promote targeted investments in order to position Saudi Arabia among the world’s ten most favored investment destinations.  The US is not one of them, obviously.  And yet, we pay to war against its surrounding countries?


This plan has been in existence for many decades.  It is no wonder films that patronize the land such as LAWRENCE OF ARABIA came out to set the tone of admiration.

“A young intelligence officer in Cairo investigates the progress of the Arab revolt against the Turks in World War I.  In the desert, he organizes a guerrilla army and–for two years–leads the Arabs in harassing the Turks with desert raids, train-wrecking and camel attacks. Eventually, he leads his army northward and helps a British General destroy the power of the Ottoman Empire.”


Turkey now in alignment with Israel was the last bordering empire to control in order to secure the Saudi Arabian Elites from world harm.  It had to be done before the invasion of Iraq.  This was also true with Pakistan and was done with the removal through assassination of its president Benazir Bhutto’s father.  She of course met her fate upon returning from exile.  Apparently, the democracy Pakistan had was not what is served to United States Citizens.  The Bhutto family had altruistic intent very dangerous to the secret societies and in fact were killed very similarly to John F. Kennedy’s reason for being marked.  They were against the NWO.


Luc Besson is inducted into the secret societies Hall of Fame for “LUCY”

When the film The Big Blue came to the United States, I was completely blown away by Luc Besson’s directing style.  The story was me.. a person who loves to swim and hold my breath for as long as I can under water.  When Luc created his director’s cut version, he did away with the intellect of the great editors of sound and content to make a flop.  If one sees this movie, it must be the original theatrical release.  Unfortunately, it is only available in VHS.

From that point on after filming Le Grande Bleu, Besson may have been inducted into the Illuminati hall of fame for film making in which he’s not making beautiful love stories, but those with the most impact when it comes to telling and showing occult messages.  Lucy happens to have those signatures.  The story hits on matters of transhumanism and integration of human beings into the machine, or technology of artificial intelligence.  The computer model of the next route evolution takes.  “From evolution to revolution.” as stated by dialogue coming from Morgan Freeman.

“Ignorance brings chaos, not knowledge”

Lucy’s character played by Scarlett Johannson is the embodiment of decades of scientific evolution for that revolution in which it is our destiny according to them that we genetically modify, or morph, into self-proclaimed gods.  Lucy says, “I am God, watch me kill these guys.” and at the end of the film when she integrates into an old fashioned mainframe computer, within a second of Morgan Freeman’s query as to where she disappeared returns a text to his phone showing “I am everywhere”.  This happens after Lucy goes back in time to pass all knowledge to  “Lucy” in her very ancient habitat depicted as the missing link.

“I am God…”

Lucy-2014-Movie-ImagesJust before reaching maximum human intellectual brain capacity, or 100 percent, she says “Ignorance brings chaos, not knowledge”.  George Bush said something like that when he announced to Americans that there is Order out of Chaos.  In this film, there’s so much chaos that in the final scene, order takes place when the spark of intellectual life is passed on to the beginnings of mankind.  When seen in reverse, it is actually about the retardation of the human mind through what is best known as the dumbing down of society to make way for the supersoldier who will take drugs to enhance the speed at which they think, feel less or no pain, and have zero remorse for those they inflict pain, incarceration and mostly death when engaged in war.  Well, we see that happening on our soil without an official declaration.  It’s happening now.

“We will be worthy of your sacrifice”

(Spoiler) Lucy travels back when the missing link “Lucy” was alive and reaches out to touch her.  At the point of connection, Lucy, or Lucifer, installs all the knowledge that will impact human being to their final destiny – self destruction at the aid of the alien race, Reptilians.  The reptilians happen to be the serpents depicted in the Holy Bible.

mich5This is the beginning of the matriarchal movement by the New World Order regime.  They are doing away with a male dominated era showing us that women preside over them.  The sacrifice of Lucy to transform her into a deity of control and deceit is exemplified here with indiscriminate killings of male figures in order to reinvent the human race back to “Lucy”, the missing link.  She spares the life of one woman and there are no women killed, women attacking women… there isn’t a thing aggressive regarding an attack on a woman… except for Lucy of course.  She takes this knowledge and gives creates a ‘Do over’ at modern man’s beginnings. 070828_lucy_bcol_1p.standard

Are all men ruthless?  Look at what she did to the hapless chaps that didn’t do a thing to her.  I’m not clear on how accessing more of the brain allows this to occur. It has Lucifer’s intent written all over it.

This is a movie about domination over all humans because when men are neutralized by death, sterilization, and incarceration, there is less success of the society surviving for the absence of reproduction.  But, because of science and technology, there’s plenty of sperm in sperm banks and there’s the genetic programs who take the opportunity to fiddle with the DNA of that sperm.  It is called the human genome project.

There are the montage scenes showing us propagation… animals mating in the wild.  Without human men to mate with human women, what is the resolve?  The resolve comes from science.  It is clear that women can be artificially impregnated with altered genetics.   At this point, there is no such thing as evolution.

“From evolution to revolution”

The alien enterprise has a single objective.  It is to control all human beings from the top down.  All that you experience is a result of the work by alien intentions for their dominion over the resources of this world we call home.  The film describes time in a way that is a clue by which the Reptilian and Zeta Reticulans (Grey Alien) have battled stealthily against that which is in their way.  We are in their way.  But we were necessary to do the heavy labor – the dirty work in the 3rd dimensional plane they cannot function in.  It is why our atmosphere has been modified and at some point, the planet sterilized for their survival on the surface.  They are mining this planet and planning to snatch every soul in mass during the mass extinction of man.  This is the description of Professor Newman’s quote from the film Lucy, “From evolution to revolution”.  Newman, incidentally, is the sign of the revised (revolutionized) human being into something that we are not.  It is the separation from of man from earth.

Where have we seen a real life attempt at creating an antichrist?

(Below)  The person person pictured below has been identified as a CIA agent using biometric verification methods.  He was involved with the Pablo Escobar assassination in 1994 as a DEA agent.   After two decades, both being the same man have yet to be officially identified by name by the Pima County Sheriff’s Department and acknowledged by the NSA. 

Joe Zamudio comparison

The Gabrielle Giffords shooting that occurred the first week of the year 2011 made its fashionable false flag debut in which a convincing case against Jared Lee Loughner was established.  Not one person you meet will say the event happened any way other than the media’s presentation, therefore, the Manchurian candidate is the only one at fault.


This idea is even set in the mind of the skeptic and is why mind control is so effective. It is why no person can see it for what it really was. I however, am the one who found the actual operations personnel who took the other shots and the one who with circumstantial evidence bring Joe Zamudio to court for assassinating Judge John McCarthy Roll by bludgeoning him on the head with a billy club.

It was speculated that Gabrielle Giffords was sacrificed as part of a plan to create a superhuman who had “miraculously healed from a mortal head wound and would become the antichrist”  Revelations 13:3.  The genomics program involving human beings at the University of Arizona in concert with UMC took part in an experimental cryogenics procedure performed on Giffords in which she was placed under the influence of suspended animation for the removal of practically her entire left hemisphere brain tissue.

Giffords did not personally agree to sacrifice her life for a cause against the people.  If she did, she would not have survived only to change her views on the Constitutional right to bear arms against Government.  This is a reversal of all that she had worked for protecting our rights.  She was sacrificed as a lamb by secret society members, primarily corrupt elected officials who both partake in the Freemasonry and paid positions as public servants.  They physically removed her left hemisphere, the logic processing area that was destroyed by a bullet and then placed her right back into a decision making forum.  She continues a campaign announcing that it is to lay down your weapons.

background memorial wgifford picture

Thank you for your sacrifice 2

(Left) A peculiar card was left at the UMC Hospital outside in the midst of the votive candles and get well wishes people left as a memorial.  It was written in such a manner that it contrasted all else that was placed at the memorial.  The written message had repeat elements to something Morgan Freeman said in the movie “…we will be worthy of your sacrifice”.  The card at the hospital read,

The similar words shared by both the card left behind in 2011 at a hospital and the dialogue from LUCy are inter connected..  Gabrielle may have been earmarked to be a US based antichrist that would help reign in the New World Order paradigm.  The script that permeated the media all through Giffords recovery was the notion that it was nothing short of “miraculous”.  This comes directly from the Bible verse.
Your commitment to democracy came with a heavy cost. Thank you for your sacrifice for us.” 

In the note, Gabrielle Giffords is being thanked regardless of her being receptive to the fact she’d been shot.  It has a sick tone in which she involuntarily contracted to sacrifice herself “with a great cost”. The card has been determined to have been written by a self-serving manipulating organization.  A dialogue exchange in LUCY has Morgan Freeman, a mason himself, telling Scarlett Johannson:

“I just hope we [us] we’ll be worthy of your sacrifice [for us]” - Professor Norman “Lucy”

The character, Lucy, was LUCIFER… an antichrist who was sacrificed for the sake of science.  It’s all about mad medicine, transformation, and the dehumanizing of the masses.  This is the quietest war ever perpetrated upon people in world history.  A mental psyops of mind control by psychically oriented aliens. It is the Reptilian species that the film LUCY makes reference to and the Reptilians are the serpents.  Incidentally, the Zeta Reticulan Greys are equally a part of this psyops.  We see them depicted in such films as MARS NEEDS MOMS and WAR OF THE WORLDS.


A board certified psychologis writes:

“[Lee] not 100% consciousness, but 100% waking consciousness for anti-christ…” – NYS Licensed Psychologist

“Doctor ____,  I don’t understand what you meant by the difference between waking and not waking with regard to an antichrist.  Remember when I talked to you about pain MEMORY trauma being unconscious negative memories?  It resides at the synapse, not at the DNA level.  An invisible force field that keeps the brain from feeling emotional pain as well as the physical.  It is not the modification of the Cell itself, but the nervous block between neurons.  If you viewed the film LUCY, note that she lacks remorse and everything else,  I describe her as a match according to the sociopath doctrines:

Lucy (to Professor Norman)

“I don’t feel pain, fear, desire. It’s like all things that make us human are fading away.
It’s like the less human I feel…”

This leads me to question many things.  First, when Lucy reaches 100% consciousness, in an instant she jettisons into the ether and no longer is in a human form, therefore, she’s “Everywhere” and requires no sleep in which the unconscious is tapped.  She’s tapped into both.  Mike, look at the word conscience.  Con means something in reverse and or to spin someone negatively as in Con Man.  Science is attached  You know that definition.  Reversescience.  The film is attempting to convince me that it can create God through genetic manipulation using chemistry.  If you put your logic to this, what they are really saying is that they are arriving at science, not the reverse (conscience) and telling you straight out that they’re creating an antigod or antichrist (Christ or God consciousnesses).  So, to see this right, they are creating 100% “Mad” science which is the antichrist.”





ChrisKitze2Before It’s News seems to be a website where breaking news is brought to the public and considered authentic journalism.  While many contributors work especially hard to bring fresh news to the world, I’m one to also show the solution.  According to BIN there is no discretion as to what is valid and not.  Find out who is behind the decision making, what the general policy is, and how ludicrous and highly dangerous it really is.  This video demonstrates how serious the personal denials and non logic from one person permeates the masses who assume that true decision making and care is taken regarding dissemination of intel.  I’ve been censored countless times by BIN.  I’m nice till I can’t be nice.  This is one case of telling the truth as revealed by the unethical ones.  I didn’t flush them… they did it themselves.


“Just go somewhere else.  Go to Godlike Productions.”


Understand who the Health Ranger really is and what he was positioned to do for 10 years (Long version video): Mike Adams Exposé


The analysis of the Hollywood film REAL STEEL reveals a common thread trait that has remained intact for decades.  It happens to be the overall basic feature characteristic style and form of a robot’s head that has its origin found on Mars.  On Mars, a photograph clearly shows the head of a robot lying on the ground with the same look as all animated film robots do that portray fighters, fighting for others, or are militaristic such as THE IRON GIANT and C3PO of STARWARS.  Meanwhile, robots noted in BICENTENNIAL MAN, and even in old movies including the TIN MAN of the WIZARD OF OZ are modeled more human like because they are servants, not soldiers of war operated by our video gaming indoctrinates of today.  The company to watch out for, BOSTON DYNAMICS, that is represented by CYBERDYNE SYSTEMS, in the second installment of the franchise, Terminator Judgement Day, is the real life company creating terminators for our Military Complex.  You think they won’t use them against US Citizens?


In the video that accompanies this article, take note that the art director when speaking to the design of the boxing fighter robot in the film REAL STEEL says that he had no preconceived ideas about the design for the robot.  This simply cannot be true when I clearly can make out the common traits that are basic although slightly unique in style, the foundational design follows ‘rules’ that go back decades in science fiction film making involving robot head design.


I recently came across the infamous quote by FDR’s wife, Eleanore.

In an instant, I had a momentous moment of clarity.  The following quotation by his wife comes from a man deeply engrained in the Secret Societies and it is by no chance that the meaning must have an occult side.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” – Eleanore Roosevelt

This sounds plausible on the surface.  It even is a seemingly soothing proposition.  That is what it is designed to do.  It is a verse that confrims one’s notion that gossip should be kept at a minimum and that a focus on great ideas is paramount to self-fulfillment.

To know why there is a flip side to her famous quotation, we must learn the basics of our 32nd President and 32nd degree Mason.



Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd President (1933-1945, was born at Hyde Park, New York, January 30, 1882. He was initiated in Holland Lodge No.8, New York City, October 10th, passed November 14th and raised November 28, 1911. He received the Scottish Rite degrees in Albany, New York, February 28, 1929. He was a member of the Grotto (Poughkeepsie, New York) and Tall Cedars (Warwick, New York. He was “Right Worshipful” having been accredited the representative of the Grand Lodge of Georgia near the Grand Lodge of New York September 22, 1930.

Stansbury Lodge No.24, Washington, D.C. made him an Honorary Member November 21, 1919, when he officiated at the Masonic laying of the cornerstone of its Temple.

He attended Architect Lodge No.519, of New York City, February 17,1933, where he raised his son Elliott to the Sublime Degree and made an address in which he stressed the importance of Masonic principles to this Nation, and his faith in the Americanism of the Ancient Craft.

In essence, FDR was a Free Mason who belonged to a 32nd degree lodge having attained that level of degrees.  No wonder he was our 32nd President.  An architect of the New World Order, so too was Herbert Hoover who over saw the engineering of Boulder Dam that was named after him even when it was highly controversial.

Let us now take a close look at each of the three components of the quote.


Great minds discuss ideas

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.” Eleanore Roosevelt.   My interpretation of this quote is that because the forces that bring us to war and destitution must have someone bringing faith to survive it.  The people adopting this faith soon develop immunity to experiential torture, pain and suffering brought about by secret society Elitists.  You’re being taught to accept your child returning from combat in a crippled condition when it wasn’t a fight for freedom, but for the gain of a husband who benefited from that occupation and rape of another people and their land.

I have great ideas all the time.  They go nowhere unless a great event happens and that I talk to and about people.  What they are trying to say is that to be somebody, one must have a great idea.  The reality is that if looked at as secret society dogma, it is the idea that a One World Governance takes place.  It is no wonder that members of this society are held with high esteem because of their prominence.  You’re not supposed to know, but they are thinking of a great idea that excludes you from any of its benefits.  What they want is for the average mind to….

Average minds discuss events

In this way, whatever big project you’re employed to be involved with is usually ‘for the greater cause’.  Whatever is shown on television is an illusion that some event will or has taken place and that it is important for you to pass on to your children.  Today, events that take place are what we see routinely in the news.  All bad.  Those events are designed, and usually staged, for the grand ‘Idea” which is the agenda by these so-called ‘Great Minds’.   Where ever you turn, people discuss the fashion of the day, week, and year without implementing solutions to reversing the damage.  By design, the events we share in conversation are soon forgotten for the next fashion of the moment.  We all forgot the Banker Bailout which pretty much was trillions of stolen money given to a few beneficiaries off shore.

Small minds discuss people

The bulk of the mass has been indoctrinated into the modality of gossip.  The media has played a major role with the setting up of social conditions to get people talking about others.  Because nobody knows how to implement the fix, the default is to talk about the problem and because “I’m not at fault, but the entertainer who said that and the politician who did this to us” is the best we can do, it’s no wonder we’re kept at that level.  Eleanor is telling us who we are right in our faces and we take it because, we’re also lead to believe that so long as we gossipers think in terms of satisfying their big “Ideas”, that it keeps us from being completely small minded.

If the people who we are taught to be so great are in fact terrific, and that we ultimately vote them into power positions witnessing the great ideas being nothing more than weapons of our demise, just what then is a great mind?  They’ve failed us, but made their plan work.


I think of ideas, events and people equally.

I do this to solve mysteries and back engineer the New World Order’s agenda.  It means that Eleanore is telling me to avoid being a free thinker.   When limitations are placed on the method by which my mind operates, then no matter what big idea I have is meaningless unless I look at events that take place and the people who mastermind them into existence.

Her quote is designed to create the illusion that a person not in a power position has power.  Nobody wants to be average and nobody wants to be small minded, therefore, when the New World Religion is in full force, we’re all going to be taught that edging God out is for the best and that we can now consider ourselves God.  The “I Am” consciousness will evolve into the “I Am God” consciousness.  People will be made to believe that because of that, they have all these ideas empowering them as one with a Great Mind.







Lee Nevins Bracker






     Kincaid’s nerves shot as the sound of a baby cried outside. Something must have scared it because it raced from where it had been. Perhaps another cat jumped the hotel pool area wall. He shuffled from where an amenities coffee pot had been brewing and with great care, he placed the mug next to the laptop. On the screen was a transparency of Orion’s stars taped over the display’s image of a topographical map of the Grand Canyon. He was digital photo manipulation challenged.


I visited the Festival of Books to find Elizabeth Gunn who had spoken on two panel discussions regarding mystery and crime writing.  I told her who I was and what I did.  To my surprise, she was excited enough to invite me to speak about the Loughner case for their rather large meeting group.  I felt that I needed to begin sharpening my pencil once again after two decades in between novels.  My first fictional tale was published in 1991 and my next sometime between now and 2015.  I think I have enough material to write for the rest of my life.

     Kincaid fished through his pant pocket for not less than a minute before picking up the phone.

“Main campus library. How can I help you?”

“Hello Maggie? I may have left my flash drive in one of the computers in the map room.”

“Ah, Kincaid. I have it. Did the topo of the Grand Canyon help?” The librarian knew the drive was important.

“It’s of no concern. You can throw that away.. I don’t need it. I just wanted to know if I had left it. Thanks Maggie.” He lied about the importance of the drive. They were listening.

Looking at the monitor, Kincaid thought about his father who had named him after the mysterious archeologist, George Kincaid. The Smithsonian Institute will not acknowledge that a G.E. Kincaid ever existed. Even after the 1909 Phoenix Gazette article chronicled the archeological discovery of the Grand Canyon’s under ground citadels filled with Egyptian artifacts; the institute had clammed shut. His father routinely explained to the boy that the belt stars of Orion matched the pyramids of Giza. “People from Africa, Kinny, would come here using subterranean tunnels,” he would say. It never occurred to Kincaid senior that Orion matched the Kaibob Plateau as well. What he did know was that his boy was keen and would follow in his footsteps and become great.

       Kincaid proved that all of the monuments of the Grand Canyon are not at all natural, but intelligently built. Whether it be by aliens, humans, or both was not his business, however, flipping recorded history and all of the geological sciences on their backs was. More importantly, it was shaking up his peers at a major conference he looked forward to. It was his way of retaliating against his teachers humiliating him by saying he was a poor student. So it seemed at the time, he took their taunts more serious than the school bully. The day before, he had interrupted a panel of experts discussing lost civilizations. Uninvited, he tried to show proof that a river did not arbitrarily carve the features of the canyon. Instead, it merely removed the soft silt of the Great Deluge from the once magnificent ancient city. Orion’s stars proved that. In this case all of them lined up to the severely eroded stepped pyramids, towers and temples thought to be natural buttes. If only the tourists knew.
The phone rang. “This is Kinny.” The voice on the other end was not thrilled. Kincaid hung up and dialed another number. “Ehn, I’ve just been warned.” He immediately hung up.

      Kincaid’s heart raced. That dark roast wasn’t helping to calm his nerves and he opened the balcony door to breath in the morning air. Where a decorative planter had been undisturbed the previous day was tipped over this morning. “Shit.”


      The problem was not that Kincaid had jumped a stage to prove that geology is a complete lie to thousands of people. The issue at hand was that he unveiled a one hundred year old secret held by the Smithsonian. The secret society’s desire that it not become public was now breached. Kincaid’s discovery was an offshoot of a more important investigation into a potential planned catastrophe further west within another canyon, the Black Canyon, on the Arizona Nevada border.

This actually took place.  I attended an Open Minds IUFOC conference in which David Childress (yellow) and two other panelists were discussing whether aliens existed or not.  I paced back and forth in disbelief when they talked about the pyramid finds around the world with the exception to my discovery that the star pattern of ORION matches the monuments within the Grand Canyon.  I wasn’t liked very much by the organizers, technicians who had to edit me out of their taping and so forth.  The following morning, I sat with David with my computer in which he wasn’t the least bit interested.  David Hatcher Childress is considered the real life Indiana Jones.  Based on this quite shocking display of disinterest, this simply is furthest from the truth.

      Just as he picked up his phone after going back in through the back door, the same number displayed. “Yes?”

      “I heard you jumped the stage last night”

      “I did no such thing. I put my foot on the edge and reached as far in as I could to hand off my laptop to Childress sitting in one of those couch potato recliners. They try to make those panel discussions look so living room cozy. He wouldn’t take it.”

      “David you mean…?” Blue said laughing.

      “…And, this morning when I explained to the world’s top pyramid hunter what I was trying to show him the day before, which he wouldn’t dare look at, was an embarrassment in itself. He was eating alone, I sat and pushed my computer over his way. You know what he said? First off, his reaction was, “mind passing me the salt?” It wasn’t until later this morning I pulled up an interview he did on Noory’s show regurgitating old history about the Egyptian underground dwellings that the Smithsonian pretty much covered up. All he did was repeat tired news as if he discovered it himself.”

      “Kinny”, the voice said, “you have to be discrete with these guys. They don’t want to retract their books, DVDs, and rewrite their articles on account of you. Can’t you move on?”

      Kincaid reached for the coffee now that he wasn’t overexcited from the adrenaline rush. Talking shop with his trainee helped. The fear of the ‘spooks’ snooping around the hotel grounds after scaring the cat dissipated. “I think the damage control protocol is being set into motion. They’re outside as we speak.”

      “You’re going to have to go under cover. You’re bugged for certain. They have most likely been tracking you and now you’re more under their microscope because of Hoover Dam. They could care less about freaking cities built by aliens in canyon visited by ignorant site seers. You’re the most unusual crime scene investigator this world has ever known. How you do it is extraordinary. You are not just a pyramid hunter, Kinny, you’re Edgar Casey.”

      “The Hell if I am.. I don’t commiserate with off world beings to get the answers.” Kincaid looked around for what next to do. The warning call was still on his mind.

      Well, teach, right now you have to hide in plain sight as Kerry taught you when you first called her about the British Petroleum chess move. Don’t hide, but get off grid so that you can have peace at night.”

While I cannot disclose BlueSphinxDNA’s identity, I can say that this person is very real and quite special.  My investigation into the MILAB abduction that took place in the middle of May 2013 partly resulted with the defection of all of the supersoldiers from Lorien Fenton’s Supersoldier and Mind Control Summit for 2014. 

      The voice on the other line was a supersoldier code named Blue Sphinx dna. She was the only one who knew not to attend the Super Soldier Summit the year before in Henderson, Nevada where a mass secret military division abduction program took place. MILAB. She was unaffected by their mind control which was why she knew better. Kincaid met her only by phone after exposing and solving the abduction in which seventeen people were drugged and taken in the night for mind control reprogramming and DNA experimentation. Their relationship was a symbiotic one in which she taught him all there is to know about supersoldiers and he taught her the rest of what it means to be a soldier. This time Kincaid needed her guidance. He didn’t cover the back alley crimes in which forensics and laboratory analysis came in handy for solving murders. No. Kincaid was a world class national news crime case solver. The next nine eleven he predicted twenty years after the World Trade Center towers were destroyed was foremost of concern and Blue Sphinx DNA knew it.

      “Blue, are you still there?”


      “I need you to hold important information. Ask Maggie. No sharing of addresses though. I’m going to let you figure out how to retrieve the data. No need to fly down, but you and I may have to converge at some point. I have to engage in action and so it’s not just talk about the conspiracy to kill Hoover Dam anymore. It’s time to go public about it. The data is my ‘life insurance’ or the torch you’ll have to carry if you know what I mean. Are you ready for a showdown?” Kincaid didn’t wait for an answer. He hung up and threw the phone in the garbage.

Barry Soetoro took an afternoon break from the debates held in Las Vegas to tour Hoover Dam.  I speculate that he is completely aware of what the structure does and what its fate is regardless of how the media presented his ignorance about its function and purpose.  If Hoover Dam is what I suspect it is, he too knows.

      The president had been in Las Vegas debating against his opponent for his second term. He claimed to have never visited Hoover Dam. The reports in the Associated Press played it off as if he had not known its electrical output was not used to power Las Vegas to make him seem American – oblivious. The truth of the matter is that he knew what the dam’s purpose and fate is. Why a president would not know this fact is absurd, thought Kincaid, but he knew of the president’s service within black projects while in his preteens on through his college years. The man spent his youth as a guinea pig in Project Pegasus. There were as many as nine time travel technologies in experimentation at the time. At the age of seven, he had already jumped back and forth in time and later, had gone to Mars along with Regina Dugan, the woman now running the NSA’s front social networking company most of the planet’s people are addicted to day in and out. Dugan was shifted from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to work with Bill Clinton’s former Vice President and together staged the consolidation of all social networking websites for the National Security Agency. While idly chatting with friends, Kincaid mused over the nomenclature calling them instead, “The National Surveillance Agency.” That always eased his audiences. From the rear seat of the cab after leaving the hotel, kincaid contemplated a call to his old friend, Andrew. “Why not? He may have changed his mind.”


      “Who’s this?”

      “Kincaid. I’m using a throwaway because I’m running. Listen please, okay?”

      “No”, said the shallow voice after a deep pause.

      “Andy, I know saying what I said didn’t sit well with you and if you let it go, I have something important to do.” Kincaid wasn’t sure if Andrew Basiago would hang up or stay on.

      “It’s been over a year and you’re still hot on the Hoover Dam exploitation trail. Look, it’s not a Stargate, alright? Get it yet….? Pegasus was about nine other technologies for teleportation.”

Andrew Basiago had asked that I help him with his presidential campaign.  I declined, but hadn’t said so when after I suggested that he still may be influenced by mind control.  I offered to help him with the deprogramming therapy.  As a result, Andy was terribly upset as I came off as insulting.  I don’t regret what happened as I am a truth teller, but I do know that unless he has a solid campaign coordinator and think tank, he will not be a successful contender against the powers that be.   The following exchange is somewhat a sequence that did take place as we discussed the possibility that Hoover Dam can be retrofitted to appear like a ring, or Stargate, using the Pat Tillman Bypass bridge.

      “Okay Andy it’s not a Stargate. Well, not the way I originally saw it. Even though the radius of the Pat Tillman Mike O’Callahan bridge spans match the radius of Hoover, it’s not how they’ll disassemble the bridge spans and add them to Hoover to create a Stargate ring. I’ve come to realize that they are actually going to make that concrete heap disappear like two buildings on Manhatten Island eleven years ago. Andy, I originally thought that they had designed the structure with the bridge on a drawing table almost ninety years ago and felt that they would convert the dam into a Stargate. Like anyone who understands the theory would assume that it would be used as a fancy transportation modality only for the Elites. I thought that for a long time until I realized that the dam itself is a stand alone bomb. It was designed to self destruct in a one time materials heist instead of a way to ship products around the globe. Simple Tesla concepts, Andy, and that’s a lot of steel. They want it all in a one time event just like with the twin towers to be re-manned into railway rails in China just like they did with the trade towers to create a neo Nazi railway system. You know as well as I do that the reason for luxury liner and ferry mishaps are by design. People will travel by rail once the other modes are eighty sixed.

      You were on the president’s jump team as kids, were you not? But, that was over 40 years ago, Andrew.. technology has changed in half a century. Honestly, I think it’s Pegasus only scaled up to epic proportions.”

      “So what are you saying, Kincaid?”

      Kincaid was raised his voice as the words spewed forth. “I’m telling you that it’s time to go public so that three years from now if the dam blows, they’ll declare Martial Law. They’ll do it two years after the 2016 election and is why you need to be elected so that doesn’t happen.”

      Andrew Basiago said, “Calm down please, my phone is chattering. I asked for your help in my campaign to run in 2016 and you said I was still under mind control. You said that I could use therapy”. Andrew Basiago wanted a pissing match.

      “No Andy, it’s not important. You know I’m the key holder of the protocol for undoing CIA mind blocks. That’s over and I’m sorry. I can still do the work for you and get you elected if that’s what Project Pegasus was really all about. They always throw Hillary into the mix as a diversion, but I wonder why they never considered Regina Dugan who was on your team in Pegasus?”

      “Dugan is DARPA even though she’s at Google. That runs the Military which runs the nation. She runs the technological world while Napolitano runs the death squads. In reality Regina has been the president’s president during his public’s sensory perception. I don’t always agree with you and I don’t with the conspiracy that Hoover Dam is earmarked for decommission though. Listen, why would they do this where only ten thousand people would be affected? Explain why again…?

      ”Food. It’s the nation’s food supply. If the water isn’t controlled, one quarter of the nation’s supply is wiped out in one day. Con Agra, Monsanto, and the rest take over the foreclosures and either leave Los Angeles and San Diego to rot. To fight a stealth war, the enemy cuts off the food supply and starves the people into submission. It’s not ten grand, Andy, it’s almost a hundred million Americans affected.”

      “Baloney.” Andrew Basiago had enough. He hung up.

      Kincaid thought, “So much for making a president.” If Andrew didn’t support the cause, then it was apparent he cared only to become a president running on his agenda and not the people’s. All the child participants of Project Pegasus had a right to run for president. The controlling powers that groomed him incorporated the mind control protocol very well and could make or break each dependent on if they would completely conform as a nation’s puppet spokesperson of massive power or not. The man could not shake it off. Kincaid knew that Basiago’s reputation would be rendered non existent for revealing he was part of a secret government project like that. He would be a laughing stock if he uttered the word “Stargate” as a campaign promise that time travel technology in which products can be moved effortlessly without petroleum consuming cargo ships. “Nah, the average American has no clue and never will understand what DARPA really does with these otherwise beneficial technologies.”

      Kincaid was half way across the nation when the phone rang. “Kinny, are you there?”

      “My connection is a little crackly.. I’m flying to Washington to meet the president. I’m going unannounced if you can believe that. Can you hear me now?”

      “My God. You’re not serious. You’ll disappear.”

      “No I won’t. I’m sure you’ll get the you know what I asked you to get. That’s my cyber poison pill. I need it in your possession before I announce myself”.

      “Yes I do Kinny.” Blue began to sob.

As a result of the independent investigation regarding the wounded congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, and the assassination of Judge John McCarthy Roll, I elected to go “off grid”.  I felt I would be safer if I disappeared while continuing my investigation.

      “Blue, I have faith that if I’m received poorly and shipped off to ADX in Florence or something like that, I expect you to carry the torch. The nine eleven in two thousand and one took more than three thousand lives. It was planned well before, but nobody did a thing to stop it. I have three years making it a point to expose this next one. That’s if they don’t dispose of me first. I’ll be made a mockery, but the logic stands alone. I may ask you to get Andrew Basiago elected president. You’ll do what I couldn’t. You’ll convince him and God knows I tried. He’s frightfully arrogant not admitting I’m right. So maybe you can change his mind. You have to deprogram him my dear. Please, I’m almost at the White House front door an a few hours.”

      “You’re really something Kinny. Had I thought you only to be a website blogger who’d ever believe it? Okay, I’m in. Either you live and we meet to work on this or you die and I die trying. You’re right mister.. and you would make a true president because you have a heart. Your mission is always people first.”

      “Hey hey Blue..” Now Kincaid drew a tear.

      Kincaid was crying for joy because for the first time, someone decided to go to bat for him. Blue was without direction when he introduced himself to her not even a half year ago, but in the short time molded her into something special. She was more than what she felt she could be. With or without him, Blue had learned from the most experienced crime scene investigator of the most unusual kind.

      “Blue? Are you still on?”


      “James Casbolt is my half brother.”

      “He’s the top echelon supersoldier, Kinny. How dare you say that knowing he savagely injured me.”

     “I’m the hidden one and not him either. I always have worked behind the scenes to fix what people like that broke. I’m also the one to set even my own brother straight. The MILAB abduction in Henderson, the British Petroleum thing almost went nuclear if it wasn’t for me, and I brought the real shooters to justice in the crippling of the Congresswoman. You can’t do that if you had been trained like we have. I’m on my way to save a nation by going toe to toe in the den of a viscous lion. This one gave trillions of dollars out and kept trillions more securely away in the hands of private interests after Bush left. He’s signaling World War III by pitting Russia against China to bring this country down. An Academy award winning space flick shows us that, and we need Andrew to secure the presidency in 2016 to stop that avalanche – a border lock-down is the result of a destroyed dam.

      “I always felt it Kinny. You somehow flew under the supersoldier radar.”

Blue put her phone on the bedside table. She looked at it for several minutes before brushing it over the edge where she knew the small bedside garbage container would be.



The End

The CHEMTRAIL program has dessicated our atmosphere, created a condition of global “dimming” and the opposite of what we see in Ray Bradbury’s inspired film adaptation “All Summer in a Day”.  Compared to two decades ago, it never rains with consistency.  Today, people wear sunglasses for style rather than to protect from a glaring sun and umbrellas, at least in the southwest, are used for thirty minutes in entire year.


Based on a short story by Ray Bradbury

When I was even younger I  noticed that people would forget what times were like as recent as the previous week. Without having the words to describe what I observed, I sensed the conditions of social engineering groomed by media mind control.  It burned in the back of what I felt to be a common sense oriented mind. In other words, I had premonitions way back since I could remember of times when what we expect and take for granted like our Sun is stolen.  Few people take notice and when told, don’t care but for a momentary thought or concern which diminishes within two minutes. Our problem with CHEMTRAIL programs that have dessicated our atmosphere, created a condition of global “dimming” and the opposite of what we see in this film adaptation, that it never rains with consistency, is what I felt thirty one years ago.

Teacher and Williamand written for television by Mike Konczewski., “All Summer In A Day” (IMDB) directed by Ed Kaplan was distributed by PBS (Public Broadcasting Service). The story of this early 80’s after school special takes place on the planet, Venus, where it hardly ever stops raining.  The plot focuses on a classroom full of young children who are excited to learn that the rain will stop on that day, but for only one hour.  One student is resentful of a new classmate from Earth who remembers what it’s like to see the sun, and when asked what it’s like, she tells them how glorious it is.  A viscous act of cowardice compels him to lock her in a closet.  She will have to wait seven years for the next opportunity to enjoy what she misses on Earth.

.I was Nineteen and entering my second year of University studies at the time of airing. What was striking to me was that I was riveted with fear whereas anyone other than my experience is that of entertainment… sci-fi and that’s it. I had a problem. The problem is with what a dialogue exchange that took place where, Margot, the girl born on Earth, says to the cynicism spewed from a Venetian student named William, regarding the relevance of the sun’s importance:


William steps on the foot switch turning on the sun tanning lamps.

                  (To Margot)
          There you go. Just like the real sun.

          No it's not.

          How do you know?

          Because I remember.

          No you don't, nobody remembers.

               (turns away from William)
          I do.




.Today, people mostly wear sunglasses for style rather than to protect from a glaring sun

Those residing In the Southwest quadrant of the United States may use their umbrellas for 30 minutes out of an entire year.

miniature setting of earthAll Summer in a Day was a highly memorable Learning Corporation of America contribution, however, and felt that with an update to the musical score and stitching the three part youtube segments together, I’d have something special to present for my BRICK WALL CINEMA outdoor educational internet broadcasting project.

To view a short clip of Brick Wall Cinema by following this link:






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